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  1. You are so awesome David! Thanks for the plug and thanks for reading my book. You know, when I asked him about John Martino, he had no recollection. I'm hoping that changes as our communications continue! Happy Easter and thanks again! Gayle
  2. Dear GOD Steve! I so agree with everything you're saying and it fits in nicely with my "pet theory" that the DRE was the key to the Odio visit...as you remember, when Annie first answered the door, they asked for Sarita. As I mention in my book, Sarita was a member of the DRE and from all the interviews I did with people who knew her (including Father Machann's sister), she was the political one of the family. Now, Silvia is affiliated with JURE, not the DRE, and it is my contention (though I cannot prove it) that Silvia was protecting her sister and her sister's politics from these str
  3. I too believe that Oswald was known to many in the Cuban Refugee Community, thus the thrust to "find" Father Machann and interview him. By the way, Machann told me it wasn't the Secret Service that interviewed him and asked him to call Silvia, it was his parishioner, James Hosty. Thanks for this enlightening thread Steve, it's right up my alley! Gayle Nix Jackson
  4. James Wagenvoord has written a chapter in my soon to be released book. Yes, his story has been sourced and yes he is the real deal. As Mr. Hancock says, we should be wary of "sources' but we should also, IMO, seek and try to validate stories from living witnesses as I have tried to do and let the reader decide for themselves if they are telling the truth or not. So many of us in the JFK field, have agendas. Mine is to find my grandfather's film as well as the truth as to what happened. James Wagenvoord's only agenda is truth. He has written 40+books that have nothing to do with the JFK A
  5. Hi Pat, Did you ever find a copy of this video? Does anyone know who was on the photo panel? Thanks, Gayle
  6. Hello Mr. Root, Could you please contact me when you have time? Thanks, Gayle Nix Jackson
  7. Thanks Jim (I hope you weren't being facetious!) Is Mr. Dunne no longer with us?
  8. Mr. Root, I tried to message you but it said you weren't taking messages. Could you please contact me when you have the time? Thank you so much! Gayle Nix Jackson
  9. This thread pretty much puts to bed Judyth Baker's braggadocio that she personally stopped Lee from beating Marina out of love for Judyth.
  10. HI Jim, I tried to send a message to you but it says you aren't taking any. Could you contact me at gnjack@att.net as I need to ask you about Walker's early life. Thank you, Gayle Nix Jackson

  11. Congratulations Larry! I am sure you have again contributed a wonderful piece of history for present and future generations!
  12. Thanks so much Chris! One of the chapters in my book has to do with these things, though you guys know so much more than I so it will be trivial to you. I do appreciate the link though. I have visited that site before but didn't look up "Lefty" Allen or Clark or about whomever Castorr referred in his tape to Harold W. Thanks again! Gayle
  13. Thanks so much Chris! It is so very interesting isn't it? I would agree about Mike McLaney. I don't think he was part of anything sinister other than greed Thank you too Tommie, Larry and David! You guys are great! Gayle
  14. This is all of great interest to me! Thanks so much Mr. Newton and Mr. Graves. I am interviewing some local people and wanted to add a piece of trivia and ask a question about all this. It seems that many of the Right-Wingers in Dallas also knew of Mclaney, in fact, Colonel Castorr asked if Mclaney was ever interviewed along with someone named Lefty Allen in regards to the Lacombe Training Camp. I don't know if this is of help to you two, but if you know anything about it, it would be a great help to me! Great work! Gayle
  15. Hi Paul and all, So sorry it took me awhile to comment on this thread. I know a man who has the book but he's on the other side of the world and found it at a half-price book store type place. Maybe that's where we should look. There's a phone number on the inside, but it seems to be a number for a law firm that collects debts. I haven't spoken to anyone there have you Paul? Another book that I found, and I seriously don't know how I made it through reading it, is the one mentioned by the LaFontaines..."Kennedy Ripples"....good grief! I have spoken with the son of the author who tells m
  16. Oh my! I'm VERY excited to hear about this as I have a chapter in my new book about General Walker and how I too felt he was a compass point for the assassination. I would love to talk to you Mr. O'Niel about my findings and to make sure I'm not repeating information you and Dr. Caufield have uncovered. Congratulations and please let us know when its available for purchase. Gayle
  17. I would just like to comment that I appreciate knowing the thoughts of people who disagree with me. Usually, their debate makes mine stronger and that's a good thing. I see Mr. Von Pein this way. He has never been rude to me in the years we've been on the same forums. I applaud his passion in his belief. What I would like to ask you all and him is this. If one were to find DPD reports, coroner photos, or FBI letters and files at this late date, would they be guffawed as tainted evidence or would they be accepted? With so many local Dallas people dying day by day (Just recently, Bill Alexa
  18. Thank you for letting us know! I'm looking forward to it and hope that we can speak in the future!
  19. My two cents, for what it's worth. I never believed any film was altered. I've heard stories most of my adult life of the "other" Z-film and in the last two years, I've been given names of people (dead of course so I cannot contact them) who say the Nix film was altered as well. And that the Nix film is a training film for Military Intelligence. And that its been destroyed. And it was placed in a bank vault and subsequently demolished...and on and on and on. What I do know is that my grandfather always said the film looked different (his, not Zapruder's) when it was returned by the FBI.
  20. Thanks for sharing Vince and I second Greg's and Donald's replies! Try this instead of searching by title http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/HW%20Manuscripts/Inside%20the%20Assassination%20Industry/
  21. Thank you Brian for the French President's article. Sharing it with others!
  22. It is odd, but just last week I was asking people privately how to get in touch with him. I had heard many bad things about him when I was friends with Robert Groden. In retrospect, I now understand why. Nonetheless, someone had told me to purchase his "Killing the Truth" book in my quest to find my grandfather's original film. Two people suggested there is a passage in this book that would make one think maybe Groden had the original. I bought it. I must say, I laughed as I read it as to his observations in regards to David Lifton, Mary Ferrell, Harold Weisberg, etc. and at times agreed
  23. I see his point...and Larry's too (I too have a No Whining poster) It's just that people should be held accountable. Why do we not make it so? I agree that there's no such thing as perfection, but shouldn't we strive to make things better? (Gosh, I sound whiny don't I?)
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