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  1. Hello Jim:

    do you know about David Josephs? I miss his presence on the Forum, and have checked his last access. It was January 4. I hope David is all right. I would be grateful for letting me know if you know.

    Best wishes




  2. I can confirm that the delay in response to a noxious impact to the skin (not mentioning the impact of a gunshot) of 2 seconds is an order longer than the electrophysiological data in healthy humans. A noxious stimulus impacting the skin will cause a brain response within 200 ms (actually the first cortical response can be seen as early as 140-160 ms) and an involuntary motor response to noxious impact occurs in about the same latency (around 200 ms or shorter). This early response is called the motor withdrawal reaction and it is mediated by the spinal cord. Thus, if there was an abrupt moti
  3. The problem with the official version is that it is sufficient to identify just one glaring problem and the whole theory crumbles. For me this problem is that Lee Oswald could not enter the second floor lunchroom by a route involving the stairwell on the north of the building. First, he could be seen through the narrow door window on the door leading to the lunchroom from the stairwell platform from one location, and that location was just in front of the last step on the stairs exiting to the second floor. While this was possible, there is always a history to any action: Roy Truly was st
  4. Denis: my point was that Mr. Frazier did not even mention his HSCA interview in his autobiography, while he did mention Clay Shaw trial (and of course, his Warren Commission testimony). It certainly could be the case that he did not receive either the tape or the transcript, however, he still could at least mention it and give some details.
  5. Vince: But this is also the strength of this book in the sense of deterring the assassination researchers to ask questions and seek answers from Mr. Frazier. It is just an autobiography after all. As I understand from the silence on his Facebook page, Mr. Frazier has no intention to answer questions. And there are so many. On page 52, Mr. Frazier writes about being invited by his coworkers in the Depository to go for a beer together to the Carousel Club. Who were these coworkers? No answer, unfortunately. As I mentioned before, Buell Wesley Frazier was interviewed for the H
  6. I am not the judge here, and never was in a situation even remotely resembling Buell Wesley Frazier's experience during the day of assassination, however, it is a fact that he chopped off from his relevant testimonies (such as the one for the Warren Commission) both his encounter with a man with a rifle who was leaving the assassination scene and his sighting of Lee Oswald who clearly had to leave from the back of the building, not via the main entrance a few minutes after the assassination. Had he mentioned the presence of a man with a rifle in that critical area and so close to the shooting,
  7. John: It was the Buell Wesley Frazier who said that, I explained it clumsily (I will correct this bit in my previous post). Let me quote from the book, page 163: "As I explained earlier, after the president's motorcade sped off, Mr. Shelley and Billy took off to the grassy knoll area. I walked down to the bottom of the steps, where I had been standing, and I looked toward the triple underpass. I figured I'd walk down to find Mr. Shelley and Billy to see if the knew anything. I walked just twenty yards before I realized there was no way going to find them. As I paused to turn
  8. I have completed my reading of Mr. Frazier's book. The book is an autobiography and describes a lot of family events in a very private and humble way. One can only sympathise with Mr. Frazier and appreciate his sharing of many private details with his readers. For us, the assassination buffs, the book does raise a number of questions. There are several points necessitating more probing. One is the complete lack of any mentioning of his interview for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The House Select Committee on Assassination (1976-1978) recognised the importance of Buell
  9. This is a very detailed interpretation of the events surrounding the assassination and Lee Oswald. But the devil is in the detail: your theory assumes three people to be on the sixth floor, including Lee Oswald. How could all these people escape given that neither Vicki Adams with Sandra Styles, nor Mrs. Garner heard or saw anyone. Mrs. Garner positioned herself to the stairway on the fourth floor and she witnessed Baker and Truly going up the stairs. Thus, there was no time for anyone to descend with rifles in their arms during about 2 minutes after the shooting, let alone three people. It wa
  10. 🥇 ... and the rest is your battle, good luck in it!
  11. I am afraid that we will not hear more from Mr. Frazier than what wrote on his Facebook page: "I 100% have no idea who this person is. I can tell you 100% that is not Lee Harvey Oswald". He gives two reasons: One, he simply knows this to be true. But how can he know and what reason leads him to say that he knows this to be true? It sounds more like following a collective agreement about who stood in the doorway. Second, Mr. Frazier thinks that this person has a much larger frame than Lee. But here, I am afraid, he relies on reading from a photograph, and as unhumble as it may sound, I see no r
  12. Tony: Sure, the only thing missing is who in Mr. Frazier's opinion this man was. Mr. Frazier seems to be genuinely surprised that somebody had stood in his vicinity during the seconds after the shooting. Mr. Frazier was not aware of the presence of this man standing next to him and it therefore, could be anybody, including Lee Oswald. However, Mr. Frazier was not even aware that a police officer walked through the glass door while he was still in the doorway, so it does not surprise me he could not recall seeing Prayer Man who behaved inconspicuously and spent only a short time in the doo
  13. More on connecting the dots. Does Oswald's/Prayer Man's behaviour reveal a foreknowledge of some kind of an incident supposed to happen during the motorcade? I have analysed behaviours of witnesses (or pairs of people) of whom some had a foreknowledge of a possible incident involving shooting and others did not have any foreknowledge. This table shows the people selected for my analysis and a list of units of behaviour considered. All details and footnotes are in my essay: https://thejfktruthmatters.wordpress.com/2021/03/28/symptoms-of-foreknowledge/ It seems to me that Osw
  14. Calvin: it would be useful if you elaborated on your question a bit more. Why it is important to answer your question? Is there any lead relevant to the JFKA case that would become evident if your question is answered?
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