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  1. Paul, are you referring to Postal Inspector Harry Holmes? The only Humes I know of in relation to the assassination is Dr. Humes from the autopsy.
  2. Robin, great clips that I haven't seen before. I think you may have the 3rd car that cruised through the parking lot behind the depository in clip 1. Not that it will do a lot of good because of how far away it is and how quickly it disappears, as well as not having a way to identify it positively. The car goes from top to bottom of GIF #2 (following the boat), on the right hand side and passing behind the green truck. It is a white, 4 door 1961 Chevrolet Impala, muddy up to at least the trim line below the windows. I have been searching photos/videos for years looking for any of the cars and I think this is finally one of them.
  3. Using a previously posted image, I have highlighted what would have to be Gloria Calvary by removing the obstacle in front of her. I have no dog in this fight, but I am always searching for clarity/truth. I agree with Bill, this has to be her, as it is the only person in the line of people down the street which matches. The only thing different is that when she is running up to the TSBD her scarf (bright red/orange) is no longer on her head. In one of the other labeled prints in a prior posting, she is incorrectly identified as Peggy Burney.
  4. Don't forget, depending which testimony, stories you believe, LHO changed both his shirt and pants (they were dirty) when he went to his apartment. The police inventory turned over to the FBI on the 22nd (i believe), includes the clothing matching the description of what he said he had on while at work. So, the shirt he wore when captures would not resemble what he was wearing while at the TSBD earlier in the day.
  5. Bill, it is good to see you posting again. When I first discovered the Lancer website, I enjoyed your posts and it piqued a renewed interest in trying to learn more about the assassination cover up. Unfortunately, I have neither the financial wherewithal nor the time to investigate on my own and am left watching and learning from those of you who have dedicated your time, skills and efforts. For this I thank ALL of you on this forum and others. Now, on to the subject at hand - I have just read the post about Baker's testimony to the WC with Belin doing the questioning. I know there is probably more testimony, I am just not familiar with it. To play devil's advocate: In the above posting, Belin never addresses whether Baker went straight in to the depository. In fact, he never asks him if he went in at all - all questions pertain to where he parked his motorcycle in relation to a traffic light and the doorway and if the MEASUREMENTS from March 20 are correct. He never asks him if he went directly into the building, he asks if the distances are correct from the recreation and using innuendo and supposition to infer that he took a straight and immediate path to the entrance. I know camera perspective and direction can cause confusion, but, I have to agree with Robert & Sandy, that it certainly doesn't look like he is headed directly up the steps before the film clip ends.
  6. I am not real familiar with the medical testimony as it mostly goes over my head and I have to do additional research on the terminology sentence by sentence in order to understand it. But, in a cursory reading of Dr. Ebersole's testimony, I get the impression he is throwing out bait trying to see if there is someone who will question his answers more deeply so that he can reveal more information without breaking his security vow. Each time he throws out strange/contradictory information, NO ONE questions the terms he uses (even though some know they are nonsense) and most of the time, the questioner either backtracks or changes the subject. I have no idea if my impression is correct or not. Hopefully someone here can give me additional info. Is this a possibility, or did he continually obfuscate and lie at each opportunity?
  7. I found her unfortunately it was on "find a grave". She died on Dec. 17, 2006. You can find her under the name "Yvonne Doris Fussell Frederick".
  8. I'm definitely not an expert in this field, (or any other, for that matter) - but the markups on the pages along with the symbols/letters look a lot like a stenographer's shorthand and not Fritz's notes. It looks like a document in the process of being finalized and the stenographer is making structural notes as well as some notations of actual script, some in cursive notation and some of which are not decipherable (for reasons unknown) unless you are familiar with shorthand. Hopefully someone with more knowledge may be able to decipher if it is, or is not.
  9. Not that it makes that much difference, but the time I read is 1:40.
  10. Chris, David, I usually don't post on the forum unless I have a question or something to add to the information, but in this instance, I just want to say, keep up the good work and don't let a few scoffers get you off topic. I hope you will both stop responding to the derogatory circular reasoning/questioning of what you are doing and simply let it fall on deaf ears. I do not currently have the time to delve deeply into the computations you are advancing, however I can understand the underlying concept and find it to be a common sense explanation for the differences between eye witnesses and what we see in the current film. All of us that don't have the time & skills to commit to the necessary work of exposing this conspiracy/coup thank you both for your time and dedication. I will now go back to lurking in the background, reading, studying and hoping that we will, in our lifetime get the full story to the general public. Thank you.
  11. Steve, I'm not sure, but this could be linked to Leavelle's Texas accent. There is a 3439 "Daytona Dr" in Garland, TX.
  12. Ian, the station wagon is a 1955 Chevrolet and the car behind BWF's is a 1955/1956 Oldsmobile.
  13. Robert, I too had not heard this. I did a quick google search and found a website jdtippit.com which said he was buried on Nov. 25 and had an open casket. I then saw a youtube video of his funeral which shows an open casket and people filing by. The closed casket, 1 day after funeral must be another internet rumor.
  14. I am not positive and it seems to have no reason to be there, but it looks to me to say "USD 20".
  15. Thanks, Ray. I had time to watch it again today. It is indeed his arm. It's so close the camera and moving so quickly it tricked my eyes. I thought it was something falling from on top of the boxes.
  16. Does anyone here have any ideas as to what the item is that falls to the floor at approximately 7:29 of the Alyea film inside the TSBD. I just spotted it when watching the gun being handled near the end of the YouTube video. I will post a link later, no time right now, off to work. Thanks to any who can provide insight.
  17. I am a 60 yr. old soon to be retired (hopefully) postal worker from north Georgia (US). I was only 8 yrs. old when JFK was assassinated, but almost 13 when RFK was killed. Even at this early age, I realized something wasn't right in this country. I began what has been virtually a lifetime of pursuit of answers. I have read or watched virtually everything I could find on both assassinations given my limited financial capabilities. I have developed an analytical mindset due to my interest in Sherlock Holmes, computer programming and mysteries in general. This, I use in my study of the Assassinations. To this point in time, I have monitored this and a couple of other forums (JFK Lancer & ROKC) for information and ideas by others with much more insight and access to materials and subjects of interest. By gaining membership, I hope to be able to assist in finally achieving a "tipping point" and get to the real truth of the assassination(s).
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