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  1. Wow! It's crazy how the cast of characters we all know from the JFK assassination are intertwined.
  2. I had one of the cheaper Polaroid cameras in about 1967. There was a liquid and an applicator that had to be used on the picture after it came out of the camera.
  3. Disinformation still lives. David Atlee Phillips would be proud.
  4. It does get stated as a fact by some while it does appear unproven.
  5. I still don't think LBJ demanded Jackie's presence, at least to Jackie herself. He may have made a demand to Ken O'Donnell... "Upon her arrival, she walked into the aircraft’s crowded and stiflingly hot second compartment where she encountered and hugged Lyndon and Lady Bird. Rather than getting directly to the business at hand, (Judge Sarah T.) Hughes was informed by Johnson that “Mrs. Kennedy wants to be here. We’ll wait for her.” Ken O’Donnell was charged with the unthinkable task of retrieving Jackie from the rear of the plane for her placement in Johnson’s contrived phot
  6. Personally, I don't really believe LBJ insisted. Under the circumstances, she could have said, "No" and she would have been left alone.
  7. I do recall seeing a pic of secret service agents assembling the bubble top at Parkland. It consisted of a few pieces so they would fit in the trunk. According to Wikipedia, it was snapped together. Also, according to Wikipedia, there was a stainless steel forward section that could be attached. Apparently, there were a number of configurations for the limo roof.
  8. The Nix film shows the limo practically crawling before the head shot. There are also some still pics that show the brake lights on.
  9. Just to clarity. I don't buy into the theory that it wasn't Jack Ruby that shot Oswald. But I have seen that posted on some forum somewhere.
  10. I think Cory means the picture of Oswald getting shot. I do recall somebody (possibly Cinque) online claiming that it wasn't Ruby that shot Oswald.
  11. I was 10 year old. All of a sudden, the intercom system in school was broadcasting a radio station that was reporting the assassination. It was quite a shock for a kid. I didn't think about a conspiracy until a few years later after newspaper articles began printing news about various conspiracy theories and reading about holes in the official story.
  12. I think that "drain the swamp" was just a little catchy slogan to entice his followers.
  13. To answer the original question, I would just say that the official story (Oswald, lone nut) is false. The US government had a lot to hide and Oswald as the lone nut was part of US intelligence agencies cover up. I would also guess that the specific trigger men and the higher up sponsors will never be discovered.
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