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    Non-partisan interest in who killed JFK (and MLK and RFK). Celebrating the integrity of our US Constitution being returned to the literate. Thoroughly sick of Establishment pols, i.e. the Bushes & (especially) Obama and OMG >> the Klintons.

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  1. There's a fundamental philosophy associated with the term 'Nazi' - old German sort, or "new American sort" - just as there is with the word "Socialist." Fundamentally - and more importantly philosophically - a thing is either 'socialist,' or it's not. Something is either 'Naziist,' or it's not. So it matters none to me "which" type of Nazi may or may not have been connected to Jack's death. Whoever was connected is a much worse sort of person than any Nazi. They're all effin' slugs, less than human, less than slugs, even. Nazi, Bircher, Oil Magnate, CIA, Vice President, whichever was inv
  2. So in essence this whole post is about Tommy Graves' inadequacies and opinions contrary to yours, and very little more...? EDIT This was meant to in response to Paul's post, not Joe's. Tommy, none. Just emphasising Paul's neg. response...
  3. the link to the entire Rambler 'article' (it's very long), replete with all I know about Gisevius, is at the beginning of the post.
  4. From the Vault: Low-Voltage Weight Loss on Main Street — 1921 by Paula Bosse Recline in a special electric chair and watch the pounds melt away! ---- Ya'll really oughta subscribe to Paula's daily Flashback Dallas newsletter. Some really great stuff, and ... who knows...?
  5. I was thinking it was Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. After all, it turned out Falk WAS CIA... (The In-Laws - if you haven't, it's an absolute must see)
  6. I'd be more inclined to believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy with three shots from the east window of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building... I'd be more inclined to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald "was killed himself a few weeks later." I'd be inclined to say that there's no need to legitimize such a theory with legitimate questions. No offense, Denny.
  7. Of all the theories I've encountered in my many years of studying the JFK assassination, this is certainly one of them.
  8. In Mark's Last Word he points to the CIA's somewhat successful attempts to stifle the publication of his first books and that he was only able to get initial publications in Russia. For some reason, but I don't remember the details. For what it's worth.
  9. all well and good, but Prescott Bush was "convicted" by Congress of colluding with the Nazis well before they were "vanquished." That's what stresses me. I don't blame the CIA of using Gehlen after the war. Makes sense to me. After all, FDR used Lucky Luciano, as brokered by Meyer Lansky, during the war. So... But I was speaking of Hans Gisevius, not R Gehlen.
  10. Roger that, Roger. I know who Gehlen was, brought over by the Fed Govt due to his spies in Germany. This is from Richard Bartholomew's Possible Discovery of an Automobile Used in the JFK Conspiracy (1996...?) (these are excerpts - it's a very long article, and in fact has been published into a small paperback I've just noticed on Amazon... ): Toward the end of May, 1943, Mary Bancroft was asked by Allen Dulles to translate a book on the Third Reich by Hans Bernd Gisevius, a member of the Canaris organization -- the Abwehr -- stationed under the diplomatic cover of vice- consul at t
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