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  1. Hello everyone. :-) I would like to place a phone call to our fearless leader :-) founder of the Educational Forum, John Simkin. Is he in England? TIA, -Ramon
  2. James: The material has NEVER and will NEVER be posted in "your" site. We participants cannot even place one single picture over here.There are a gazillion links to the naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson all over the Internet. She only went after the real (not pretend, like the Ed Forum wants to be) hosting sites. For starters, she would be attacking her main possession: her loyal fans. It would be counterproductive at the level of career ending move, suicidal. I guess the Ed Forum has no such qualms. I am beginning to conclude that the reaction of this site (actually, one and half
  3. James: This is quite a disappointment. Is this the official position of its founder, John Simpkin, a very respected person in the JFK community? So Disney and YouTube have no problem but you do. I thought this was an Educational resource Silly me. When JFK Numbers claim to be affiliated with The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth, you (James Gordon) are clearly not on board. Are you sure you understand America at all? Over here, people are considered INNOCENT until proven otherwise. Just to continue our educational experience. Here's an hypothetical. Supp
  4. Kathy: The last thing that I would like to do in my life is to get into a dispute with you. However, this is the Education Forum and we are in the middle of a learning experience. A precedent must be set. The main duty of any forum is toward its SUBSCRIBERS and to its declared principles. The text above seems to show a higher duty to non-subscribers, based on interpretation of the law by laymen. Speaking of violations of law, moral, ethics and patriotism: How about murdering a president, like a dog on a street? How about our beloved and respected media (aka copyright owners) bei
  5. This is the current status: =============================== Hi John, long time no see: I am a little surprised because of the following. Take a look at the contents of the JFK Numbers channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAE2K90XWbLWWEwEP5tfobw I do wholesale copying from Cheers and Frasier with no attribution. As soon as I posted them, I got a nice notice: "Includes copyrighted content, it may be subject to advertising". If you click in my Cheers or Frasier videoclips, you get an offer to buy the full episode. [top right, info] The wa
  6. Hi Kathy: All I have posted here in the Education Forum is a link to: - The notice from YouTube - My dispute They are 100% legal. Incidentally: It is not the duty of forum administrators to verify copyright violations. I hereby assume full responsibility. Let's not forget that any forum which claims to be related to Education (or journalism) has a duty to: Dare to Speak Truth to Power Thanks and keep up the good work. -Ramon
  7. Jim Di, e-chief: The Kennedys and King article, first draft is ready. As soon as I get home, I will re-check for spellings, etc. and e-mail it to you. For the nth. time, may you and your readers receive my profuse apologies. Thanks for keeping me honest. -Ramon
  8. Some of you may be aware of the formal compromise of JFK Numbers: - Our ultimate superiors are The People Plus, our fundamental principle: - The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth in the Kennedy murder case, based on NUMBERS. With that in mind, our esteemed founder: Coach Ernie Herrera prepared a video sequence taken from a "Grey's Anatomy" episode. We Are Not Even Tweeting the Time of Day The idea was to show brilliant, yet old-fashioned doctor Richard Webber: Doctor Richard Webber as an amalgamation of: - Arthur Snyder - Luke a
  9. Cliff: Rachel Maddow has some things to say about Mr. Kobach here (2nd. video): Let us learn about NumbersUSA, shall we? New AZ Immigration Law Ties to White Supremacists (2 videos) These People Are in The White House Today NumbersUSA -and its sister institutions, CIS and "FAIR"- have been officially declared Hate Groups. -Ramon ps: Oh, this other "patriot" and "Real American" decided to blow his brains out, right after dispatching his whole family: See minute 3:00, the results of "superior" race inbreeding Is this what Real Patriot end
  10. I think that this being The Education Forum, and with the recent tendency of the Kennedy case to move into the realm of science and technology (*), most of us should get an account in LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com -RFH (*) As usual no disrespect to my competitors or "rivals" for eyeballs, attention span, funds (?) who are historians, lawyers and from other non-numerical fields.
  11. Kathy and/or James: Please leave this thread unerased until I am done with my testing. I would like to make sure that the image part works properly. In the past, there were problems. When I clicked in "Insert other media | Insert attachment from URL" it just hung. -RFH
  12. Happy 4th. of July, everyone! Wait a minute ... Hmm, is it proper to send condolences, or some other empathetic expression to the British in the audience? :-) Bill Clinton would certainly say: "I feel your pain". I am just simulating an actual post ... Can I place some spaces to the left of the image, in order to center it? and so forth, blah, blah, blah, But -as usual- I digress, more yadda, yadda, yadda, and here's another image, with padded spaces: The Ed Forum does not have to worry a
  13. Ron: the 2 words from your semi-cryptic post that I underscored above got me thinking. This is a cornerstone issue: What exactly do we mean when we use the terms "serious" and "qualified"? Please take a look at the following post: Should a serious activist use the word "glottis"? Make sure to read the follow ups, all the way to the post where the word "glottis" is utilized. Question: Do you consider those posts to be coming from a serious and qualified individual? TIA (and cheers!), -Ramon ps: Let me close with one of my guiding principles, in my l
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