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  1. In case anyone hasn't seen the video of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK at Madison Square Garden 5-19-1962, here it is, courtesy of Ronnie Wayne at JFK Facts: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=marilyn+monroe+jfk+happy+birthday&view=detail&mid=5E3A2A147C1E192436225E3A2A147C1E19243622&FORM=VIRE
  2. Every May 29th, it hits me what we were robbed of -- a few more good years of John Kennedy's great humor. Forget Aristophanes, Swift, Rabelais. JFK was the funniest, wittiest man who ever lived. Sure, it was a sharp, dry, biting humor. But it was also kind and gentle and defusing. When Joe, Sr. railed at one of the Kennedy girls for her excessive spending, I mean he went on about it, at a family gathering in front of the whole family. She ran off howling, and she was a tough young lady. When she came back, unknown to everyone, Jack had the anodyne ready: "Don't worry. Everything's fin
  3. It is an often-asked conundrum, "Well, if it was such a massive domestic plot, then why did so many in the know, like Bobby Kennedy, NOT go public with it?" Sure, you have to allow some time for the shock to wear off. Evelyn Lincoln, on the way back to D.C.!, made a list of who she thought responsible. Her first five were: Johnson, Big Oil, Mafia, CIA, Florida Cubans. Why didn't she make some noise while the WARren COmmisioN was going on? She wasn't scared of anything: for herself, that is. Even Jackie's mother, Janet Auchincloss, knew soon after that Lyndon was behind her son-in-law's s
  4. James, Thanks so much for this speech, 11-27-63, brief by Fidel standards. I had never seen it before. IMO, the best line in it is, "In fact, he [Jack Ruby] killed a dead man." For LHO surely would have been executed if found guilty in court. In all the millions of words I've read on the subject, I don't believe I've seen that idea, that thought, expressed so simply. Just one aspect of the preposterousness of the whole case. Castro also lays out the absurdity of Oswald as fanatic, since he didn't take credit as every other fanatical assassin has through history. And the sheer impossibi
  5. Doug, that's a good short and sweet video. Under 4:00, you can't beat that for the modern attention-span. One minor thing that Hager repeats bugs me, if only because it's in a lot of the research on the subject -- that Cord Meyer (surely in on JFKA) was "Mary (Pinchot Meyer)'s HUSBAND." NOT when MPM was trysting at the White House. Cord and Mary divorced in 1958, had been separated a while before that. Their marriage was effectively over when their son was run over by a truck on the little highway in front of their house in 1956. And MPM and JFK probably weren't having their affair until
  6. Vince Palamara, Thank you so much for this review-summary of the latest Hill-McCubbin offering about the Secret Service. Now I don't have to look at it. I get a kick out of your videos critiquing the Blaine-Hill-McCubbin apologia. You really did cause them to come forth with their swill in the early 2000s. No brag, just fact. Also, thanks to you, they have backed off their blame-the-victim excuses. I have a big general question. I would be so grateful for any consideration of it. QUESTION: during the Ike years, 1953 to 1961, do you see a marked "Southernization" of the federal governm
  7. Please don't shoot the suggestion-messenger, but has anyone considered that Prayer Man could be Jack Edwin Dougherty? Random, disparate "evidence": 1. JED has a distinguishing feature, very long arms, like PM. I think this set of pictures is from Bart Kamp #15 of this topic. Notice how much longer PM's arms are than everyone around him, especially in the top center blow-up: http://www.prayer-man.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Prayer-Woman-Dead-and-Buried.jpg other photos of JED: http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/apps/photos/album?albumid=15916912 2. Of all TSBD employees, JED's whereabout
  8. Last night, Clint Hill was on Chris Matthews the last five minutes. Of course he was there to talk about his new book, Five Presidents. He looks great for an 84-year old. There was nothing of any substance about JFKA because Matthews is a dyed-in-the-wool sweep-it-under-the-rugger. Hill waxed nostalgic about how friendly Kennedy was with the agents, knew their birthdays, knew about their families. But old Clint never seemed to get the JFK humor.
  9. Brad #6, you have the Silent Generation pegged to a T, those born 1928 to 1946. A better name for them is the Smirking, Sneering Generation. I'm a great believer in the Theory of Generations in four 18-year chunks for a total cycle of 72 years. BUT remember Aristotle's admonition, "In politics and ethics and all things human, the exception proves the rule." I feel Clint Hill is more forthcoming than the vast majority of those born in 1932. Along with 60-some others at Parkland he said the back of Kennedy's head was blown out and that blood, flesh and brain matter was all over the trunk an
  10. Brad Milch, If Lisa McCubbin appears with Clint Hill, as it appears she will, don't expect any of those good questions to be given any serious consideration. From what I've seen of her co-writing in the Kennedy Detail books and her appearances on C-Span with various Kennedy SSA, she is a guardian at the gate of the Lone Nut Theory. I get the idea CH is being handled when he's at a public forum with McCubbin and his old SS mates. One thing amazing about Clint Hill, he looks as good or better now than he did in the late 1970s. As he is not shy about telling himself, he was drinking and smok
  11. Paul Brancato #8, It appears that no one can prove GJ was in L.A. during RFKA. I removed that from my post above, #6. For years Dan Hardway was pretty sure it was him in the Ambassador ballroom. June 1968 GJ was stationed in Athens (where else?), but how much trouble would it have been for him to fly to the West Coast for a few days? JFK Facts has several good topics about GJ. He's somewhat of a specialty for Jeff Morley.
  12. In her last days Dorothy was palling around with Joan Crawford, of Mommie Dearest and Pepsico infamy. JC really pushed herself onto DK at that time. That sure looks suspicious. After DK wrote an article in 1957 about Frank Sinatra that was only slightly less than worshipful, His Mobster Majesty carried on a vendetta against her that only ended a few months before her death. The psychopathic anger of Old Brew Eyes is unappreciated; perhaps the press is still cowed. As an example having to do with our dear Jack: in a ridiculous fit of rage, FS took a sledgehammer to his fairly new helicopte
  13. That was a GREAT interview. These were striking: -- ONI files were never sent to ARRB. (My guess is they were destroyed like the SS documents RE JFKA.) -- The woman who was putting together the ONI index on LHO was summarily fired. -- The HSCA interview of James Jesus Angleton is missing. -- DiEugenio sounds way more young and vigorous than he should for his age. Maybe in all his research he's discovered some Kennedy Fountain of Youth. In the document dump October 2017, I'll be most interested in seeing the George Joannides files. It's almost inconceivable to me that the CIA guy who w
  14. Jon, one more thing. I have observed that military veterans fall neatly into two groups, unlike anything else in nature or society. Group one sees their service as a rounding experience paid for by American labor, whom they appreciate all the more due to their free globetrotting, housing, grub, clothing, and medical care. Group two is the resentful lunatics. Their pet name for civilians is "dirtbags." They tell themselves they have been "fottin fer are fraydumb," in Confederatese. When really they are too lazy and cowardly to do productive work, which they sneer at.
  15. Jon, I served nearly 30 years in residential construction, and some hospital, factory and warehouse work, then 15 years in education. In short I did the dirty, difficult, dangerous fundamental labor of this nation AND paid for the war-machine through my labor and my various companies' taxes. Also, starting in 1971, I was the five-star general and the buck private of Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. I got them in everywhere, helped them print their underground pape: it was no GI Says, but still. I was, and still am, a real stinker, as we used to say where I grew up in weste
  16. Oh yes, it matters more than ever that President Kennedy was killed. We are controlled by the Radical Right, though most of us don't realize it, like frogs boiled slowly. And there are the masters, our overlords, who prefer it this way and aren't about to ring the clarion bell. We entered a slow-burning Dark Age at the end of 1963. Sort of analogous to the Cold War, not a totally hot conflagration, just a fitful, fits-and-starts descent into that movie, Idiocracy. But as Stan Ridgway sings in Another Lost Weekend, "Things could be worse." To understand our current situation, it's necessa
  17. Paul Trejo #278 (about 10 pages ago), I don't want to harp on this issue that seems so small: about the baggage-handler job offer at Love Field that Ruth withheld from both Lee and Marina. You say, "Ruth wasn't beholden to LHO...(He) now had a job. Period. That was the goal, not to be LHO's personal servant." This is illogical on the face of it. IF RP cared so much about Lee supporting his family, then a much better-paying job is much more support. In today's money, it's the difference between making $7.50/hour and making $10.00 an hour. That's all the difference in the world at the po
  18. Paul Trejo, I must add more rebuttal to your statement in #235 that there was no coup in 1963. On only the subject of the change in US foreign policy, you have probably read Jim DiEugenio's concise article, something like, "Reversal of U. S. Foreign Policy after 1963, EXCEPT Cuba and Vietnam." (because those two have been beaten to death) I'd link it here from my bookmarks, but I'm a techno-moron. Establishment historians do their darnedest to show that there has been nothing but continuity since WWII. And it can appear that way. What America did to Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s looks
  19. Paul Trejo #235. Thanks for that detailed reply. Wow. My re-reply: 1. "The problem was the timing of the TEC agent..." LHO was applying at TSBD when the airport offer came to Ruth's phone and another call came the NEXT DAY when he worked his first day at the book warehouse. Lee was not beholden to Roy Truly (hence to Ochus V. Campbell hence to David Harold Byrd) even that second day when they bestowed upon him that crappy "job". You surely don't think they OWNED Lee because he broke the plane of the doorway seeking employment. The fact is that Ruth committed a horrible lie of omission
  20. James R. Gordon - #222 - vis a vis shots from SOUTH Knoll (left of "Triple Overpass"): "Jackie is now directly in front of JFK." Not true. The line to JFK from where i'm talking about is at least 60* away from Jackie. "...(the problem of this trajectory is) finding a route past SS as well as John and Nellie Connally." The only problems with shots from SGK are clearing the windshield and the roof support/roll bar. And that big flat support is well forward of JFK. All the other occupants' heads are well below that roof support. True, it is somewhat like threading a needle, but a big fat
  21. This topic is a joke, right? Several medicos observed a 5-6 mm puncture (a little less than a quarter inch, like a .223 Remington bullet would make) in the lower right side of the president's larynx. Some observed a nick in the top of the tie knot. The tie is worn UNDER the Adam's Apple, despite how many cartoons you can manufacture showing it differently. The Parkland doctors performed a tracheotomy, using that hole as part of it. The missile that made that wound came from the SOUTH Knoll, probably from a team of French-Corsican assassins, probably led by Lucien Sarti and/or Jean Souetre
  22. Paul Trejo, Many times you say Ruth Paine didn't lie to the WARren COmmissioN. There are two huge sets of whoppers so obvious, so taken for granted in the research, one of omission and one of commission. The first is about the baggage handling job at the airport. First she said there was no such offer, then the man who had called her pointed out that he had talked to her on the phone at least twice, lengthily. So she said she had merely forgotten. This woman who ran Lee Oswald down and hounded him constantly about not working at least full-time to support his princess in the manner she d
  23. Bare facts of the crash of United Air Lines flight 553 near Chicago's Midway Airport, 2:29 PM, 12-8-1972: -- massive, obvious, sophisticated, satanically devious sabotage -- 18 survivors -- 45 homicides: -- 2 on the ground, Veronica and Theresa Kuculich -- 43 on the plane, inc. 12 Watergate witnesses: -- Dorothy Hunt, Watergate hush-money distributor, with over $10K in cash, $40K in (Bernard) "Barker bills", $2 Million in various negotiables -- all but the cash disappeared -- U. S. Representative George Collins (7th District), a Watergate investigator -- CBS rep
  24. Everyone: (Part 1) St. John Hunt's new book, "Dorothy: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt's Wife -- Watergate's Darkest Secret" is a worthwhile read. An indispensable book about Watergate. Another title for this moving work could be, "UAL 553 -- A Study in How the American Crime Lords Can Get Away with Anything." It's not much DIRECTLY about the assassination of JFK, but it is all about how America is a nation MADE for political, criminal conspiracy. It's an unusual book in the oeuvre; no notes, no bibliography, a skeletal index. There's no need for notes because sources are cited within the t
  25. Best big fact - LHO being shot in police custody on the Sunday.(Darren Hastings #66) AMEN. Dead scapegoats tell no tales. And the looks on the mugs of DPD -- priceless. They're looking off into space, planned ignorance. Slower reaction time than a turtle. Jim Leavelle especially. He had been cuffed to Oswald for almost an hour (Marrs, new Crossfire, p 402). They were waiting to get word that JR finished his "errand" at Western Union. All of Europe knew "the fix was in" when Ruby gunned down Lee Oswald. Vince Salandria said he told his brother and friends on 11-23 that if LHO was assa
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