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  1. Hello everyone. :-) I would like to place a phone call to our fearless leader :-) founder of the Educational Forum, John Simkin. Is he in England? TIA, -Ramon
  2. James: The material has NEVER and will NEVER be posted in "your" site. We participants cannot even place one single picture over here.There are a gazillion links to the naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson all over the Internet. She only went after the real (not pretend, like the Ed Forum wants to be) hosting sites. For starters, she would be attacking her main possession: her loyal fans. It would be counterproductive at the level of career ending move, suicidal. I guess the Ed Forum has no such qualms. I am beginning to conclude that the reaction of this site (actually, one and half moderators) has very little to do with copyrights. Dear readers: Can you see now what I meant when I claimed to be interested in The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth? I always added: "It is not easy, there will be consequences. It can be painful and rejected. It is a lot easier to remain silent". Those who choose The Truth can suffer worse consequences than being silenced with a telephone cord: -Ramon ps: Kathy: I renew my profuse thanks for your hard work. Your intervention so far has been very professional. Keep up the good work!
  3. James: This is quite a disappointment. Is this the official position of its founder, John Simpkin, a very respected person in the JFK community? So Disney and YouTube have no problem but you do. I thought this was an Educational resource Silly me. When JFK Numbers claim to be affiliated with The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth, you (James Gordon) are clearly not on board. Are you sure you understand America at all? Over here, people are considered INNOCENT until proven otherwise. Just to continue our educational experience. Here's an hypothetical. Suppose that in a month Disney decides to ban the video (the same one that YOU and only YOU have decided to ban well in advance). I can post it in some YouTube wanna be and it is THEM and ME who would be liable. Webmasters are NOT required to follow all links to see whether they lead to some material that YOU deem illegal. -Ramon
  4. Kathy: The last thing that I would like to do in my life is to get into a dispute with you. However, this is the Education Forum and we are in the middle of a learning experience. A precedent must be set. The main duty of any forum is toward its SUBSCRIBERS and to its declared principles. The text above seems to show a higher duty to non-subscribers, based on interpretation of the law by laymen. Speaking of violations of law, moral, ethics and patriotism: How about murdering a president, like a dog on a street? How about our beloved and respected media (aka copyright owners) being active participants in covering up of a five-decade old crime? I am sure that I am not the only one who wished that we focused on such lack of justice. Cheers, shalom and thanks for your hard work. -Ramon ps: The main issue is moot, anyway. See here: This is the videoclip under dispute:
  5. This is the current status: =============================== Hi John, long time no see: I am a little surprised because of the following. Take a look at the contents of the JFK Numbers channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAE2K90XWbLWWEwEP5tfobw I do wholesale copying from Cheers and Frasier with no attribution. As soon as I posted them, I got a nice notice: "Includes copyrighted content, it may be subject to advertising". If you click in my Cheers or Frasier videoclips, you get an offer to buy the full episode. [top right, info] The way I see it, I am working for free for the copyright owners. Welcome to the new economy. Thanks for always questioning me. I wish more readers had your interest (actually cojones is a more sincere term) in: Dare to Speak Truth to Power (real or claimed). -Ramon ps: The current status of my 9-minute Grey's Anatomy videoclip is: "Copyright dispute in progress" and viewable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR1BMd5jV3Q
  6. Hi Kathy: All I have posted here in the Education Forum is a link to: - The notice from YouTube - My dispute They are 100% legal. Incidentally: It is not the duty of forum administrators to verify copyright violations. I hereby assume full responsibility. Let's not forget that any forum which claims to be related to Education (or journalism) has a duty to: Dare to Speak Truth to Power Thanks and keep up the good work. -Ramon
  7. Jim Di, e-chief: The Kennedys and King article, first draft is ready. As soon as I get home, I will re-check for spellings, etc. and e-mail it to you. For the nth. time, may you and your readers receive my profuse apologies. Thanks for keeping me honest. -Ramon
  8. Some of you may be aware of the formal compromise of JFK Numbers: - Our ultimate superiors are The People Plus, our fundamental principle: - The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth in the Kennedy murder case, based on NUMBERS. With that in mind, our esteemed founder: Coach Ernie Herrera prepared a video sequence taken from a "Grey's Anatomy" episode. We Are Not Even Tweeting the Time of Day The idea was to show brilliant, yet old-fashioned doctor Richard Webber: Doctor Richard Webber as an amalgamation of: - Arthur Snyder - Luke and Michael Haag - Cyril Wecht [my Pope] - Gary Aguilar [my mentor] - Joseph Riley - Pat Speer - Peter Cummings - John Costella - David Mantik - Michael Chesser - Randolph Robertson [my mentor] - G. Paul Chambers - Stewart Galanor - Anthony Marsh - Robert Harris - AARC Library [Feel free to contribute to the list above ] See the results here: Video Blocked Notice Video Blocked Dispute Against Disney -Ramon
  9. Cliff: Rachel Maddow has some things to say about Mr. Kobach here (2nd. video): Let us learn about NumbersUSA, shall we? New AZ Immigration Law Ties to White Supremacists (2 videos) These People Are in The White House Today NumbersUSA -and its sister institutions, CIS and "FAIR"- have been officially declared Hate Groups. -Ramon ps: Oh, this other "patriot" and "Real American" decided to blow his brains out, right after dispatching his whole family: See minute 3:00, the results of "superior" race inbreeding Is this what Real Patriot end up doing?
  10. I think that this being The Education Forum, and with the recent tendency of the Kennedy case to move into the realm of science and technology (*), most of us should get an account in LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com -RFH (*) As usual no disrespect to my competitors or "rivals" for eyeballs, attention span, funds (?) who are historians, lawyers and from other non-numerical fields.
  11. Kathy and/or James: Please leave this thread unerased until I am done with my testing. I would like to make sure that the image part works properly. In the past, there were problems. When I clicked in "Insert other media | Insert attachment from URL" it just hung. -RFH
  12. Happy 4th. of July, everyone! Wait a minute ... Hmm, is it proper to send condolences, or some other empathetic expression to the British in the audience? :-) Bill Clinton would certainly say: "I feel your pain". I am just simulating an actual post ... Can I place some spaces to the left of the image, in order to center it? and so forth, blah, blah, blah, But -as usual- I digress, more yadda, yadda, yadda, and here's another image, with padded spaces: The Ed Forum does not have to worry about disk space, since I am hosting the images in my own server ($6/month, 1and1.com). I guess it works now. Next I am going to edit some of my posts so readers can see the images, sans click, in all their glory. -Ramon
  13. Ron: the 2 words from your semi-cryptic post that I underscored above got me thinking. This is a cornerstone issue: What exactly do we mean when we use the terms "serious" and "qualified"? Please take a look at the following post: Should a serious activist use the word "glottis"? Make sure to read the follow ups, all the way to the post where the word "glottis" is utilized. Question: Do you consider those posts to be coming from a serious and qualified individual? TIA (and cheers!), -Ramon ps: Let me close with one of my guiding principles, in my life and in the JFK case, specially since in recent years I have made a binding commitment ("With Your Humble Servant, you are getting The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth") to my ultimate bosses and e-bosses, The People: "Those who are worried to offend are not interested in The Truth"
  14. I also call Jim Di, 'e-chief'. Additionally, since you were MIA for a while (I gather that busy rubbing elbows with crème de la crème among Manhattanites) I designated Dr. Gary Aguilar as your (as it tuned out, temporary, now complementary) replacement. Despite the fact that he (like Oliver Stone, Joseph Riley and Doug Horne) is in lurking, read-only mode, last Friday he and I spent a pleasant evening exchanging e-mails. He graciously accepted his new appointment. For Inquiring Minds Who Want to Know: What you see above I carry like a Badge of Honor -Ramon ============================================= - "Son, do not ever call 'Sir' somebody who does not have your respect!" - "Yes, sir!" [I think it was in 'Profumo di Donna', aka 'Scent of a Woman']
  15. Not only that, but I have sustained for long that young CIA OFFICERS are damned sick of the muzzling. See this post, scroll down to "the healing to begin", Paul: No Horse Heads in Our Beds !! -Ramon The Freakin' Sick of the Muzzling Who Has Experienced It.
  16. I stand corrected, e-boss! So the role of Baldwin is only to inform people about the November Trial? To bring the MSM who otherwise won't touch any JFK news with a 100-ft pole? The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy As long as we are talking about media coverage (an area in which we -the JFK community- are screwed, [*], real bad) check out these 2 posts http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/23998-the-deceptions-and-disguises-of-noam-chomsky/&do=findComment&comment=355327 http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/23998-the-deceptions-and-disguises-of-noam-chomsky/&do=findComment&comment=355358 -Ramon [*] I am quoting my esteemed former e-boss, Jeff Morley, who told professor G. Robert Blakey, in reference to the groundbreaking Joannides discovery: "They xxxxxx you, Bob !!!" That comment was not censored by the vigilant eyes at JFK Facts. They xxxx*ed you, Bob
  17. Hi Pat: The Mock Trial of Lee will be here in Houston in November, but we will obviously need some money. I have been exaggerating to my LN detractors -as usual, some have become buddies- in the JFK Assassination Forum that the money is for my 3 pet projects. See my comment below, it drives them nuts :-) A little controversy/scandal and boisterous chest thumping always attracts eyeballs and clicks, ask a valuable resource such as the National Enquirer, exploited by none other than Gaeton Fonzi (I discovered it in the non-published parts of the audio from his old cassette recorder that Marie sent me). But I digress... Larry has been concerned about my "edgy" style in forumland, since he is a formal high power NYC attorney. Larry Schnapf, Big Shot Manhattan Layer The events with Alec Baldwin will be soon, in Manhattan, just to kick off the fundraising. There are unconfirmed rumors of a Crowd Funding effort. I keep on asking -in public and private- whether Oliver Stone is still a player. Wecht junior tells me that he is. Other than that, all I know is that Oliver is Cc:d in many of the private message that I receive. He and Amazon are the only ones who have made a pile of money from the case. I intend to loudly remind the giant bookseller about that fact. Dare to Speak Truth to Power. -Ramon [The following is kidding, Larry. Half kidding, anyway:] [Baldwin:] "Don't spend it all in one place, Ramon!" [JFK Numbers:] "Don't worry, Alec. I will spend it in THREE places." Need Help Getting 3 LinkedIn Groups Started
  18. Ah! Got a reply! I was afraid I was losing my touch ... The purpose was to "warm up" the crowds for you, respected e-boss. Like the almost famous bands that play before the Rolling Stones. Almost Famous As I suspected, the McAdamites know rather well that any interaction with me is frowned upon. Posters have said that, in the public newsgroup. They have been ostracized for daring to ask whether my "banning" was true. As usual, can provide the evidence. The posters in that -THE original JFK forum- are either very loyal/attentive to the writing on the wall, sedated or both. How is it possible that an event of that magnitude, where We The People from forumland are protagonists, not to mention Trump's TV nemesis, passed under the door of such opinionated crowd? Perhaps the official announcement -signed by you or some McAdamite insider- will defeat their lethargy? David Von Pein dares to post elsewhere without penalties, but then again he is a LN. The upcoming authoritative article about my NARA incursion (did you know about Newsweek article where Jeff and Rex mention my handy work?) for Kennedys and King starts with my experience chez McAdams and continues at JFK Facts. Next, I met Bill Kelly, CAPA and you. -Ramon
  19. Congratulations, Larry!! (shameless self-interest): Does this mean that you can now embark in writing the tome that I suggested to you in private? :-) Seriously, I have been looking for a numerically oriented author. Galanor is not even responding my e-mails/calls, after Debra Coway graciously gave me his contact numbers :-( Another perfect candidate, Stanford's Arthur Snyder seems to have been absconded by the Military Industrial Complex of which Ike warned us. -Ramon ps: See how now this has become a JFK thread? (no punting, Kathy). I have a Master's degree on that.
  20. Jim: I keep on arriving to the same conclusions, again and again. Every time people in forums (Deplorables, mostly) asked me: "Ramon, what does xyz have to do with the Latinos in the US (or about JFK, a subject that even my Liberal buddies in forums avoid with fear)?" I wise-assly replied: With that caveat in mind, let me elaborate on something that I have mentioned, in passing, to you in private. We BADLY need more fluid, readily available access to the media. We must make a concerted effort. Look how much struggle it took for the Archives incursion -my mischief- to be (finally!) mentioned in Newsweek and ONLY in the web version. Cannot send the magazine paper issue to my mom back home :-(. The piece was hidden deep inside their website, at that. Not quite the predicted "bombshell", was it? See for instance, Demetri Terzopoulos (details in next post, a heretofore confidential set of e-mails). Ideally, some Gaeton type of stubborn, hard-nosed, tough investigative journalist should interview him: "Doctor Terzopoulos: There are some people (JFK Numbers) who claim that you may have solved the crime of the century, and that you don't even know it." [Terzopoulos will be startled at this point, intrigued] "You have developed the first realistic model of the human body's head and upper torso, for movie animation.: (1) "Can your research be fine-tuned in order to determine whether the victim's violent snap was caused by external forces or by his own muscles? "and, most importantly... (2) "Do you have what it takes, the wherewithal to grab that task by the horns? ... [perhaps, "cojones", appealing at his manhood could be added here]. The reason my readers ask this is because your connections with the Military Industrial Complex are well known. It is right there, in your web page. Your research is sponsored by the DoD and the CIA, for starters". Terzopoulos Web Page Well, Jim, the same applies to professor Chomsky. Somebody should drill him, about his historically changing positions on the crime. Perhaps Kirk Gallaway could attempt an encore? -Ramon
  21. I read it months ago (last year?) when you first published it, chief. Then again, let me double check. -Ramon
  22. McAdamites: Our latest recruit needs no introduction ... It is my privilege to welcome Alec Baldwin to the JFK Numbers activism. Alec will be the main speaker in a fundraising initiative to be held in Manhattan (a fancy lunch plus a fancier dinner). Yours Truly is thrilled since I intend to lobby for a generous percentage of those funds to be spent on my pet projects. Furthermore, it is my objective to gain support for a permanent, not-for-profit entity, to be created. Its founding principle would be to procure the necessary funding to finance the science & technology wing of the JFK Community. To be brutally honest -which is my formal promise, and that of JFK Numbers, to you, The People- it ain't cheap to beat the Koch Brothers at their own game. Those projects were born in the Education Forum. The very first idea was first described here in alt.assassination.jfk. It was known as "The Herrera Explanation of the Parkland Effect". Will post it later. The 3 pet projects are described here: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/23933-need-help-getting-3-linkedin-groups-started/ In short, I will be pushing for anything left after airplane tickets and hotels are paid, to be spent on the work by the experts that I have lined up along the years. ============================================= JFK Numbers Announcement JFK Numbers just created a YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAE2K90XWbLWWEwEP5tfobw "The purpose of this channel is to find and disseminate The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth about the murder of our president John F. Kennedy, from the numerical point of view, using leading edge science and state of the art technology. "Institutions (top universities and research centers worldwide) and The People are being invited to participate. The private sector has a leading role to play as well. They were all banned by Allen Dulles, J Edgard Hoover and Lyndon B Johnson in 1964 and again by professor G. Robert Blakey in 1976." Those of you who prefer action-packed, immediate gratification, with kicks to the nether regions and black eyes to spare should visit here: http://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php?topic=14403.0 Shalom ... -Ramon
  23. By the way: Doctor Aguilar tells me that one of the witnesses in the Mock Trial of Lee, here in Houston, in addition to himself and Mantik (?) will be Tanenbaum. What you see above I carry like a Badge of Honor. I spent over a year trying to attract Dr. Aguilar's attention. I could not believe my ears when, not only did he call me but APOLOGIZED for being so hard to reach (suffice it to say that the members of his staff do a great job protecting him and that not even my name dropping strategy -for which I am notorious :-) "calling on behalf of Cyril Wecht" gave me a break). -Ramon
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