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  1. Very interesting, Chris. Take a look at Sherry Fiester's work in her book, "Enemy of the Truth." Sherry was a certified crime scene investigator and law enforcement instructor for 30 years. She was recognized as an expert on such matters in a court of law. Her analysis also puts a shooter on the south knoll. I believe her contention is that it was the origin of the fatal head shot. I don't believe that would have went through the windshield though. Regarding whether or not there was a hole in the windshield, there were several people who had a good look at it and described it as a hole. Going from memory here, but I seem to recall one of them even describing the edges of the hole as smooth on the outside of the windshield and chipped on the inside, indicating a shot from the front: o Stavis Ellis, DPD o HR Freeman, DPD o Dr Evalea Glanges o Charles Taylor Jr, Secret Service o Richard Dudman, St Louis Dispatch o Frank Cormier, St Louis Dispatch o George Whitaker, Ford o NIck Prencipe, US Parks Police
  2. The Bay of Pigs remembered by Feeney, which includes a 1962 photo of him next to Tony Izquierdo: The Night of the White Horse
  3. I think Len only keeps the current year show links up, so I believe that link (to a 2015 show) is now out of date. I will check out the YouTube... thanks!
  4. Have the two (or three?) men standing on the angled part of the overpass - on the far right of the Bell frame Robin posted - been identified?
  5. Does anyone know what the lunch period was for TSBD employees? Was it a full hour, 12:00 to 1:00? Or just 30 minutes, 12:00 to 12:30?
  6. Thanks for great the synopsis of Janney's radio appearance. I picked up the Kindle book - one of many I need to get to.
  7. Hi JIm, That's a very interesting and worthwhile article. I did a similar exercise a couple years ago, comparing plots and patsies. I agree that the FPCC affiliation is a key point, as it strengthens the case against David Phillips as the man who managed the patsy angle. It's also interesting to construct a timeline of events from the spring of 1963 through November 22. Particularly in light of how close Chicago, Tampa and Dallas were to each other, the planning for these ops must have overlapped and to some degree been going on simultaneously.
  8. That certainly is a viable explanation. If a reversal of NSAM 263 was the consensus of the meeting in Honolulu, perhaps the idea was to present the draft to Kennedy and make a pitch for it. I did not know that about Bundy. I must admit, Jim, your book reviews at CTKA and discussions of such on Len's show have had a dual effect on me. I buy more good books (Rakove, Poulgrain, Muehlenbeck, etc.), but I get lazy about reading them all the way through because you've already given us the good stuff. Of course, if I was retired like some people and had all that time... Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
  9. Jim, What's your opinion on the draft of NSAM 273 that Bundy prepared prior to the assassination? Is there any way to explain that, other than foreknowledge of Dallas by a few key individuals at the top? I'm not sold on the idea of a grand, top-down plot with all these people that knew beforehand. But... I don't know how else to explain this document. Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I haven’t studied the medical evidence to any great degree but I’ve always found it curious that there was a back wound that barely penetrated and, if you believe the throat defect was an entry wound, a throat shot that never exited. Could supressors/silencers take that much velocity off a bullet? Just speculation. I find those two underpowered shots to be an interesting coincidence.
  11. Hi Josh... surreal indeed. I was thinking the same thing as I watched it unfold on TV last night. "Snipers (plural) in Dallas"... not a phrase I ever expected to hear coming from any official source. It's unfortunate that it was not about 11/22/63, but a different kind of tragedy. Just sad and frustrating all around.
  12. That reminds me of a great line by Tom Cruise's character in the movie A Few Good Men. After he sees their case falling apart and gets bombed on Jack Daniels, Lt Caffey sarcastically remarks to his fellow lawyers: "Maybe if we work at it, we can get Dawson (their client) charged with the Kennedy assassination."
  13. Hi Richard, I enjoyed listening to you on TLG podcast and I look forward to reading your work on the website soon. Your thoughts around Jack Dougherty are very interesting.
  14. While it's certainly valid to question whether the individual in this video might be Morales, my opinion is that it's unlikely. It's difficult to believe that an experienced operator at David Morales' level would put himself in such close proximity to the designated patsy, out in public and with a video camera rolling. Oswald would have been handled strictly though the use of cut-outs and intermediaries. Morales was many things, but I don't think sloppy or foolish were among them.
  15. Black Op Radio interview with Jerry Coley: http://www.blackopradio.com/pod/black753a.mp3
  16. Black Op Radio interview with Jerry Coley: http://www.blackopradio.com/pod/black753a.mp3
  17. Larry... I could certainly see Hemming agreeing to spin some yarns (misinfo) with Noel for awhile. (I didn't know the man but his posts on here were intriguing, head-scratching and funny all at the same time - grains of truthishness sprinkled amongst his ramblings. Interesting guy.) And then Roy following suit with Noel... you get to talking and maybe take it a step too far. I can buy that. Certainly a credit to the interviewer for being able to tease out some hard truth. The Vidal ID is what had me wondering about his motives because I believe it's true. Quite a thing to just come out and say it to a writer. If I recall correctly, there may have been some concern about Hargraves talking in the days/weeks leading up to his death. Until some long lost family suddenly came into the picture. What an amazing coincidence.
  18. Larry, Any idea why Hargraves agreed to such an interview in the first place? I'm grateful that we have it, but curious about his motives for divulging the information. What was in it for him? BTW... I found that I had the original spiral-bound version and the 2006 version. Ordered the 2010 version. I look forward to reading it.
  19. Yes it does... thanks Larry. And thanks for weighing in on the topic. It's been awhile since I've picked up SWHT, but it seems like a good time to revisit some of this information. That's too bad about Burkley's family closing the door. It would seem that he had something to say in 1977. It's hard to believe he wouldn't have done so privately at some point.
  20. Larry, with regard to SWHT versions... does the latest version contain all the material from prior versions? Was anything dropped? Thanks!
  21. Hi Chris, You bring up a couple great points. Just my opinion, but here’s how I see it. I think the conspirators certainly had a plan for the aftermath. That was why they spent much of 1963 putting Oswald together, the Mexico City fraud providing the clearest insight as to their objective. I believe they wanted two things, the removal of JFK and to hand the public Oswald the Castro/Soviet agent as the assassin. Oswald alone or Oswald and communist confederates who got away – I don’t think they cared. There were about 4 1/2 hours from the time of the shooting until AF1 landed at Andrews. I believe that during this time LBJ didn’t know who was behind the assassination and his focus was on gaining control of the situation. How this shell game with the body, the pre-autopsy work on it and the control of the official autopsy was arranged on the fly (literally) is challenging, but I believe there was time to make it happen and I would also speculate that this could be why we are missing several hours of the AF1 audio recordings. I agree that Admiral Burkley is very interesting. That’s who Johnson would have worked through to gain control of the body and the autopsy. All Burkley would have had to tell Galloway and anyone else is, “I’m acting on the direct orders of the President and this is a matter of national security.” Burkley was one of those at Parkland who insisted the body be removed from Dallas and taken to Washington for the post mortem. And he was a driving force aboard AF1: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/search?q=tapes Bill Kelly: Onboard Air Force One on the return flight to Washington, Secret Service Agent Kellerman, and later General Ted Clifton (Military Aide to the President) make it clear that their desire is for an ambulance and limousine to take President Kennedy’s body to Walter Reed General Hospital for autopsy “…under guard…,” as specified by General Clifton. Gerald Behn, Head of the White House Secret Service Detail, counters that a helicopter has been arranged to take the President’s body to the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda for autopsy, and that all other personnel will be choppered to the South Grounds of the White House. Ultimately, the President’s physician, Admiral George Burkley (on Air Force One), sides with Gerald Behn (at the White House) in support of a Bethesda autopsy and persuades the Surgeon General of the Army, General Heaton (in Washington) to cancel arrangements for a Walter Reed autopsy. Once it becomes clear that Bethesda is to be the site, two things happen: first, both Admiral Burkley and General Clifton insist that the President’s body be transported to Bethesda by ambulance, even though Gerald Behn at the White House informs General Clifton that President Kennedy’s Naval Aide, CAPT Shepard, has assured him that it will be no problem for the helicopter to carry the heavy casket; second, even though Admiral Burkley and General Clifton insist on ambulance transport of JFK’s body to Bethesda, Gerald Behn at the White House subsequently orders Roy Kellerman: “You accompany the body aboard the helicopter.” In a 1967 oral history, Kennedy's personal physician was asked if he agreed with the Warren Commission on the number of bullets that entered the President's body. Burkley replied, "I would not care to be quoted on that." Burkley’s HCSA testimony revealed nothing… official story all the way. But check out this Sprague memo from March 1977. Did Burkley ever go on record with anything other than the company line?
  22. Tom, I submit that the list of those who knew what was coming in Dallas was short, tight and closely held. There were a handful of Navy men (ONI) who knew and likely played a role, such as David Sooy and Hal Feeney. I doubt anyone like Galloway would have been in the loop prior to the event. Admiral Burkley arrives and tells him, "I'm acting on the direct orders of the President. This is a matter of national security and this is how this is going to work...." Why do those who know things mostly keep silent, even later in life? Why has the Kennedy family largely remained silent? Why do the other films and photographs of the assassination remain underground? In my opinion, because those in possession of such information understand what it would mean for their lives and their families should they elect to engage in a frontal assault on the national security establishment.
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