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  1. This is a very detailed interpretation of the events surrounding the assassination and Lee Oswald. But the devil is in the detail: your theory assumes three people to be on the sixth floor, including Lee Oswald. How could all these people escape given that neither Vicki Adams with Sandra Styles, nor Mrs. Garner heard or saw anyone. Mrs. Garner positioned herself to the stairway on the fourth floor and she witnessed Baker and Truly going up the stairs. Thus, there was no time for anyone to descend with rifles in their arms during about 2 minutes after the shooting, let alone three people. It wa
  2. 🥇 ... and the rest is your battle, good luck in it!
  3. I am afraid that we will not hear more from Mr. Frazier than what wrote on his Facebook page: "I 100% have no idea who this person is. I can tell you 100% that is not Lee Harvey Oswald". He gives two reasons: One, he simply knows this to be true. But how can he know and what reason leads him to say that he knows this to be true? It sounds more like following a collective agreement about who stood in the doorway. Second, Mr. Frazier thinks that this person has a much larger frame than Lee. But here, I am afraid, he relies on reading from a photograph, and as unhumble as it may sound, I see no r
  4. Tony: Sure, the only thing missing is who in Mr. Frazier's opinion this man was. Mr. Frazier seems to be genuinely surprised that somebody had stood in his vicinity during the seconds after the shooting. Mr. Frazier was not aware of the presence of this man standing next to him and it therefore, could be anybody, including Lee Oswald. However, Mr. Frazier was not even aware that a police officer walked through the glass door while he was still in the doorway, so it does not surprise me he could not recall seeing Prayer Man who behaved inconspicuously and spent only a short time in the doo
  5. More on connecting the dots. Does Oswald's/Prayer Man's behaviour reveal a foreknowledge of some kind of an incident supposed to happen during the motorcade? I have analysed behaviours of witnesses (or pairs of people) of whom some had a foreknowledge of a possible incident involving shooting and others did not have any foreknowledge. This table shows the people selected for my analysis and a list of units of behaviour considered. All details and footnotes are in my essay: https://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com/2021/03/28/symptoms-of-foreknowledge/ It seems to me that Osw
  6. Calvin: it would be useful if you elaborated on your question a bit more. Why it is important to answer your question? Is there any lead relevant to the JFKA case that would become evident if your question is answered?
  7. John: you cannot know how "portly" the man wearing a black suit and a tie was without seeing his full figure. This man in Altgens6 (Shelley) was looking in direction of the Records Building and slightly upwards. Thus, his trunk was bent slightly backwards and his chest was a bit more open compared to if he stood straight or look down. The reason why this man in Altgens6 is Shelley refers to both the visual data (there was only one man in the doorway in black suit and a tie and Shelley happened to be dressed exactly this way on that day) and the existing witness testimonies. Shelley
  8. It should be also pointed out that Len Osanic has also invited Barry Ernest who was able to respond to John Armstrong's hoax allegation. The podcast was posted on Blackop Radio on March 4: https://blackopradio.com/pod/black1032.mp3 It is very instructive to listen to both podcasts, Armstrong's and Ernest's. Well done to Blackop Radio for offering an opportunity for a rebuttal to Barry Ernest.
  9. John: you brought these pictures here and asked me to indicate where was Shelley. I knew you would not be satisfied but you cannot say I ignored your request. If you want some more thoughts for brain regarding identification of Shelley in various pictures, please start with Altgens6. Maybe you can agree that Shelley was the man in black (dark) suit wearing a tie who stood on the top landing just behind Lovelady. If you can agree that that man was Shelley, please try to contemplate this: only a couple of seconds elapsed between Altgens6 and Wiegman's stills. Therefore, the man who we
  10. John: I do not want to drag this thread away from Armstrong's questioning Barry Ernest's discovery. I have explained the locations of various Depository employees in Altgens6, Wiegman and Darnell in my previous posts. Therefore, I would only refrain to answering your question as to where is Shelley in Wiegman and Darnell in your insets. Please find here your edited picture with arrows pointing to Shelley. I have also pointed to Williams because Williams stood in front and below Shelley, therefore, his figure obstructs part of Shelley's figure. A small detail: Williams swapped arms t
  11. John: the point is that Vicky Adams did not say she has seen Lovelady and Shelley when she and Sandra Styles went down the stairs and reached the first floor. These girls did not see Marrion Baker and Roy Truly either. Barry Ernest investigated this conundrum until he solved it. Vicky Adams confirmed to Barry Ernest repeatedly she did not see Shelley and Lovelady while on their way out. The alleged encounter between Adams&Styles and Shelley&Lovelady got into the Warren Report by mistake. Vicky Adams's corrected testimony for the Warren Commission never got into the published Heari
  12. Well, John Armstrong's interpretation of the immediate aftermath of the shooting is a very sad story. Rather, it is a mad story. It has the sole purpose of making Armstrong's escape plan working. To make his nonsensical escape plan working, Lovelady (!) needed to be conspirator, Shelley too, the electric power needed to be shut off right before arrival of the motorcade, both men needed to make sure to switch on the power again so that the passenger lift can be used to transport two shooters from the sixth floor to the 1st floor, to this end the wooden floor needed to be dismantled and restore
  13. Jim: thanks for posting the link to your review, it is extremely useful and it would only make a good service to this book if it would have included it as a foreword. I can now revisit the book and read the important bits in a focused way. On a more general note, while it is necessary that the community has high experts on JFK archives, the question is what breakthrough can we expect from sifting through the archives. As pointed out in your review and by others, there are documented holes in the archived documents, especially in documents pertaining to Lee Oswald and his stay in Sovi
  14. Keyvan: This looks like an impressive visualisation of the frontal head shot. Would you please post also the original frame which you or the researcher you credited started from so that people could reproduce this finding. While the dark spot(s) appears to be at the right location, the challenge is always to separate a true object (e.g., the entry wound) from noise of different origins that can cause similarly looking shapes. For instance, Jackie has also a dark spot to the left of her nose and just below her eye that looks like a depression (wound) on her face. One way of adding to
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