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  1. yeah, if you took a lower third film layer of the limo and elm street to where the grass meets the upper curb and all things inside the limo then rotate it a bit around the *Y axis, say 5-7 points, blow it up a tad, re-frame it.... ya might have something.... least I thought I did.... frankly no one gave a damn.... an example is in this essay (link below)I did over 20 years ago.... can't remember the exact page, but it's in there.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UB-0H4xpIXce-kW7EdCWAVppl7srdf5v/view you'll also find thousands of posys on this forum here concerning Dealey Plaza topo's/plat's search is your buddy.....
  2. DP altered films? Proving conspiracy? In today's day and age? Not only not necessary but possibly dangerous to your health. And now today, science is a buzzword from the past. Ask any Trump supporter. What will fly is proof of an exit wound in the rear of JFK's head. That'll prove *conspiracy,* at least two shooters... The heavy lifting has been done concerning the Films of Dealey Plaza: 1) the equipment to alter 8mm 15mm and 35mm films; 2) the manpower and artistic know-how to accomplish same; 3) multiple avenues and techniques to accomplish a new and improved 8mm Kodak film concerning events in Dealy Plaza that day and; 4) sufficient time to alter a limited number of frames or a major number of frames. I'm done, sorry for the diversion...
  3. if, and when will it be available? Hopefully Christmas 2021?
  4. I suggested the same (the films of Dealey Plaza) to Gary Mack some 20 years ago when 3D modeling software was in its infancy... and that made Dale *wanna see my EMMY* Myers a bit nervous... I was quite public about it. -- Made Dave Wimp a bit nervous too. Seems as though there were more than a few folks out there that could run apps like Myers used for his cartoon... Lightwave was the app Myers used and another was POV-RAY, which Wimp knew concerning 3D solids modeling -- a terrific Raytracer. I doubt any film compilation 3D or otherwise that would be necessary these days. But to exhume? Well, that's another story. Nearly all Kennedy principals alive at the Nov '63 time are dead. I suspect that would at least make what seemed impossible years ago now possible? The body is the best evidence as my old pal David Lifton said long ago...
  5. Perhaps the end all - be all? Defining word and all that stuff? Thanks for turning a cleansing firehose on this mystery... To Oliver and you JimD., kudos! I remember standing on a corner on Tra Hung Dao St looking towards Hai Ba Trung (the Two Sisters statue) and Le Loi St's in downtown Saigon thinking, a damn Coup happened right here a mere 2 weeks ago. So. Vietnam's Pres and Vice President were brutally murdered right here in Saigon/Cholon, I was thinking: WHAT? They actually caught this guy in Dallas in a few hours? Bull puckey.... we'll never know the entire JFK story, The real who nor the why. We've taken some good step's towards resolution up to now, perhaps this is a GIANT step in that quest. Look forward to viewing both (2&4) documentaries. Proud of you guys! Thanks!
  6. thanks John Butler, there were a few of us back then, for sure. I miss many including the above of course might want to add Rich DellaRosa, Greg Burnham David Lipton David Mantik and many more. But there's a hell of a crop of younger folks that are asking the right questions these days. One in particular Jim DiEugenio, couple him and his stable of contributors, dynamite combo...
  7. Moorman photos have never, NEVER been verified as authentic on this or any other internet USENET forum that I'm aware of. Are you silly or what? Film/photo alterations are so easy... So easy in fact, you can't verify the authenticity of one, image discussed during the past 4 weeks of photo manipulation discussions on this forum. If you are declaring fact of which you have proof, post the proof or a link. Otherwise you are just making more noise. Are you speaking from ignorance again, making claims you can certify as authentic, or, pretending to be an expert? Speak up, Lad.
  8. You've been missed, my friend... Great to see you, Gil. And, another fine piece of work... David Healy
  9. I sincerely appreciate yours and Oliver Stone's dedication to the subject of JFK, more than words can express. Best of luck regarding this upcoming European showing... DHealy
  10. why? Are you gonna crawl out from under that Texas alias .johnites tend to use?
  11. site hosted by DMyers? which means the entire schtick is tied with the unvalidated, non authenticated in-camera original Z-film. Right? Sounds like a JT Last Hurrah!
  12. now THAT is a whole lotta' work for what might end up in the garbage heap. Until every DP/backyard film and photo is verified as *authentic* and *un-altered* by some certifying agency or body its a waste of time. I tried to make that happen with Gary Mack (6th Floor Mausoleum) years ago, 20+ years ago in fact. Mack knew what that little project would/could mean... obviously, it never happened. I wonder why? Frankly, over-the-years 1964 WCR believers have got more mileage out of the JFK photo/film controversy/controversies than WCR critics. Films and photos are a nice diversion away from the case medical evidence, which is what willey-nutter's really fear. The only person(s) I would trust re a film coordination project of that magnitude would be Jim Di, David Josephs, our own Chris and believe it or not, David Lifton with John Costella at the helm... and if there was real money in it, ME.
  13. sure hope the Garrison seekers have a fine payday. After 50 years the best they can do is "somebody told somebody something and somelse heard so-n-so tell someone..." Over and over and over again... B-O-R-I-N-G... the benchmark used here should be: would a Judge admit it?
  14. winning friends and gaining influence, I see..... The real world speaks...
  15. wow! Is that the extent of "Teenage Freak Book" review? Any pay stubs you can provide to back up your claim?
  16. lmfao! show us your film example(s) son, show us the in-camera originals you studied son, you're a newbie here son - what are your credentials to even discuss assassination photos/film... who are you to demand anything, justify anything to you? Who are you Jeremy? Why the Kennedy assassination, Jeremy? You do understand Zapruder film alteration is a distraction don't ya, Jeremy? Ya do know a *conspiracy* murdered JFK, right, Jeremy? What I love about 1964 died-I-the-wool WCR believers, they post by the pound especially when a sentence or a simple paragraph will do. Elitism and arrogance can't escape it... punctuation and spelling too... lol. Have a nice day Jeremy, or whomever... Character attacks on Jack White have no place here...
  17. focus young'en this thread concerns the Zapruder Film, not researcher character assassination. Control yourself, if that is possible.
  18. who is "we"... and, cite(s) would do famously well here, otherwise one might assume you're just attacking another dead guy with years of photography experience. A dead guy that appeared in front go a House of Representatives Committee studying a whole bunch 1960's assassinations that happened before you were born... He even owned an Advertising Agency in the Ft. Worth area of Texas, for years... and, sat for an on-camera interview with me in 2003 in Duluth Minnesota... geeeeez...
  19. Perhaps Tracy is laying that George Soros and all *dem* blue-blooded shyster trap here?
  20. Listen up! If you have no conception or idea what the official results of the 1964 WCR, nor what Rollie Zavada's conclusions are, forget asking any questions regarding the Zapruder Film. Buy a few books, plenty of author's hereabouts. To end our discussion, your gamin' it, Dude. I went round and round with the gang of eight for years. So, take your Lone Nut, LHO did it all by his lonesome game to those naive enough to play.
  21. Aspects (originally created in 2000) conclusions are simple: there was the necessary equipment, manpower, know how-expertise and TIME available to alter individual frames and the entire alleged in-camera original Zapruder Film in 1963-64. It was not created to determine what LHO diid or didn't do on 11/22/63... but, "was it feasible to alter an 8mm film in 1963-64 with the tool's available at the time?" My answer is: absolutely-yes.
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