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  1. The real question, to me at least, is if the hiker had a cell phone signal, why wasn't he calling OUT to someone/anyone?
  2. Another reminder of what we have lost. This is a "Face The Nation" broadcast from November of 1967. Less than seven months later, we became almost as much diminished (possibly more so) as we were on Nov. 22, 1963.
  3. Thank you Robert. I mostly read on the forum to try and fill in the many areas of ignorance I have about the assassination(s). Some days I just wake up in one of my moods, as my wife calls them. I read some posts this morning and came across the one I referenced. It just seemed so out of focus with the thinking of anyone who was actually interested in truth, facts and known information about the case, that I had to comment.
  4. Or...perhaps he has shown no remorse because he truly has NO memory of the shooting, which by the way he has continually stated over the years - (without exception, I believe). As one of many people who have studied the evidence with an open mind and read Dr. Noguchi's forensic autopsy, there is absolutely no way Sirhan got close enough to RFK to make at least two of the shots (including the fatal one). I don't have an opinion as to the number of shooters, beyond Sirhan and Thane Eugene Caesar. I think Sirhan was firing live ammo and that Caesar used RFK as a shield (in case one of his shots was on target for RFK. He pivoted RFK and pulled him downward, shooting him at the same time, therefore Caesar was either behind or under RFK during the shots from Sirhan. I do not currently believe Sirhan was firing blanks - too many people were hit with shots and they were all in close proximity to RFK. I do believe Sirhan was simply firing randomly in front of him with no specific target as part of his programming. Feel free to attack any/all of these statements if you like, they are all stated as "my beliefs" or "my opinion", so therefore there is no attempt to identify any of this as FACT. Even the statements of Dr. Noguchi were his opinion based on the facts presented to him at the autopsy.
  5. Hey, there might be something to this! Look at the 3rd paragraph: His report is CONCLUVISE. I think there is a hint in here -CLU-, as in don't have a clue.
  6. Thanks for the heads up and the links. Though I live in Georgia, I emailed in support of the parole. I hope many others take your lead as well. It's probably a long shot since the family is split, but I'm used to tilting at windmills. PS: It worked in the GA Senate races last November at least. Maybe again? We can all only try our best.
  7. Yes! I think he is not allowed to handle hard sharp objects.
  8. John, if you will look 4 posts above yours and directly above my last post, you will find the answer to your questions. Denis replied to my similar question.
  9. Thanks Denis, that was the missing piece. I managed to find an aerial picture which depicted the area and was able to reconstruct the angles. That was much farther away than I had realized. I remember reading about employees working at one warehouse and being sent over to work at the other and just assumed they were walking a short distance (at least a shorter distance than this appears to be).
  10. I am at a loss in studying these photos, particularly the one labeled "McIntire". In this picture the TSBD (back side) is on the left of the photo and the Sunshine Biscuit factory is on the right. I could not reconcile this in my mind, so I looked the location of the Biscuit factory building. This building is located at 603 Munger Ave (since 1903). Using an aerial photo and Google Maps, I find the only way to get an image of the depository angled such that it would appear to the left of the TSBD is to be at least 4 blocks to the NE of the depository almost up to N. Griffith St on the 366 Hwy (today). Something is still not right with the building size/perspective even with this. You can clearly read "Texas School Book Depository" on the building, but it (the building), appears way too large and there is a building showing that is taller than the TSBD. Is this possibly the other warehouse being used by the TSBD instead of the building the shooting occurred at (supposedly)?
  11. I would not support that notion. I think it obvious that tampering has been done to the Zapruder film and the frame posted by John B. is one of the more blatant. I am not a doctor, surgeon or medically trained person, but if this "flap" were real, you couldn't hide it from me no matter what else I was concentrating on. This wound would have been quite gory and IMPOSSIBLE to not be noticed no matter how much you "pressed" it down. The actual wound IMO is by her right hand and is what is eliciting the anguished look on her face. As far as the large wound by the ear goes, Jackie also made the statement (paraphrased here) "from the front, there was nothing" when describing the wounds. I think almost anyone would admit if you were looking head on at someone, you see around their heads to the ear area, therefore negating what she said. Being as close a witness as anyone could be, I don't think she would have said "from the front, there was nothing". PS: I think she also made another statement about holding the BACK of his head on, not the side.
  12. Lawrence, if I am not mistaken, Jackie made a statement to someone, possibly Manchester, stating exactly what you bring up here. I believe the statement was about the ride to Parkland and that she spent her time trying to "hold his head on" or words to that effect.
  13. John, we will have to disagree on the use of a flash by Altgens. He would have had additional lenses, filters, rolls of film, etc., but probably no flash. He was a professional photographer so he would have known there would be absolutely no need for a flash attachment. Flash attachments of that era were quite large and unhandy. Flash photography was mainly used on medium format cameras for up close/indoor photos by the press. Below is an example of a flash available for 35mm cameras. I think you can see that is not what is shown in the Dealey Plaza pictures.
  14. I had not seen the joint schematic/side view of the limo together. The schematic and side depiction are completely different. Is the side depiction supposed to be SS 300x? It has no rear step on bumper. The front door edges (side depiction) are a good 4" to 6" forward of the schematic, the center brace section rear edge is actually at what is shown to be the front edge on the schematic. Whether on purpose or accidental, I think the schematic may represent the POST assassination rebuilt vehicle that Johnson used. I had encountered that thought when I first pulled the schematic up and now I am pretty sure that is the case. However, this is the only schematic I could find and it is labeled as the assassination vehicle. I think that we may need to find the configuration and measurements from another document (IF one exists). This vehicle shows NO handholds on the rear either.
  15. I think that's about as close as one can estimate without a high dollar "scientific study".🤣 PS: I just used the schematic from the House Select Committee which claimed to be the limo as configured on 11/22/63.
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