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  1. The bit about distilled water reminds me of the mad airforce general in Dr Strangelove who only drank rainwater because there was a commie plot to corrupt American vital bodily fluids. Could Mr Gaal be related?
  2. Considering the source, that comes as no surprise! No doubt Prof Fetzler MEANT to write something like: "I sincerely apologize to members of the forum for cluttering it up with silly, unsubstantiated rumors put out by bizarre conspiracy theorists with weak track records for reliability. I will, of course, be much more careful before I spread this sort of thing again." ...or perhaps not...
  3. The match is actually over. Germany beat Canada. I await an apology from Prof Fetzler of perpetrating a silly hoax on the members of the forum. Your wait will be a very long one, it should come just about the time Lucifer has to go shopping for thermal underwear. As Peter McKenna pointed out up thread, "This is, I think, what they call "a self reinforcing delusion". If it doesn't happen Fetzer saved the day." Note that Fetzer was unfazed by his previous failed prediction of a June x6, 20xx attack on an international football (soccer) game in Europe. Well, here we are on June 27th and there appears not to have been any sort of attack on the Women's World Cup in Germany. What went wrong, Prof Fetzler? Or was this just another silly conspiracy story designed to deceive the gullible?
  4. The match is actually over. Germany beat Canada. I await an apology from Prof Fetzler of perpetrating a silly hoax on the members of the forum.
  5. Does this mean that when nothing happens on June 26, Prof Fetzler will stop posting his paranoid distortions or is that too much to hope for?
  6. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/video/module.html?mod=0&pkg=6102010&seg=1
  7. Whether or not he laundered money, and given the fact that his control of the print media in several countries is very negative, I still fail to understand why his religious affiliations should be in any way relevant. Why mention it?
  8. Evan sees a conspiracy, oh my. Not so much a conspiracy as a rather transparent attempt to contravene the forum rules...
  9. In his defence, it was a speech and the quoted examples could be found in lots of different articles. But he really should be a bit "Caesar's wife" in this respect, shouldn't he?
  10. http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6058168
  11. I see no point whatsoever in continuing this. It started as a thread discussing a report which you have no intention of reading. You have taken the opportunity to display your usual lack of civility. I have better things to do.
  12. And Ms Mauro thereby makes my point... And how is that? That you know nothing of history? Tell us about the "Jew" and "British Royal family" conspiracy "The so-called Zionist families are not a power on their own. They are deployed by the Monarchies of Europe, like the British monarchy. They were called "hofjuden" (court Jews). But they're cut outs or front men for these European oligarchical families who hate the United States and have always hated the United States." Terry Mauro, The Education Forum, 22nd July, 2010
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