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  1. The results of the Arizona "audit" is going to be released Friday. What they are going to say is that because Arizona;s vote counting process is so sloppy, it's impossible to know who won the election. And this crap is going to go on and on and on. Steve Thomas Angry dispute between Republicans roiling final Arizona 'audit' report Steven Rosenfeld, Independent Media Institute September 23, 2021 https://www.rawstory.com/cyber-ninja-2655082782/ “Logan, Cotton, Pullen and Ayyadurai, however, will likely cast further doubt on the county's vote counting process—as Logan and Cotton did in a July 15 briefing for Arizona legislators—even as they concede that they have no evidence showing that Trump won. Whether the Senate's lawyers and Bennett can stop the report from perpetuating conspiracy theories or making factually sloppy or unsupported claims remains to be seen.”
  2. Let's face it: Mitch McConnell has the Democrats trapped by Andrew O'Hehir, Salon September 23, 2021 https://www.rawstory.com/let-s-face-it-mitch-mcconnell-has-the-democrats-trapped/ “Republicans will pretend to run on fiscal responsibility but will actually run on a bunch of culture-war bullshit and promises to rig all future elections and unquestioned loyalty to a decrepit and defeated leader they all privately think is nuts. I'm sure looking forward to that, aren't you? “ In the year 22, 22... Steve Thomas
  3. I've had 3 thoughts: 1) Was Lee Oswald ever seen in that theater before? I've never seen anyone say that. If he'd never been there before, what are the implications of that? 2) The scuffle in the theater was brought about by Nick McDonald. Read his WC testimony carefully. 3) Oswald's whole demeanor changed Saturday afternoon following a 12:30 PM interrogation that the Dallas Police did their best (but failed) to hide. Steve Thomas
  4. John. Someone once described Oswald as a useful idiot. That's always been my take too. Read this FBI file on Lydia Dymitruk FBI - HSCA Subject File: Lydia Dymitruk, girlfriend of Alexaner Kleinlerer https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=129757#relPageId=1&search=Alexander_Kleinlerer See how much it mirrors Marina Oswald. They marry a guy from over here in the U.S., get the guy to bring them over here, and then divorce them. Think about what Marina was doing with Lee throughout 1962. They were separated almost as soon as they arrived back in Fort Worth from Russia. As far as the geologists and geological engineers go, I wrote this in the Education Forum back on 1/20/19: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/25464-now-it-can-be-told-dag-hammarskjold/?page=2 Everett DeGolyer http://www.nasonline.org/publications/biographical-memoirs/memoir-pdfs/degolyer-everette.pdf “He lived to be honored by the highest elective offices and to be awarded the highest decorations of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. He was a lecturer much sought after, filled distinguished positions at three universities, and was awarded honorary degrees by six. Nine or more United States Government agencies, commissions, advisory boards, and committees called on him for service which he generously contributed. This combination logically made his advice much sought after in business, and he was for many years the world's leading oil consultant. The opinion of his firm, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, on an appraisal of the worth of a property or a company was accepted as final in financial and government circles the world around. This firm was at one time or another consultant to ten or more foreign governments on subjects ranging from organizing exploration programs to the proper price for oil F.O.B. tankers in the Persian Gulf.” “As would be expected of a man of such outstanding reputation, his services were called for by the Federal Government. Starting in 1918 with a special report for the United States Treasury, he became in 1941 Director of Conservation in the Office of the Coordinator for National Defense and Assistant Deputy Coordinator in 1942. The following year he was first made Assistant Deputy Administrator for War, and then head of the Petroleum Reserves Corporation mission to the Middle East. He was a member of the Advisory Committee on Raw Materials for the Atomic Energy Commission, and filled many other important positions. He served on the National Petroleum Council from its beginning.” - I wrote - “Lately, I've become interested in the role that uranium mining might play in the JFK story. I'm not a geologist, but uranium deposits seem to be found near oil fields. I lived in the Rangely, CO. area for a while, so I had a personal interest in DeMohrenschildt's comings and goings there. When I read that D.H. Byrd sold his interests in Byrd Oil and used the money to found Byrd Uranium, my ears perked up. Whey would a person give up the lucrative money of big oil to invest in uranium? You have to figure that in the later 50's and early 60's, uranium would have to be a pretty hot commodity. It struck me a while back that a lot of the key figures in the White Russian Community in the Dallas/Fort Worth area were not just "oil men", but were engineers in the petroleum field, and specialized in the exploration of oil deposits around the world. (Think Jack Crichton and George Bouhe among others. They also seemed to have ties to military intelligence." "Mr. BOUHE - For 9 1/2 years I was employed as a personal accountant of a very prominent Dallas geologist, and probably capitalist if you want to say it, Lewis W, MacNaughton, senior chairman of the board of the well-known geological and engineering firm of DeGolyer & MacNaughton, but I was MacNaughton's personal employee." WC testimony of George Bouhe http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/bouhe.htm) " Steve Thomas
  5. Those dirty Lefties! Will their diabolical plans stop at nothing? Nolte: Howard Stern Proves Democrats Want Unvaccinated Trump Voters Dead by John Nolte 10 Sep 2021 https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/09/10/nolte-howard-stern-proves-democrats-want-unvaccinated-trump-voters-dead/ “Do you want to know why I think Howard Stern is going full-monster with his mockery of three fellow human beings who died of the coronavirus? Because leftists like Stern and CNNLOL and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci are deliberately looking to manipulate Trump supporters into not getting vaccinated. Nothing else makes sense to me. In a country where elections are decided on razor-thin margins, does it not benefit one side if their opponents simply drop dead? If I wanted to use reverse psychology to convince people not to get a life-saving vaccination, I would do exactly what Stern and the left are doing… I would bully and taunt and mock and ridicule you for not getting vaccinated, knowing the human response would be, Hey, xxxx you, I’m never getting vaccinated! And why is that a perfectly human response? Because no one ever wants to feel like they are being bullied or ridiculed or mocked or pushed into doing anything.” “The push for mandates is another ploy to get us to dig in and not do what’s best for ourselves because no one wants to feel like they’re caving to a mandate.” “No one wants to cave to a piece of dooky like that, or a scumbag like Fauci, or any of the scumbags at CNNLOL, so we don’t. And what’s the result? They’re all vaccinated, and we’re not! And when you look at the numbers, the only numbers that matter, which is who’s dying, it’s overwhelmingly the unvaccinated who are dying, and they have just manipulated millions of their political enemies into the unvaccinated camp. “ “I could be wrong. Maybe the left isn’t that evil and sly. Even if this isn’t the left’s plan, who’s owning who?” Steve Thomas
  6. Paul, I don't know if Marina was supposed to receive information from someone, or to pass along information to someone else. I would say White Russians, yes, but if you look at their backgrounds, they were all geologists, or geological engineers. And who made contact with Marina almost immediately upon her arrival in Fort Worth? Max Clark. MEMO: THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD CASE #351164 (ADDRESS BOOK) biography of Max Clark Maxwell Edward Clark https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=9836&relPageId=3 “Max Edward Clark was employed by Convair, a division of General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth, Texas, as a “Supervisor of Industrial Security and Investigation”, requiring access to classified matter up to and including, Top Secret”. Now, you tell me. Communists or White Russians, that's all superfluous. In the early 1960's, the Russians had two main interests: space flight, and atomic bombs. The rest is all just background noise. Steve Thomas
  7. It has long been my privately held belief that the reason for Marina's whirlwind romance, marriage, and approval to emigrate to the United States was because the Soviets wanted to get Marina to the U.S. in general, and Fort Worth specifically because of its connection to the aerospace industry. I have been puzzled by Marina's suitors seemingly being connected to the field of plastics. Wasn't there a guy before Lee Oswald, and wasn't he connected to plastics - and specifically to spray nozzles? Also, Alexander Kleinlerer was smitten with her and visited her at Lorena Hall's while she and Lee H. were separated in 1962. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/kleinler.htm AFFIDAVIT Alexander Kleinlerer of 3542 Kent Street, Fort Worth, Texas, being duly sworn, says: “I am and have for several years been a foreign representative of Loma Industries, a plastics production company, located at 3000 West Pafford Street, Fort Worth, Texas.” While I was looking for something else, I stumbled across this today, and went, "Hmmm..." https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP80-00809A000500170001-9.pdf CIA-RDP80-00809A000500170001-9.pdf So the Russians were having problems with the ceramic coating on reentry vehicles were they? Steve Thomas
  8. ‘Substantial’ daily death rate cited for Alabama’s COVID-19 hospitalization decline By WSFA 12 News Staff Sep. 14, 2021 https://www.wsfa.com/2021/09/14/substantial-daily-death-rate-cited-alabamas-covid-19-hospitalization-decline/ According to WSFA, hospitalizations have actually begun to fall in Alabama in large part because so few of the hospitalized patients in recent weeks survived. People in Alabama are dying faster than they are being hospitalized. I have no words. Steve Thomas
  9. f Those stubborn "alternative facts" Can you imagine historians looking back on our time and writing about us living in alternate realities? Rachel Maddow talks about Earth 1 and Earth 2. Back here in the real world... Steve Thomas
  10. Just to be a smartass, I suppose I would have asked the kid if he was wondering about the northernmost point on the earth, or if he was wondering about the North Pole in the sky. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the North Pole shifts every 26,000 years or so. https://www.glyphweb.com/esky/concepts/northerncelestialpole.html "Polaris hasn't always been the Pole Star. In fact, it has only been close to the Pole for the last thousand years or so, and over the next millennium it will gradually move further away. This is because the Earth's motion is constantly affected by the pull of other bodies in the Solar System, especially the Moon and the Sun, which causes a 'wobble' in its orbit. This, in turn, causes the Pole to move relative to the stars. Prominent Pole Stars c.3000 BCE Thuban c.1000 BCE Kochab c.2000 CE Polaris c.3000 CE Errai c.7500 CE Alderamin c.14000 CE Vega The effect of this wobble (properly called precession) is that both Celestial Poles follow a broad circle through the sky. For most of the time, there is no Pole Star at all, but occasionally the Pole will pass near a conspicuous star - we are lucky to live in a time when Polaris fulfils this role. For the ancient Egyptians, the Pole Star was not Polaris, but Thuban in Draco, while observers in the far future will see yet other stars at the Northern Celestial Pole." Steve Thomas
  11. I thought I had forgotten to save the want ad I was referring to, but this morning, I ran across it in my notes on George Bouhe. I don't remember who sent it to me, or what paper this came out of. It doesn't show an ad for a Marsalis address next to the Carleton-Madison Hotel on Madison, but an ad for the Beckley St. address. This re-inforces my belief that Bouhe was lying to the Warren Commission in 1964. I think that George Bouhe got the idea from there to give to the Warren Commission. Steve Thomas
  12. COVID ravages the Republican Party as 21 out of 23 most infected states voted for Trump by Sarah K. Burris September 12, 2021 https://www.rawstory.com/ravages-republican-trump-states/ “Last week, the hashtag "GOPDeathCult" was trending on social media as Republican governors continued to refuse to take precautions to keep their states safe. The recent COVID-19 numbers now show that out of the 23 worst states for the virus in the country, 21 of them voted for Donald Trump in the last election. “ “The chain of correlation makes it "much harder to assert that politics is not playing a role," wrote the Post's correspondent Philip Bump. “ “Read the full piece at The Washington Post. “ Death Cult indeed. All hail the Hale-Bopp Comet! Steve Thomas
  13. As a former Librarian, I resemble that remark. Steve Thomas
  14. Tomi Lahren slammed after claiming only ‘voter fraud’ will save Gavin Newsom from recall By Roxanne Cooper September 08, 2021 https://www.rawstory.com/tom-lahren-newsom/ The drumbeat has started. If the Republicans have their way, there won't be any more elections. Steve Thomas
  15. Aaron Rupar @atrupar Trump, on Newsmax, claims the recall election in California is "probably rigged" (as if Democrats can't win elections there fair and square) https://twitter.com/i/status/1435433534282469378 See, I told ya. Steve Thomas
  16. Richard, I am going on memory here, so forgive me if I'm a little rusty. 39 was assigned to two patrolmen: James F. Butcher was a Patrolman in the Patrol Division, Northwest Area Substation, Second Platoon Love Field was assigned to the Northwest Area Subdivision. https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh19/pdf/WH19_Batchelor_Ex_5002.pdf page 9 Charles W. Comer was a Patrolman in the Patrol Division, Southwest Area Subdivision, Second Platoon https://www.history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh19/pdf/WH19_Batchelor_Ex_5002.pdf page 10 To make matters a little more confusing, there was also a Car39 Car 2. You can see this reflected in the Tapes where callers are asking which Car 39 various people are in. If I remember right, this was a station wagon. I believe the "Governor's wife" the Dispatcher's Tapes are referring to is either the Governor's mother, or the wife of the former Governor. I don't remember which. Steve Thomas
  17. Gil, Hill's ID of the shells as coming from an automatic wasn't the first. At 1:34 PM, Patrolman H.W. Summers sent out this broadcast: 221 Might can give you some additional information. I got an eye-ball witness to the get-away man. That suspect in this shooting is a white male, twenty-seven, five feet eleven, a hundred sixty-five, black wavy hair, fair complected, wearing a light grey Eisenhower-type jacket, dark trousers and a white shirt, and (. . . ?). Last seen running on the north side of the street from Patton, on Jefferson, on East Jefferson. And he was apparently armed with a 32 dark-finish automatic pistol which he had in his right hand. This broadcast preceded Gerald Hill’s broadcast of a .38 caliber, also broadcast at 1:34 PM. Benevides told Poe that he saw the suspect hold those shells in his hand. He gave them to Poe. Poe gave them to Pete Barnes. Barnes was dusting Tippit's car for fingerprints. He had a fingerprint kit in his hands. To the best of my knowledge, Barnes did not dust those shells for fingerprints. Steve Thomas
  18. I shot this photo last night. I don't know if the MG comes with the property or not, but the longer I look at the picture, the more I hope the C-4 is a zoning reference. Steve Thomas
  19. Jerry Patrick Hemming Steve (I'm not a mercenary, but I would like to be a gadfly) Thomas
  20. Conservatives are already setting the stage to accuse Newsom of recall election fraud: report by Tom Boggioni September 06, 2021 https://www.rawstory.com/conservatives-are-already-setting-the-stage-to-accuse-newsom-of-recall-election-fraud-report/ "Appearing on Fox News, Elder -- the leading Republican candidate -- already telegraphed how he might respond to Newsom not being ousted. "The 2020 election, in my opinion, was full of shenanigans. And my fear is they're going to try that in this election right here and recall. So I'm urging people to go to ElectElder.com. Whenever you see anything, hear anything suspicious, go to my website. We have a battery of lawyers. We're going to file a lawsuit in a timely fashion this time," he told MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz." And so it begins. Steve Thomas
  21. Never in my wildest dreams, did I envision a day where we had to issue tasers to flight stewardesses. Steve Thomas
  22. Greg, What interests me more is the role that Lumpkin played: Lumpkin, who was the Commandant of the 4150th U.S. Army Reserve Training School Lumpkin, who took charge at the TSBD following the assassination Lumpkin, who, early on, took charge of the Dispatch Tapes transcription Lumpkin, who rode in the Pilot car with George Whitmeyer, who Winston Lawson told the HSCA "taught military intelligence:; and, as far as I know, made no effort to shoo people off the railroad overpass George Lumpkin is a very interesting individual. Steve Thomas
  23. David, I think Gil was trying to say is that Hoover denied the DPD (anyone from the Department) further admittance to the FBI Academy because Curry refused to take back the assertion that Hosty told Revill in the basement of DPD Headquarters around 3:15 PM, that the FBI knew that Oswald was in Dallas and didn't tell anybody. Steve Thomas
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