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  1. In the posted figure 11-19, JFK is shown seated in the middle of the seat over the drive shaft hump and John and Nellie Connally's seats are shown as too far outboard (towards the exterior). I understand this drawing may not be supposed to be completely accurate, but the alignment is crucial to the other angles. JFK is (in my estimate) at least 1-1 1/2 foot too far to the middle of the car and both the Connallys are at least 1 foot too close to the side of the car, even though they would no longer be sitting up in the positions shown but lying across the seats with both their heads behind an
  2. Thanks for your patience and attention to the question I asked. Yes, that would be another option, but I am trying to stay with what H. Brennan said about the "red brick building" before he was corrected and take into account the "inmate story" from the 5th floor jail cells. Brennan's very specific wording/distances are to me, examples of a very good engineer who is applying his everyday attention to detail and exactitude to what he saw from that central location with the "panoramic view" as he described it. It also makes much more sense with the inmates looking almost straight across the s
  3. Not sure if this is current but the website JFKFacts.org shows him as managing the "comments" section. Hope this will help at least a little.
  4. It might also be brought to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) attention that the Sabbath is NOT on Sunday, but Saturday (the seventh day) as still practiced by most Jewish and many Christian groups.
  5. I know, Kirk. I was just correcting it for those reading it later and quoting you in case your added more at a later time/date. You're right on the above quote as well. There are a few of us who would and have supported him in this and earlier (lost) elections, but I think his greatest selling point this time out was simply NOT being the subservient Republican candidate. Enough of a coalition of Democrats (big turnout among ethnic groups/activists) and a lower turnout among Republicans, some of whom were tired of the Trump drivel. The Incumbents acceptance of whatever Trump shoveled actua
  6. Yes, Chris that would be the correct side and according to Howard Brennan's testimony, the 2nd row of windows down from the top (6th floor-same as TSBD). The man he saw was in the eastern most window.
  7. Kirk, although I am not particularly fluent in "Wall Street banking" or financial fundamentals on a large scale, I agree with you on all but one point. It was Jon Ossoff and not "Ron". Keep up the good work though, I enjoy reading your posts.
  8. Joe and "W", I am in agreement also. I watch very little TV also, and when I do, many times I will DVR the program and watch it later while flipping past all the commercials (which by the way average out to more than 3 minutes per interruption). I am very thankful I can still afford a satellite TV service in order to do that. When I watch any TV it is usually news related so that I can watch in "real time", such as the electoral vote recording in the House of Representatives which then became the Capitol riot. At least there were no "commercial" breaks in coverage on CNN which I was watchi
  9. John, your red line is not on the Zapruder pedestal, the pedestal he stood on is at the other end or the pergola. From his perspective he would had the left side of his view intercepted by the tree foliage of the tree which is out near the sidewalk on the north side of Elm St., (which you can see in the Z frames you posted). The extreme left of Z's images would only include one (1) lane of travel and one parking lane on the south side of Elm St. east the intersection. That would be the last two lanes in a direction (S) away from the Dal-Tex Building and nearest the County Records Building (
  10. The President can't "fire" the Postmaster General, but the Board of Governors of the Postal Service CAN remove him. There are three vacancies on the board right now, so that is the obvious path to follow in order to get rid of him.
  11. I'm like the Miami Dolphins undefeated team. The champagne is on ice and just waiting! I don't drink alcohol however, so I'm going to offer it to some of the "Trump faithful" to deaden their pain if the shoe finally drops and an indictment turns to "guilty". I would feel so good I might actually try to jump for joy (hope I don't break anything). Might be better just to extend my flagpole a little taller and put a brighter light on it. Once Jan. 6th was over I did raise it from half staff and salute it (finally). There are many obstacles to go, but the daily oppressive feeling is lifting
  12. Chris, given your extremely well thought out and researched perspective on the Z film, limo speeds and the various angles for possible shots, would you comment on the possibility and angles of a shot from the Dal-Tex sixth floor on the eastern end? Do you think it would have been consistent with the origin point of any of the shots (other than the head shot at z313)? I think you made a comment on a post I made earlier in discussing Howard Brennan's first statement(s) before he began obfuscating and obliging his questioners with the answers they wanted to hear.
  13. Not only that, but you can consider it safe and secure with little regard that whatever you wrote or placed inside will arrive at its destination without having been read, scanned or in any way reproduced or transmitted to others. (Unless, of course, you are being monitored because a court has found reason that you or the recipient are participating in some illegal scheme. Even then, most of the time only the outside of the envelopes are copied to create timely records of the correspondence between the individuals/entities.
  14. More than interesting when you consider that she did not necessarily know that pictures would be made. it would seem to be directed to some "they" on the plane.
  15. What must be paid attention to is the underlying changes at the USPS. The biggest is a little known fact outside the post office. First class mail is the ONLY mail that is legally protected (Federal Law) from being opened except under a legal order issued and approved by the USPS Inspection Service (through the courts). Under the umbrella of First Class, this also includes Express Mail and Priority Mail services as well. This also includes tampering (delay, destruction, etc.) If First Class mail is infolded into other groups, this protection will be lost. This is a very important concept
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