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  1. Tyree's affidavit and his criminal case are quite extraordinary. http://freepacifica.savegrassrootsradio.org/crackcia/tyree.html Thanks to Calvin for pointing to this case.
  2. Here is some more information on William M. Tyree. https://www.cofc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/Williams.Tyree111909.pdf This does not question the validity of information pertaining to JFK assassination provided by Bill Tyree. The role of Ruth Paine in fishing vulnerable people for the CIA as described in the affidavit could happen. However, Lee Oswald was not in Dallas in 1957-1958 if I remember correctly, he was still in New Orleans. But people may not remember years and this is a 2nd-hand information anyway, so even if the years 1957-1958 would be a mistake, it
  3. As far as I understand the past posts on this topic, there are reasons, based on the intuitively extended trajectory of Baker's run, to think that Baker ran toward the east corner of the Depository first instead to the main entrance (glass door). However, he would then return immediately to the main entrance and enter the building. The run toward the east corner could cause a delay in Baker's entering the building of some 15-20 seconds. So, whether Baker ran first to the east corner or not, he would anyway enter the building through the door with Wesley Frazier standing next to the same door.
  4. The point some researcher often use to question the possibility of Lee Harvey Oswald being outside just after the last shot rang out is that there are no eyewitnesses who would confirm Oswald's presence or Prayer Man's identity. The problem is that the question of Prayer Man's identity had surfaced so late after the assassination that there are almost no living witnesses who could confirm or refute this possibility. One living witness who could shed light on Prayer Man's identity is Buell Wesley Frazier. There seem to be issues with Mr. Frazier's reports about people in the doorway after
  5. There is nothing wrong in being cautious when analysing pictures downloaded from a public domain. I hope we will one day get access to a high-resolution, high-quality, certified copies of both the Darnell and Wiegman film.
  6. This picture seems to be the closest to the time when Prayer Man had been photographed in the Depository doorway. It seems that Lee Oswald wore a silver band above his left wrist and nothing else. Unfortunately, Prayer Man's left wrist des not seem to be visible in Darnell; it would be an excellent clue as to the identity of Prayer Man.
  7. John: agreed. Both Prayer Man and Lee Oswald had hairline patterns of the same category - Type II according to Norwood's classification of male baldness patterns (Norwood, O.T., Male pattern baldness: Classification and incidence. Southern Medical Journal, 11: 1359-1365, 1975).
  8. Sandra Styles was interviewed by authors Zachry and Peterson for their book: The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Texas Stories about JFK Assassination" on July 3 and 12, 2016 (Chapter 27). The quotes below denote an authentic statement by Mrs. Styles: Styles recalled years later: “The workers [like Oswald] all wore jeans and work shirts with their shirt sleeves rolled up. Some would wear khakis or other kinds of work pants.” I have underlined the most relevant part of Styles' statement. So, Oswald was a worker and he wore a shirt with sleeves rolled up. Let us check how Prayer Man woul
  9. I read this book (The Lone Star Speaks...) by picking chapters of interest rather than reading it from the beginning to the end. I find this book interesting, important and timely. In a way, it feels like a continuation of Larry Sneed's book: "No more silence. An oral history of the assassination of President Kennedy". No doubt about Authors having archived their interviews. It is not usual to post all audio recordings from interviews for download on some server. I trust the Authors that they can backup all statements by authentic data. Actually, they have tried to verify witness accounts whe
  10. There are a couple of stunning new pieces of data from Buell Wesley Frazier in the recently published book "The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Texas Stories About JFK Assassination" by K.W. Zachry and S. Paterson. https://www.amazon.com/Lone-Star-Speaks-Stories-Assassination/dp/1610881923/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Lone+star+speaks&qid=1609408367&s Chapter 25 reports data from three interviews with Buell Wesley Frazier conducted by the Authors on three occasions: May 15 and May 30, 2015, and January 29, 2019. One stunning information conveyed by Buell Wesley Frazier
  11. Here is a link to a new interview with Buell Wesley Frazier on "Since We're On The Subject", recorded on November 22, 2020. The interview also includes Rob Frazier, Buell Wesley Frazier's son, who added useful information about the upcoming book "Steering Truth". The book was scheduled for publication about now, however, the publication date has been delayed due to the pandemic. The topic of JFK assassination starts at 11:44. Timeline: 11:44 The topic of JFK is first mentioned. 13:20 Buell Wesley Frazier is first mentioned. 18:20 The interview starts. Bla
  12. I now see that Douglas has posted a link to Part 1 only. Here is the link for Part 2: https://youtu.be/6DvfmbfejAA
  13. I watched these two documentaries a couple days ago already, and I am still thinking them over, and playing some bits again. While the basic premise of the CIA rogue case officers plotting to kill the President and using Lee Oswald as a scapegoat appears sound and very likely to be true, there are also some missing links and maybe even inaccuracies. One point not made clear is how did Lee Oswald come to the decision to assassinate General Walker and what was De Mohrenschildt's role in this decision. How could he know about Lee's shooting at General Walker if Lee appeared to be taken
  14. Joseph: thanks for pointing to this interesting book that also addresses Jack Ruby's role in the assassination. It is a rare collector item and prohibitively expensive on Amazon. However, I managed to find a link to a PDF of this book: https://ia800204.us.archive.org/8/items/OglesbyCarlTheYankeeAndCowboyWar/Oglesby, Carl - The Yankee and Cowboy War.pdf
  15. Sorry, why do we need a thread on US election on this Forum if none of the posts mention JFK?
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