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  1. The only wound that WC Exhibit 399 is consistent with is the shallow wound of entry to the president's back.
  2. By coincidence I recently happened upon a voice recording made in the oval office by JFK on this very subject, (specifically his reaction to the news of the Diem assassination(s)). This is great stuff. Thanks Doug!
  3. To Agent Hill... Thank you sir for your bravery and dedication to duty. The heroism you displayed on November 22, 1963 can never be overstated. Few, if any of us here could duplicate your actions under those circumstances. You are a true American hero! God bless.
  4. Paul, While I agree that there was damage to the limousine's windshield, I am not convinced that a bullet or bullet fragment(s) actually penetrated it completely. My theory, based on the available evidence, is that the third shot fired from the TSBD missed. I believe this bullet struck the chrome trim above the windshield just to the right of center. Looking closely at the photo below you can see that there is a smooth, circular hole in the center of the dent created upon impact. It is my assertion that this third shot missed high as a direct result of the d
  5. I have considered this possibility in terms of trajectory and the resulting path through the body, but my main objection would be that a sniper would never attempt a shot from that distance, regardless of caliber, that would first have to penetrate a windshield before striking a target seated several feet away.
  6. I'm afraid Mr. Butler may be correct in his initial response. Although my intentions were honorable, it appears I was grossly mistaken. My apologies to those forum members who took the time, in good faith, to examine my findings. And many thanks to Mr. Davidson for his fine work on the Zapruder film, (I am well acquainted with his work). In the future I believe I will let the photographic analysis lie in the hands of those who have the technical expertise. At the very least this thread may give those who perhaps have not seen Mr. Davidson's work an opportunity to pursue it, (I would
  7. Chris, The most prominent part of the image in these frames appears to be the head/shoulders of an individual just above the top of the fence that is moving downwards, (ducking beneath the fence), and quickly turning and moving to the right. In frame 475 I believe I have what might be the last frame that shows him in profile view. The Bell film appears to show the same "ducking" movement as seen from the opposite side of the fence, (filmed from south side of Elm St.).
  8. Chris, I've done a lot of target shooting. I am 5' 9" tall. I did a quick test. I stood holding a rifle with the barrel perfectly horizontal, (no upward or downward angle). The bottom of my barrel was at 4' 10" from the floor. Unless the person standing behind the fence was considerably taller, (say over 6'), even a fence less than 5' tall could pose a problem, (especially when you consider there would have been a downward trajectory required). I do agree that the breeze was moving the leaves quite a bit and caused the same effect regarding the reflected light, but the movement I saw
  9. John, Take a look at David Josephs' post on the first page. That pretty much sums it the point I was trying to make. This is a part of the Zapruder film that I feel has been largely overlooked by most researchers. There is movement in these frames at the location I enlarged. We cannot ignore the fact that witnesses reported seeing a puff of smoke in this area. Nor can we ignore the fact that police officers directed to this location found evidence that someone had in fact been pacing, smoking cigarettes, and at some point had used the bumper of a vehicle and a horizontal fence
  10. Fantastic work David. Far beyond my abilities. This should place him very close to the spot where the muddy footprints, cigarette butts, and mud up on the bumper of the station wagon and fence rail were discovered.
  11. John, Even an abstract painting would require a subject. What would you suggest the "subject" to be in this photo? Also, keep in mind that I enlarged this portion of the frame because of movement seen in the film.
  12. Play the entire sequence of Zapruder's view of the picket fence and watch for movement in the area designated by the box at the far right. This is the area I enlarged.
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