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  1. 100,000 signatures are needed by January 21, 2015. To date there are only 137 who have signed. Get this out and get those signatures. I can't believe that there are not 100,000 Americans who want those files opened now. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-all-jfk-assassination-files-now-and-pardon-ex-secret-service-agent-abraham-bolden/PDF8Dykj
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGcA-snbap0 The voice of the Zodiac, reconstructed from the memory of the operator who spoke with him on July 5, 1969. You will find the voice at 32:12 minutes and 32:36 minutes of the video. And his name is NOT Richard Gaikowski.
  3. Paul, You have done your research, that much is clear. But to back the CIA and FBI, who failed miserably in this case, claiming they did their best, is more theory than truth. If they felt it was true that the president would be killed at the Trade Mart in Dallas, it makes no sense that they would have left him unattended anywhere in Dallas. Leaving him unprotected along the route is highly suspicious to me and not at all convincing that they were doing their jobs; clearly they were NOT doing a very good job at all. If the CIA and FBI were there in Dallas to protect the president, then why was he left SO unprotected? By design? Like you said, this was no ordinary citizen, this was the president of the USA, the most powerful man on Earth. And they bungled his security so badly, even though they honestly believed someone would try to kill him, they left him unprotected. The CIA doesn't really make mistakes like that, unless on purpose. If they can bungle that so badly, they could also bungle on their job of keeping the KKK out of their ranks. After all the KKK and the CIA are highly secretive groups, good at hiding secrets. What the CIA and FBI have done quite effectively, is to hide the truth of what happened to JFK. Of course they also hid what really happened in a host of other countries where they helped pull off coup d'etats, such as Chile and Indonesia. So why not at home. No, SOMEONE, or several someones, in the CIA and FBI had their hands in carrying out orders from their bosses, like Hoover who hated, most vehemently, JFK & RFK. In Klan circles, it is common knowledge that Hoover was a Klansman, although, of course, there is no "proof". It was common knowledge among Klansmen that the president would be killed in Dallas, and although there is no solid proof as to who did it, that is what happened. If you look at who was in the CIA and FBI back then, it was virtually an all white gang of right-wing men. They had heard the president would be killed at the Trade Mart, yet they left him unprotected in Dallas. That is very telling to me. They left him unprotected even though they "feared" his life was in danger. That point sticks out in my mind more than that they were preparing for an event at the Trade Mart. I consider myself rather savvy when it comes to protection. I would have NEVER let the president travel through Dallas without his "bubble dome" for one thing and would have made sure he had protection ALL along the way to the Trade Mart and at every step he took in Dallas. AND I would have done that at the tender age of ten years old, if I had been in charge. (funny that a ten year old was more on top of things than the CIA or FBI) So why didn't the CIA and FBI PROTECT the president? Their excuse of waiting at the Trade Mart stinks to high heavens. If they truly thought there would be an attempted attack on the president, why on Earth did they not INSIST he use his "bubble dome"? When the Klan kids told me that "They are gonna make sure he doesn't have his 'bubble dome'", I thought for sure 'they' would never let that happen, but 'they' did! I would never have allowed such a thing. In fact, I had written to warn the president to do just that, make sure he had his "bubble dome". Seems the president was just as gullible when it comes to the CIA & FBI as the American people. And to stop a Civil War, please? No, the FBI and CIA would have done better to have exposed the KKK right then, not cover it up. It might have caused Americans to demand the FBI or some law enforcement agency, put a stop to the KKK, permanently, which would have eaten up their resources, but not a Civil War, please. It might have also exposed errant members of the CIA and FBI to have thoroughly investigated the death of a PRESIDENT. No if you ask me, the only thing that makes any sense is that the CIA & FBI helped pull off yet another coup d'etat, just like they had done in so many other countries to date. AND they successfully lulled Americans to sleep over the whole affair. That cover up helped the KKK, not to their demise, but to become an even more powerful group, which they still are today. If covering up the truth about the death of JFK was meant to avert a Civil War, why put such a lengthy time on opening those files? It has been long enough. No fear of a 'Civil War' now, so why keep the files hidden? Americans deserve better than that from the agencies their tax dollars fund so well. The president deserved better protection than THEY GAVE. The CIA & FBI need to be held accountable for their failures that lead to so much death. Those files should be made public now, while there ARE some witnesses still alive, not long after they are dead. Those files should be made public NOW, unless the CIA and FBI still have something to hide. Plus, it is cleary against our laws to leave such evidence sealed up, obstruct the justice of America, by only a flimsy mandate from a long dead president, a mandate that made no sense at the time anyway? It clearly is unequal justice, which is not what this country claims it stands for. We are talking about the plain & simple murder of an American president, no ordinary person. Leaving those files sealed up over some nonsensical mandate from a suspicious president, is a felony, like it or not. If the CIA & FBI's excuse for not fully investigating such an important crime, was to 'stop a Civil War', the crime was successfully covered up and so those who pulled it off got away with it. There just is no room for a "Job well Done" anywhere. Those who pulled off the coup d'etat, WON. The KKK DID, in fact, supply marksmen to Dealey Plaza, and Albert Lee Lewis, a National Guard Reservist, an excellent marksman, is the one who got all the credit from the KKK. Was he put there by CIA or FBI? How was he able to even be there, if not for the CIA and FBI doing a crappy job of "security"? Had they hired him for "security"? Yes, I believe the Vietnam war was timed to give the Minutemen another avenue to vent their steam while being "patriotic". That act alone averted a Civil War. Who knows what they might have done with all that pent up aggression. Time to open those files, now. Obama can do it with a "presidential mandate". Will he? Or is he just another pawn? If a "presidential mandate" can allow for the cover up of a crime of such magnitude, it clearly undoes the constitution of the USA, making it worthless to uphold. And who was the president who made that mandate? Of which state had he been governor? The crime should never have been left at the findings of the Warren Commission, which has the same aroma as the 'Trade Mart Security Team'. The whole Civil War scenario you describe is more fantasy than reality. If the FBI had been wanting to sabotage the KKK, to "infiltrate" and destroy them from within, they would have done more by exposing the truth about what happened to JFK, than by hiding it, to shine a spotlight on the KKK (not something they would have been comfortable with), EXPOSE them. It would have had people calling for the Albert Lee Lewis to stand trial, not call for Civil War. Junior Ransom might not have ever been killed in that case, because the men who killed him in August of 1964 would have not dared, should there have been so much attention on the slimy KKK, period, let alone over what they did to JFK. AND what happened to MLK Jr & RFK might never have happened at all, IF there had been a proper investigation into what happened to JFK. Why wasn't a proper investigation done in a timely manner? Why were so many civilian witnesses killed after coming forward, IF the CIA and FBI were any good at their 'jobs'? So no, crappy work like that from those we all PAY WELL to protect, is whole heartedly inexcusable. The CIA and FBI failed miserably to protect the president from attack (and black Americans from the KKK). They FAILED miserably to put a solid damper on the KKK, even with all their "infiltration". It all fits when you consider what they did, or didn't do, was by design. You like proof. So do I. Time to open those files. NOW. There is no good reason anywhere in the universe to NOT open those files immediately, unless clearly to hide exactly who was involved in the death of JFK, MLK Jr and RFK. Kennedy King Kennedy, KKK.
  4. Paul, I am not sure I am ready to believe that the FBI and CIA were not involved. I can't see how they can righteously close the case on the evidence submitted to the Warren Commission. Smacks of cover up and anyone who covers up a crime, like with the Boston bomber's friends, is guilty of a crime, a felony. So it seems that the FBI are guilty of covering up, by not following up and pursuing the truth. How can anyone trust felons like that? If the CIA weren't involved, how come there were not any Secret Service men en route? 'Waiting at the end of the line' is not only lame, but an obvious set-up to those trained in protection and security. I believe some rouge, and temporary, agents were along the way. Who set that up? I mean how can any of us accept the Warren Commission's findings or the agencies that do? Is there anyone on this thread who believes the Warren Commission was a complete job well done? If so, that is so laughable. So why would the FBI and the CIA willingly make laughing stocks of themselves all these years, unless it was to hide their involvement? Their logic just stinks to high heavens. Even looks like an obvious felony to many, 'Obstruction of justice' to say the least. Not wanting to start a Civil War? They were afraid of the Black Panthers back then. What happened when MLK Jr was killed? No Civil War. And Kent State? No civil War. After the Jackson State protest? No Civil War. The Freedom Riders? No Civil War. JFK? No Civil War. RFK? No Civil War. Could it be that the Vietnam War was started to give all those Minutemen somewhere else to direct their anger and exercise their patriotism? Your logic about stopping a Civil War does not make sense to me. I will consider it, however. Perhaps the cover up was for that reason, but it is still a felony nonetheless and it was committed by the FBI and the CIA. They closed the case based on the evidence presented to the Warren Commission. So, may I please suggest you consider the FBI and CIA were involved?
  5. Michael, I never said that Harry Dean and Gerry Hemming supplied sworn accounts. You misread me. Further, I never implied that you were dishonest. You misread me. Further, I couldn't care two cents whether you respect what I say or not. Further, I never talk about "hard proof". Again, you misread me. Further, I never claimed that you, personally, claimed that the the CIA did it. You misread me. Your bias against me just wastes a lot of time, Michael. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Paul, You were right. I had called the FBI about Junior's murder in the 70's and, I was told yesterday that they did actually investigate. They said that Junior's family did not want to pursue charges against the three men who killed Junior. I guess they are still afraid of retaliation. I wasn't aware that if a murder had been committed, that the family had to press charges. I thought that in the case of murder, charges were automatically pressed. I guess if your family doesn't want justice, then murderers get off the hook. how come charges aren't automatically pressed and why would the victim's family have to do it? I don't get that. I am willing to testify.
  7. Thank you for your advice, Tom Scully. Although you may have guessed that I have already tried to obtain a lawyer, I was not successful in obtaining their help, only ridicule. It is becoming more than clear, that the only thing I can do is get my book, 'Treading on the Snake', all about that time period in my life, published, one way or another. Not sure what will happen after that. But it is one of those stories that needs to be told. Thank you again, Tom Scully
  8. Terri, I'd advise you to call the Washington, DC office of the FBI. I also suggest that you move slow and steady with them, and stick to one crime at a time. I'm very interested in their response. Best of luck with this. Best regards, --Paul Trejo Well, I just called them @: (202) 278- 2000. They referred me to the Dallas branch and said that the FBI had closed the case and was happy with the Warren Commission Report. I've truly have done my best all these years, but it is the same brick wall at all FBI offices, which tells me that they have never wanted to know the truth. At least the guy didn't laugh at me, but he hung up on me. The FBI closed the case on evidence filed by... THE WARREN COMMISSION. :-D What does that tell you about them?
  9. Actually, on second thought Paul, I would like to report what I know to the FBI. But I'd like you to suggest how I should go about that, if you don't mind. This will be a good experiment. I'll let you know the results. Which office should I call. Seattle :-D? Or do you know of a respectable office somewhere? Forget Long Beach, California, they laughed too. And today, I laugh at them :-D :-D They passed up the tip of a lifetime :-D :-D :-D I suspect they laugh because they are furious that some "nobody" solved the case for them, so they ignored me and LAUGHED, mad as hell.
  10. Paul, I appreciate that most Americans would like to believe that the FBI are on "their" side, but I have had more than one encounter with the failures. If it was so hard to get a witness to come forward, why wouldn't they JUMP at the chance when they had one? They didn't. They actually LAUGHED. I don't care how cynical they had become, you DON'T LAUGH at people who report crime. Not if you really are professional law enforcement, not just an extension of the KKK. I had tried to report Junior's murder in 1973, in Jackson Mississippi. I called them on more than one occasion and ALWAYS they LAUGHED. I can not understand what makes anyone think they are any good at fighting crime, they ignored warnings about September 11, and LAUGHED at those who tried to tell them. No, if the FBI want MY respect, they have to give it and they seemingly are INCAPABLE of behaving professionally. They act just like Klansmen. They deserve nothing but my suspicions, which they have WELL earned. I am not sure anyone could change my mind on that. Maybe if the FBI contacted ME and BEGGED me to tell them about Junior and the Covingtons, or Albert Lee Lewis, or even my uncle, then I would try again, but they have done nothing but LAUGH at me. So they deserve NO respect and are corrupted FAILURES in my view. Completely UNprofessional, useless organization. Waste of money and faith. AND they don't give two hoots about solving the JFK case, or the Zodiac Killer case for that matter, let alone 9/11. But thanks for trying to raise my faith in them. :-D
  11. Terri, I'll try to clarify my opinions further. The official CIA did not want to kill JFK -- even though some rogue individuals in the CIA, especially those whose hearts had been broken at the Bay of Pigs, openly stated they wanted JFK dead. We know which CIA officials said that -- and they were not the top leadership of the CIA, and they did not speak in an official capacity, but in a personal capacity. The Director of the CIA at that time, John McCone, was appointed by JFK. That's one point on my side. Also, the CIA published its rules and regulations -- and membership in the KKK, as well as in the John Birch Society, was not allowed for CIA officers. (Not that they checked carefully -- after all, membership in a secret society is always a secret). So, I have no doubt that there were some stray dogs among the CIA who were members of the extreme right, like the KKK and the JBS, and who wanted JFK to die for the Bay of Pigs -- but they didn't speak for the Director of the CIA. (The same can be said of the FBI). As for the FBI infiltration of the KKK, their purpose was to find crime, and also to undermine their growth. But by the Constitution itself, they could not outlaw them, because the KKK is, after all, protected by the Free Speech Amendment (and even defended by the ACLU). They are free to say whatever they like. It's actions that matter to the FBI -- not words. Insofar as there were atrocities committed by the KKK (which are a matter of record) history has shown that the secrecy of the KKK made it almost impossible to identify the culprits for prosecution. When people refuse to witness publicly, the FBI has no power at all. That was the problem then (and probably still remains so today). As for the Warren Commission -- they deceived the USA with their "Lone Nut" and "Magic Bullet" conclusions -- and it has hurt our country. However, that does not prove that they were covering for the killers of JFK -- there is another explanation. They could have been (in my humble opinion) trying to prevent a Civil War in this country. The KKK arose in the Deep South -- largely along the same State borders as the Confederate States in the Civil War during the Lincoln era. The anger was over the same issue -- the equality of Black Americans in modern society. The Supreme Court Brown decision had so enraged the white supremacists in the South (and also those in the North) that they developed several new organizations to take a new approach to Civil Rights that the KKK had overlooked. The White Citiizens' Councils, the State Sovereignty Commission, the States Rights Parties, and the John Birch Society -- all these groups arose to "Impeach Earl Warren" and reverse the Brown decision -- and also to harrass the NAACP financially. Naturally the KKK supported this effort with all their might, as well. But the FBI and the CIA were officially supporters of the Law of the Land. Even if some FBI and CIA employees hated the idea of school integration, they were obliged by law and the rules of their employment to keep their mouths shut about it. So, Terri, even if some rogue FBI and CIA members took it upon themselves to "look the other way" when they saw the extreme right-wing make its moves in late 1963, that was not official. That's my main point. Also, I don't blame the entire Dallas Police Department -- however I agree with Jim Garrison that the JFK plot could never work without at least a few Dallas Policemen involved at key positions. I say this with some confidence because William Turner's book, "Power on the Right", showed that employment in the Dallas Police required membership in extremist rightwing groups like the Minutemen, the KKK and the JBS. This was a local culture -- it was considered normal. The Dallas Police were responsible for sealing off the grassy knoll. Was Roscoe White (a Dallas policeman at the time) at the Grassy Knoll with his 7.5 Mauser, as he told his son, Ricky White? We have evidence that Roscoe White was also a member of the KKK as well as the Texas Minutemen. As for Presidential security -- it is well-known that the Mayor of Dallas, Earl Cabell, was the brother of General Charles Cabell, formerly of the CIA, whom JFK fired after the Bay of Pigs. I don't say that's proof of his complicity, but it does contribute to the laxity of security in Dallas, IMHO. Dallas policeman Roger Craig stated that Chief of Police Jesse Curry told all plain clothes policemen in Dallas that day to "in no way" participate in the JFK security. That's most suspicious, IMHO. But that was entirely local. According to the Secret Service, they had zero agents in Dealey Plaza that day. They had hundreds of agents at the Trade Mart down the street -- for they had heard that a JFK assassination would be attempted there. I suspect, Terri, that you and I probably are close to agreement on the disposition of the Dallas Police Department on 11/22/1963. In any case -- who would investigate them? The Dallas Police Chief? But who would investigate him? Jesse Curry said only 25 (out of 1,200) police in Dallas even heard of Jack Ruby, yet waitresses at the Carousel Club very sharply disputed that claim. Again -- insofar as the KKK was active in Texas in 1963, even within the Dallas Police Department, I must agree with you that the DPD is suspicious in this crime. As for proof of a conspiracy -- I personally believe that the US government still has it in file -- and that in the year 2038 those files will be released, as Earl Warren said they would be. I believe they will show that a right-wing conspiracy involving the White Citizen Councils, the JBS and the KKK were at fault. However -- and this is the key point -- Earl Warren and the US government felt certain that if this truth had come out in 1963, there would have been a new Civil War. And that is why they covered it up. The people who killed JFK did not get their way. They failed to get the Brown decision reversed. They failed to get the USA to invade Cuba. They lost. The people who killed JFK were not the same people that covered up the JFK assassination. They were two opposite groups. Civil War was averted -- that was the National Security concern of the Warren Commission, the FBI and the CIA. That's how it appears to me today. Finally, we should remember the words of Loran Hall, who, according to Silvia Odio, was an accomplice of Lee Harvey Oswald. He told the National Enquirer on 3 September 1968 this about the JFK plotters: "They drew up a kill list. Martin Luther King was on it...They wanted, and still want, to see a revolution between the colored people and the whites. They want complete white supremacy and they needed open warfare so that they could head that white supremacy. Bobby Kennedy was on the kill list....Chief Justice Earl Warren was another they wanted to kill..." (Loran Hall, 1968) Although Loran Hall also said that CIA people aided them, he always had trouble identifying who was really a CIA employee and who was a volunteer -- like people in the Mafia. So, Hall's opinion about the CIA must be taken with a grain of salt. Best regards, --Paul Trejo <edit typos> Thank you Paul. That cleared up some questions, but when you said: That is not true. I DID try to tell the FBI about what happened to Junior, not to mention JFK and was LAUGHED AT BY THEM. That is not the pretty picture you are trying to paint of the FBI. They had to have been involved to have laughed at me for reporting a lynching. They were NOT in Mississippi to bring any manner of justice to the people who deserved it. I KNOW that it true. They LAUGHED at me for reporting a lynching and for telling them about Albert Lee Lewis. Not very respectable. The "trying to stop a civil war" theory doesn't hold up when the FBI would just laugh at people who reported lynchings. Seem like they were whole heartedly involved. They didn't even jot down Albert Lee Lewis' name. Just LAUGHED.
  12. What I don't get is, if the CIA could help cover up, why wouldn't they have helped in the plotting? And who did the "official" investigation? The FBI, although I have no empirical proofs, just wild speculation and personal hunches about their involvement, their "infiltration" of the Klan doesn't sit quite right with me. They missed so much. 'Not having the budget' is no excuse. And the 'Warren Commission', can anyone say that name without their tongue in their cheek? How would the Dallas Police Department have pulled something like this off without the feds knowing? Was presidential security that lax back then? I suppose it is possible for city cops to pull off a presidential assassination, right under the noses of the feds; southern cops were practiced at it all the time, all over the south, back then. They knew about murders and how to get away with them, since they were the law. It was a practiced art, you might say. I suppose it would blow some budget or other to investigate the lot of them, so many law enforcers were involved in murder or its cover up, back then. It is not a big leap of consciousness for me to think law enforcement was involved in some instrumental way with the death of John Kennedy. Who was responsible for JFK's security, anyway? If there was any conclusive proof, it would have "disappeared" by now, if the CIA were involved.
  13. Wow, good work, Paul. When I read about the "bagmen" for the CIA, I can't help but think of my uncle. He would have bragged, surreptitiously. It makes sense that the CIA were involved. It truly was a sad day when they actually got away with it. They got away with all three murders. The Klan were used to getting away with murder. I can believe the CIA helped to cover up the truth about the assassinations. I haven't gotten anywhere with the truck. No one wants to talk about it. I think those still in the south, who know, are still scared. Which is a good indicator that the Klan still thrives in Hinds County, the heart of White Knight territory.
  14. I like that Klan Ledgah. I can hear my grandmother saying that now. And that's about the way she pronounced it. Klan Ledgah
  15. There is not even a speck of material evidence presented by anyone on this thread indicating possible 1963 KKK involvement in the JFK assassination by anyone from Terry, Mississippi. People that have passionately studied the murder of President Kennedy for a good portion of their lives should not be expected to take kindly to attempts to hoax them. You are quite capable of hoaxing yourself. I'll not take back what I have said, even if I have no PROOF..... yet. (police and FBI are SO useless in this case or we wouldn't be still discussing it)
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