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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  2. “It could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people,” he said during the first presidential debate. “It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”
  3. See page 313 of Tim Fleming's "JFK and the End of America". Paul O'Connor who was at the Bethesda "autopsy" stated there was an Air Force General smoking cigars and Humes complained about the cigar smoke. Another person at the "autopsy" named Custer said something similar. But, the official list published by the FBI did not have LeMay on it, per DSL. I feel J Edger Hoover was a key person in the cover up of the Big Event and that is why LeMay was not on that list.
  4. See David Talbot's " The Devil's Chessboard" , Page 8. Footnote says the source was Dulles' Calendar.
  5. Mervyn, I respectfully disagree with you. I believe there were certain conservatives in the military that felt that communism had to be stopped in Vietnam. They felt that WW2 occurred because we appeased Hitler and did not want to make the same mistake twice. JFK was standing between them and the contiuation/escalation of the war in Vietnam. Thus, I feel that the motive was patriotism, not money. (in my opinion that patriotism was greatly misplaced)
  6. JFK was killed because he was in the process of de-escalating the war in Vietnam and the Military (read LeMay) viewed that as appeasement to communism (see John Newman's *JFK and VietnaM"). The lone nut gunman theory was developed hours after the assassination. The "autopsy" had to agree with this theory. That is why the official "autopsy" was done under Military (read LeMay) direction. Paul O'Connor was a witness to the "autopsy" in Bethesda. He described a cigar smoking general that was barking orders. LeMay and Dulles were friends. Dulles made sure the official cover up occurred via the W
  7. Lock him up..NY Attorney General Letitia James has 67 indictments on trump ready to be unsealed on January 21, 2021
  8. Last saturday nite, OLe Dennegard was on coast to coast talking about operation 40, the big event and other related topics.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eU69GLPQWnm9/
  9. The JFK researcher Peter Janney of Massachusetts (author of Mary’s Mosaic, 2012), who had just commenced a long series of interviews with a third former NPIC employee who had also participated in an NPIC “briefing board event” the weekend following JFK’s assassination. This witness, who had spoken only briefly and cursorily to a few other JFK assassination researchers, was the prestigious Dino A. Brugioni, who had served as the Chief Information Officer (the “briefing board czar”) at NPIC for about two-and-a-half decades; Mr. Brugioni was, and remains today, the world’s foremost living expert
  10. To quote an acting CIA Director, " former C.I.A. acting director Michael Morell said … [in the past] discussing Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. ‘This is the only time in American history when we’ve been attacked by a foreign country and not come together as a nation,’ Morell said. ‘In fact, it split us further apart[,] … an inexpensive, relatively easy to carry out covert mission. … deepen[ing] our divisions. I’m absolutely convinced that those Russian intelligence officers who put together and managed the attack on our democracy in 2016 all received medals personally from … Putin.
  11. Bob Dylan, in his recent smash hit, " Murder Most Foul", wrote these 2 lines: I said the soul of a nation been torn away And it's beginning to go into a slow decay fatboy being president is a manifestation of this decay.
  12. And, per this post by John Simkin, Herminio Diaz-Garcia was an assassin for Operation 40: Posted April 18, 2006 The issue is whether Operation 40 remained active after 1963. Is it possible that a network of CIA agents, right-wing businessmen linked to the arms and oil industries and Cuban exiles continued to assassinate people seen as dangerous to the interests of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Intelligence Complex? I believe this group were also involved in corrupt business activities that date back to Lyndon Johns
  13. If there is no election in Nov. 2020, then fatboy becomes a private citizen in Jan., 2021. He will face legal charges, which will keep him busy for awhile. Who will become president- to be determined (probably by the courts). But if there is no president or vice president, the next in line is the speaker of the house.
  14. Anthony, A. Burke was very interesting. Here is how he interacted with JFK on the BOP fiasco.. On the night of 16-17 April 1961, when the relatively young President needed the advice of the armed forces as the Bay of Pigs invasion was turning into an unmitigated fiasco, the tension between President Kennedy and Admiral Burke was palpable. As told by Admiral Burke’s biographer, the late E.B. Potter, in the early-morning hours of 17 April, President Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, in white tie and tails, a
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