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  1. My damn darn sudents were challenging the answers for the emax revision I provided. So to back myself up, would you post the answers aswell. Thank You PHOTOSYNTHESIS 1 Write meanings for the words anaerobic and aerobic. 2. What is the difference between respiration and photosynthesis? 3. What factors are needed for photosynthesis to occue? 4. Write both word and symbol equations for both respiration and photosynthesis. 5. What is a stomata and why is it important? 6. How does water andnutrients travel into the leaves of a plant? Why are plants called producers? 8. What is starch and how does it relate to photosynthesis? 9. How is food enegery used in the body? ECOLOGY 1. What is the difference between a food chain and a food web? 2. What is meant by the terms: omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, producer, consumer, decomposer, scavenger, competitor and introduced species? 3. Why are there a limited number of levels in a food chain? 5. What is biological magnification and give an example? 6. What is the difference between a transect and a quadrat? Describe the advantages and disadvantages for each? NERVES/HORMONES 1. What is the difference between the central and peripheral nervous system? 2. Write definitions for the following words: neuron, receptors, effectors, stimuli. 3. Explain how a nerve impulse moves from one nerve cell to another 4. What is the difference between the left and right side of the brain? 5. What are the following parts of the brain responsible for: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, cerebrum, pineal gland? 6. Explain how information moves from short term to long term memory. 7. What is the difference between grey and white matter? 8. Nmae 3 hormones, the effect on the body and the gland in which it is excreted from. 9. What is a target cell? 10. Explain conditioning and imprinting
  2. Do you think that the government should not fund private schools
  3. List your agrguements form a physics point of veiw.
  4. when a bus is moving along a horizontal road with increaing speed decreasing speed constant speed
  5. Do you beleive that students receive too much homework?
  6. I propose that one of the admins or moderators moves this topic into debates in education, seeing these replies.
  7. Matt Davies. Born 5th of Feb. 1976. Works at monach uni. I teach many subjects. And ironically I earnt my degree at Monash.
  8. Well I could dowith a bit more. My class is a very ambitious class. They like learning about things as well.
  9. Do you think that students should be forced to wear school uniform? It is a topic I regulary debate on with my students and I was wondering what you all thought?
  10. One of my student posed me this question today and I was wondering what all you out there thought?
  11. I need help with this subject. Does anybody know where I can get some infomation about this topic?
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