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  1. Yes David, from the Weigman camera position, Zapruder was backlit. ________ What? If he turned with his back towards Elm Street and faced Sitzman, perhaps. Zapruder has NO backlight in that photo, the Zapruder camera position has more than adequate KEY-SIDE light from Weigman's camera position. What you need there Craig, is a few 5K HMI's and a 2K (all 5600) rim light "behind" Zapruder and Sizman now THAT's outdoor backlight (or the sun), then we could see whose actually ON the pedestal, (despite the piss poor quality of ALL photos/film taken that day which I do find interesting in and of
  2. Zapruder wore a white shirt. Sitzman wore a light beige dress. Jack A white shirt UNDER a dark coat, Jack. Martin Shackelford
  3. Jack, You got any evidence to back this assertion? What about the Muchmore film was that altered too? Unfortunately, in the White/Fetzer universe, everything that contradicts their claims is altered evidence. Martin Shackelford Steve...COMPLETE CONTROL WAS EXERCISED by the govt. All KNOWN films and photos WERE in their hands for extended periods. They had plenty of time to attempt making all of them show what was wanted. If you know of ANY evidence film not in the govt's hands, please let us know. Jack Jack, my point exactly, all KNOWN films and photo's, but how could the auth
  4. Kennedy did comment that it would be easy for someone with a rifle in a building--but he also said that anyone willing to give his life to kill the President could do it. Martin Shackelford
  5. Hard to determine the motive without knowing who the conspirators were, as the motives could vary widely. One person who seemed to have no motive, having spoken only favorably of JFK, was Lee Oswald. Martin Shackelford
  6. It is interesting that whenever a forum provides an opportunity to discuss Judyth's account in an open manner, it is suddenly inundated with attacks posts from three sources: 1) Team McAdams, including Dave Reitzes. 2) The Della Rosa group, including Dixie and Bernice. 3) The Lancer group, including Dave Weaver. Apparently the idea that Judyth might be taken seriously far too threatening to any of them to be permitted. But I'm sure Dixie and the other "sensitive" attack artists will find my post offensive. Martin Shackelford
  7. Judyth's book is not yet out. Also, she currently has no Internet server, so has difficulty responding in any of the forums. Martin Shackelford Anybody can you tell me how to order Judyth's book? I do'nt see any listing at Amazon.com Bill <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  8. Question: How do people in America today view JFK? Is he seen as a hero? Is his reputation growing/declining? Why? There's no unified view, though he's generally well-regarded, I think. The conservatives appear to be very upset by that, in fact, and delight in bashing the Kennedys. This could become awkward, as California's Republican actor-governor is married to one. Fox New Network has done a lot of Kennedy-bashing. The affairs, of course, have gotten a lot of attention, and conservatives would, it seems, die before admitting that he might have been planning a withdrawal from Viet Nam. I th
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