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  1. Hello Robert, Considering SA Frazier's WC testimony in its entirety, it is my long-held belief that is not presenting the truth, and he knows it. He is simply delivering the Hoover-approved fiction that is required to "pin the tail" on LHO. This is a well thought out and clear presentation of the facts regarding CE-399 and the alleged assassination weapon. I'm eager to hear more... Tom
  2. Mark, I believe the word "pristine" is more of a reference that there was no tissue or blood on the bullet rather than no physical damage. The FBI witness was asked by the WC how the bullet was "cleaned." He responded that it "didn't need to be cleaned." Of course this is a bullet that supposedly passed through Kennedy and Connally... How could it be devoid of any bio matter? This should have been regarded as proof that the SBT is absurd. My understanding is the only deformation of the bullet was caused by firing, which is evidence that this specific bullet did not hit either JFK or JBC. IMO it was a "test bullet" substituted for the actual bullet found on the stretcher either by the SS or the FBI. Tom
  3. The hole was punched in KENNEDYS back to account for a 'Pristine' bullet being in existence....account for the back wound they created. Robert, Admiral George Burkley's Dallas Death Certificate notes a bullet wound at the third thoracic vertebra. When do you believe this back wound was "created"? Tom
  4. Larry, I have read quotes from various sources over the years regarding Truly's statement that he had seen LHO on the front steps around the time of the shooting, but I haven't found an original source. It seems that a media statement was likely, but I can't find it. Can you provide any additional information? My personal belief is that several people could provide an alibis for Oswald and probably did. DPD was told by the FBI they had their man, and we have numerous statements that by Friday evening, DPD had no interest in hearing any statement other than "LHO acting alone." Anyone who came forward on Friday evening, or Saturday to speak for LHO would have been turned away and no statement from them would have been recorded. Perhaps they were even accused of being his accomplice, as Buell Wesley Frazier was. At "high noon" the very next day, Oswald was publicly executed while inside the police station. Anyone who didn't take that "hint" and shut up, was told/threatened to shut up about it by law enforcement officers. They could no longer help Oswald, he was dead. Considering the way DPD operated in 1963, if you were told to shut up by DPD AND THE FEDS, you shut up. Additionally, they may well have heard "rumors" of DPD involvement in the assassination. They stayed silent. Tom
  5. Welcome aboard, Tom! ) Thanks, Vince. Hopefully, I won't wear out my welcome too soon! This Loucks fellow SOUNDS credible Agreed. I'm convinced he's relaying the information he was given, at least to the degree that he understands the case and all of its nuances. From the way Loucks summarizes his facts, his goal for that interview was to make three items clear: 1.)Sam Kinney emphatically confirms a shot from the Knoll. 2.)CE399 (did SK actually refer to it as 399?) was taken from the limo by SK and placed on a stretcher 3.)SK believed there was a conspiracy because one man couldn't have done it alone That said, with all due modesty, I trust my three interviews with Sam (two of which are on tape) a tad more.. For sure. He was speaking on the record with you, and essentially having a conversation with Loucks. At that time, was Loucks familiar enough with the case to realize the implications of SK's statements? It *appears* that he is unaware of the broken chain of evidence for CE399, as he states that the "50 year old mystery" is now solved. OTOH, you knew exactly what questions to ask, to get the most from SK's responses. Unfortunately, SK didn't fully explain everything he knew. I have been through your interviews and SK doesn't explain for example what Burkley did with the LARGE rear skull fragment. IF it was sent to Bethesda, they haven't admitted to it. We can only speculate as to its final disposition, and why SK would not supply further details. It seems unlikely that Kinney washed the rear seat in Dallas, finding a bullet and skull fragments in the process, but didn't notice the large skull fragment that he later found in the limo on the flight back to DC, but it certainly is possible. Do you consider Loucks info as contradicting this earlier info from SK? If you read my book (especially a section in chapter 8), there is much reason to question to provenance of CE399 regardless of these late revelations. You book is absolutely essential to understanding the goings on in the SS, and I have read it thoroughly. A court would conclude that an entirely different bullet was found on the stretcher at Parkland. The broken chain of evidence suggests that either SS or the FBI sustituted CE399 for the original. At the very least it would be excluded as evidence, which would remove the link of the "LHO rifle" to the assasination. Considering your SS knowledge and contacts with SK, I imagine Gary Louckes would be eager to speak with you to "get the info out," as he promised his friend Sam, that he would. Certainly someone should contact him to get all the info he has, and you are the most logical choice. Although I'm hungry for whatever additional info he can provide, I'm not the best choice for this task, so I'm holding myself back - - for the moment. Tom
  6. New Member -- First Post: Sam Kinney told Gary Loucks that he found an undamaged bullet in JFK's limo. An undamaged bullet could be positively matched to the gun that fired it, and hopefully identify the assassin. It's location in the limo is vital to reconstructing the crime. So what does Kinney do with the most important piece of evidence found? He secretly deposits it on JFK's(?) stretcher, and never tells anyone. This action destroys the chain of evidence, and provides evidence contrary to the actual event. I can't believe he blatantly violated established procedure without a DAMN good reason... Ideally he would have left it untouched at the crime scene, and reported it to Roberts or Kellerman. However, the limo was about to be driven to the airport and loaded onto a C-130, so noting it's location and turning it in to SS would have been an acceptable alternative. So what does he accomplish by secretly leaving the bullet on the stretcher? The bullet doesn't go to Washington, it stays in Texas. It would end up with the Dallas police as they had jurisdiction at that time - unless it was not noticed at all, and inadvertantly thrown away. A risky plan, but it would be kept out of SS hands. Of course, this only makes sense if Kinney ALREADY believed SS was complicit in the assassination, and could not be trusted with important evidence. Additionally, I recall his statement to Vince P. that he found a large rear skull fragment in the limo during the C-130 flight back to DC. He says he turned it in to his good friend Admiral Burkley. Why didn't he turn THAT evidence in to SS either? Speculation of course, but I'm at a loss how to otherwise explain his actions. Alternate theories gratefully accepted... Tom
  7. My name is Tom Neal, I'm a retired United Airlines pilot. My family and I have lived in Orlando, FL for the last 25 years. I was born just outside Boston, MA in 1953. When JFK assumed office I was only 6 years old, and 10 when the news of his assassination was broadcast over the school's public address system. He was the only president I "knew." Eisenhower, and all the others were historical figures to me. I was shocked. I still am, but for a different reason. His assassination was a full-blown coup triggered by his actions that would end the Cold War. Those responsible violated every tenet of our system of democracy, yet they believe their motivation was Patriotism. Legally, those who maintain the coverup are accessories to murder and treason. There is no statute of limitations for either crime. Is it any wonder they will do whatever it takes to maintain the Cover-up? They protect those who still believe war for profit is a justifiable business plan. Iraq, for example. Their motivation is not patriotism -- it is GREED. When Oswald was executed on live television, I knew there was more to the assassination than the act of a lone nut. The WC "closed sessions" and the vast amount of information classified for decades reinforced my belief. If it truly was a LONE act, why the need for ANY classification? This began a life long interest in the assassination. LHO never fired a shot that day, and I sincerely doubt "his rifle" was fired at all. He seemed genuinely shocked to find himself accused of the crime. As he stated, he was a patsy. He must have been involved with those who committed the crime, but did he know they planned to assassinate the president that day? If so, what was he told to do as his part in the assassination? If not, why did he make his (apparently preplanned) journey to the movie theater to meet someone? So many questions...
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