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  1. David A., So true about layers of meaning in the Beatle lyrics, as in any good poetry. And you put it very well. You and Ron B. and Kirk G. are so helpful pointing in the right direction, giving me new sources. Though, I tell ya, the more I look at different Beatle resources on the web and in books, the more I'm seeing that virtually NO ONE touches on what I see: TWA is all about America's slide into fascism. Oh wait a minute, we're not allowed to discuss things like layers and meanings and spoofs and myth-making because that's like dissecting a rabbit or some other living animal,
  2. (cont.) The White Album: A Treatise on America's Slide into Fascism Side One, Track 3 3. "Glass Onion" Lennon called one of his joke songs. He said it means "not having to think." The man's love of punning is on full display. A homophone for "the bent back tulips to see how the other half lives": the bent back two lips. JL was a maniac for puns. His early In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works (two puns right there, that spanner) are much easier to follow than his last collection Skywriting by Word of Mouth and The Ballad of John and Yoko, which has so many per line that i
  3. At the top of the list of Characteristics of American (and Roman) Fascism in the previous post should be: * fear and loathing, Hunter Thompson had it right. How many witnesses in the events of 11/22 in Dallas were intimidated, threatened, beaten, murdered? Had their testimony changed or ignored. Everything in a fascist state is calculated to keep us scared, afraid of everything from crime to impoverishment to illness. TWA Side One cont. "Dear Prudence" is another song banged out quickly at the end
  4. The White Album: A Treatise on America's Slide into Fascism Side One 1. "Back in the USSR" -- A poke in the eye to America's wasteful Cold War competition with the Soviet Union. The jet sound at the beginning is used many times later in other rock songs, most notably in Lesh/Petersen's "Unbroken Chain." "USSR" is a fitting start for the album; George Martin and the Boys liked to start an album and a side with a real upbeat attention-getter. Also, this song's production was pretty much like how they did mo
  5. Ron, I re-listened to "Will It Go Round in Circles." Good song. The opening keyboard to the verses is practically identical to "Song for Frisco" put out a year earlier by Quicksilver M. S. The rest is different, I'm sure someone in the music biz knew how much could be borrowed before it became copyright infringement. Funny thing. And it's some tough ivory-tickling to play.
  6. "...on his wedding ring finger..." Lee was married to the Marines. He loved them from an early age, memorized nearly the entire Marine Corps manual. Of course, the bloom was off the rose in many ways later. As he said at his cousin's Jesuit school in Spring Hill that last summer he lived in Nawlins. But he still loved the heroic IDEAL of USMC. Maybe more at the end of his heroic life. He married a girl named MARINE-uh. How's that for coincidence? The irony must have struck him at some time or another.
  7. Yes, I've known that for years and my pre-adolescent brain has giggled over it for all those years, at least a thousand times. I thought it was obvious that I was using the word(s) in her testimony IN YOUR POST as an excuse to... try to be funny? Also to stress an important part of JFKA. Earlene Roberts' phonemic accuracy was the first fact I learned on this long journey. Thanks so much for bringing it up. That whole scene in Oak Cliff 1-2 PM is a sort of Rosetta Stone of JFKA. And ER's tape-recorder-like reproduction of the killer polices' car horn is still hilarious to a 64-year ol
  8. Mike K., Thanks for that link to the JVB/ J Fetzer blog. The end of the subtitle has it right -- "Lee Harvey Oswald: Patriot, Patsy, and My Personal Hero". Mine too. And down in this article, "...he gave his life trying to save President Kennedy." Nailed it. I've always liked Jim Fetzer. And Judy Baker in this article is spot on.
  9. Vince, OMG, this is my new favorite interview/exposition of JFKA. I listened to it twice, took notes the second time. Then I see the notes below the "play line" or whatever you call it. An economical synopsis, the most you could have squeezed into that space. Your 90 minutes had a lot of words, and not one of them wasted. Wow! And clear as can be. That has to be some kind of record. Random facts that appealed to me: * Emory (not Earlene) Roberts immediately became LBJ's appointment secretary (Dave Powers' old job for JFK) and bodyguard. It was ER with the umbrella over L
  10. seriously, Ozzie figured he was on a very important mission: stop the slaughter of a president who was for the people and decent in every political way. And if he couldn't do that, shoot the Judas/Brutus/Cassius on the ground who made the coup possible. Hint: he was John B. Connelly, who also coincidentally blew him off when he inquired about righting the wrong of besmirching his heroic service with a dishonorable discharge. Which isn't the kind one gets from gonorrhea.
  11. Good photo, Mike K. Isn't that his beloved Marine Corps ring? Maybe he figured it could be a good luck charm, or just something to show he was one of The Good Guys. The Wizard of Ozzeewaldskovitchnikovsky was very proud of his Semper Fi service, and very hurt by the downgrading of his discharge. Aside: I'm always amazed at the military's fondness for jewelry, pretty geegaws, decorations, fancy accoutrements and accessories in general. Like an idle, narcissistic dowager (rich old woman).
  12. Remember, all, the Wizard of Ozwaldskovitch rode Whaley's taxi two blocks past his roominghouse. That busy corner where he was dropped off may have been a potential place for LHO to meet someone he trusted. AND he could see if he had unannounced visitors lying in wait when passing his house. If he had seen arresting officers there at that time, a few minutes before one, he probably would have ducked down in the front seat and feigned tying his shoe. And he had that two block walk back north to check things out. He had Whaley drive him to the intersection with Chichi's Mexican Restaura
  13. There are beatings and there are BEATINGS. He didn't beat his child,and any violence to Cynthia was very minor, if any. She stuck up for him his whole life, felt that Yoko made him look the fool many times. Sound like a woman who was physically wounded? Anyway, Lennon was his own biggest accuser on that score with "Jealous Guy." You bringing up "beatings" reminds me of Oswald being accused of being a wife-beater. Sure he had his moments and I believe he did take Marina's ciggie out her mouth ONCE and touch it to her forearm to show her what she was doing to the baby's lungs. He had begg
  14. Aristotle said, "Politics and ethics are opposite sides of the same coin." Macro and micro. State and individual.
  15. In Joe Bauer's first post in this topic, in Earlene Roberts' testimony, she gives the police car number as 107, "and it was in a black car...not an accident car." There are pictures of Tippit's car at the scene of his murder with the prominent number 10 on the side of a black (and some white) car. That's a very low number for a police force of well over a thousand law officers. At one time a DPD spokesman tried to say that JDT could not have been driving No. 10 because that had been retired, left with a dealer who restored and sold DPD's old cars. But then the pictures surfaced. It DOES l
  16. I'm about to type up a little synopsis of Side One of TWA as a "treatise of America's slide into fascism." If it is not your cuppa, don't read it. Your referring me to the Zen of D T Suzuki is somewhat nettling. You don't know he was an anti-Semitic, fascist freak wrapped in Zen clothing? BTW I brought the Tao of Lao Tzu to Piedmont North Carolina in 1972, for which me former high school mates are still grateful. PS to Martin: maybe you are one of those American chauvinists who cannot bear to see British music getting any kind of spotlight or consideration because you feel it takes so
  17. Mr. Gordon, I will gladly give $20 per month autopay starting in January. Just let us know how.
  18. Jim D., Who said anything about some photo in Dealey Plaza? "Now's the time to say goodnight" for me, so I can't chase down the documentation. But didn't GHW Bush appear at the Tyler Kiwanis at 1:40 PM? Didn't he have use of Joe Zeppa's state-of-the-art jet plane? And there's more but good-night.
  19. Martin B., Very true, TWA is very Aesopian, even Krilovian, chock full of animals. A partial list: walrus, tiger, elephant, sheepdog, blackbird, pig, raccoon, eagle, worm, monkey. Plants as well. And a vast assortment of bipeds. Fables are meant to teach a lesson. We are less angered by criticism when our foibles are illustrated by critters. McCartney's "Mother Nature's Son" is a key to that AND it says that the real author/boss of the album is PM.
  20. Ron, there are many reasons GHWB would want to be in Dealey during the Big Event. A few off the top of me head: * to make sure the backers were getting their money's worth, check on the "mechanics" to make sure they did their "jobs" * for the sheer joy of it; what were all those spooks doing at the corner of Main and Houston? * to say goodbye in a ghoulish way; they hated that Irish ******* * JFK's biggest criticism of the Bay of Pigs was that the big shots were nowhere around. Dulles was in Europe or DC**, I forget which. Bissell and Cabell in absentia. The closest any
  21. Ron, All true except the first clause of the first sentence in the quote above. GHWB was not at the Kiwanis meeting in Tyler "when it happened." He was not there until 1:40, 70 minutes after the gunfire in Dealey. He rushed onto the dais and announced that he would not be making his "planned remarks" because... and then shocked the audience with the news. Mr. Know-It-All. How come he knew, alone of that high-powered assembly? He had use of Joe Zeppa's plane that whole weekend, and man did he use it. 20 minutes max airtime between Redbird and Tyler. Cars at both ends ready to g
  22. A great weight of evil has been lifted off this nation. GHWB was one of the big paymasters of the Coup. That was him in Dealey 12:30. How hard was it for him to get to Tyler using Zeppa's plane? Less than 90 miles as the bird flies. Then he's at Kiwanis giving the "sad, sad news." you bet he knew it well. Lately, I have thought that when GHWB goes, it will be "all clear" for MSM and the general public to admit the Coup. Now that the last of Caesar's slayers is finally dead. We don't have to worry anymore about hurting any of the Murderers' feelings.
  23. INTRO Point 1: The White Album (TWA) had more great musicians than any other original record probably ever had or will have. Nicky Hopkins. Quick trivia question: What keyboardist played on the most rock albums? Nicky Hopkins. His biggest love was Quicksilver Messenger Service. The quintessential studio man broke his rule of not touring to go out with QMS. He played on records by the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Kinks, Who, Jefferson Airplane, all The Beatles in their solo careers, Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Dusty Springfield, Ella Fitzgerald, Carly Simon, Peter Frampton, Nils Lof
  24. Thanks for this photo, Doug, and the blow-up, John. And the discussion, John, Ray, and Joe. There is something so obvious about the faces of the four passengers. Three are smiling, beaming. Those three's eyebrows are lifted in happiness, serenity. The fourth is not like that. His mouth is tight in a very dour scowl. His eyebrows are trying to cover his eyes, they're so low and tight. As in many photos since the party arrived at Love Field, it is obvious that John B. Connally did not know whether to cry, scream, or soil his drawers. Though he is hosting the president of his
  25. Ron, for sure that's what "While My Guitar..." is about. "love there that's sleeping" dormant, gone, for all purposes dead. "floor...needs sweeping" lazy slackers can't take care of even the simplest tasks "how someone controlled you" land of the greed, home of the slave, and we think we're so independent. "they bought and sold you" America is a bunch of whores of the Military Complex "you were diverted" from common decency; "perverted too" 'nuff said, what a shame; "inverted" i. e., reversed from our original goal of freedom and justice; "no one alerted you" = we'
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