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  1. New article on Navy ship sighting, plus recap of other observations... https://www.the-sun.com/news/2683726/us-navy-filmed-ufo-sky-video/
  2. This article makes some interesting points about the Soviet Union and US working together on the space race from early in the JFK administration. What are the chances that this was misconstrued by those who were already uncomfortable with JFK? Keep in mind also that these nuclear physicists were Wernher Von Braun's original team that split up after his surrender at the end of WWII. Surely JFK realized, and WVB stressed, that the resources from the entire team were needed to go to the moon and beyond... https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/russia-programs/2021-04-12/us-soviet-coo
  3. Gene Kelly said: I know you want to hear from others, but I'm not sure who (specifically) started the assertion that Sheridan was sent to Garrison's investigation by RFK. I don't believe that Garrison ever accused RFK of anything. Sheridan dances around this, and states that NBC sent him. Has anyone researched why NBC would want to use Sheridan to gut the Garrison investigation?
  4. Are you suggesting Maheu did not necessarily have a personal motive but was being used by the CIA? Or the East Coast Establishment?
  5. This i fascinating. Thank you. What motive would Maheu have for assassinating RFK?
  6. Here's an article about that... http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/White Materials/Garrison News Clippings/1967/67-08/67-08-61.pdf
  7. I would like to reiterate a point I made in my last post. The purpose of the WCR was, to my thinking, to relieve the citizens of this country of any responsibility to reason things through for themselves. All we had to do was accept what the 'credible' people told us was true. Fortunately, many of us quickly saw through that agenda. Unfortunately, the same process has been handed down through the years. It seems to be rather prominent in the JFK research community. There are some topics we are not supposed to discuss. UFOs and any implication for JFK and the assassination top the l
  8. We still need to be able to weigh and evaluate on our own, don't you think?
  9. With all due respect, Larry seems to tend to put a damper on UFO's...I think we are all mature enough to spot the minefields on our own...
  10. Chapman... Funny...Suze Rotolo did call Dylan a 'black hole' though...
  11. A different view of Bob Dylan...something of a black hole who vampirizes his targets...https://arsnotoria.com/2020/06/13/the-mystery-of-apolitical-bob-dylan/
  12. I was in New Orleans the. weekend the Garrison investigation broke in the press. I was hopeful and excited. But by the time I returned to NYC, David Ferrie was dead, and I had the usual sense of foreboding that whatever Garrison was doing would probably not be allowed to see the light of day.
  13. Love Miles. I talk to young black people about him. They ask who he was. That makes me sad. I tell them, and then I play a bit of So What for them and they seem to get him...
  14. Paul, You may be right about Otepka, but let's not beg the question he raised. Did RFK have anything to do with the gutting of Jim Garrison's case, and, if so, why? What motive could he possibly have had?
  15. Excellent. Joan Mellen talks about Otepka too in her updated Farewell to Justice -- pp 452-455 Mellen says, "There was no doubt in Mr. otpka's mind now that Robert Kennedy and Walter Sheridan had been behind the theft of the defector files from his office safe. She goes on to say..."he realized that Robert Kennedy's secret connection to Oswald lay 'at he root of my troubles.'" Really unfortunate what happened to him.
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