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  1. It's been awhile, but he had a theory, I think about bruising to the lung or pleura. I don't recall him talking about a bullet lodged in the lung.
  2. Presumably LHO also filled out employment paperwork after the being hired. He may not have listed the address on the application, but could have listed it on his w-4, employee file, etc. Do we have copies of all employment docs?
  3. I love this. Collaboration, not being stuck on a position, searching for the truth. Well done.
  4. That fascinates me. At the time I was a manager for United Airlines in Kansas City, and was the Lead Ground Security Coordinator. Prior to Y2K, the millenium, the Clinton Administration sent daily bulletins, sometimes multiples, about credible domestic threats and threats to US citizens traveling abroad. The pervasive bulletins actually caused me to change my honeymoon from Italy to Maui. Prior to 9/11 there was NO increased security at airports, no bulletins, no advisories. Nada. And we know the Bush Administration advised the Cabinet and Joint Chiefs not to fly domestic airlines
  5. Wow. JFK conspiracy theorists and militant atheists . . . even making that assertion reveals a biased mindset.
  6. I do wonder, for what it's worth, if there are witnesses yearning to set the record straight before they pass.
  7. You guys have the WC crew out in force. Must be on the right track.
  8. This really, to me, is a massive find. What the actual F is this? Such massive photo alteration . . . and yet maybe that is the actual rifle from the photos? Wow.
  9. Amazing. The background "grows". Outstanding work Chris and David.
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