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  1. So you are dismissing or ignoring Dr Malcolm Perry (the first surgeon who worked on Kennedy at Parkland)?
  2. Nice work Andrej - keep at it. It’s appreciated!
  3. I fully expect that if anything is released it will be thousands of pages of worthless xxxx that further confuses the key issues. I sincerely hope I am wrong.
  4. I've zero doubt that the image of the woman's face on PMs body posted above is a photoshop which has been done intentionally to continue this ongoing debate about nothing. There is no way that face came from any of the original images.
  5. FFS. To me it appears obvious that Prayer Man is not standing at the front of the landing. He appears much further back on the landing than BWF hence all that noise ^^^ regarding his height is null and void. The sooner the 4K/8k scans are available the better. ***EDIT: You need to keep in mind that the dark shape in front of prayer mans left side (right side from our perspective) is the body/dress of a lady. This gives the illusion of being part of Prayer Man which tricks your mind into thinking he is at the front of the landing.
  6. I doubt Duncan seriously believes PP is a woman. Just sayin'
  7. And what, pray tell, are you implying with that remark, Barto? Let me tell you something, oh arrogant son of ROKC. Are you not smart enough to figure out they would burn that film before they ever gave it up, if it had the potential to exonerate LHO? For that matter, they likely burnt the damn thing years ago, along with any other evidence that might upset the apple cart. Do you have any concept at all just who we are dealing with here? Do you not think they are not already twelve steps ahead of your troop of Boy Scouts, and are not the least bit intimidated by anything you do? Get a grip
  8. Best big fact - LHO being shot in police custody on the Sunday.
  9. You're not paranoid. The only explanation (aside from the obvious, fabrication) would be if they all gave their statements together...ie: in the same room, at the same time, to the same person.
  10. Any chance of getting the DPF work posted here?
  11. Just finished reading it. Very thorough and well laid out book.
  12. Further thoughts on the perspective differences making PM appear shorter than Lovelady. I request forum members look at a flat surface (I used the top of a refrigerator as it is 2ft deep) and place their head 4ft below(1) the top of it and position yourself say 30ft away. Because you are looking up at it you have to agree that even with the difference of 2ft that the back of the refrigerator appears considerably shorter than the front despite the fact we KNOW they are the same height. Hope that helps people visualise what I am trying to explain. (1) - The 4ft is chosen as it is the MINIMU
  13. Yes, you posted as I was typing. Sorry. If PM is 3ft further back than Lovelady then we still have a perspective issue. I'm sure someone with a mathematics background can explain it better than I can.
  14. I respectfully disagree. Look at this image. http://www.show-the-house.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/BushJfkBookDepo2.jpg The door is open and there is space between the door and the middle handrail. This means it MUST be at least 3ft...I'd estimate it to be at least 6 ft based on various photos. EDIT: you posted while I was typing. If it is confirmed as 3ft then we still have a perspective issue which would make PM appear shorter.
  15. It's all about perspective. The view we have of the TSBD steps in both frames is that we are looking upwards at PM and Lovelady. I tend to agree with where Robin Unger places PM (in the back corner against the glass). Since Lovelady is at the FRONT of the top landing (confirmed as he steps down) AND closer to the camera AND due to our perspective of looking upwards at them .......PM appears shorter in the frames but isn't actually shorter. The TSBD top landing is quite deep as per Robins photo.
  16. I have no intention of being a messenger and wouldn't have shared these emails from Gary Mack here if I didn't believe it could help steer the cause towards a resolution. The work done on this thread is superb and I have very high hopes. That being said, I received this from Gary later today also: . . . . P.P.S. I should have mentioned the Mal Couch film. When WFAA donated their Kennedy assassination footage to The Sixth Floor Museum in the late 90s, the original Couch film could not be found. Fortunately, their donation did include a first generation copy and that 16mm print could al
  17. Hi all, I've been lurking here for years as a guest and only recently signed up as previously no new members were being accepted. I've had email correspondence with Gary Mack in the past regarding a trip I took to Dallas recently. Anyway, I emailed him and directed him to the requests made by Lee, Mark et al above. He replied and requested I post his reply. Here it is in full. . . . . Hello Darren, Please accept my apology for not getting back to you ahead of your Dallas visit....the last few months have been very difficult and I remain on disability leave. Too bad about the weather
  18. Interested in history, JFK assassination, old cars and having a good time.
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