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  1. Joe, unless something has changed since this morning, CSPAN/CNN were reporting that a vote on the actual impeachment would occur sometime near 3:30pm (eastern time).
  2. This is what I was referring to a few days back when I brought up the assassination of Anwar Sadat at a military parade. Something evidently even the JCS thinks would be a (remote, but possible) scenario. Trump has truly helped transform the US into a S-hole third world banana republic in some peoples minds (and actions).
  3. It just doesn't get any better. Trump is still not admitting any blame, while trying to get close to his VP again in order to ensure a pardon. Meanwhile on Fox News(?) their commentators are saying there should be NO impeachment because if it occurs there will be violence. They infer that IF LAW AND ORDER is actually enforced, the "law and order" supporters of Trump will be prompted to break the law. Sounds a lot like blackmail. We won't break the law if you don't FOLLOW the law.
  4. Steve, that would be an option in his mind, but my mind drifts unfortunately much darker. I fear that his more violent followers who see him as some sort of Messiah would attempt a mass extermination of his enemies along the lines of what happened to Sadat of Egypt. I hate to even put the words out, for fear that someone in his orbit will find them. But, we must not fear, we must confront. We must keep things in mind that are so far removed from our former sense of what can happen in America, that no bizarre plot can succeed. His self preservation has NO BOUNDS (we have been told that by
  5. There are still 11 days to go before we have a peaceful transfer of power. All need to remain vigilant as Trump disappears into the darkness of the White House where he is surrounded by his hand picked cronies who have already shown that they too do not respect this republic and its laws. Plotting is best done in darkness. Trump has already instigated an insurrection. He is still trapped and will try ANYTHING to stay in power because he knows a reckoning is coming. Since he is totally self absorbed, he will be open to any option to avoid that reckoning. With his abuse of power in stoppin
  6. Another thought about yesterday: I am seeing many people noting the difference in response by police and other security forces between the BLM, etc. marches and the "Trump" march. While I agree they were diametrically different, I think we must keep in mind that the response at least in the case of yesterdays mob was promulgated by the failure of one man (Trump) to issue appropriate orders. There was a standing request for help which was not forthcoming because of the President and the minions he placed in positions under him and their fear of questioning his orders or even bringing up matt
  7. Steve, that was my thought and reasoning as well, I just had no way of knowing if it reached his desk. I figured it did. I think it is soon time to bring charges of sedition, inciting a riot, etc. against a range of people starting with the President as soon as he can be removed from his post. As we all know, these were not frivolous acts committed by this mob, nor the speakers at the "rally". It needs to be brought up over and over again in the media that these people are pledging themselves to an individual above the government or any entity or ideas. Trump has no ideology but self wors
  8. Steve, I see these people as a large group of deluded "patsies" being used by the far right influencers to supply deniability for the actual actors in the insurrection. Imbedded within the group and using them as "cover", they gathered whatever information they could and made pictures and videos which they will later use for propaganda of one sort or another. I also think that this was supposed to be our "Reichstag fire" event. Who knows? The right wing activists are already saying the whole thing was instigated by "Antifa" infiltrators, not them. Let's see where the media and political e
  9. Sorry Joe, but a news ticker item from CNN says Trump and Giuliani are making calls to lawmakers telling them not to give up the election challenges. (I know, FAKE NEWS.)
  10. Future Trump tweet - "There are good people on both sides". Confirming with aides that his supporters are outside and inside the Capitol.
  11. Kirk, I think what I forgot is she is serving out the partial term which will officially end in 2022 (or when someone else is certified as the replacement). So I guess she gets to stay until Warnock is certified to take the oath of office. As to the other reference (snowball's chance...), I did think it was going to be a steep uphill climb. However, due to Trump's maniacal behavior and both incumbents falling over themselves to kiss his A**, I gained in confidence that something was in the air. I am extremely pleased to see it come to fruition. As to the current overrunning of the Cap
  12. Thanks Andrew, for the additional information. One of the last times I saw a complete Manchin interview, he was suggested to be leaving the Senate to "return" home and run for Governor and he would not deny it, noting that he had a strong desire to serve his fellow citizens where he could make a bigger impact. On a 2nd front, I have a question for fellow forum members. Kelly Loeffler is said to be disputing the Georgia elections result for Trump. Is she even legally allowed to do so? She has been defeated in her bid to maintain her seat and IS NOT a part of this current Congress as fa
  13. Andrew, maybe I'm not partisan enough, but I have watched and listened to Joe Manchin many times and he seems a dedicated conservative Democrat. I have not studied his career extensively, but I have no problem with his standing for his ideals and not leaning far to the left. I think we need many more like him. I could be, and probably am wrong, but that is the way I always thought members of the Congress and Senate should act. He is strong on his convictions, yet able to compromise to reach a middle ground in order to produce results. That in my mind is how a Senator or congressman should
  14. After Trumps latest NOT SO "perfect call", Michael Bromwich, former Department of Justice inspector general and former assistant U.S. attorney suggested one possible defense. Unless there are portions of the tape that somehow negate criminal intent, "I just want to find 11,780 votes" and his threats against Raffensperger and his counsel violate 52 U.S. Code § 20511. His best defense would be insanity. NYU law professor and former DOJ lawyer Andrew Weissmann also noted the similarity with Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine’s government to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump
  15. I hope this gets out over the airwaves for everyone to hear. The only comment I would make is, if Brad Raffensperger were in an election, I would consider voting for him even though I am technically a Democrat. He has shown class, ethics and a sense of duty that one would hope all our civil servants and elected officials.
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