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  1. Lee, Thank you! The verb "Helicoptering" isn't my invention. The whole article was written by Frank Caramelli, I used the same verb as Frank! That's all.
  2. Dear Members, Dear Friends, I agree to 100%, Frank is wrong! I have invited Frank to read your comments on this Forum. Which lesson this article teaches us? This article may seems plausible for the common people, but... It is the perfect example of what can mislead people who doesn’t have a perfect knowledge of the entirety of the JFK assassination photos. I think Frank Caramelli is an honest man who believes firmly in its findings. Also, I think he’s a wise guy, therefore I have the hope that he shall acknowledge its mistake. Jack White has sent me a closeup of the paper in the grass from the Bothun photo (hereunder.) Jack wrote: "It appears to be the right size and shape to be the Polaroid backing for the Moorman photo of the cop(*) on the motorcycle, and about the right location." (*) Moorman Polaroid #3 or #4 Frank Caramelli’s article will be removed from my Homepage, it will remain available a few months on the server (but hidden from the visitors.) Thank you very much for your comments. Best regards,... Marcel
  3. Hi to All! Recently Frank Caramelli Jr. sent me an article introducing his theory regarding the possible presence of the Harper fragment within the Zapruder film. Frank is persuaded than the thing usually named the "White Blob" , the "White Spot" or also the "Spot in the grass" could be the Harper fragment. Hereunder the link toward Frank Caramelli’s article, "The Flying Skull Fragment." Page 1 : http://copweb.be/Frank%20Caramelli%20Jr/Fl...%20Fragment.htm Page 2 : http://www.copweb.be/Frank%20Caramelli%20J...%20Animated.htm The most intriguing is... ...the animation of the Harper fragment which literally seems to "helicoptering" above the Limo (Page 2). Best regards,...
  4. Link toward Zapruder camera: B&H 414PD Frame rate page: User's manual - page 13 answers your question! Marcel
  5. Dear Graig, Your comment is referring to the sentence hereunder. "When the lighting conditions are fairly good the depth of field starts from +/- 1.20 meter (four feet) to the infinite." You’re right ! I agree with you, I give you my explanations hereafter. Obviously, in theory the depth of field doesn’t vary since the relationship between the aperture, the focus and the shutter speed aren’t modifiable. Therefore the lighting conditions have only an incidence on the “subjective” sharpness of the photography (rendering). That’s what the sentence in question means. (You may to suggest me another sentence, my Frenchglish grammar is so poor.) This cheap camera’s specifications are close to those of a toy camera. In reality it is an pinhole camera “ameliorated” by the addition of a very poor plastic lens (one sole element). Regards,... Imperial Camera CE-750 Marcel
  6. Gentlemen, In my opinion, the backyard photos are fakes! I agree with Jack White! Another certainty is that Marina Oswald has not shot the backyard photos. The Imperial duo lens Camera: This kind of camera has a head-up viewfinder. When you aim, the image you see thru the viewfinder is horizontally inverted. Therefore it is not easy to aim in a natural way, you must to invert horizontally the movements of the camera (for instance, to place the subject in the middle of image.) It’s not easy to forget how you have taken pictures with this kind of camera (moreover... with a bright noon sunshine which increases the difficulty for aiming). In her HSCA testimony, Marina mistakenly described the camera and also how she used it. See what follows: Imperial Camera CE-750 Best regards,... Marcel
  7. I know,... Dear Peter, Thanks a lot for your very kind answer! Indeed, I have launched a new website related to the 911 attacks (in French). For the French-speaking visitors of the Forum, the reading of the page related to Sibel Edmonds should be very informative! The facts (briefly) : During their "false escape" from the FBI’s investigations, the Dickerson family (Melek Can and the Major Douglas S. Dickerson and their children) lived in Belgium (mission for the NATO) during almost three years! The second part of that page is made of revelations coming from a "contact" (an Official who belongs to the NATO). I got six official documents who attest of the rightness of that contact’s assertions. But, that’s another story! Best regards,... Marcel
  8. Hi ! Two new pages on Orlando Bosch were recently launched on the WWW. These pages present small clips (video and audio) of well known persons who testify that Orlando Bosch was present on Dealey Plaza the day of the assassination. James E. Files: http://www.copweb.be/James%20Files-Orlando...sch%20Avila.htm Chauncey Holt: http://www.copweb.be/Chauncey%20Holt-Orlando%20Bosch.htm The original OBA page: http://www.copweb.be/Orlando%20Bosch%20Avila.htm The same (in French): http://www.copweb.be/Orlando%20Bosch%20Avila%20(fr).htm In August 2007, I have sent mails to the Senate and to the Congress of the United States of America about this topic, I’m still awaiting their answer(s)... Sorry for the long absence, very busy in the Real Life... (away from the Cyber-Life) Best regards from Belgium,... Marcel
  9. Mary Moorman Photos - The Men Who Killed Kennedy The video (YouTube): The webpage: Mary Moorman Photos (Camera wrong orientation) No further comment... Kind regards
  10. On September 9/11 I had the strange feeling of déjà vu ! Obviously! I know now that I was, and You were also, prepared for the Show! "Déjà vu" is the title of Jerry Bruckheimer’s last production! But,... Jerry also produced the blockbusters "Armageddon" in 1998 and "Pearl Harbor" in 2001! Strange feeling... See also: That's militainment
  11. G. W. Bush announcing war in Iraq Two minutes before the official announcement... This (rare) video shows the real face of G. W. Bush. THE VIDEO in LOW RESOLUTION (aired accidentally too soon) Also,... THE VIDEO in AVERAGE RESOLUTION From THIS PAGE (in French), formats available: RealPlayer and WM Player (by clicking onto Player's Logo). Amazing! No further comment... Marcel
  12. Bonjour à Tous! Cela faisait 6 ans que je me tâtais quant à l’opportunité de poster mon opinion sur les Bush et les attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Finalement, je me suis (enfin) décidé à poster une page contenant ce que j'avais sur le coeur depuis bien longtemps! J'ai ironiquement baptisé celle-ci : "Les Bush$ entre mes lignes" Voici le lien : http://www.copweb.be/le%20dirty%20business...%20le%20911.htm Bonne lecture
  13. Michael, Thank you very much for your kind words, really ! I have read Myra’s post, the page in question is introducing the work of Duncan MacRae and Christian Toussay regarding the Dal-Tex Shooter. I’m very busy for the moment , therefore I only work onto topics in French. By the way, recently I have launched, in collaboration with Alain Boquet (French Researcher), five pages in French. These pages are related to the Witnesses photographed in Dealey Plaza, there are also several links toward their testimonies regarding the number of shots they heard (W.C. or HSCA in English). As soon as possible, I will translate these pages in English. Interested? Hereunder the links toward these pages: http://www.copweb.be/Les%20temoins%20de%20Dealey%20Plaza.htm http://www.copweb.be/Les%20temoins%20de%20...y%20Plaza-2.htm http://www.copweb.be/Les%20temoins%20de%20...y%20Plaza-3.htm http://www.copweb.be/Les%20temoins%20de%20...y%20Plaza-4.htm http://www.copweb.be/Les%20temoins%20de%20...y%20Plaza-5.htm Best regards from Belgium...
  14. Dear John, Dear Members,... John, thank you VERY MUCH for your last post! For sure, it would be very interesting, especially now, to ask Bosch once again: Were you in Dealey Plaza on the 22nd November, 1963? John and All, I completely forgot to relay, on this Forum, a very astonishing information… On 1st September, 2006, Digital Granma Interacional has quoted my work regarding O.B.A. !!! Very intriguing, not? Here the link toward Granma: http://www.granma.cu/espanol/2006/septiemb...r1/galeria.html The original page: http://www.copweb.be/Orlando%20Bosch%20Avila.htm A screenshot of the original page (if this one disappeared one day): http://www.copweb.be/Granma%20Internacional.htm Best regards to All !!!
  15. A new page was added to my website!!! And that to keep a trace of the Digital Granma Internacional quote of my work. Who knows,... that page could disappear soon... Here is the link: http://www.copweb.be/Granma%20Internacional.htm Thanks John ! Best regards to All !
  16. John, Thanks for your congratulations! It’s pleasant to receive some encouragements from time to time. I agree with your comments, I’m a bit disappointed and astonished by the lack of reactions from the other Members of the Forum. I have posted the information on two other JFK Forums - no further comments from someone (to date.) Best regards... Marcel
  17. Hi! Sorry, I'm Very busy for the moment. Someone forwarded this to me: http://www.granma.cu/espanol/2006/septiemb...r1/galeria.html GREAT !!! This article refers to that webpage: http://www.copweb.be/Orlando%20Bosch%20Avila.htm Best regards... ( I'll be back ) Marcel
  18. Hi ! Promised since long ago, an overview of the Keystone Olympic K35 Turret. Here is the link: http://copweb.be/Charles%20Bronson%20Camera.htm My Homepage has been updated and has moved, here is the new simplified URL: www.copweb.be Enjoy!!!
  19. John, Thank you to have posted this article. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that OBA was in Dealey Plaza on 22nd November, 1963. "The Cuban" aka "The accomplice (TA)" aka "Dark Complected Man" aka "Umbrella Man Firend" is (was) Orlando Bosch Avila!!! See: Was Orlando Bosch Avila in Dealey Plaza? Best regards
  20. La mise à jour du site est complètement terminée! Plusieurs sujets seront bientôt ajoutés... Merci de visiter ma page d'accueil! ICI: www.copweb.be The Website update is fully accomplished ! Several new items will be soon added… Thank you for visiting my Website! Here: www.copweb.be Best regards... Marcel
  21. The Website update is fully accomplished ! Several new items will be soon added… Thank you for visiting my Website! Here: www.copweb.be Best regards... Marcel
  22. Hi, My Website's URL has changed! Update is in progress... Here is the new URL: www.copweb.be Kind regards from Belgium... Marcel
  23. John, Yes, I live in Belgium. I'm Police Officer in the Belgian Federal Police Force, my Unit called "DAR" is based in Brussels. Here is a short Biography: http://users.skynet.be/copweb/jfk/mdbio-en.htm Beware, no more than three Duvel by hour! I have already signed the petition some months ago (I'm at the 48th position.) I'll send more informations to you in a private mail. Kind regards...
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