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  1. The change in my opinion of Trump is undetectable next to the change in my opinion of the Capital police, the Replican house caucus and the American people. Sure I can't blame all Americans for this, but, when you factor in the nature of the events and the reasons for them, the degree is support inside and outside congress is extremely disturbing. I may not ever recover from it. The shear numbers of people with those beliefs, while small as a percentage, is in the millions. It is enough to cause long term and significant problems for our Republic. I'm sure it affects every professio
  2. I guess I agree but we need to be careful about something here: Too often we are distracting from what is primarily a law enforcement issue by going into questions of mental illness, politicizing it or resorting to spiritual practice to get above it all. I have been watching a lot of FBI files and other LE related shows, all documentaries. So, while the FBI itself can be corrupt, it portrays itself as operating on certain principles. And those principles are sound principles when actually practiced. There are very specific principles to use to determine if someone can claim me
  3. Tom: I am familiar with that quote and that post. It is a perfect example of how a dedicated man can become or feel helpless from trying to face up to the depressing facts surrounding political scandals. And he may have been right to feel helpless. I don't know. FWI, I am still going through some of the older posts so I don't create too many redundancys. Ron and Don, I share your perspectives. The tole it takes to work towards truth and justice, whatever that means, is considerable. It makes me wonder how any truth movement will ever become a mass movement. That is something to rese
  4. Larry: Interesting you bring up the term "helpless" part of my thesis for my Psychology BA included studying a concept called "learned helplessness". It is related to attribution theory. Briefly, attribution theory has to do generally with how people attribute cause an effect. Is it outside their control (external locus i.e.. luck) or inside their control (internal-i.e. effort). Learned helplessness is what happens when folks become external after learning that effort makes no difference. These concepts are very relevant to political movements and the relationship of the individual to
  5. Larry: I posted this because I think the author has a point. But I'm not sure how you express strong dissent against things that are of concern without sounding like this. Or is it a type of PTSD leaking out through political discussion after being shell shocked by things like political assassination, 9/11 etc. When I was a child, I was very positive and happy. And as long as I stayed naive, I remained that way. Is this type of editorial, an attempt to protect against the negative reality and the subsequent psychological damage as much as it is to suggest a better way of expressing onese
  6. Ha ha When I first posted this, I did not realize that the essay was literally written right after the JFK hit. Was someone feeling a little defensive? Were the elite's at Oxford trying to shame people away from talks of conspiracy? Did it work? How much water cooler talk was similar to this in response to those that dared suggest LHO did not act alone?
  7. I'm sorry. I forgot to include a general summary of the essay: The article was a quick follow up to a lecture given at Oxford in NOVEMEBER OF 1963! The article does a good job of covering the many areas where conspiracy research has achieved some valance. It basically atributes those that are questioning the official account or are suspicious about secret societies as angry. He also point out that his critique is by no means partisan. His over arching point is that there is a paranoid style to such folks. And they are only one step above those that fear someone is out to get them pers
  8. Hello, This is my first attempt at a new topic thread. I joined this forum to find a new community after spending a few years on a college football (American) forum. I feel this community to be so much more intellectually satisfying than the old one. I have been diigently reading old threads to try to get caught up and to avoid redundancy. And, as I am still back in early 2005, I was not planning on posting anything new for quite a while. However, something came up due to my unfortunate decision to share some of what I've been learning here on my old college football board. Even though
  9. I am checking to see if my signiture is working.
  10. I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60s and 70s. I was raised in a progressive household that was very active in the anti-war and civil rights movements. My parents waited almost a full generation to have kids and then my brother was conceived shortly after JFK announced his candidacy. I was conceived just shortly before his death. There were no more kids. A family, whose inception almost perfectly brackets the Kennedy presidency. I have a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz 1987 and have studied current events and politics as well. I have a fascination for unsolved mysterie
  11. Mark: In answer to your question why LBJ would wait so long, it is a good question. I often wonder how JFK stayed alive for a full 3 years of his presidency. I believe that the assassination was the cumination of a perfect storm for the plotters. With RFK and JFK collectively pissing off many different parties that have since been implicated, it was only a matter of time. But it was also a matter of location. Remember that killing a president is relatively easy. Getting away with it, especially if there are many folks involved, is a great deal more difficult. Attempts were made to kill
  12. I don't like forced choice polls and I would have liked to choose "all of the above" but number 5 does the best job of that because it uses the term "right wing", which kind of sums up all the parties involved. Clearly had Kennedy remained as conservative as he was when elected, he would not have been killed. Combine that with all the other extreme anti-left measures used during the cold war and it makes sense. Remember, that you can't be left without being "communist" in this country. That was very much true in the McCarthy era that led up to Kennedy's years as president. And it provides
  13. I was raised in Berkeley in the 60s and 70s, and have always had a fascination for unsolved real mysteries. I love the challenge of debating issues of a controversial nature.
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