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  1. Chris said: There are plenty in governments, including those in charge of the pandemic who got their predictions wrong, But of course, no one prognosticating online, right Chris? You know, Chris I remember you wrote a big long treatise about the pandemic, was it in September.? I agreed with 90% of it, as far making a valid but by no means conclusive case largely against shutting down economies. It is amazing how the pandemic has made online experts of so many people with no background or real expertise.Whenever I see the new experts downplaying the effects of the pandemic, I'm always looking for one statistic that I've noticed represents their bias, and that is the estimated Covid death rate. I remember you very authoriatively said the the Covid death rate was between .03-.07 per cent. You didn't qualify it, by saying, "At this time, it's difficult to say what the exact death rate is, but I'VE HEARD." This rate was the lowest I had ever seen. The closest was one guy I saw on an online forum who came in slightly higher at .05-.09 %, . who was eventually so disputed in other matters unrelated to Covid, he just trolled for a while , and ended up leaving. In the beginning people couldn't be sure of estimates and they were running as high as .5 %. These estimates have come down a bit since. In your post, your estimate of .03-.07%, let's take your mean estimate at .05%. That means, according to your estimate you posted. The total number of deaths in the U.S. would have largely stopped at 165,000 deaths. But now the U.S.number of deaths has gone over 550,000, approaching 3 and half times your prediction , so you're predicted totals were 350 per cent low! The rate of increase in deaths been brought down in recent months by a vaccine, but your prediction didn't really even take that in consideration. I assume it was made under some factless projection of herd immunity. This isn't rocket science. U.S.population around 330 million. 1% X 330 million. is 3.3 million .05 % X 3.3 million is 165,000 I assume you got this stat from some wacko online source, probably in May 2020, when all of his counterparts were underestimating the pandemic. And yet I would estimate your post was around September.
  2. Of course, Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking. But when he was on Tucker Carlson to try to explain, he tried to appeal to Carlson for sympathy by dredging up a 20 year old sex charge against Carlson that didn't go anywhere, that Carlson obviously wished Gaetz never mentioned! Gaetz then mentions seeing Carlson and his wife at a restaurant and introducing the girl in question, which Carlson denies! (Gaetz is married!) I'm not sure what Gaetz expectation was, did he really expect to get sympathy and future exposure on Fox by embarrassing his host? Ideally it would be nice to show just those isolated clips, rather than go through the 10 minute interview. But the most concise way was this sequence that starts at 2:18 and ends at 6:00 on Jimmy Kimmel.
  3. As part of my journal of the plague year, I came upon this, Andy Kaufman on the Dating Game! Jim Lang was an on air am radio talent in San Francisco when I grew up. On a more serious note,Wow! what an ensemble! a panel discussion with Sasha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Cheadle, Danson the Fonz, Simons.
  4. All I can say Calvin, is we don't have any stats on that, but we are an equal opportunity conspiracy!😃
  5. It was very good. It is at least 5 years old Doug. As I recall it made a strong factual case while not falling into a trap of being propagandist and overly pushy, that would be rather eye opening to people who had never considered a JFKA conspiracy.
  6. True, if he wasn't sure before he knew he had to get out by this time. He was already in ankle deep. He does seem somewhat sympathetic to Diem though.
  7. JFK: with changes in policy and perhaps personnel Call Human Resources Dave!!!, We need new personnel! "Personnel", Now that's what they mean by JFK's "communication skills", that people always rave about and emulate. In fact I thought somewhere I heard the same quote from Alan Dulles! Sorry, Just a little gallows humor between Dave and I! ******** JFK on Diem :An impossible situation to save.. Yeah, like a month old mango! Even pigs brains might be a better alternative now1
  8. Definitely damning. It seems like JFK is just being lead along. At least damning to JFK's narrative of events.
  9. I'd imagine some of the Kennedy family might have some curiosity. Do you think it might be too hot politically for them to weigh in? Or are they afraid, after 50 years, that the public would just dismiss them as crybabies?
  10. Wow,this is pretty interesting! Who in the world, can get a vaccine right now, and who can't? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/03/19/world/covid-vaccine-inequality.html?campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20210319&instance_id=28228&nl=the-morning&regi_id=61798350&segment_id=53745&te=1&user_id=48552702f942aacb0810b9de5ca41c55
  11. Chris you bracketed Greg's assertion, as if to answer Greg about the most critical point of Corbett's 2 hour presentation. Is Bill Gates a Eugenicist? Greg said: The history of eugenics is cited in the video, juxtaposed with suspicious questions asking whether the Gates Foundation is covertly involved in a gigantic, sweeping, worldwide eugenics conspiracy, for which there has been not one single whistle-blower or confession or story showing evidence of this from credible investigative-journalism sources with track records for breaking true stories with evidence, such as Matt Taibbi/Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, "20/20", one of the credible NGO's, and so on. There are two key quotes from Gates set by the video in the context of the presentation of eugenics. The first is Gates saying (I am giving the sense of it not exact words) that when poor populations of the world have economic security and stable lives, when there is an end to infectious diseases and women have access to family planning and birth control, etc.--things that we take for granted in the developed world, nothing bad here at all- And your response when confronted with a direct question of Corbett's charge of Gates Eugenics. You segue from a short paragraph about the history of eugenics, to a voluminous list of evils of modern society,that was endearing because just about everybody would agree with most of them. There was: dopamine triggering, ""Look at pornography, it's so abundant, it completely kills the male desire to go and find a mate." We are flooding our brain with dopamine from so many stimulants, that we don't have the need to have sex like we once did, which releases dopamine and serotonin, the happy chemicals in the brain. We are cheating the natural effort vs reward neurochemistry of the brain, and replacing it with artificial things that cheat that neurochemistry. Coffee, tea, sugary foods, alcohol, narcotics, prescription meds etcthat I think noe of us disagree with." climate change, pressures on the environment, awareness of consumption of natural resources, there is a subconscious and conscious pressure to reduce birth rates. The heavy taxation of the electorate, keeping most of the population's heads just above water financially our media, TV and internet is pressuring those ideas, we are almost certain to take them on board,In fact academia has seen to it that we now have a whole generation (millenials) who don't want to take on any burden or responsibility, they certainly aren't having kids, they are big kids themselves. If you add to this scenario the absolutely out of control use of our data and preferences by tech giants to sell us things via digital marketing, Do you ever just answer a question directly? How about this comment of yours, "Look at pornography, it's so abundant, it completely kills the male desire to go and find a mate." You seem like an introspective guy. But I notice you don't mention "conspiracy porn". Do you think you've ever struggled with that? It is very addicting, isn't it? And can be rather isolating and alienating from society, or have you experienced that?. All this alienation and anger and striking out might be more justified if this were proven true, but Greg's point and mine also is that hasn't been proven here at all and your answer is to abstract the question so much into the stratosphere it's pretty obvious you don't believe it because a simple "yes" would have been sufficient. And what's the net effect? You're just defaming somebody with no real hard evidence, but that's cool. He's one of the world's richest men, we all know he'll live, no matter what we say. Good for him, so that gives us unlimited license. Good for us! So it's a Win-win situation, right Chris?
  12. Jim said:BTW, does anyone today really think that trickle down was ever anything more than a hoax to transfer money upwards from the lower to the upper classes? The only two people I know of who called this out in public when it happened were Stockman and Moynihan. Jim, you've praised David Stockman before for no other reason than he said supply side economics don't work. The history behind that, is that Stockman's sour grapes because he lost the battle in the Reagan administration to supply sider Arthur Laffer. In reality Laffer, as bad as he is was much more preferable to David Stockman, who ended up being too radical for even Reagan, because he wanted to destroy any remnants of the New Deal,or organized labor, and employ such Draconian government cuts, that would have decimated the economy under this naive belief that it would be rescued from the ashes by tax cuts to the super wealthy, who could then start a new economic cycle under their dominion. He's made his money since through a hedge fund, and while always critical of supply side economics, is rather crafty in not telling you what a young ideologue he was. He was the precursor to Banon's aim to dismantle the administrative state". Keynes would be much more friendly to Laffer, who didn't want a wholesale dismantling of the administrative state, though it is a question to ask if after decades that that might have been the inevitable result anyway, but at least there would have been time to stop it.. W., That graph was a bit surprising in parts to me W. Is that derived from a government source? W. said: In retrospect, JFK may have "accidentally" hit upon a near optimal top income tax rate of 70% (as an economic stimulus.) Whew!,Thank you W!, Do we have to make JFK a superhero guy with the perfect solution about everything?!. Though it is a good pretext for the thread! wink wink!
  13. I get you Steve. I'm told I owe money I don't owe, or I better act now or I face a lawsuit. And still of course, I'm being threatened to be taken to court by the IRS! Online I'm also getting a lot of car warranty stuff. I'm told I get free auto insurance! Has anybody ever checked that out? Is that a total scam, or is it a free month? One time i took the bait to see if I could lower my auto rates, and I was bombarded by every local agent in the area! I did enlist in something a few years back. I wish I could remember what it was so I could recommend it. It did substantially reduced the telemarketer calls and would flash numbers of incoming calls with a message "Scam Likely". As all such things, little by little, telemarketers find ways around them. Still it's a lot more tolerable than it use to be.
  14. Exactly Jeff, It's not that's there's no answer! The world is rife with examples of countries that successfully met the protocols and have all but eradicated the covid virus. If you call each nations struggle with the pandemic a "performance", the countries on the West end of the pacific rim have completely kicked the countries of Europe and the Western Hemisphere's ass! It's the same old refusal to look at the facts. Let's look at deaths per million, first among the Pacific Rim countries. and then among the major European countries, and the U.S. who are among the world's leaders in deaths per million.. No doubt China's release of total death rates per million can't be trusted. But even if they were able to minimize by a factor of 10, which is highly unlikely. It would still be 20 times better than the European countries and the U.S. Japan-------69 Deaths per million Australia-----35 South Korea--33 China----------3 Taiwan--------0.4 Vietnam-------0.4 Again the same old refusal to look at the facts. Let's look at deaths per million, among the major European countries and US. UK------- -1847 618 times China official totals! 4500 times Taiwan death totals! Hungary -1807 602 times China Italy--------1712 570 times China Bulgaria----1675 558 times China US----------1654 551 times China Portugal----1643 548 times China Spain -------1556 519 times China I can speak to the chronology in the U.S. It was first met with disbelief, some of which at first believed it was a hoax and have been steadily scoffing and underestimating the virus over the last 12 months. First squabbling about circumstances where obviously the virus was a catalyst to set off pre existing conditions, and then finding themselves creating squabbles about methodology. Then it was political, calling it a "Blue State" problem, until it no longer was.. It seemed the US and found itself on an abyss on whether to put a real sustained effort in fighting the pandemic. Even though they were overwhelmed, they just kept rationalizing. Of course they had a terrible leader, who it became obvious, was way over his head, and ran from leading the leading the country because he feared it would jeopardize his getting re elected, and unfortunately a great many of the populace just followed in suit. Months went on, and on to the bargaining phase. "Can't we just get together for Thanksgiving" (I'm not even sure this whole thing is real.- its more like a nightmare!"). Then a month later, "Can't we just get together for Christmas" I still don't know if I believe this! However, Gotta give credit to Jeff''s Canuck's, at 594 deaths per million, Canada's total is a little over a third of the U.S. and substantially outperforms the great majority of Europe.
  15. I agree with both of you. He's always looked rather ludicrous to me. I've never seen a grace or a sustained coordinated rhythm to Jagger's dancing, but he's more like an actor on a stage.. If you like his moves on stage. You've probably seen every one of them 100 times,anyway. At that stage of R&R, The spontaneous show stealer in dancing was James Brown, and you'd get very simple coordinated moves among backup singers. In those first 3, Lady Gaga, with her wailing, just eclipsed everything vocally. I liked her outfit, which sort of highlights her dancing., I also marvel how these woman mange to move around in high heels. Usually when a band welcomes an outside artist, it's one of the final songs, and it's understandable that the crowd will forgive and even love it's looseness because it's sort of a "aren't we having fun now"moment. But every passing Stone song with a guest did get tighter after Gaga, Weinhouse, Sheryl Crow and I believe Aguilerra had the best dynamics. The Taylor Swift thing bugged me because it seems they can't seem to make up their mind if they want to harmonize or sing in unison in different octaves. Of course, none of these are rehearsed, but some real adept vocalists, can just harmonize all the way through a simple song like "Tears go by" even without a rehearsal.. Just my take.
  16. Trump fans seem to have a highly developed tolerance for reductios ad absurdum -- like wanting Trump to get credit for the COVID vaccines that they refuse to get. 🤥 Ha ha ha If Trump ever did the socially conscious decent thing to do. His base would leave him in droves! They're not particularly disappointed to find out Trump got the vaccine, But will be forever grateful to Trump that he didn't tell THEM to get the vaccine, and they're not getting the vaccine dammit!. 😜😬 ***** Steve I'm sorry to hear about your bad jab in your rotator cuff! That seemingly would have been a hard thing to do!
  17. Right on W.! Graph looks pretty much as I thought it would be. I knew Trump increased Defense spending but was wondering about inflation. You and Greg might like this interview I saw with Paul Krugman a while back about Piketty's book. Psst. Don't tell Jim it's from Bill Moyers! Krugman has said recently he's very pleased at the covid relief package. https://youtu.be/QzQYA9Qjsi0
  18. Greg said:I believe Piketty had an argument that about 65% was the maximum right number for taxation at the top end, Really interesting, Greg, I wonder if that dedicated fund to go out at 21 is his projection for just France or all the G7 or what? Putting 2 ideas together, if you took Andrew Yang's $1000 a year and projected it for 21 years, a person might get $21k at 21. That's a nice chunk. I wonder what his attitude would be about such a chunk in U.S.? It would seem, he might suggest it be directed to one's education. In France that might be a good idea, but what kind of education could you buy in the U.S. for 21k? Of course maybe it's that hopelessness in the U.S. that's make it more likely that people here are going to have to rethink their ideas about education. W. Yes, Greg. JFK got it about right with his 70% top rate, which endured for roughly 20 years. I know JFK lowered rates, but it does show a lag, the rates start lowering around 1967 to the Reagan tax cuts in 1983. JFK got it right, if you could consider Picettys projections to be gospel. It would be interesting to see the Defense outlays adjusted for inflation for the last 3 years.
  19. Hey that's an idea! Since we know now that Trump and Melania were secretly vaccinated. Trump can now come out and Let the Word Go Forth to all who would hear his call to vaccinate. What do you think?
  20. Right on W! I've read excerpts of Picketty's Capital. It does make sense that money will more likely percolate through the economy when given to people who need it for their existence. W. said: Is there an optimal income tax rate for stimulating economic growth? And what is it? Is that a rhetorical question? What is the answer?
  21. My reaction was exactly the same Paul, the most painless shot I've ever taken! But I didn't really look, and it was over! Do you think this could all be a big charade that the whole nation got sucked into? ha ha ha My first moderna shot a month ago was quick and painless. I had my second moderna shot a week ago, and particularly moderna I had heard packs quite a wallop, with any one of a few symptoms up to chills for a 24 hour period. I experienced no specific symptoms but I did feel under the weather the next day. I would compare it to feeling like you're about to come on to a flu, that never really happens. A day later I'm fine. Just my experience. Just to give you my overall experience. I don't take flu shots every year. But I've taken a pretty fair amount of vaccinations in my life and I've never had a worse reaction than a little muscle soreness. But I've been blessed with good health and a good immune system, not to say you couldn't have good health and have a bad reaction. And of course, it's true is that you won't be able to sue anybody for a bad vaccine reaction. It's been done very quickly because it's a worldwide pandemic emergency. There's always risk in life. If some argue that some drugs with some efficacy that were cheaper were ignored, that night be true. Then get on your government for overpaying, but for you, the vaccine is free! My guess is that they're not going to force you to take the vaccine any more than they're going to take your guns away. But keep away from me! If countries require to see your vaccination card to travel to a foreign country, I don't see that as an infringement at all. That's a country's right. And if you come from somewhere with some weird strain, I don't want your filthy untested ass in my country. There is some prudence in waiting to see if there is going to be a good degree of adverse reaction. Obviously we can't wait for years. I've heard there's a lot of adverse reactions within 6 months. The testing, I believe has been going on for at least 9 months, and there have been a lot returns that have come in now. Some of us aren't able to get it right away. So that gives some of us a little more time to judge. But it's a complete illusion to think you're going to "know' with utter certainty. Hearing Cliff talk about so many injections in his childhood. If ever there's a case for fear taking the vaccine, he has it, but he has taken it. I'm on an expat forum of people largely from the U.S. Canada and Europe who are living in foreign countries. Some of these people are in their late 70's even 80's and are in failing health. In some cases I've heard reservations to take the vaccine because they've been surprised that the isolation that they've had to endure over the last year was not near as hard as they had anticipated, because they're reaching a station in their lives where there will naturally be more seclusion and fewer contacts. I'd ask anybody here who has not had an adverse reaction to some vaccination in the past. Why would now be any different? What's holding you up? Hopefully not some silly theory that this is all a big conspiracy involving Bill Gates and Faucci and George Soros that your peer group have given themselves over to? ( and their aim is to what ?"chip"you or corner the world money supply?") Or any number of other theories. Or reading some life changing article or watching some life changing video? I've certainly seen here where people cling to books that reinforce their previous theories to the point that it's caused me to ask how substantiated a theory is it really? If these theories make you go counter to your life experience, without any outside real evidence, then you're not thinking for yourself. No you're not thinking for yourself! heh heh To those I would say, Stop being afraid of your peer groups response, or what you may have authoritively told your friends, just do it! If that night, you're feeling tired, headachey and slow, bear it in silence and suck it up! People on both the right and left, are getting hep to the tyranny of the last 40 years of the financial elites and their marginalizing of the middle classes. Why do you think it is they've been paying big money to cut in line for a vaccination? Because they're stupid?? And you're smart? That's music to their ears!----Fooled again! ******
  22. Yeah, I'm sure the thought of pitching in for a cause greater than themselves is absolutely terrifying! When their kids ask about the pandemic, they'll go into a 25 minute spiel! Kids eyes glaze over! Imagine all the poor public school teachers who have to work around and delicately try to undo the stupid anti social responses the kids inherited from their Fathers! Any hazard pay for that?
  23. My prediction, some can read it and weep. History will show Sleepy Joe Biden will have been successful at using the Federal Government to largely mitigate the corona virus in the U.S. in 2021. I fully expect that covid vaccination success would be met with the same utter astonishment, by the anti vaxxers, with maybe even the same anger and rage that many of them had when Trump lost. Let's just hope they don't storm the Capitol this time, for their own sake. I know their pre existing excuse already. It's a worldwide covid hoax to deny Trump re election, so of course now everybody says they're cured! This coupled with a relief plan that the majority of Americans approve. Of course since when do people object to be given money? Nonetheless the Republican resistance to be involved doesn't work for their party's standing. The massive influx of Capital under normal circumstances should boost the economy for the great majority of Biden's term. The Republicans are using their advantage in state legislatures to massively restrict voter registration. The only recourse the Democrats have is through Federal legislation where they currently need a 60 person vote in the Senate. This would be overcome by the Democrats ending the filibuster. The biggest problem up to now facing the Democrats ending the filibuster was that if the Republicans win back control of Congress in 2022, and the Presidency in 2024, they can just reverse all the work the Democrats did. But with the wind at their backs with a largely successful covid relief program, and an economic relief package that also amounts to a stimulus, and the suffering future demographics of the largely, religious white male Republican party. It would seem like the perfect time to seize the moment, try to accomplish some longer term goals and force the Republican party to reform itself. Nothing is for sure in politics. But it's quite obvious divided government was never as unproductive as it is now. The Democrats have to try to get a little more testosterone and run the table again in 2022 and 2024.
  24. Thanks Richard, I'm not claiming to be a super expert. I guess I'm not use to writing "John" as "Jon" so I change it to Ron. It's really remarkable to me that Georgia elected that guy because he actually seems he'd even thrive in California! heh heh
  25. Dennis said: When you give a private network the power to control credit, you have a major national security ticking time-bomb. In theory I agree with you. Would you like to make a prediction on when that will be? Because people have been saying that for 50 years! Maybe you're a gold bug Dennis. though maybe now it's crypto. There has always been people who have bought gold and silver promising that the terrible day will come when it all falls apart, then they'll be ready. They've always eschew the stock market and site previous crashes. So they were always invested in precious metals while the stock markets went up all around them. Then at certain particular points of great market uncertainty, they found themselves in the good position to sell. But the collapse never did happen quite as ominously as they had foretold and they never sold out to make any profit and just went back to holding a rather worthless commodity again. I agree with you Dennis in that everybody wonders about the power of the Central Banks. Dennis: The NY fed has distributed over $12 TRILLION to its friendly mega banks since September 2019, just a few months before the virus that then destroyed Main Street small business. This is tantamount to a coup Just facts here, You say "distributed" like they're giving the money to the banks.These are short term overnight "repo" loans made at low interest rates. But they don't go out to local banks, credit unions or small individuals. It's not fair and it has never has been. That's the real issue here. You're trying to make a case that the Central Banks knew of a "plandemic" without any real facts. I see in this article below they distributed 9 of that 12 trillion between Sept 2019 and 2020 , an equal amount of time before the beginning of the pandemic and after the start of the pandemic. I'll accept your figures that they've distributed 3 trillion more in the last 6 months, which shows a pretty even flow. What you have to prove now is, was that outlay at all precipitous to the 12 month period between say Sept 2018 to 2019? Even if the spending abruptly began in Sept 2019, you're a long way from making a plandemic connection by the Central banks 4 months in advance of the China breakout. But you have to first prove this is not beyond" business as usual", but even a discrepancy could be passed off to the market conditions at the time.. So you're saying in their omnipotence, they were aware of how infectious the strain was and how ominous the breakout would be, and also successfully predicted that Trump would handle it like a deer in the headlights and they would be able to instigate their vllanous plan to eliminate the corner liquor store? Is that your read of the plan? Those kind of plans always reflect to me more than anything else, the utter sense of powerlessness of the people who hold them. And of course one thing is true is that the neglected oversight in the case you're making did occur under the Trump Administration, but people have always wondered about the oversight. But we agree Jon Osoff is at least turning the public attention to the power of the Central Banks. And just because they've been saying it for years, doesn't mean the worse couldn't happen, particularly with the Central banks and the Federal government spending like crazy, like they are now. And if it did happen, the most protected will always be the wealthy. https://wallstreetonparade.com/2021/03/senator-ossoff-drops-a-bombshell-the-12-or-13-largest-banks-got-the-trillions-from-the-feds-repo-loans-last-year/
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