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  1. Wouldn't the limo braking sharply cause JFK's head to move forward, not backwards?
  2. Good points Bill - surely, if the sling was still fixed to the "disassembled" rifle, it's only going to make it more awkward to reassemble the thing, what with getting it untangled etc.?
  3. Last paragraph on page 353, LHO letter to Robert, is a bit cryptic... "If you find out any information about me, please let me know, I'd like to be ready on the draw so too [sic] speak" ???
  4. From his WC testimony: Mr. BALL - As you were having breakfast did your mother say anything to you aboutMr. FRAZIER - Well, I say--Mr. BALL - Oswald?Mr. FRAZIER - I was sitting there eating my breakfast there, so sitting there, I usually talk to my little nieces, you know, they have them cartoons on for a while and we usually talk a little bit back and forth while eating breakfast and I was just finishing my coffee there and my sister, you know, was working over there around, you know the sink there, and she was fixing my lunch so she was somewhere around there over on the cabinets fixing
  5. Regarding Frazier's and Randle's (or Randall? - seems to have 2 different spellings but I'll stick with Randle as it appears in WCR) statements and testimonies regarding the length of the bag but only one other seems to have questioned, briefly, what they actually say they saw, particularly Randle. I have various concerns with their statements and testimonies: 1. It is not established which kitchen window Oswald was seen looking through – Frazier says β€œHe just looked through the kitchen window. To see from there on the ground outside there. I say you don't have to be any height at all, yo
  6. Kinda like why the rifle had to be "broken down" - it would have been too long to fit into the bag!!! Seems like the wrong bag was used whichever way you look at it!!πŸ˜•
  7. Did the SS do a practice run of the motorcade route before the 22nd?
  8. It's always been a concern of mine that both Zapruder & Nix said their cameras were running st 48fps and the FBI 'determined' that they were running at 18fps...😲
  9. So Benavides gives the address as 404 Tenth Street but the dispatcher calls a Signal 19 at 510 E. Jefferson?
  10. If the 2 "IBM men" locked up Brewer's store, what did they do with the keys? How did Brewer get back in?
  11. David, Regarding the baldness, maybe it depends on the angle at which the photographs have been taken - the photos of MCM are generally at approximately the same level as MCM, whereas the photo of TSBD steps man is taken from a relatively low angle in comparison, so the baldness is not so visible. Look at the photo of MCM on the middle left of the collage you posted - the baldness isn't very visible...all about angles, I guess!?!?
  12. Just thinking about the likeness of the cop on the steps behind Montgomery to Mexico City man...
  13. When you measured using the "standard US brick", did you include for the mortar line between each course of bricks (possibly 1/2" - 1")?
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