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  1. It is not the debating of ideas that is the problem. It is the overwhelming spread of your so called "debates". These "debates" that end up being nothing more than attacks. These "debates" could easily be kept in a few threads but when one person feels their side of it is not heard, bam another thread saying virtually the same thing. I stated that debate is important. Extremely important. My post pointed out that what you and the "photo experts" participate in Dean is NOT debate but back and forth negative exchanges that get reduced to urination contests. What I said is YOU ARE RUINING
  2. Great pic! Thank you for that. In all my searches through the public libraries in my home town pro conspiracy angle books on the assassination are hard to come by. Most cannot be found, but every single branch had a copy of Case Closed though. Bar None. Shame huh?
  3. The "If you don't like it don't read it" tactic has become nearly impossible lately as it has spread far and wide to many threads or you guys just start other threads arguing essentially the same things or find roundabout ways to insult each other. It used to not be "a fact of life" at this Forum. A person has to search far and wide to find threads that are not infected with your guys horse xxxx. Although I replied to Dean's post this reply is not directed to him or any one person but (as I stated originally) to those that continue to engage in endless debate where YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ZERO C
  4. And any others continually involved in the ONGOING and NEVER ENDING debate. You are ruining the forum. The spirit of debate and forwarding of new ideas from that debate is important but is that what is going on here? I fully understand that it is up to me to avoid the threads of these "debates" that I do not care for but they just keep cropping up and spreading. Like Cancer. I can not be the only person who feels this way. Not everyone on the forum is a "researcher". Although I have read many, many books about the conspiracy that killed JFK, I (and others like me I suspect) have much to
  5. "What's the deal with that? Was a purely Russian account taken down to compare to his translation?" I believe that I read somewhere in Peter Dale Scott's Deep Politics that there were some discrepencies about her translation. Maybe something about the rifle? Sorry I can't be more clear.
  6. I think the whole arguing back and forth about the Z-film or any other photographs/films is a waste of time. I believe that in a court of law the BEST that can be hoped for is a draw over these issues. CT photo/film experts vs. LN photo/film experts=draw in a court case. Factor in that we cant even figure out who our photo/film experts are and you are really talking about a sad state of affairs. Do we really think that a U.S. judge or a jury is going to accept a bunch of fuzzy blobs as evidence?
  7. I could not agree more Shanet, I have been using this technique for a few months now and let me tell you the blood pressure has remained steady ever since. 240 posts in a month and a half will turn into 2507 before you know it. You can ignore as many members as you like. I have a funny feeling that if more people chose this route those number of posts will not continue to grow as rapidly as they have been in the past. Good call Shanet
  8. Justin, Follow the link that I provided to Sprague's letter to Cutler. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...indpost&p=29688 - lee <{POST_SNAPBACK}> More on DeMohrenschildt. These excerpts are from Deadly Secret's pgs. 236-238 His fourth and last wife was ...the daughter of a director of the Nationalist Chinese railways system. In 1962 he opened an office in Dallas and joined the exclusive Dallas Petroleum Club. By this time he was on a first name basis with William R, Grace of Grace Lines, NO Saints owner John Mecom and George and Herman Brown, who sponsored
  9. Once again James great work and thanks. I read somewhere that DeMohrenshildt was recieving some treatment from a doctor (injections?) that was new to him and that the doctor disappeared after trying to be tracked down. As soon as DeMohrenschildt started to see this doctor he apparently became more and more depressed??? I am typing this from memory so I could be wrong on some of the particulars. Is it possible that it was SUGGESTED that George shoot himself??? Has anyone read this also? Any info would be appreciated thanks, Justin.
  10. It would appear that I just may be considerably more informed than those who expouse the "Giant Conspiracy" by the US Government/Secret Service/CIA/FBI/etc; etc; etc. To include "forged" autopsy photographs and X-rays! Perhaps a comparison of our background and training in covert operations may provide some scale by which readers could judge. I'll discuss my CIA/SS/& FBI training after you have posted yours. Tom <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hello Tom I was wondering if you could use your military experience to explain how Oswald with the poor shooting scores he recieved in the Ma
  11. I like all others on the forum urge you to reconsider Shanet you are a valuable member here. Tims constant hijacking of all threads have made members (rightfully so) weary, so when possible links to Tim and dirty tricks come up you reacted in the way that alot of members wanted to. Unfortunately the links to dirty tricks and Tim cannot be proven so it was bad judgment to post about Tim in the fashion that you did. Shanet I say again that you are a valuable member here and should not let one case of bad judgment stop you from posting here, you only did what many of us wanted to. Come back
  12. Tim I have a funny feeling that John knew the dates didnt jive, I have a funny feeling you know that too. Its a joke and a damn good one.
  13. That was a great one John, I am still laughing as I type this.
  14. Which would leave us with what Tim? Here is a powerful group of men, Lansdale, Lemnitzer & the JCS, Dulles, Bissell & cabell, all with good reason to hate Kennedy, and all in a position to do something about it. MOTIVE, Kennedy had humiliated them all, more than that, they felt he was selling the country, by his soft stance on communism.These people consider themselves super patriots,they think Kennedy is unfit to hold office, they decide to do something about it.And more than that, if the right patsy can be manipulated into holding the gun, maybe, just maybe, Castro will follow Kenn
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