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  1. I am sorry I posted twice. I didn't think it posted so I clicked on post again.
  2. I am the author of "Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot". It seems everyone who visits this websites really hates me. However, in my book I present a case for JFK's removal from office. I explain why it was probably done legally, at least as legally as possible according to the laws as they existed in 1963. The criminal conspiracy theorists are extremely frustrated over the fact that they can't get at any of these people who are linked to this assassination through the legal system. They do not understand how how the cover works, and why it still prevails. They are shielded from prosecution under Government Sponsored Targeted Killing Statutes, and a "Blanket Cover", that is deep,thick and wide. There is evidence of JFK's involvement in this. Conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy buffs are in a state of denial when I try to convince them that JFK was also involved and worked together with these people. When I confront them with the evidence of JFK's involvement their minds are closed shut. I admit that I made some reckless statements in some of my earlier works. People who read my book laughed when I said, "It was an Intelligence Deception designed to look like a political assassination". What I meant by that is it is going to be a legitimate, Government Sponsored Targeted Killing that was deliberately staged to appear to be a criminal,politically motivated assassination at the time. I did say that "Nobody murdered this President". That was an irresponsible statement. I believe I removed it from my updated version of my book that I did over again in 2013 and 2014. However, I believe that he signed Executive Orders, and that his death will be a Targeted Killing, legally rather than a homicide in the end.
  3. A great book which discusses the details of Dorothy Hunts death is "Bonds Of Secrecy"by Saint John Hunt. He is the oldest of E. Howard Hunt. He has definitely inherited his late fathers talent as a writer.
  4. Thank you, Tony, for your interest. Let me explain why our Government had to resort to this drastic measure. By November of 1963, impeachment resolutions were introduced into the house against JFK. He allegedly had an affair with an East German spy, and he had ordered President Nu, and Vice President Diem of South Viet Nam assassinated. He had them killed and their government overthrown just for the sake of political expedience. At the time, people did not know that JFK had actually ordered these leaders to be killed. Congress was going to open an investigation to find out. The Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved with an agreement. The first part was that our government would remove missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviets removing the missiles from Cuba. The second part of the agreement was that our government vowed it would never invade Cuba again. The American people did not know about the joint CIA/Mafia plots and attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro at the time. The Congress didn't know and neither did the Soviets. These attempts on Castro's life continued for a year after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was kept secret at the time. There was a coup in Santa Domingo where a leader named Jose Trajillo was assassinated. There was another coup in a North African country. I can't remember which one. However, the leader of that country was also assassinated. Again, people did not know that JFK had ordered these assassinations. This information surfaced during the Frank Church Hearings, in the 1970's. Except for Nu and Diem, these leaders were Communists who were supported by the Soviet Union. Congress was going to impeach JFK. If he had lived, and stayed in office hearings would have been held in the Congress and in the Senate. If he had resigned, it would be considered to be an admission of guilt. Then, they would know he was sleeping with enemy agents and having foreign leaders assassinated. So they really would have gone after him. They would want to find out what other misconduct had been going on during this "Camelot" Administration that everyone thought was so old guard. We all know today what would have come out of these hearings. Even if he had died in office of a stroke, a heart attack, or a drug overdose, Congress probably would have gone through with investigating his administration anyhow. They knew that even a death from a sudden illness or a drug problem would not have stopped these hearings. If the Soviets had found out that JFK had ordered these foreign leaders assassinated, they really would have attacked us. They agreement which had ended the Cuban Missile Crisis had been breached. A lot of people don't know this but on October 27the of 1962, the order was given to the captain of a Soviet Nuclear submarine to fire nuclear missiles on one of our destroyers. So, actually, nuclear war had been declared on us by the Soviets. The Captain defied the orders of his commanding officer and refused. If it hadn't been for that we would have had a nuclear war. It was very, very, close. These Intelligence officers knew that the next time the order was given to fire WMD's they would go through with it. So they had to make sure it wouldn't happen. They had to take steps to protect us. Believe me, if one nuke tipped missile ever hit one of our boats our birds would fly... All of them. So they had to make sure that it wouldn't happen. As we all know today, JFK had a lot of personal problems that people didn't know about at the time of his Presidency. He and his wife hid information from the public that were grave national security concerns. The Warren Report supporters and the criminal conspiracy theorists still see JFK just the way he appeared on TV in the early 1960's.. They regard his personal flaws and human weaknesses to be minor personality quirks and idiosyncrasies. However, in light of what we know about him today, these personal problems were serious threats to national security. It was one threat, on top of another,on top of another, etc,etc,etc.. JFK did not order these things deliberately, trying to cause a nuclear war. He just had impaired judgement. Other people put him up to these things when they should have known better. However these assassinations and assassination attempts were acts of war against sovereign nations. They were serious violations of International law, significant enough for war to be declared on the United States by the Soviets. Back in those days it would have been a nuclear war. I should have been more specific about this in my book. It is so difficult to simplify something that is so very complex. Thanks, once again, for your interest.
  5. I just want to say thanks to Ron and Greg for your interest in my book. If JFK had met with Oswald in person and asked him to kill him this thing would not have worked. The President would not go to a common man in the street and personally ask him to kill him. The operation would not have been covered. Oswald was not in a position to obtain a direct Presidential Executive Order. There would have been an investigation. People would know that there was something wrong with the President if he had gone about it that way. They didn't want anyone to even suspect that there was anything wrong with the President.
  6. For decades, the German people hated the Valkarie conspiritors. They considered them to be traitors and treasonists just for having tried to kill Hitler. These men failed to accomplish their goal and paid with their lives. Even if Valkarie had been successful, it would have been to late to end WWII. It would have been to late to even stop the atrosities being committed against the civilians. Our Intelligence officers of the early 1960's acted sooner, and their plot to kill Kennedy was successful! They got him, and they got away with it. This is why the Criminal Conspiracy theorists really hate the people who are linked to the JFK Plot. The American people seem to hate them . Kennedy hadn't done anything as bad as the things Hitler had done. However, they a situation had arisen here which would have resulted in even more catastrophic consequences for the civilian populations than WWII. It would probably have been the end of all life on earth. However, these Intelligence officers reacted sooner and got JFK before it could happen. Yet, these men are still generally hated, by the conspiracy theorists, and by the American people as a whole.
  7. When visitors to this website discussed by book in 2009 the subject of Valkarie was brought up. I never mentioned Valkarie in my book but I had some personal thoughts about Valkarie and the JFK Plot.
  8. Alright, I will admit that my first effort called "Deception in Dallas" was a mess. I did quite a sloppy job on that. I am ashamed that I ever published it. However, it did help me to make some contacts, and I learned a lot of things. The publisher sent it back to me to make corrections I did and click on "Save"but the corrections didn't take. The publisher printed it out with all the mistakes. It was my first attempt at writing and publishing a book. The second one published in 2007 was better, but like I explained, I didn' know about Hunt's confessions. I thought David Phillips wrote the Joe Gall books, when they were written by his older brother.I also missed the news of David Phillips passing. 1988 was a nightmare of a year for me.
  9. If you want to read the updated version of my book you can download it and read it for free. Go to: free187.glareebooks.org>pdf>probable cause
  10. I have re-written my book "Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK plot. I re-did it in 2013 and did a lot more work on it in 2014. I noticed a lot of people have a big problem with the idea that JFK authorized his own assassination and removed the security precautions himself. In my updated version of this book I encluded much, much more evidence of JFK having been involved with this. It really wasn't that difficult for these Intelligence officers to get him to agree to go along with this. JFK was really a very sick man. He was said to be in constant, agonizing, excruciating pain. He was on a lot of heavy drugs. From what we know today, he probably didn't have too much time left to live,anyhow. He did dread nuclear war. This weighed heavily on his mind throughout his administration. These people these jobs in Intelligence and espionage know how to push buttons. All they every do is deceive and manipulated people. That's how they survive. Their operations and sometimes their own lives depend on their ability to do this. All they had to do was impress it on his mind that either he had to agree to go this way in Dallas or everyone was going to be toast! So many would be killed,instantly. Others would die from radiation poisoning,cancer and starvation. Back then the threat of nuclear war was very real. It was not just a possibility. It was not just a probability. It was enevitable.It was right on top us. It was definately going to happen. Unless.... If you were in his position, faced with what that man was faced with, you have signed the same documents he signed. You would have been soo-ing the Secret Service away from the car. You would have ordered the plastic bubble top taken off the car. You would have ordered the police motorcycles to ride behind the car unsteady of in front of it. It would have been as easy as cutting through a piece of cake for these men to get him to co-operate with them.
  11. I took the 2007 edition of this book off the market for two reasons. First, I found out about the confessions E. Howard Hunt gave his son Saint John during the three and a half years before his death. This is going to help me BIG TIME! Then, I found out that David Atlee Phillips did not write the books I had credited books which were written to David Atlee Phillips which were written by his older brother who also worked as an Intelligence officer for the CIA. He published his books under the pen name, "Phillip Atlee". So I thought it was David Phillips and never looked into it. I didn't even suspect that there would be two men working for the CIA around the same time who would have had the same middle and last name. I wrote more about this is the updated version of my book.
  12. Professor Jim Fetzer has a passion for this idea that Mr. Altgens camera was confiscated. He is die hard behind the idea that they put Billy Lovelady's head on Oswalds body...super-imposed it, that is.. I don't see how they could have done this in the time they would had. Mr. Altgens sent that photo off to Newspapers and magazines via a photofax machine. They had it within a half an hour after it was taken. So I can't see where they could have altered the photograph.
  13. Thank you, Mr. Parker. Honestly, I have no idea exactly how many. There were an aweful lot of reported Oswald sightings in the days and weeks leading up to the . Even assassination. Even on the morning of the assassination, and shortly after before the arrest. There had to be at least one, but there could have been two or three of them.
  14. My theory about the mysterious "Doorway Man" in the Altgens photograph is that he is one of their Oswald impostors. They had him stand right in the doorway of the book depository so people would think they were seeing Oswald standing there at the time when the assassination was going down. For all we know, they might have had another one of their Oswald impostors in the 1st floor lunch room as well. This way people would think they were seeing Oswald so they wouldn't suspect Oswald of being up at the 6th floor window trying to kill JFK. In other words, they used their Oswald look-a-likes to serve as decoys. It is not just a co-incidence that this man was standing in the doorway who looked enough like Oswald to pass for him. However, I don't believe it was the real Oswald.
  15. I wrote this book over a period of 35 years. I self-published it twice. Then I took it off the market . I re-wrote it again in 2013, and had some work done on it in 2014. I corrected something that I found I was wrong about. Then, I added a lot more facts which I found to support the case I am building. I really just want people to read it. Then, we can talk about it. Robin Haines https://jfkplot.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/my-book-probable-cause-re-thinking-the-jfk-plot/
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