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  1. It was SA David Grant. He did advance work in Dallas - is the oft forgotten partner of Lawson - and some reports say he was in on one of the Oswald interrogations, though i don't think he ever wrote a report about it. I think Vince said he was Clint Hill's brother-in-law. He died a few years ago. Here are some links to photos of him, an obit and a video. I queued up the video to begin at the point where he's helping load the casket onto AF-1. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?fhid=4443&n=david-b-grant&pid=168833469 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1nIqthu
  2. Hello, Andrej - FYI, i removed those 2 photos of Sarah Stanton you have posted above (with the glasses) a couple of days ago. When i posted them i was not 100% certain it was her and i only left them up for a day before removing them. My idea was that a family member or friend of the family might contact me and say they were not her, if indeed they were not her. I am confident of the child photo of Stanton and her brothers and sister, that i posted on her memorial, however. I had been researching Stanton for 2 years off and an and had gotten nowhere until i redoubled my efforts in the
  3. Thank you, Greg! Yes, it was a over 2 years ago and i don't think a lot of people saw the thread because it didn't get that many likes...which sort of dumbfounded me. I thought it was a great thread.
  4. Hi Jim! I'm sure you just misspoke about Powell, he was stuck inside the TSBD, not the Daltex.... I did genealogical research on Powell and tracked him and his yearbook photos down in Feb. 2016 in this thread begun by Wesley Riddle on Dennis Morissette's FB group, "Photo and Film Analysis in the JFK Assassination". I used Powell's HSCA identification/bio card which Wesley dug up and posted, to research him. Read through this thread - i've posted many photos of Powell. Wesley Riddle may have brilliantly found Powell in an Allen Photo (posted in the thread), in which there is an unknown
  5. Q: Cheeks Sagging at 34? There are some folks who usually for genetic reasons or maybe from weight issues, will show early signs of facial aging like gravitational descent of the cheeks. While the photo is a very limited view and an in person exam is needed, you do look like you have some sagging going on. Perhaps a cheek lift would help. Sometimes fillers in the cheek bone region can also pull up and redrape sagging tissues a little without surgery. SHOW LESS Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS Snipped from https://www.realself.com/question/cheeks-sagging-34-help
  6. Genetics A significant percentage of the population has a genetic predisposition to the jowls. These are people who tend to develop visible jowls at an early age, and whose face otherwise doesn’t have any significant signs of ageing or other damage. If your parents or close family members have or have had jowls, you are more likely to develop them yourself. https://rutlandaesthetics.com/condition/what-are-jowls/
  7. I was correct above in stating that jowls can be multifactorial. Genetics, smoking, aging, wt gain/loss etc... So, aging is not the only factor and her age does not rule out this lady being Pauline Sanders. : https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/jowls
  8. She's the same lady as in the '46 photo. She has the same dark coloring around her eyes/upper cheeks (rosacea?) Just seen from a different angle. While age may be one factor in causing jowls, i'm sure genetics and obesity can be other factors. She's obviously seriously overweight - best seen from the side view in the '46 photo. The '46 other photo is labeled and she's Mrs. R.E. Sanders. Her husband , Robert E. "Bob" Sanders was a longtime teacher at Crozier and her son Robert E. Sanders Jr. graduated from there in '47. Her son and daughter, Susan Jane Sanders, (who attended Woodrow Wilson
  9. Thanks for the correction and your height analysis, Andrej! I've been lurking when i'm not posting and I've noticed you do great work. I really appreciate all your hard work and graphics! 😊
  10. Thank you, Bart for posting! And thank you, Andrej for the compliment! ❤️ Btw...as i recall, one of her colleagues on the steps (Frazier?) described Sanders as tall and thin. Obviously she was NEITHER. 😜 If she was standing on the first step down you can see she was shorter than Prayer Man/LHO, who was also standing on the first step down from the landing.
  11. Grrrr...these size limits! Says i can only upload 122Kb because i've reached my limit. (Hope this is a daily limit and not a "forever" limit!) To see the other b&w photo go to his findagrave page: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/60685548/william-george-gaudet
  12. Just found a good color photo of William George "Bill" Gaudet which is probably ca '63. I went thru the voluminous photos posted on his son's obit page and there was a group photo with him, his son (William Gerald Gaudet, Jr), his daughter-in-law and grandkids when they were young. From their ages i'm guessing it is probably around '63. Here's the group photo and a closeup of the elder Gaudet i cropped from it . Also including the two i uploaded on his findagrave (from Linda Minor's site) so you can look at all of them w/o having to go to findagrave. NB: Bill Gaudet has an odd little "fork"
  13. Hi Greg! Been working on Gaudet's findagrave and the William Gerald Gaudet, Jr. you posted is not the Gaudet but his son (N.B. he has a different middle name - but nonetheless, it is Gaudet's son). Here is William George "Bill" Gaudet's findagrave memorial on which i uploaded 2 photos of Gaudet, which i found on Linda Minor's site. I looked in the Tulane yearbooks for Gaudet's college photos but could only find his name listed ("William George Gaudet") but no photos. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/60685548?memorialUpdated=Yes
  14. Hi, Jim, You're welcome! I'm glad you asked me about his HSCA polygraph results because looking back through my bookmarks for his HSCA testimony and his other Mary Ferrell records, it appears i was incorrect about that. I swore i had read somewhere that he took a polygraph confirming the veracity of his Oswald claims, but i must've been remembering the document you posted along with the mentions of 4 other polygraphs he had while working for the CIA: 2 in the late '50s when he joined, and 2 in the mid '60s when he was associating with some antiwar and (horrors!) civil rights activists. I
  15. Here is Wilcott's findagrave memorial. I uploaded a couple of photos of him there, one from his CIA file and one snipped from the 1980 documentary "On Company Business". Both he and his wife, Elsie, are seen in the opening minute or two of the video available on youtube. Uploading them below too in case findagrave removes them for some reason. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/1321428/james-wilcott
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