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  1. Thanks for caring to be on the side of truth, light and justice @ JFK. Best Wishes to All for a Safe, Happy & Wonderful holiday season right into the new year : )

  2. Best Wishes to All for a Safe, Happy & Wonderful holiday season right into the new year.

  3. A brilliant video presentation there, Mr. Kamp, some key/fine points made; and, overall an enlightening, interesting & informative Seminar. Thanks for sharing M8, Cheers!
  4. Rest in Peace, Mr/Senor Romero. What an astute observation he made too ----> [Romero] said he often felt we were moving further politically from what he saw as a Kennedy legacy of tolerance and compassion Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Andrews.
  5. Absolutely beautiful!, thanks for sharing this, Mr Harper.
  6. In so many ways, President Kennedy was different than his modern day predecessors feigning "public service", while taking more from the tax-payers than ever giving back. Once upon a time a career as a public-servant was just that, not an excuse/cover to engage in everything but actually serving the public imho.
  7. Ruthless and capable of making even the wily serpent in the Garden of Eden blush @ Allen Welsh Dulles.
  8. In my humble opinion, Mr. De Brueys, carried many secrets to his grave. When anyone cannot answer simple questions without adding "I don't recall" that to me is indicative of someone hedging their bets, while covering their own butts, while also appeasing the entrenched cover up apparatus.
  9. Rest in Peace, Mr. Marchetti, courage like yours doesn't grow on trees.
  10. Good morning!, Ladies & Gentlemen Does anyone have any idea where ace card JFK exemplary researcher Sean Murphy may be contacted? Just a simple question, so please do not turn this particular thread into a Prayer Man pro or nay piece...there's ample room for that on other more appropriate threads, Thank You! Best to all for a safe & happy holiday season ahead right into the new year.
  11. Mr. Murphy (Sean's) last post entry November 22, 2013...Where is this exemplary researcher. Does anyone know?

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