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  1. On 10/14/2021 at 12:20 AM, Kirk Gallaway said:

    News Flash!

    The head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has declared that all Republicans should sit out the 2022 and 2024 election until the election fraud of 2020 is solved!

    And welcome news. But somehow I think Lindsay Graham and Mitch Mac Connel at last won't be blindly following his lead on this one. With about all other candidates , this would be thoroughly discrediting.But to Trump's devotees they may just admire his courage to overtake the Republican Party.I would expect there were no advisors on this decision. Is this Georgia revisited? .


    And just to be clear, this isn't a joke!


    I've been on some political sites of people speculating about Trump's motives. For example, Some will say Trump has it in mind to stop voters from voting so once they have no recourse at the ballot box, (that they've denied themselves by following Trump)  that the end result will be a violent revolution. But Trump doesn't think that far. The truth is more Republicans think the 2020  election was stolen from Trump (60%) than they  want Trump to be the next President,( 44%). Though 2/3rds of them want Trump to head the party. This is why governors Abbot and De Santis are ruthlessly using their executive powers to make a national name for themselves, and could be why Trump is making a last ditch push for relevance before a projected fading.
    This isn't Trumps "3 dimensional chess" (that never existed) This is, what it appears, a power play to blackmail the old GOP leadership to overthrow the 2020 election. It's a stupid move because the reason so many in the GOP pledge support for Trump even though privately they say they don't like him is because the most important thing of all to them is that they are re elected to office. They know their efforts to overturn 2020 can no longer work. So Trump is effectively denying them the office, which is the only reason they're supporting him in the first place. The only thing that can salvage Trump now, is Mac Connell and Mac Carthy talking him out of it. That's not impossible because as we've seen with 1/6, they will forgive him for anything. But if Trump holds to this, his Presidential aspirations are dead!
  2. 15 hours ago, Benjamin Cole said:
    Ben I saw this ad in your Taibbi article and I realize this is what lead you to the Taibbi piece in the first place!
    We're happy that you've finally recognized your problem, and we support your decision and wish you a speedy recovery.
    Help is only an out stretched hand away.  But of course, that's where the struggle begins!
    Beat it with Jesus!
    May God Bless, Ben
    Which poses a question, can a site be judged by it's ads?
    Inline image
  3. News Flash!

    The head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has declared that all Republicans should sit out the 2022 and 2024 election until the election fraud of 2020 is solved!

    And welcome news. But somehow I think Lindsay Graham and Mitch Mac Connel at last won't be blindly following his lead on this one. With about all other candidates , this would be thoroughly discrediting.But to Trump's devotees they may just admire his courage to overtake the Republican Party.I would expect there were no advisors on this decision. Is this Georgia revisited? .


    And just to be clear, this isn't a joke!


  4. On 10/10/2021 at 12:28 PM, Jeff Carter said:

    So who secedes first - Texas or California?

    Re Secession: i don't think it would go down like that Jeff.

    Ben: Maybe Masachusetts bolts with the Far West.

    Massachusetts leaving to be with the West Coast??? I don't want say that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. But It's right up there.

    "Hypermobalized global Security Apparatus?"  Hmmm....Sure you didn't just make that up Ben?  heh heh


    Gee, in Texas this governor has just turned into an autocratic wacko!

    Do the major metropolitan areas even  exist ? What the hell, bring on Matt Mcconaughey!

    If it was a red state blue state thing. I would  think Texas and Florida's newfound role of supporting the states between them and then some others, like Mitch's Kentucky would get old pretty quick!


    In this Governor's race in Virginia, the Republican candidate, Youngkin is running on a pro Trump ANTI WOKISM platform! It turns out he was a co ceo with the Carlyle Group!


    Good article W.!  The October Surprise was kind of Robert Parry's baby!







  5. Robert,You've always been a positive force here and a fun guy, who would pose good questions. Keep up your spirits and do what it takes to get well!

    I could write a lot about what I think has changed over the years.  I always believe learning the truth is a good thing. I'd like to think it would  have a positive effect on reexamining the myths of the Cold War and the resultant militarism and lead to adapting a more hands off foreign policy (but maybe only budget cuts.) But that could happen without the JFKA, the dislocations to wars have destroyed us, we're overextended with too many problems at home. But that question is determined by how the new paradigm plays out IMO.


  6. Ben. I knew you wouldn't answer any of my questions. Your assertion as to any  number of firearms  was  a completely skewed personal confirmation bias  talking out of your butt!

    Ben:If 600 halfwits can overpower two police department with a combined force of 6,000..

    You'll have a hard convincing anyone  that the police outnumbered the protestors 10 X1, but I am becoming convinced you could believe it. So now they're halfwits. When you were first here, you portrayed them as some nice blokes you'd gladly have a pint with at the local pub..

    Never once could you conceive that possibly Trump could have a hand in this mismanagement, and though you recite the Fox protocols, does it really make sense that the police force are completely political and entirely controlled by the Democrats and the Republicans have no say at all?  Are you aware Trump had huge Law Enforcement support throughout the country but also within the rank and file of the Capitol Police? I've considered both sides of the argument, but as you say, it is important to you to" stick to your story". Ok

    You are quite the tough talking Police Academy wicked taskmaster of the cop on the beat Ben. You repeatedly refer to this as a "scrum".

    That's sort of a laugh.  If so, I wonder how long some rugby chaps would last in a true "American scrum"?  I would suspect in the words of MLK,

    How long?.......not long!.

    heh heh heh heh

  7. On 10/5/2021 at 1:18 AM, Benjamin Cole said:

    4. Of those arrested at the Capitol or in the grounds, only one was carrying a firearm.  It is possible some escaped the scene and were armed. 

    Oh, is it possible Ben? When you get that confirmation bias going Ben, you just don't listen. I've told you , your arrest records show practically no one was arrested at the capitol, and you extrapolate from that that everyone was physically searched and  they only found one firearm? Why would you assume everyone was searched?  There is no evidence of that. They're obviously going to conceal their weapons.

    How did they know to charge people? I already told you, they arrested them from photographs, their online postings and tipsters.



    You largely ignore your own evidence.  Your list isn't complete but in just scouring the first half, even excluding charges of acts of physical violence, violent entry,obstruction of police officers. Let's just focus on real serious stuff, firearms, assault on police officers, and possession of dangerous weapons. As I say, I've scanned about a third of your records.

    It's probably 3 times these numbers.


    Assault on Police Officers- 16 charges.

    Possession of dangerous weapons-30 charges  

    Obviously it would be good to know specifically what the dangerous weapons are, but as W. said. Bats, clubs, bear mace to name a few. Let's not have any discussion that there aren't dangerous weapons outside of firearms. And these are some big American boys!

    Some scrum!





  8. W:

    How man of Trump's January 6th insurrectionists at the Capitol were arrested (and searched) on January 6th?

         Weren't most of them tracked down and arrested after the event?

    Ben:Not sure on how many in the Jan. 6 scrum then managed to run back outside and "escape," so to speak. Some did, but I do have a count. 

    I just came into this conversation. Ben, don't the arrest records you just provided prove that all of them escaped and none of them were arrested at the Capitol? Most were arrested by their photos and their own online accounts, phone numbers and other photo and eyewitness testimony, and testimony from family and acquaintances, at a lot of expense,  I assume?

    So how can anyone , make any conjecture about the number of weapons carried by the rioters?

    Ben: I have to say, if you are inside a building, that by definition has (relatively) small entrances and exits, and there are 6,000 Capitol Police and Metro Police in DC....the police could not even capture rioters as they left the building? 

    Maybe you and I are in agreement. What kind of police state is this? Once they were assembled, you'd think they'd just enter at the exits and say. "Everybody down on the floor".

    Ben:The story line is the Capitol Police and DC Metro Police officials were waiting for the National Guard to be called up.

    Does that make sense to you? Do you realize that when the National Guard is called up, reservists (who are generally civilians) have to assemble at Guard HQ's and then be trucked to location?  And the narrative is Trump didn't call out the Guard, so the 600-person scrum took over the Capitol? 

    No I wonder about that too. There was a lot of confusion about that. But I haven't heard your narrative that "Trump didn't call out the Guard so the 600-person scrum took over the Capitol". The explanation is given here with layers of bureaucracy.  It says here, in this AP fact check.


    "Army leaders say the delay in the movement of Guard troops to the Capitol was because the initial agreement largely limited those forces to checkpoints and Metro stations and stipulated they would not go to the Capitol. As a result, authorities had to get approval for the new mission, then call Guard members to the armory, brief them and get them their riot gear, and then send them to the Capitol."

    And yet it's said Trump was not part of that "initial agreement". Still, we know he could have called it off, but he chose not to. (like that isn't enough!)  I suppose if a Trump subordinate schemed the bureaucracy for that result we'd be hearing about it. But I haven't completely discounted that.

    Gosh, could it  be just bureaucratic ineptness? But how could that be? Aren't they suppose to be the all powerful Government "Deep State" " Police State"?

    If we could only fear them more. Wouldn't that answer everything?


    heh heh

  9. 3 hours ago, David Andrews said:

    Who am I to look down?

    If given that choice, I suppose I'd be an onanonist.


    In a related matter. I found these old home movies of Lady Bird.  Very pretty, sort of Texas High Society 1941.  What a gal!

    I tried to queue it to the second movie that she's in at 3:01.


  10. 4 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

    Geez, Ben... talk about an alleged failure of intelligence.  The DHS saw no evidence of illegal activity?

    I didn't watch news coverage of the January 6th attack live because I was skiing that day, but I was probably one of the few people on the planet who didn't know that illegal activity was occurring at the Capitol.

    One person who, obviously, knew about the attack on Congress was Donald Trump.

    According to Bob Woodward's new book, Trump ignored requests for intervention* on January 6th while gleefully watching the attacks on television.

    No wonder Trump is now suing to block Congress from seeing his January 6th phone records... 🤥

    * Trump ignored pleas to intervene during Capitol riot and kept watching the violence unfold on TV instead




    That's right W!  Some of us were setting our sights on the big fish, while Ben was going after the corner drug pusher.

    You know, the guy with the buffalo horns?

    heh heh heh heh!

  11. On 9/27/2021 at 8:37 AM, Kirk Gallaway said:

    I guess some mythology among  Trumpers about Trump being the ideal antidote for the government "Deep State" are going to have to be revised! Trump's SS Mike Pompeo discussed kidnapping Julian Assange with the CIA!.



    I know this also must have been quite a shock for you Ben. Your anti "deep state" hero actually discussing with the deep state CIA the possibility of kidnapping Julian Assange!! It's interesting how Glen Greenwald, who I know you like,  is a big supporter of Julian Assange's struggle, but has been so quiet on twitter about this. But maybe I can give you some badly needed context as  the situation involving Glen is a bit soap operaish now.

    I noticed  Greenwald's  tweets read more and more like a tabloid these days. He  jumped into the twitter fray a couple weeks ago about of all things, the Nikki  Minaj covid statement concerning her cousin's friend whose testacles swelled up. This is what he said about the "Democrat" response.

    Democratic Party YouTubers trying to dictate to

    what she can and can't say, who she is and isn't permitted to cite, what partisan box she must stay in.

    But the truth is, There wasn't  an official response by the Democratic Party. I'm not sure what Glen  is implying. Maybe he just assumes that Nikki Minaj is a Democrat because she's black and  he's putting down the Democrats for turning against their own?? Anyway, you'd think this would be beyond a serious investigative journalist.

    What's really needed is context. It's really Glen talking about Glen. Glen, like Assange has experienced some isolation among his peer journalists for aiding Trump over Hillary in the 2016 election. This was motivated by Glen's intense dislike of Hillary Clinton, who Glen sees as such a warmonger when she was Secretary of State for her actions in Libya.  Which, although she does deserve blame,  is honestly sort of a myth in that any Republican would have done the same thing or worse, particularly in those days where there was  this false illusion that the west adapted of "Arab Spring" that all the Middle East countries that were affected were just playing out their natural aspirations toward being free and instituting democracies in their countries.

    Whose to say that the CIA wouldn't have assassinate Assange? Whose to say the CIA wouldn't have assassinate Greenwald? Among Glen's major avowed values is First Amendment rights. Glen never realized at the time in 2016 that if Trump had the power, and Glen crossed Trump, Trump wouldn't hesitate to squash him, either through again pulling the levers of government or maybe some of his goons might take it upon themselves to get rid of Glen to which all Trump would say later would be nothing more than " it was unfortunate".
    Because wiser minds in his profession saw Trump had tyrannical tendencies to First Amendment rights before he was elected. Naturally they weren't thrilled with Greenwald. So Greenwald's been hissy fitting about it ever since. In theory most all the press uphold both  Assange and Greenwald's First Amendment rights. But they're not going to go to great lengths, because in their perceptions, Assange and Greenwald brought it on themselves.

    And now we see Trump and Pompeo  actually considered kidnapping Assange, which only reinforces  Greenwald's past bad judgments. It's not completely right, but sometimes a bad judgment can follow someone the rest of their lives. I hope not. I'd sooner see him get into politics more than silly vendettas.

  12. 1 hour ago, Benjamin Cole said:

    It is even worse than the MSN/Atlantic article says.

    For the purposes of this forum:

    At Judge Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearings, the Donks were obsessed that the juvenile Kavanaugh might have groped a girl at a high-school beer party attended by other juveniles. In other words, the whole Dr. Ford episode.

    Not a word was uttered about Kavanaugh helping to cover up the JFKA.

    From Jeff Morley: 

    ON A MONDAY AFTERNOON, on July 9, the D.C. Court of Appeals handed down a 2-1 decision against me and in favor of the CIA in a long-running Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. At 4:20 p.m., Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Gregory Katsas, a Trump appointee, filed a 14-page opinion with the clerk of the court in Washington. They ruled that the CIA had acted “reasonably” in responding to my request for certain ancient files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Appended to their decision was a 17-page dissent from their colleague Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson who strongly objected to their decision.


    But the Donks thought Kavanaugh's alleged---and only alleged---high-school antics of 35 years ago were much more important than his current deep-sixing of Morley's FOIA request. 

    You can't make this stuff up. 


    Oh Ben! So you were actually profoundly disappointed that Kavanaugh wasn't chastised at his SC appointment hearing for his dragging his feet on the release the JFKA files?

    This is what I mean by parachuting out into the America political experience from Thailand! You probably need to sit down to hear this Ben, But  actually the release of the JFKA files is not in the top 40 in priority of either the 2 major parties.  There's not one person in the an American Congress that would divert a second of his questioning time to ask Kavanaugh about it.



  13. On that day,  they also were making the case for indictment against LBJ.


    But what a powder keg situation that was. What if LHO, either deranged or telling the truth, yelled that he was a paid Russian assassin - that could’ve immediately led to WWIII. Who in America could’ve stopped it?

    He also could’ve said he was the proverbial spy left out in the cold by his own govt. Or that others were involved still at large. Or he could’ve yelled Viva Castro!

    But he didn’t say any of these things.

    Except that he was a patsy, which really isn't saying anything. But that's right, in his short press  conference LHO could have spilled a lot more beans if he had them, and actually serve to protect himself, as any group he would expose may now be more hesitant to draw attention to themselves by murdering him.

    According to Lovell, Oswald was very confident  he was in no danger by going out to the public. Which could indicate he thought he was being protected by somebody.

  14. W:

    How did California Republicans manage to get this ridiculous, costly recall measure on a ballot?

         It sounds like another brainchild of one of the Koch-funded "think tanks."

         From what I've read, Newsom could have been deposed with less than 50% of the vote, and Elder could have replaced him with 24%.

          File it under, "minority rule," "the modern GOP war on democracy, etc."

    W. It's part of the initiative , referendum and recall elective tools that have always existed in California. Specifically with the recall, someone correct me on this but i believe all someone has to do is get a petition signed by 1% of the eligible voters in the last general election and they can put the Governor up to recall. Which is insane, but what's even more insane is that if the public votes "yay" by any majority for recall, it invited in this case 46 candidates to run against each other where all the winner has to do is win a plurality which could be as little as 2% and he becomes Governor! In this case it was particularly bad for the incumbent party, the Democrats who aren't going to run candidates against Newsome because they believe he's been a good governor, and shouldn't be recalled in the first place..

    They're going to change this, probably they are going to need 5% rather than 1% in the future to put the recall on the ballot. But that still doesn't fix a flooding of candidates where a winner could receive in the single digits and become Governor. There should be some kind of runoff, but I assume they created  it this way because they want to save some money on Special elections. In this case, Newsome comes up for re election again in a year!.



  15. Ben Shapiro is sort of the Steven Miller equivalent in privileged online right wing punditry.  Apparently he had great hopes for the California recall of Gavin Newsome and is now profoundly disappointed when it lost 2-1. He's spouting off about civil war, but knowing him. I wouldn't take it seriously. He's just pouting.


    California ended up spending 276 million dollars on a recall election that was defeated almost 2 to one. Think of how many homeless people could be fed and temporarily housed with that money!

    For over a year the recall Newsome movement put up their booths at highway junctions or sort of  picketed at freeway overpasses with signs. I saw a group  2 days after the election on a freeway overpass.I didn't get a good look, though one of the signs said Infowars.com.

    i was driving around ranch country near Atascadero  Cal. the day after the election. It's very pretty country but right now bone dry. I saw this sign on the  side of the road.



  16. I don't think Ben's questioning that Ron. He simply saying no one theory can be proven. I'm making no reference here at all to Larry and Tipping Point. But how  I relate to the broader question.

    I've seen a lot of people throw a lot of faith in a one book or one author. Or a lot of dogmatic  insistence on some point that isn't isn't really essential anyway. If there's so much effort put into upholding something that isn't essential, how accurate can it be with something important? And of course, a lot of confirmation bias. A lot more could be done by narrowing focus and really scrutinizing how some of these pet theories came to be.

    And as I warned a few years back.The JFKA has come to be cheapened in recent years by a certain bandwagon effect where  the JFKA is just being used as a tool of another confirmation bias, and  subsequently is thrown into the category of just another "conspiracy theory." Some think that's the work of major media conspiracy. But I saw it as  just inevitable.


  17. https://thecovidblog.com/2021/07/26/jordan-hayes-33-year-old-new-york-man-calls-the-non-vaccinated-idiots-and-morons-dead-14-weeks-after-covid-19-vaccine/

    Dennis,I'm only taking what you're giving me here with this article and website.
    Of course, people die all the time, and never once  is it even mentioned specifically that he died of covid. That's quite an omission!! And we don't have the testimonials of his family as to what he died of.  I checked his gofundme page.
    On the site, they claim
    -Masks are harmful
    -Hydrochloriquene and Ivermectin approved, with that same Jamaican woman. (Ok, I don't care. go ahead!)
    -Then other claims, of course  the vaccine is also responsible for dementia, skin disorders, pericarditis. But the spike protein is deadly, or almost deadly, but there is one cure. It can be cured by drinking white pine needle tea and wouldn't you know, they sell white pine needles!

    But talk about an "own the libs echo chamber" website! Complete with the tired cliches like "virtue signaling", and  all the buzzwords.

    -"Breitbart approved"

    -"We don't believe in the Russian hoax"--(Oh good, then they must be qualified to talk to me about vaccines!)

    -"there’s really no proof that COVID-19 exists (most COVID deaths are the flu)."   
    So... the plandemic??? So I guess we now have to ask whose fomenting this? hoo boy!                     
    Maybe Lawrenson read this blog.


    You can usually tell a fledgling website by how readily they throw out pitches for even the most remote political endorsements.

    Dennis I assume you don't have any such cases close to yourself, or you would have said so. And you don't have any background in this. So why believe this one person and website with the most ominous covid vaccine prognosis for which they have the only cure? Anybody can write a book or an article.
  18. 3 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:

    Those dirty Lefties! Will their diabolical plans stop at nothing?


    Nolte: Howard Stern Proves Democrats Want Unvaccinated Trump Voters Dead

    by John Nolte 10 Sep 2021

    “Do you want to know why I think Howard Stern is going full-monster with his mockery of three fellow human beings who died of the coronavirus? Because leftists like Stern and CNNLOL and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci are deliberately looking to manipulate Trump supporters into not getting vaccinated.

    Nothing else makes sense to me.

    In a country where elections are decided on razor-thin margins, does it not benefit one side if their opponents simply drop dead?

    If I wanted to use reverse psychology to convince people not to get a life-saving vaccination, I would do exactly what Stern and the left are doing… I would bully and taunt and mock and ridicule you for not getting vaccinated, knowing the human response would be, Hey, xxxx you, I’m never getting vaccinated!

    And why is that a perfectly human response? Because no one ever wants to feel like they are being bullied or ridiculed or mocked or pushed into doing anything.”


    “The push for mandates is another ploy to get us to dig in and not do what’s best for ourselves because no one wants to feel like they’re caving to a mandate.”


    “No one wants to cave to a piece of dooky like that, or a scumbag like Fauci, or any of the scumbags at CNNLOL, so we don’t. And what’s the result? They’re all vaccinated, and we’re not! And when you look at the numbers, the only numbers that matter, which is who’s dying, it’s overwhelmingly the unvaccinated who are dying, and they have just manipulated millions of their political enemies into the unvaccinated camp. “


    “I could be wrong.

    Maybe the left isn’t that evil and sly.

    Even if this isn’t the left’s plan, who’s owning who?”


    Steve Thomas

    Exactly Steve, these guys would sooner die so they could say post mortem that they were never "owned by the libs". then the "libs" will be attacked  for trying to give them healthy advice. Does that smack of paternalism?
    Life is real. Though it's particularly hard to convince low risk groups, of which this guy wasn't.
     Honestly this is not for Libs. but for the anti covid vaccine people. Cambridge educated attorney Les Lawrenson learned online of the dangers of getting "the jab" and then caught covid and started a video journal of his handling of the disease  in order to show that covid was "no worse than the flu" and that we should all, like him trust our immune systems. 9 days later he's dead. Scroll down to his early accounts.




    His family pleads with others to not make the same mistakes.


  19. 23 hours ago, Benjamin Cole said:


    It is interesting what is attains gospel status both in the M$M, and then also in the political tribes and offshoots. And then what is ridiculed. 

    The above link suggests Trump in fact tried to pull US troops out of several regions, and was simply overruled by the Pentagon-"Deep State," and no one in the media gave a hoot. This was not a story to gain traction. 

    Really, the above link is not about whether you like Trump or not, or think he staged a coup attempt on Jan. 6, or how bad his hairdo was. Trump was mercurial, and not steady. 

    What this is really about a US President giving a legal order, and the military wing of executive branch not carrying out the order.  

    Decades ago, Nixon ordered the CIA to give him the Bay of Pigs files. They never did. I am not fan of Nixon, but do you prefer a government in which the military-intel services unilaterally decide what orders they will follow? 

    But Trump is a no go in the M$M media and triggers loss of bowel control for self-styled social justice warriors. But---Trump was right on getting troops out of the Mideast, right on the Wuhan lab, right on the need for border security, right on the CCP-China trade issue.   

    All of that was "wrong" in the lights of US elites-media, who want access to cheap labor at home and abroad and a global military. 


    Coulda, shoulda, woulda!--- Ben what you neglect to mention in the article is that Trump tried to get us out of our military commitments on Nov. 9th, 2020, out of sheer desperacy after he lost the election. At that point he had no power at all and was a lame duck President who no  one would follow. The irrefutable facts are that Biden got out of Afghanistsan and did it  in the first 8 months of his Presidency and is facing the heat Trump do didn't have the courage to face .

    From your article.

    When it came down to it, Trump was indecisive. In the view of top officials, he did not seem to want to own the consequences of a precipitous withdrawal.

    That's because he's never taken an action he had to be responsible for..

    By the spring of 2017, two generals Trump had installed in top positions — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in an interagency process run by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster — had begun working on an option to send 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

    What President whose really serious about withdrawing troops would put 2 generals as Defense Secretary and National Security Advisor? And he'd actually bragged  about it, that he had the 2 toughest guys in the toughest posts! Like he was going to be the tough guy President , and he actually bragged about  increasing  Defense spending. Obviously he was confused.

    There are many stories about how Presidents select certain cabinet members. Some were just from articles that were previously published. Unfortunately Trump doesn't read. He just wasn't prepared to be President.

    McMaster was replaced in March 2018 and Trump's third national security adviser, John Bolton, was a notorious advocate for U.S. military interventionism.

     Then he hires Bolton , the biggest hawk in Washington! You can't make this stuff up. Do you think subconsciously he just wanted this whole disarmament  thing to fail?

    Just like people around Nixon ignoring his attempts at martial law. Is it  really just another stock "military deep state conspiracy". Sure they didn't want to hear his occasional disarmament rantings amongst his tough talk about things such as seizing the oil from Iraq?He appointed Generals for chrissake!. While in office, he could have truly made his peaceful intentions known to the American people and been consistent, but he didn't. .

    Since you always seem to come back to Trump and the raw deal you think he got, It sounds like you had great hopes for him. I would have given him credit had he wound down the war state. If he wanted to reach across the aisle to the Dem doves, he was in a unique position to wind down the war state and also get credit for breaking the R&D  stalemate in Washington. I honestly believe that was possible.

    Blame the Deep State for the umpteenth time for holding back Trump for something Biden in part accomplished in his first 8 months.But one's character and presence actually matters, and the fundaments just weren't there, and as an executive, the guy just couldn't string anything together.


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