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  1. From the Warren Commission testimony of William Shelley, April 7, 1964: " Mr. BALL - Do you have any idea how long it was from the time you heard those three sounds or three noises until you saw Truly and Baker going into the building?Mr. SHELLEY - It would have to be 3 or 4 minutes I would say because this girl that ran back up there was down near where the car was when the President was hit.Mr. BALL - She ran back up to the door and you had still remained standing there?Mr. SHELLEY - Yes. " " Mr. SHELLEY - Well, I heard something sounded like it was a firecracker and a slight pause and then two more a little bit closer together. Mr. BALL - And then?Mr. SHELLEY - I didn't think anything about it. Mr. BALL - What did it sound like to you?Mr. SHELLEY - Sounded like a miniature cannon or baby giant firecracker, wasn't real loud.Mr. BALL - What happened; what did you do then? Mr. SHELLEY - I didn't do anything for a minute.Mr. BALL - What seemed to be the direction or source of the sound:? Mr. SHELLEY - Sounded like it came from the west. Mr. BALL - It sounded like it came from the west? Mr. SHELLEY - Yes.Mr. BALL - Then what happened?Mr. SHELLEY - Gloria Calvary from South-Western Publishing Co. ran back up there crying and said "The President has been shot" and Billy Lovelady and myself took off across the street to that little, old island and we stopped there for a minute. " See the contradiction? Or is that just an honest witness having a wee bit of difficulty recalling the events?
  2. Quite the glaring contradiction to his WC testimony, eh what?
  3. I don't think I'm being paranoid at all, Thomas. (well, not too paranoid, anyways LOL) After all, the very reason this forum exists is because a lot of us believe the official story is a prevaricated fabrication, and I don't believe for one second the FBI was above tampering with evidence. There were five women in that group; June Dishong, Karen Westbrook, Gloria Calvery, Karan Hicks and Carol Reed. So far, we know that all of them except for Dishong made statements to the FBI on March 19-20, 1964. I have been unable to find any statement or affidavit for Dishong, nor have I found any other affidavits from the other four women. Despite their close proximity to the assassination, none of these women were called to testify before the WC. Stan Dane at the ROKC found a high school photo of Karen Westbrook, She was eighteen years of age at the time of the assassination, and photos of her on Elm St. look very similar to her high school photo although no conclusive match can be made. Gloria Calvery, captured on film on Elm St., looks nothing like her high school senior photo, although this is still a topic for debate in some circles. Calvery was twenty-one at the time of the assassination and the woman ID'ed as Calvery not only looks older, she also appears to be Hispanic or Black, while there is no doubt Calvery was white. No one has turned up anything on Reed or Dishong yet, as far as I know. The Karen (sic) Hicks whose photo you found in the HSCA report is a thin faced dark haired woman while the Karan Hicks by the Stemmons sign was blonde haired and somewhat full faced, making a match difficult but not impossible. The only other lead turned up on Hicks was by Stan Dane at the ROKC, who searched through Dallas yearbooks for a "Karan" the same age as Hicks. He found a Karan Snodgrass of the right age in the same yearbook as Karen Westbrook. Unfortunately, he did not post a photo at that time. Perhaps someone in contact with that site could ask Stan about this. Bart? Anyways, despite the efforts of many of us to place Gloria Calvery somewhere else on Elm St., we have the sworn statements to the FBI of her and three other women placing them exactly where they claimed to be, that being the first group of women east of the Stemmons Freeway sign. As I have asked before, if that is not Gloria Calvery seen with Dishong, Westbrook, Hicks and Reed, where was the real Gloria Calvery, and why did Westbrook, Hicks and Reed, as well as Gloria Calvery, swear statements to the FBI that this woman who was NOT Gloria Calvery was Gloria Calvery? If that WAS actually Gloria Calvery seen with Dishong, Westbrook, Hicks and Reed, the evidence given by Lovelady and Shelley has some serious holes in it. There is film evidence showing the dark complected woman ID'ed as Calvery remained on the grassy area just east of the Stemmons Freeway for several minutes; LONG after Baker supposedly entered the TSBD. As Lovelady's and Shelley's testimonies, and Shelley's statement, are pivotal on making contact with Calvery before they saw Truly and Baker entering the TSBD, "Calvery's" remaining where she observed the assassination for several minutes after the last shot calls into question the veracity of the evidence given by Shelley and Lovelady.
  4. It might have been. What kind of punishment do I face for this faux pas?
  5. Oh THAT photo. Sorry, had a hard day bucking and loading firewood for a lady friend of mine.
  6. The evidence I am referring to is just about the only thing there is that gives us any indication of Bill Shelley's height. It is a photo of him in the uniform of a ROTC lieutenant in his senior year in high school. In this photo, Shelley is standing beside another ROTC lieutenant who towers over Shelley by about a foot. With Bill Lovelady being 5'8" tall, Shelley would have to be, at the least, 5'9" to be seen as being taller than Lovelady in the Darnell film. For Shelley to be 5'9", his fellow officer would have to be 6'9"; very uncommon for someone in 1945. If his fellow officer was 6'3", that would make Shelley 5'3", and, therefore, that would eliminate him as a candidate for the man seen in the Darnell film. I hate to be a fly in the ointment but, I no more believe that is Shelley and Lovelady walking in Darnell than I believe PM is Oswald. I believe there is a strong possibility both are true but, as they say, BS don't pay for the whiskey. I need more proof and refuse to accept these things on faith. As you might have guessed, I am an atheist, too.
  7. LOL Sorry, dude. Where would I find the HSCA photo #39?
  8. Karan Hicks made her statement to the FBI on March 20, 1964. Could they have married after the assassination? It seems like a remarkable coincidence for there to be two James Daniel Hicks at the same place.
  9. As I said, the problem is the FBI statements of these women all place them exactly where this group of women is standing. If it was a "mistake", I'm starting to think the "mistake" began some time just after the assassination, and is being perpetuated to this day.
  10. On a brighter note, everyone, have written two letters in my quest to determine how tall Bill Shelley was in 1963. Bill passed away in 1996 but I believe I have, with the help of others, found an address for his son, William B. Shelley. I have also found the address for a journalist who interviewed Shelley in the early 1970's. As you know, all evidence thus far indicates Shelley was a very short man; much shorter than the 5'8" Bill Lovelady. In the gif that is purported to be Shelley and Lovelady walking down the Elm St. extension, Shelley is obviously taller than Lovelady. If I receive proof of Shelley being a short man, this will disprove this gif.
  11. To be quite honest with you, Bill, I have been reading all of your posts and have not forgotten anything you have said. I just don't agree with anything you have said. As I stated on another thread, your theories will only work if we completely ignore a good portion of the testimonies of Lovelady and Shelley. I simply cannot accept these methods as being sound.
  12. Hi Thomas According to this photo Carol Reed is the taller head scarf wearing woman. And he makes Karan Hicks as the shorter blonde sans scarf. Of course, he also makes Calvery to be an Hispanic/black woman so.......... Edit: unable to post photo with names below it.
  13. It's quite simple, Bill. Baker was on Houston St. when he heard the first shot. By the time he revved his motorcycle to make his dash to the TSBD, he had already heard the 2nd and 3rd shots. It is estimated, if you believe his testimony, it took no longer than twenty seconds for him to begin the dash until he was going through the front door of the TSBD. This means that, if you believe Lovelady's and Shelley's testimonies, there is only twenty seconds for Gloria Calvery, short as she was, to make her way from where she witnessed JFK being shot, down near the Stemmons sign, to the front steps of the TSBD. Still within this twenty seconds, she must tell S&L about the assassination PLUS answer a couple of their questions. STILL within this twenty seconds, S&L must then leave the steps of the TSBD and be 15-25 steps down the Elm St. extension when they looked back and saw Truly and Baker entering the TSBD together. There simply just is not enough time for all of this to occur before Baker entered the building. Capiche?
  14. Bill Miller said: " Using a measurement of distance those most people are familiar with ... it is 60feet from home plate to the pitchers mound at a baseball field. It is 90feet from home plate to first base. Shelley and Lovelady could have easily seen their co-worker coming towards them crying and visibly upset to which they left the stairs and started towards her. The Darnell film shows two individuals meeting a running woman at a distance of around 3 car lengths from the stairs leading up to the entrance of the building. I have added a couple of photographs to offer a better snese as to just how close that meeting took place. At the same time - both men would be correct to say they had not yet left the front of the TSBD. But even if they had not been clear or left out that they started towards her - it would not take away from the timing of their meeting with co-worker Gloria Calvery. If it is truly Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady seen in the Darnell film (which seems probable), then the response given later in Shelley's testimony of it being three to four minutes having passed before encountering Gloria is simply a misstatement rather than some smoking gun. Three to four minutes was the total estimate of how long the two men were out in the Plaza before returning to the building. The notion that this was a slip-up from a script hardly by an actor seems rather absurd to me when Shelley had said several things that was in conflict with the official version of Lee being the assassin" I'm sorry, Bill, but your theory does not work unless you completely ignore Bill Lovelady's testimony. " Mr. BALL - You heard the shots. And how long after that was it before Gloria Calvary came up? Mr. LOVELADY - Oh, approximately 3 minutes, I would say. Mr. BALL - Three minutes is a long time. Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, it's---I say approximately; I can't say because I don't have a watch; it could. Mr. BALL - Had people started to run? Mr. LOVELADY - Well, I couldn't say because she came up to us and we was talking to her, wasn't looking that direction at that time, but when we came off the steps--see, that entrance, you have a blind side when you go down the steps. Mr. BALL - Right after you talked to Gloria, did you leave the steps and go toward the tracks? Mr. LOVELADY - Yes. " Lovelady is quite clear about not leaving the steps until he and Shelley conversed with Gloria Calvery. I do not see how you can interpret being on the steps with being in front of the TSBD.
  15. I'm sorry but, I must have missed that memo. Would you mind terribly explaining how you reconciled their first day statements with their WC testimonies again?
  16. LOL Well it's not like there isn't an awful lot of assuming going on already, such as PM and the gif allegedly showing Shelley and Lovelady walking down the Elm St. extension together. We might as well join the club. One of us is going to have to go back in a time machine and take some higher resolution videos of everything.
  17. The problem is those darned FBI statements from these women. They place them on the north side of Elm, halfway to the TUP. It looks like everyone else is accounted for.
  18. Then how do you reconcile that part of their WC testimonies in which they both state they did not leave the TSBD steps until Gloria Calvery returned to the TSBD steps and engaged them in conversation?
  19. The taller girl was Carol Reed. Karan Hicks was the shorter blonde seen crying in one of the film stills. I can't recall where I saw it but it was mentioned somewhere that our Karan Hicks was not married to James Hicks. You never know with this whacky case, though. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uh oh, hang on. I just went back and read her FBI statement. She gives her name as Mrs. James Daniel (Karan) Hicks, 19 years of age. Maybe she is this guys wife, unless there was another James D. Hicks?
  20. One might conclude a lot of things, if one merely skims over the evidence, as you have apparently done here. You do realize that both Shelley and Lovelady testified to the WC that neither of them left the steps of the TSBD until Gloria Calvery had returned to these steps and engaged these men in conversation, don't you?
  21. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7461156 Never seen this before. Bill Shelley giving a statement to the FBI on March 18, 1964. Go to Page 20.
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