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  1. Chuck, Thanks for noting the Lisa Pease appearance tonight. It should also be great. I changed the topic title for easy notification. My notes on Jim D.'s interview by Richard Syrett are forthcoming. The Stone-DiEugenio documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass is in great demand all over Europe, and even Russia and parts of Asia. Everywhere but here. I am sure there is immense interest here in the US. What can break the dam of M$M (thanks, Niederhut) hegemonic control? Bribes? Begging?
  2. I can't believe this isn't noted here in the JFKA Debate. Jim is on with guest host Richard Syrett, hands down the best host for all things coup d'etat. And the bad thing about C to C is they don't archive their shows like all Jim's excellent interviews with Dave Emory, etc. You have to pay to be a C to C member. So if you're not a member, and you didn't hear it live, you missed it.
  3. One last thing, Robert. Your logic that, since DC mentions Alien Presence, all his other contributions are worthless, "lost ALL credibility," is one of the most elementary errors. I forget the Latin name at the moment, but it's as bad or worse than ad hoc, ergo propter hoc. (Sp?) It's as if you tried to call someone on the phone, but you misdialed or he didn't answer, so you contend the telephone does not exist. An egregious, though common, error in JFKA research. I find it incredible that the James DiEugenio/Joan Mellon faction of the research community thinks LBJ was NOT a prime mover in his predecessor's demise. But their other contributions are invaluable; their one blind spot does not obviate that at all.
  4. Robert, I have bit my tongue lo these many months you have polluted this site with your snotty, ignorant, idiotic, irrelevant, red-herring, fear-mongering swill. But this pushed me over the edge. Doug Caddy is a witness to history the likes of which I have never heard of. His new memoir, Being There, is aptly, modestly titled. He should call it Being EVERYWHERE. He was at the very beginnings of many important conservative movements. I believe Young Americans for Freedom and the National Review to name just two. (NB: I am going from memory for this comment, so I may be off on some details, but the gist of it is understated. At the moment, I don't have the time to research this to try to educate a dumb bunny like you.) Then there are the historic Americans he has known well, E Howard Hunt and Billy Sol Estes to name a couple very relevant to the JFKA debate. Doug was living in a New York apartment of a very historic, cultural, non-political figure when our dear Jack had his brains shot out on an American street. I can't remember the name at the moment; some big talent in serious music I believe, not my bag unless it's me Boomer tunesters. He got the news from a tickertape, I believe, and was the first to notify the Rockefeller administration. (Sheese, I'm mangling this.) Lawyer/ lobbyist for General Mills in DC at a very critical time. E H Hunt's lawyer when Watergate broke, defied Judge John Sirica over not IDing someone or other. Sent to jail for it for a little while. Then there are Doug Caddy's contributions to this site. Just his current/news type links are beyond compare. Nowhere else do I get such a wealth of those.Then there are his other contributions, too extensive to go into here. Doug's most amazing talent, IMHO, is his ultra-lawyerly skill of speaking off the cuff, which is reflected in his writing. He is as brief as possible, not a wasted word. He cannot be distracted off the subject. He is as colorful as John Barbour but way more informative per minute, and, as I say, completely undistractable. Witness his appearances on Coast to Coast. I have never heard anything like them. There's much more, but this is running on and I need to say something about this "Alien Presence" that you keep blowing your nose on. One, there are many credible researchers who have amassed evidence of patterns of phenomena that cannot be explained by our science. Charles Berlitz, of the language school family, is about my favorite. Check out his books on the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Triangle. He allows readers to draw their own conclusions, for the most part. He has NOTHING about UFOs and other boilerplate ET movie nonsense. I have seen in at least two other topics where you have immediately distracted the debate with your irrelevant sneering at something you saw in some stupid movie. That, to you, is what the Alien Presence is all about. It's snot. There is also a good case to be made that Mother Earth is a sentient organism of some type we don't understand. I believe Berlitz came to a conclusion like that. Last thing: if you're going to be a supercilious blowhard, can you at least learn simple written English? In the last sentence of yours above, you have "its" when it should be "it's" the contraction of IT IS. In the sentence before that, you have the possessive "its" as "it's" (remember hers, ours, yours does not take an apostrophe - the possessive is in the form) and you have the plural of a family name with the idiotic, WRONG apostrophe, as if it's the possessive. Man, my 6th grade English teacher would have browbeaten us half to death if we wrote at that 3rd grade level. And you do it consistently, repeatedly. Oh and by the way, that boogeyman Antifa is coming down your chimney dressed as Santa Claus. They're right behind you! Be afraid, be very afraid. PS: Thank you so much, seriously, for reminding me to order his book. If only to clarify, for me, Doug Caddy's and America's amazing history. PPS RE there/their/they're, do you EVER use the right one? I mean, if I were to read your garbage, it would take twice as long just to figure out what you're trying to say.
  5. Caption 1: "We gonna crucify 'at boy." due to the cross-shape over Kennedy's right temple; or Caption 2: "Leading the lambs to slaughter," because Jackie's holding innocent little Lambchop (you can see the hand-puppet very well if you magnify this very clear picture) with her left hand AND the President with her right hand. This was practically poor innocent Jackie's first domestic political/election trip EVER; or Caption 3: "Next victim for the shooting gallery!" the way they cleared a path for the poor guy. Connally, in rear 3/4 view, can still be seen to be scowling or grimacing, just not looking happy for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Host governor in his home state escorting the sitting president and leader of his party. Yet the whole trip, JBC is looking like he's getting a series of rabies shots while farting in church. He ain't comfortable. Also he's leaning on the roof support, in true slacker fashion. Didn't get a good sleep last night, and he has to save his energy for "the fireworks" as Jack Ruby so aptly put it. Who took this picture? It's quite professional. Too bad the professional reporters and photographers got moved to the back of the parade.
  6. Douglas, thanks for the heads-up. Strange thing, George Noory is the last to have seen Hoffa alive. The last to admit it anyway. He has told the story many times on Coast to Coast: he met Jimmy at the Detroit radio station where he worked, kept talking with him after the interview, walked him out to his car. Hoffa was never seen again, not by anyone who admitted it. A story rarely mentioned in assassination literature: fairly early when Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General, he sort of ordered Jimmy Hoffa to come to his office, made an appointment. RFK was very late, something like 45 minutes, if memory serves. When he finally sashayed in with his big sloppy Newfoundland (name Beau Brummel?) JH immediately grabbed him by his collars, lifting him off his feet, and pinned the US AG (!) against filing cabinets. With a few choice words, though not loudly. The lawyer with Hoffa rushed up and got between the two and it was over, as quickly as it had begun. Bobby acted like "no harm, no foul."
  7. Thanks for this, Ron B. Disproportionately, ex-military is responsible for these crazy shoot-em-ups and mass shootings. They have the most access to weapons, and the most motivation from being told constantly during their "service" that they are the epitome of homo sapiens, and that civilians are "dirtbags", their pet name for us. There's a great new book out, Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America by Kathleen Belew. She's been on C-Span a couple times. She's done the research and notes, brilliantly, that after every war there is a big surge in vigilanteism and KKK-type movements, "survivalism" and all that happy crappy. IMHO it is due to those boys don't want to work, so they talk themselves into believing that the most important job is waging the "just revolution," for which they are coincidentally the best, most fit "heroes" for the "job." The reader of this Dallas article will notice that the make and model of the firearm is omitted, nowhere to be found. Inanimate guns have more rights than we do! Wouldn't want to hurt Armorlite's or NRA's feelings. Gun carnage reporting rarely identifies the gun(s) used. Or a mere mention is buried under a mountain of detritus. As one of Early Cuyler's hats says, "Guns don't kill people, they just make it a whole lot easier." And a whole lot more cowardly, few seem to note. Going up against unarmed men, women and children must make the modern American "urban-soldier" feel all the braver, befitting this insanity we find ourselves in. The semi-automatic rifles, assault or otherwise, are way more deadly than the Thompson machine guns that were outlawed nearly a hundred years ago. One, they are much lighter so any work-allergic weak slob can carry and wave one around. Two, with all these light, modern, high-capacity clips, it's easy for the p.o.ed slacker to get off hundreds of rounds during his "mission". Less than three years after Kennedy was slaughtered four blocks from the site of this Earl Cabell Federal Bldg., ol' Charlie Whitman, ex-mil., lugged his arsenal up a tower at a Texas university and laid waste. This was the first of the modern mass killings. And don't forget the horrific injuries. The Connally Commission followed. Ron B., you ask: Is this what JFKA has wrought? I figure it's like the chicken and the egg. Did this government paralysis that makes us unable to do what every other wealthy nation has done, cause JFKA? Or the other way around? They both evolved together.
  8. James: I have to hit the hay. I did a brief search. There are a few pics of the dent in the rearview mirror. CE 350 shows it sort of accidentally; it's trying to be a photo of the windshield crack from the front of the car. That's where the mirror damage is seen many times, from various pics of the front side of the windshield. Pam Brown has some good essays about the damage, mirror noted often. As for the ashtray that was between the Connallys hanging on the back of the front seat, I've looked for a photo of that lately. I know I have seen it but haven't been able to find it in a long time. I'm thinking Groden. Livingston? High Treason? One problem with googling both of these dents, the back-and-forth about whether there's a through-and-through hole in the windshield seems to take up all the space. IMO there was no shot THROUGH the glass. I'm such a computer dumbkopf, the only way I know how to do it is a laborious way through bookmarks in these postings. In brief, the mirror damage is commonly seen, though not easily found except in pics of the front side of the windshield. The ashtray-plate dent is noted in many places in text, but it seems like years since I saw a photo of it.
  9. DVP, CE 567 and CE 569 had no flesh or blood on them. This is impossible for the damage the original bullet was supposed to have done to Kennedy's head. Another insurmountable with that WC scenario: the angle from JFK's head to the windshield frame, which is practically flat. But the vertical angle from the "sniper's nest" to the head was 18 to 20 degrees. And practically no angle side to side. Are you saying the bullet ricocheted off his head like off a rock? In that case the bullet would have lost too much force to have caused all that damage on that chrome-plated steel, which is unbelievably hard. And that chrome had no blood and brains in the dent. This is all so physically impossible. More impossible than the SBT. And this nettles: there is no "David Lifton's crazy 'ALL Shots Came from the Front' theory". In the last few years, he has come around to "All shots THAT HIT JFK came from the front." Big difference. Coincidentally, that's the same as me -- all shots, three, that hit JFK came from the front. I say two from left front, and one from right front. And it's also much different than all shots, one or (more likely) two, that hit JBC came from the far right rear. And the shot that bounced all around the windscreen area came from that same right rear. Then there were other shots that missed the limo, but let's leave it at those simple five or six shots that hit inside the presidential car. PS to DVP: this could be one of your many Eureka moments that leads you to the realization that this was an obvious, massive plot. Ozzie, that great American hero who tried to stop the murder of democratic sovereignty, could have shot John Con from the other end of TSBD (for aiding and abetting the plot, along with LHO's personal beefs), but there is no way he could have fired the other shots from at least three other locations. It's all simple physics. When all the genuine physical evidence is admitted. So it still obeys Occam's Razor. Simple, but not impossibly simple like the geocentric universe.
  10. Add to "dented front chrome windshield frame, the cracked windshield itself, and the dented dashboard" the much-neglected dent in the rearview mirror backside (which faces front). Other than the dashboard damage, the other three damages are in somewhat of a line. I believe these were all caused by a Carcano shot from the WEST end of TSBD. Which large fragments, CE567 and 569 were found in the front seat compartment. And, after exploding JFK's head, supposedly, there was absolutely no blood or flesh on those fragments or in all the damages in the windshield areas. Because they hit no body. As Joe Bauer notes, "...that dent (in the chrome-plated steel windshield trim) has an entry angle that looks as if it came in more from the right, versus a straight on angle..." Eureka. There's another problem, the vertical angle, which I'll address to David Von Pein's post. ALSO, there is another damage to the limo, also much-neglected: "...a severe dent in the lower left corner of the chrome panel surrounding the ashtray in the back of the front seat." (p. 245 in J. Fetzer's Assassination Science, Part IV, section "The Wounding of Governor John Connally" by Ron Hepler) I believe this was also by a Carcano bullet originating from the same place, no more than two windows east of the West end of TSBD. The great angle, 20 to 25 degrees right to left through Gov. Con.(just like the round that first struck the chrome windshield frame), eliminates the "sniper's nest" (6th floor SE window) as where that bullet came from, as well.
  11. Back in the day, I too like Robert Harper and Joe Bauer, admired Buckley's style and erudition. I watched Firing Line with the other Sunday political shows, and religiously; it was my church. I figured that with WFB I was getting "the other side." Then in the Reagan years I had a major epiphany that was also a return to the anti-war epiphany of the late sixties, early seventies. The Repubs lambasted Carter and the Dems for allowing a 900 billion national debt to accrue. (Can you say Vietnam?) Then RWR proceeded to triple that debt, and GHWB quadrupled it, by the official numbers. (It was actually worse than that.) My epiphany: the entire nation, esp. the media, will listen blithely while the Pugs criticize everyone to the left of Attila the Hun, and then proceed to be much worse on those exact same issues; I realized then that the American military complex takes every spare shekel, and some that aren't spare, and makes them all disappear into that black magic maw that we ridiculously call "defense." Reagan's Star Wars ambition was when I absolutely Lost It. Americans are the most absolutely politically STUPID creatures who ever existed and who will ever exist. And it's a one-sided, selective stupidity. The right wing can and do get away with anything. When the putsch of generals and robber barons against FDR was exposed, coprocephalic, coprophagic America collectively said, "Aw, 'at's jus' baws bein' baws. No damage done, nothing to see here." And on and on. The American far-right can rob and murder with impunity. Then in 2005, I started investigating the Kennedy and King killings. That was epiphany number three. It was, maddeningly, much worse than I imagined. Around 2007, having built an impressive JFK library, I came across a Best of National Review volume, the fifties and sixties, at a used bookstore. It was dirt cheap, so I thought i'd check it out to see what Billy Bugeye had to say about the events centered around 11/22/63. You may find this hard to believe, but there was not one word about it. I realized what a filthy, pretentious rag was The Nat Rev. The American brand of "conservatism" (which is the opposite of historic conservatism which believed in CONSERVATion and only absolutely necessary wars) may be fiscally dumb as a fence post, but they are bloody geniuses at knowing when and how to ignore. That old saw "The sins of omission are as bad as the sins of commission" means nothing to idiot America anymore. Billy (Crazy-as-Bed-) Bugs, dripping with snot, was the chief mouthpiece and whore for America's high-class thieves and killers. And Billy Bugs was godfather to all but one of E. Howard Hunt's children. They had a little mutual admiration society going, EHH for WFB's Old Money patrician entree, and WFB for EHH's cloak-and-dagger, James Bond, non-existent fantasy. Of the two, only E. Howard had the guts and integrity to make amends. Every word of his "Confessions" to St. John Hunt may not be absolutely perfect, scientific history. That's due to compartmentalization. But it's an honest effort and probably the best we'll ever have from one of the major players. WFB, Jr. wanted EVERYTHING removed about JFK that was good and true. There is no hatred like internecine religious hatred. Billy Bugeye was a different kind of Catholic than the JFK kind. No one hated JFK as much as the secretive, right-wing, money-worshiping wing of Romish Catholicism. Billy Bugs was their leader.
  12. I got on Coast to Coast last night around 4:45 AM. I was surprised they took me so late; I hardly had to wait to get on. Ian Punnett was the guest host (what an apparent oxymoron, ey?). IP was very receptive to me telling about this historic petition/statement. And he gave me a good lead. He said he periodically checks on the Daily Mail websites, both the American and British versions, because they tend to be a good barometer of popular preferences.
  13. Cabal/Coup Logians, Two big things: One, several hours ago, it was announced that President Trump is giving a public address today at 3 PM***. There's a lot on The Donald's plate with the shutdown and all, but I think it's possible he will slip in something about this world petition to Congress to re-investigate the assassinations of the 1960s. He needs something different right now, if only to divert some attention from self-inflicted misery. And he may want to beat John Simkin et al. to the punch, so to speak. Two, I got an idea somewhere on the web while I was surfing looking for early news about the petition. Somehow I got the idea that many regular people are calling their local newspapers and TV/radio informing them that this petition is about to break. Something along the lines of, "Ah, I don't know if you guys are aware of this, mighta got buried in all the same-old, but there's this historic statement/petition being put out today, I think out of England, and it's signed by all these leading scientists, authors, journalists, musicians (is McCartney on there?), and other artists. I think big actors. You know anything about it?" I am going to call my local paper later today. Three, the brilliant timing of this statement, releasing the statement late Saturday. In the States, the Sunday newspapers and Sunday morning political shows will have this info right on time. It'll be fresh. AND it's MLK Day Monday, it is now MLK weekend. I know it's right there at the start of this topic, but what perfect timing, ey? ***Sorry, it was 4 PM, and Agent Orange was of course a few minutes late, in his own house! Drumpfilstiltthinskin made not one mention of the 800,000 federal workers laid off without pay. Oh, and what an innocent naif I am for thinking Hair Furor would mention anything about this petition, or anything that is not his narcissistic self.
  14. Ron B., (No, this should be addressed to Joe Bauer***) Thanks for that. As Kitty Kelley said in many interviews about her sinatra book, he raised big bucks for all Presidents. That's what made him untouchable in this land of lazy, easy-buck, dollar-worshiping politics. The presidents were beholden to him. Sinatra sued Kelley in 1983 over the book. No dice. Hah! Sometimes the system works. ***Ron and Joe, I don't know why I addressed this to Ron when I meant to address Joe. I think it's because you guys both have an amazing knack of relating the macro and micro to the actual yesterday and today. Goes to show that one should not pull an all-nighter. One tends to make obvious mistakes. We cool?
  15. John Simkin: "You too will have a chance to add your name to this powerful statement." David Talbot: "... to this historic petition." Dumb question: Where does one add one's name to this petition? I tell you, the fever is ready to break for this disease that has robbed the blood, sweat, and tears of my generation, The Boomers. Pretty much all the perps have died, esp. with GHW Bush biting the dust. Even David Rockefeller, recipient of about seven live human heart transplants, is gone at age 104. BUT it's important that this be done fairly soon (at least get the ball rolling), while those of us who were sapient by the end of 1963 are still alive. We saw the changes up close and personal. We are both the litmus test and the beneficiary for this whole mess being admitted. For Pete's sake, we already know 99,000 of the 100K pieces of the puzzle that is the coup d'etat of the 1960s, Democracy Terrorized. And the other thousand pieces are coming in clear. IMHO what is needed is a committee of various experts to nail it down. Many of the great works have been done like that, the King James Version of the Bible, most of the plays of Shakespeare, the compilation of the New Testament, and the greatest effort of all: the Athenian Society's translation of Aristophanes. All these committees were anonymous, or at least tried to stay anonymous. Lots of problems averted that way. P.S. To those of you who say, "Yeah, well, the War Con was a committee and you see what a crappy job they did." ---- It was a very purposeful crappy job. They couldn't have peddled that garbage any "better" than they did. It's "masterful".
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