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  1. Oliver Stone has gone full in on Putin lately too, basically parroting the ‘dear leader’ rhetoric of Russian propaganda. As to the Ukraine conspiracy theory pushed by Trump/Giuliani, there are two parts, one of which is true and one false. One is that it was really Ukraine, and not Russia, that hacked the DNC server. I don’t think there’s any evidence to support that it was Ukraine. (But I’m not fully convinced at least some of the leak didn’t come from a domestic source). But, DNC-Clinton campaign/Ukrainian cooperation is demonstrably true. It’s obvious why Ukraine would prefer a Clint
  2. Speaking of J. Edgar Hoover, it's not difficult to imagine Barr having a little bit of Hoover power after he's in custody of all this damaging material.
  3. Perhaps the "resuscitation" crew strangled him. That might explain the ambiguous articles coming out about screams coming from his cell as corrections workers were screaming, "breathe, Epstein, breathe!" That way, they wouldn't have to worry about a video capturing someone going in his cell beforehand.
  4. Epstein did in fact work there from 1974 to 1976, but it was Barr who hired him shortly before he left. "Donald Barr, Dalton’s headmaster and father of Attorney General Bill Barr, hired Epstein to teach math and science...Epstein was without a college degree when he was hired, but Barr, thought of as “no nonsense,” saw promise in the young man who was in his early 20s at the time." Apparently the 'Epstein-Barr problem' is a running joke for the graduates of Dalton in the mid-70's. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jeffrey-epstein-dalton-school-math-teacher-yearbook-photos-1251225
  5. Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and William Barr Last winter, Mitch McConnell handpicked Bill Barr to “save the Republican Party.” If Barr could somehow navigate the party through all of Trump’s scandals, he saw a hefty monetary reward for himself in the private sector. Barr was pitched to Trump as the attorney general who helped resolve the Iran Contra investigation while downplaying his long professional relationship with Robert Mueller. By summer, few could foresee just how much of an intriguing pick Barr would be. In 1974, shortly before resigning as headmaster, Donald Ba
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/50-years-woman-mysteriously-drowned-160355147.html This is the same story my boss told me about a year and a half ago. The part that’s missing from the article is Kennedy was having an affair with the woman in the front seat of the car and he was drunk, hence the need for a cover-up. Also in his version, she wandered into the backseat herself, so “Betty” might not really exist.
  7. The “spook lawyer” Tom Green that Wheaton mentions deserves a thread of his own. He’s one of those Forrest Grump type characters in right-wing history. He represented Robert Mardian in Watergate, Richard Secord (and was meeting with several Iran Contra principals before, during, and after the scandal broke) during Iran Contra, Dennis Hastert, and most recently Rick Gates in the Russian Interference investigation. I wonder how privy he is to inside information from Jenkins and Quintero. My company has the law firm he works for on retainer. Maybe I could set up an interview 🤣
  8. The loans in questions had to do with business dealings primarily in Las Vegas, so Guarantee's Texas footprint would be irrelevant.
  9. Lance, It appears you have limited knowledge of the insurance industry and financial instruments in general. Insurance policies, mortgages, and other loans are bought and sold between existing financial institutions that don't merge or go out of business. This all depends on the mix of assets they want to hold, the amount of risk they want in their portfolio, and geographic and regulatory considerations. But companies spin off certain assets and take on others all the time. This is a regular part of business in the financial and insurance sector. This is what happened with Guaran
  10. But to a larger point, how come you’re not taking issue with some of the more benign things I found out about Witt? It seems to me you’re the one with the preconceived ideas. I said I was agnostic about Witt. Obviously you’re not. I made the comment that Rio Grande had connections to Marcello via Gaurantee Life (which Rio Grande later took on some assets). But it isn’t certain that these assets were even connected to the loans to Marcello in any way. And even if they were, Witt simply working for the company doesn’t make him guilty of anything, or even suspicious. By saying that I wasn’t
  11. Lance, I never said the two merged. Both companies were still in existence decades after the assassination. I’ll have to find the documents I referenced, but what I said is true. In any event, I never made the claim that Witt and Marcello were connected. Rather that FBI documents connect Marcello to the Rio Grande Insurance Company.
  12. Lance, Gaurantee Reserve Life Insurace was under FBI investigation for allegedly lending money to mob figure Marcello (and Trafficante and Roselli). Their assets would be spun off to Rio Grande Insurance around the time of the assassination. There are declassified FBI documents about this. The movie quote you found about this was probably one of my old posts in this forum telling people about the movie (The Umbrella Man) and how it was funny they knew about this relatively obscure fact. Right-winger is a synonym for conservative.
  13. I don't think someone can say in good faith that there is nothing suspicious about a guy pumping an umbrella up and down on a clear day in the exact spot in front of where the president gets assassination. People who dismiss a connection of the Umbrella Man to a potential conspiracy outright, IMO, are trying too hard to be "rationally minded." I'm agnostic as to whether the Umbrella Man was really Louie Steven Witt. I've done a bit research on him. He just died in 2014. I checked his criminal record but it was clean. I've interviewed some of his coworkers and his niece. His niece said h
  14. The photo is from the filming of Oliver Stone’s JFK. David- could you tell me more about the Vidal/Hargraves correspondence? Did members of their families admit to them being DCM and UM?
  15. Found this article on WhoWhatWhy today. FWIW I don't believe the Zapruder film was tampered with, but the demonstration that Jackie seems farther back on the trunk of the car in the Nix film than the Zapruder film is interesting. I don't really know what to make of it -- could just be an optical illusion. https://whowhatwhy.org/2018/07/12/jfk-assassination-film-proof-of-tampering/
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