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  1. Here is a blog piece by Fred. Readers can decide for themselves. Fred Litwin, Conspiracy Theorist (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  2. Perhaps Jim already has me on ignore. I have previously stated that my review was never intended to be "criticism" of Fred's work. It was intended to promote what I feel is a good book that exposes Garrison's nonsensical investigative techniques.
  3. You are right in this sense-the death of John is an incalculable loss to the LN community. As far as my retiring-you can hope.
  4. He didn't because he can't. BTW, good piece just out by Fred on Garrison's nutty theories regarding Larry Crafard: Jim Garrison Names the Grassy Knoll Gunman! (onthetrailofdelusion.com)
  5. First, why do you persist on referring to him as Joe Zircon when he has explained that is a pseudonym? Second, I am not pretending that evidence does not exist that could lead someone to question a particular finding. I understand that it does and in a case where there are perhaps millions of pieces of information, that is to be expected. As far as what information we have, Hank has outlined some of that here. For the rest, you can go to David Von Pein's or John McAdams' site.
  6. This "scholarly" forum should be able to easily refute Hank's assertions. Instead, they want to chase him off. Or perhaps they are brewing up a scheme to try and get rid of him like they did Von Pein. Why not just debate him? A debate is more informative than and echo chamber.
  7. I agree. The Esquire article says that Hunt was "highly visible" at the Mayflower Hotel in DC.
  8. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any Jonathan.
  9. Thank you Cory and your comments are very welcome.
  10. Yes, that's what d'Estaing says Ford said. There are other possibilities such as d'Estaing was not telling the truth for his own reasons or that Ford was telling d'Estaing what he wanted to hear. But in Jim's world when someone says something that he agrees with-it becomes a fact.
  11. I am going to have to finish my work on Uscinski. I think it would be helpful. Conspiracies exist of course-Lincoln assassination, Watergate and many others. The JFK thing is just a conspiracy theory until proven. What you have to do is find a way to prove it to those that matter. See Greg Doudna's post in the "Question to Lone Nutters" thread-he explained it better than I did.
  12. Greg, Your comments are most welcome and I find that is regularly the case. You make several excellent points and do it much better than I could have. The approach you outline is the correct one I believe. Best of luck with your article on Tippit.
  13. That's exactly why I titled the article my final word.
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