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  1. Malcolm, Chilling to say the least. Thank you for the link.
  2. Just after the Bombing several news sources reported they had a person of interest in custody and that this individual was being guarded by local law enforcement at a local hospital. Almost immediately the news either recanted or stated this was not true. My understanding is that the individual that was in custody may have had his hands damaged in one of the blasts. I heard that immediately following the Bombing the Saudi Foreign Minister was summoned to the U.S. and that ultimately the guy with the damaged hands is wisked off somehow never to be seen again. It seems like like much of the evil going on these days involves radical Islam with strong Saudi ties. Does this story ring a bell with anyone?
  3. Folks, Off hand I can not recall what specific 9/11 documentary I saw this on, but I believe it aired on The History Channel. There was a short blurb about a school in NYC where a student is allegedly looking up at the towers, possibly daydreaming? The teacher speaks to the boy and asks "What is it?" The boy allegedly states "Those towers, they won't be there in a few days." The documentary goes on to say the statement was never followed up on. Does anyone else recall seeing this? Why the heck wouldn't you follow up on this? Maybe someone didn't want to know the answer?
  4. Folks, Please excuse me if this subject has been covered previously. I just got finished watching JFK: The Smoking Gun the other night. Outside of speaking to the WC and the interview depicted in the documentary, which may have been during the Clinton era inquiry has this man ever been interviewed by anyone? You may or may not believe in the power of polygraphs, but has this guy ever taken one? The idea that this man was allegedly asked to fabricate evidence and not called to testify before the WC is dispicable.
  5. Full time law enforcement detective and part time conspiracy theorist of almost everything. The guy that doesn't like taking "No"for an answer and tends to over analyze everything. JFK Assassination, Titanic and missing aircraft enthusiast.
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