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  1. The very first page of Rethinking Camelot has a reference to the Reagan emulation, in the introduction, paragraph starts with "By the late 1960s...(If I'm correct then he had yet to coin the phrase "JFK's white paper"), Above that is a reference to the start of protests, you can see where one might think he's talking about all protests everywhere but read it again and he's talking about his experience in Boston, this is the same thing he says in his talks about these times, he talks about what he did and when it started and what he had to do to avoid being beaten up(sort of) and if you d
  2. NSAM 111 fits the bill but Chomsky never refers to it or any other literal document each time he talks or writes about Reagan attempting to emulate Kennedy, that's why I believe it's just an example and similar to saying "JFK wrote the book on how to get away with it". What was he getting away with? An attack on freedom, ability to self rule and independance free of the US. This is what Chomsky preaches, that this is what it's all about, Vietnam, Cuba, Columbia, etc, even the complete cold war(to put Russia back where it belongs in the third world he says), leaving these people to go thei
  3. I think they are following the Officer Tommy, Couch shows him crossing the street IMHO, he seems to slither down around a vehicle parked on the southern side of the extension which his two followers are now approaching(the modern image posted by Bill shows a truck parked beside the tree in a very similar position). If it's Smith then I don't think anyone doubts he went to the RR Yards just probably not directly toward it like these clips seem to suggest. Those frames above are the very last of Darnell's TSBD footage so it's just a continuation of what Couch caught, and a shame it's not as clea
  4. Jim, The white paper Chomsky is referring too is not a literal document, it's the example he thinks JFK set, just as you quoted, went into Vietnam and attacked the country "without anyone lifting an eyebrow" . According to Noam, Reagan tried to duplicate it and found out very quickly that times had changed and public protest made him retreat and take his own attack on Central America completely underground. That's all it is and no more than a idea. A couple things you two seem to agree on are that the confilct in Vietnam is all about independance not commies, that the Diems and their
  5. 9:41 in, like Westbrook she's Identified from the back... although the latter gets "confirmation" from Willis5 which almost made me choke, it's so bad. Westbrook also knew the shots came from the building immeadiatly, right after she went there and saw all the commotion.
  6. Okay, look I've just scanned the SFM interview with Westbook and they have done the exact same thing with her. Now Fagin even mentions these very discussions here and how researchers are trying to identifiy those ladies so he must know of the "Darnell" frames with the three girls but does he use them? Of course not, why would he? Or why wouldn't he, chaps? He did the same for Woodward, like I said above, a lovely shot of her face in Altgens but it's not used. Anyone else see a pattern? Okay Tommy yes, no confusion, she's in Algens and on page 6 here Sandy posted a Z gif where she's named and
  7. I know Sandy for one has problems with Baker going straight inside, I at this time still do not but regardless, if you were him and she was in your reach wouldn't you stop for a second to ask her what she saw at least? As has been pointed out, she must have ran very fast, both of them and stopped right on the steps, as soon as she does he moves toward the entrance. The timing is almost too good. How could you ignore her? She clearly saw something you did not.
  8. Woodward yes Tommy, the journalist, stood just a liitle east of your focus group, the interviewed her on stage a few years back and IIRC as I hope I do, they didn't use the Altgens image which I found puzzling and curious. More info... I haven't seen an image of Woodward that quite matches the face of her in Altgens, could be her though, as for "Westbrook" in "Darnell" on the grass, that too doesn't quite look like the real Westbrook in that HS photo. Not to me at least.
  9. A strange thing happened during the SFM's interview with Woodward, as you know there's a great shot of her in Altgens, full frontal, big as life when you blow it up but they never used it in the interview to ID her, instead they use a frame from Zap'. Why? Who knows? I thought it might be because whilst Kennedy is grasping for his throat(or w/e) she cannot smile wide enough (awkward) but there is another possible reason and I'm not going to push it but, it might be because it's not actually her. So, I'm a bit skeptical of the Wesbrook ID too and I don't see much of a likeness to be frank. Thos
  10. Just another opinion. I too believe Sandy and Tommy may have cracked it, with the two on the stairs in Darnell, if you watch the crowd on the sidewalk in Couch in slowmo they are nowhere to be seen. So as others as suggested it is/was possible to move that fast, IF something scared the life out of them. Both Smith and Baker mentioned the screaming woman, it may have been one of them(instead of the first running woman we were focusing on), and since she ran towards that building it may even have given Baker the idea to look at it. Baker did not go straight in like the WC wanted to promote, he p
  11. And I suppose the existence of the sniper's nest verifies Oswald's guilt, no it's actually worse than that, it's like me saying I went to Dallas and there it was, Elm Street itself. So yes folks it all happened just like the books tell us. As to your initial comparison. Did you ever hear of a T3 denier lose a job because of their beliefs? Or get their house or business firebombed over it? Harassed and even beaten up on the street, arrested and thrown in jail for years not only because of what they wrote about the T3 issue but what they were going to or even might say? What about a T3 deni
  12. I did not ask for a debate I asked for proof of your claim that you went to Dachau and found something that verified the holocaust. Isn't that something you want to share? Surely you have done so already, a book. pamphlet or webpage?
  13. Can you provide details of your visit, why you "had to" visit, what you discovered and what, if anything, you did with this data? It must be rather special because no one has gone to Dachau and found any proof of gassing. quite the opposite in fact, Dachau is one of the reasons exterminationists themselves believe there were no death camps inside Germany. What you saw no doubt was a delousing chamber, built to save lives, that originally had a skull and crossbones motive right on the door visible to everyone going in, a clear warning and the times of each treatment written underneat
  14. I'm reading this part right now, do so with me. I couldn't help but notice it starts by calling Robert Faurisson a "notorious Holocaust denier" which to some readers is akin to rapist, pedophile or even yes, "conspiracy theorist" but when it needs a quote from him to support it's case it refers to him as the quaint "Frenchman" and takes him on his word, So let's say Chomsky was aware of him and his work before he wrote the forward for a controversial book that doesn't mention the subject matter once and could be written for any argument for free speech. So what? Anyone that has looked at
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