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  1. In Helen Markham’s interviews and WC testimony she said Tippit’s killer was short, stocky and had wavy, bushy hair. Once I saw a photo of Ruby’s short-term roommate, George Senator (I believe he moved in at the beginning of November ‘63) I did a little more research on him. I read his WC testimony. It was sooo bad, soo disjointed that he was sent away and told to come back once he felt that he could testify cogently.
  2. First thing I thought of when Epstein was exposed, Stanley Krubrick’s last movie “Eyes Wide Shut” .........not mention “The United States of Amnesia” as Gore Vidal called it
  3. David, Help me out here. According to Armstrong, Lee is in the white T-shirt and was on the 6th floor and he leaves the TSBD @ 12:40; this what Roger Craig witnesses. Harvey in the brown shirt takes public transportation to 1026 N. Beckley. Lee is arrested in the balcony and Harvey is arrested below.....according to Armstrong Thanks for all your postings. I try to follow them........... but they're a little cryptic at times.
  4. or why he left the TSBD going east on Elm, before he caught the bus going west on Elm to 1026 N. Beckley?
  5. As long as this thread is touching on "2 Oswalds" or as author Harold Weisberg wrote in Oswald in New Orleans (1967) "the False Oswald", check out these photos of Michael Paine that Vince Palamara has posted on his blogspot: http://vincepalamara.blogspot.com/2015/08/oswalds-friend-michael-paine-oswald.html Oswald's friend Michael Paine- Oswald double
  6. Fantastic, well worth watching, high production values! Thanks Douglass
  7. Wow, what a great piece, Robert. Anyone who invokes both Gen. " War is a Racket" Smedley Butler and Gibson's Battling Wall Street in the same JFK essay wins kudos from me. I'm rushed for time now, more latter. Thanks. Dan
  8. Jim, One implication of John Armstrong's Harvey and Lee thesis I can't seem to find any distilled info on, like a chart, and you're obliquely referring to with the incident of Lee being seen driving Ruth Paine's station wagon, is the existence of a certain group of people who knowingly interacted with both Lee and Harvey and knew of their separate identities. Discounting the lady at the Texas Employment Office, the list begins with Ruth Paine, Marina Oswald, Robert Oswald, John Pic(?), and Harvey's mother/caretaker. But there must be others, like uncle Charles and aunt Lillian Mur
  9. Steve, I mistakenly inferred that Pena was with the DPD when he traced the telescopic sight. Sorry, but all these rabbit holes get confusing. Dan
  10. Gene, Wow, good knowledge, this info about Manuel Pena is really interesting. I was aware of a "Pena" (and Hernandez) at the LAPD in conjunction with the RFK assassination, but I had no idea that this was the one and same Manuel Pena who was employed by the Dallas PD at the time of the JFK assassination. I'd like to pursue Pena's history with the DPD. Could you (or anyone else) point me in the right direction to learn more about his time with the DPD and before. And what about parallel career paths of Pena and Westbrook ? Stranger than fiction, as they say. great post Dan
  11. Chomsky's a dirt bag. I know from my anti-war work in the 1960's. When the sh*t hit the fan, so to speak, he was conveniently MIA.
  12. Jim, I don't have an axe to grind here. Whether or not Leary's story about MM and the LSD to JFK is true is really of no consequence, except maybe to the anti-Camelot crowd. Did JFK ever take LSD, who knows, but I think there is a high probability, given the crowd that JFK socialized with, that he knew more than one person who had taken it. Don't forget how trendy the JFK White House was; dancing the twist and hanging with Sinatra. What is of consequence is that MM, a close "associate" of JFK's and Cord Meyer's ex-wife, was killed assassination-style, that is 2 point blank ran
  13. Jim, I'm with Paul on this. We know JFK and MM saw a lot of each other; i.e., White House logs, photos. Do we have definitive proof of Leary's account of JFK eating acid with MM, not really. And I agree, Leary must have been flipped by the US intelligence services, because he surely didn't like prison much. But, on the other hand, I don't see it as totally out of the realm of possibilities for JFK to indulge in LSD because, before LSD became a street drug in the mid 1960's, it was used as a "therapeutic" drug by high society/Hollywood types (Cary Grant and Aldous Huxley come to mind
  14. This forum for me is, after all is said and done, purely recreational, like reading Talbot, Douglas, DiEugenio, Armstrong, Newman, etc. Do I really want to drop in and read a bunch of personal attacks and petty bickering?...., not really. In the last analysis, if I wanted to subject myself to a lot of negativity and personal insults, I'd be a counter-protestor at a Trump/NRA rally, not a member of this forum. So let's hope that this Ignore Function works as described and makes participation in this virtual space a more enjoyable and stimulating experience..
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