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  1. This is a relevant article on this subject...https://archive.politicalassassinations.net/2013/04/executive-action-jfk-witness-deaths-and-the-london-times-actuary/
  2. Here is a write up on Kantor on Sparticus..https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKkantorS.htm
  3. Glad to see positive reaction to Dr. Mantik's work. (I still believe JFK received 3 bullets in the head on 11/22/63)
  4. Good post, David. Here is what Sparticus has on Felipe Vidal Santiago.. https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKsantiago.htm. My question is , who was William Bishop... David Atlee Phillips? w
  5. You can try this site. And there is a group of JfK assassination researchers that are meeting today . They might be able to guide to you. Join us for Project JFK / CSI Dallas Presents The Journey Monthly Meeting April 6th, 2024. This is a free event to attend and discuss the JFK assassination case and explore the research and seek the truth! This is a free event on Zoom so click the link below and sign up for your Free E-Ticket on Eventbrite. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/project-jfk-csi-dallas-presents-the-journey-meeting-april-6th-2024-tickets-877744476357 Also, there are still tickets available to our Student Symposium April 12-13, 2024, they are selling fast and you don't want to miss out. This event is being held live in person and also live on Zoom. For more details click on the link below. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/project-jfk-csi-dallas-presents-a-jfk-rfk-mlk-student-symposium-2024-tickets-858713253457
  6. Christian, are you going to make the 4 presentations on this site? If not, where will you make these presentations?
  7. Pat, Dr. Mantik is stressing his forensic analysis of the xrays of JFK's head after the big event for his conclusions. That was the impression I got by listening to him on the radio last week. And, that was the impression I got from listening to his and Dr. Chesser's presentations last year. Lastly, Doug Horne seems to be in agreement with Dr. Mantik's conclusions. I do not have Dr. Mantik's new book, but he stated that his conclusions based on his forensic analysis of JFK's xrays are supported by documentation that are in this new book.
  8. Denise, you can order the book on Amazon now. It is called,"The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: The Final Analysis: Forensic Analysis of the JFK Autopsy X-Rays Proves Two Headshots from the Right Front and One from the Rear "Paperback – March 8, 2024
  9. J. Corsi and Dr. David Mantik were on Coast to Coast last night. They have released a new book documenting the fact that there was 2 head shots to the front of JFK's head and 1 head shot to the back of his head. There was a shot thru the windowshield in the front . And, Connally was hit by 2 separate bullets. There was one shot that missed the limo completely. Could have been more missed shots
  10. RR, I also think Mae B. knew a lot about the JFK hit before a lot of other researchers discovered these things. She knew about and wrote about the nazi connection to the Big Event, for instance. I know Mae was a great researcher. And, she may have had someone guiding her and that someone may have been a part of the Big Event. Speculation on my part. And here is one more speculation-that someone may have been Prouty. I used to listen to Mae on Pacifia radio in the1970's - she was on the radio between midnite and 4am .
  11. Jeff, I read on the Trail of Assassins and found it a good read, especially if you realize how close Garrison was to the conspiracy in New Orleans right after the Big Event. He had a good feel for what went down in Dallas on 11/22/63. Reading it and seeing Oliver Stone's "JFK" back to back is interesting also.
  12. Here is one more essay on this subject...https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKdeaths.htm
  13. I believe this essay is relevant to this thread...https://archive.politicalassassinations.net/2013/04/executive-action-jfk-witness-deaths-and-the-london-times-actuary/
  14. As Dylan wrote in "Murder Most Foul", "The day that they killed him, someone said to me, "Son The age of the Antichrist has just only begun",
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