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  1. I stand by my assertion that scientists and professional investigators would not agree with the methodology of the H&L supporters. I am not going to take it to them just to satisfy you since they (nor anyone else) should not have to spend a minute on nonsense. As for "reviewing and critiquing" the H&L theory, that is what I have done since the nineties. Thankfully, I don't spend much time doing that anymore since a group of responsible CTs who are concerned that the theory is hurting legitimate inquiry into the assassination has taken on that job.
  2. No, I have polled no specific individuals. But I believe I am on solid ground by saying that these people would tell you that the theory that there were two boys is remarkable. As such, it would only be considered after other simpler explanations had been ruled out. But Jim and other believers use discrepencies in the record to make a case for 2 Oswalds while ignoring other explanations.
  3. No, the simplest explanation is not to assume there were two boys. Any investigator or scientist would tell you that is illogical. It depends on how you read the records. There is more than one way to do that and as Jonathan has pointed out, Greg Parker has provided an alternate explanation. Additionally, there are other explanations such as the records contain errors which the Armstrong supporters use to their advantage.
  4. Actually, it was 7-so what? Nick Nalli Reviews Josiah Thompson's Last Second in Dallas (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  5. Ray and Richard, Sorry, I usually resist urges to respond in this manner but I had a weak momment.
  6. A critical review of Thompson's book by Nicholas Nalli: JFK Files: The Ghost of the Grassy Knoll Gunman
  7. I don't believe it is such. Regarding the point Jim D. makes, Garrison's office was looking for Bertrand. It is reasonable to assume that Garrison was aware of it. But Fred has admitted that is it possible he may not have been.
  8. As I have already mentioned, my purpose was not to write a critical review. I was helping a friend promote a book. If Jim or others want to criticize they may do so.
  9. Was Rose Cherami Murdered? (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  10. Was Sergio Arcacha Smith with Rose Cherami in November, 1963? (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  11. Anthony Summers: "I think the Cherami episode should now be consigned to the junk pile - as a red herring that one could well do without." Jim Garrison (and others) on Rose Cherami (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  12. Did Rose Cherami Provide Invaluable Information on Dope Smuggling? (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  13. Fred Litwin explains why it is highly unlikely that anyone heard Rose Cherami predict the JFK Assassination. Did Anybody Hear Rose Cherami Predict the JFK Assassination? (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
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