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  1. I, for my part, certainly hope so. All these things related to Trump have been kicked down the road for way too long. He is only emboldened by every reprieve. People in positions to do something to bring about punishment for both him and his rabid followers need to see the deeply troubling underlying threat to the republic. Specifically the punishment needs to be directed at him, he really does not care what happens to anyone else. He will continue to throw people under the bus and await them to come out the other side to bow and kiss his ring (A**). Until he is actually found guilty AND punished in a manner that is not a slap on the wrist, this country's government is at EXTREME risk. The problem is and will be, he is so sleazy, corrupt and underhanded, the ability to CONVICT him may not exist. In a criminal court you would need 12 unbiased and "unbuyable" and incorruptible jurors and I am sure that it would/will become a circus with all kinds of charges of political bias from Republicans, right wing media, etc. Just as in the election, he will NOT accept a loss or conviction (and unfortunately neither will his 30% totally enthralled/mesmerized followers). This I can promise because I live amongst them.
  2. Chris, is the above statement correct? 1962? I haven't focused on (pun intended) Zapruder, but have learned many things while scanning/reading just about anything that related to the assassination. I could have sworn that he had said that he had not had the camera long and was ecited to use it for the motorcade. If your date is correct, even without a month stated, he would have had the camera at least 11 months. With that many months expired, I don't think I would be referring to it as my new camera. Of course, perhaps I am wrong to make that inference or maybe he didn't say what I thought I had read or seen attributed to him. Thanks again for all your detailed information.
  3. Thanks Ron. I believe I read parts of that thread, but have never seriously thought (or found any kind of proof) that there was a train moving anywhere immediately before, during or shortly thereafter. Had the Warren Omission been a standard quality investigation, it would have been interesting to have patrolman White explain his "ghost train" He must have had some reason to say he could not see people on the other side of the overpass. Perhaps it was his way to make sure he wasn't asked about people behind the fence in the rail yard. I'm sure at some point in the later afternoon they had to begin moving in/out of the yard to maintain or get back on schedule as the police supposedly "cleared" the train cars of suspicion/nefarious characters.
  4. I know what you mean by "funny", but unfortunately it has been used by the MSM to again proclaim LHO as the "killer of the President" as opposed to "accused" of killing the President. That alone, unfortunately makes it no longer funny to me and I am sure most of those on this forum. Lt. Col. Yevgeny "Eugene" Vindman, an Army officer who was fired by the Trump White House, has said Trump's former national adviser Michael Flynn could face a court-martial over his remark that a Myanmar-like military coup "should happen" in the U.S. Lt. Col. Vindman has shown that courage, patriotism and duty run in the blood line. The question is, will he (or anyone) be allowed to follow through.
  5. I think it is time for someone in our judicial system to have the courage to charge sedition or treason for actions such as this (link below). This former US general has lost his way into Trumpism and QANON. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiEp8WU8fLwAhVBQ80KHVDLBn0QxfQBMAB6BAgCEAk&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.marketwatch.com%2Fstory%2Fex-trump-adviser-michael-flynn-says-myanmar-like-coup-should-happen-in-u-s-11622426143&usg=AOvVaw1Nlf88zQAy8S50GHbyA7AP
  6. John, as the linked testimony shows, he did not mention a train at all (assuming this is his only testimony). I found no other in my brief search. The interview following his is for patrolman White and he does mention a passing train. I think the statement in a posting earlier by Tony Krome is an FBI document possibly as denoted by the (DL 100-1046). If I remember from another posting this would be how the Dallas FBI office would designate their documents/memorandum.
  7. Like this disgusting photo? Out in the open, but debatable. Just another coincidence. Nothing to see here.
  8. On the other hand, if the plotters could count on an incapacitated (at the very least) JFK, perhaps LBJ would do exactly that - and quickly since he would have wanted to be seen as a man of action/swift judgement and boldness in a time of peril.
  9. Here is a link to Foster's testimony with Joseph A. Ball. https://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh6/pdf/WH6_Foster.pdf
  10. Tony, I didn't go that far in my initial post in order to elicit other members opinion. I agree, once the head explosion shot occured, any "normal" person's first instinct would have been to drop the camera from a filming position or at least let up on the trigger, thereby not capturing the continuing flight of the limo. This, of course is considering the date of the event. I'm not sure how our current "normal" person would react, but this is nearly 58 years removed and in a highly visualized new reality. As an aside comment: With my recent review of Howard Brennan's testimony/statements and the realization that he was pointing out a gunman in the Dal-Tex building sixth floor eastern most window, Zapruder's part in this whole situation is in my mind, brought into question somewhat. His business was located in that building as well. Naturally, with its proximity, this is not damning, but another "coincidence" to add to the large quantity already in evidence.
  11. Well, to play the devil's advocate. Perhaps someone told him that something was going to happen in the motorcade at that point and there was money to be made by having it on film. It could have been as simple as a protest/assassination attempt or real assassination. He could have been lured in simply by the "money to be made" and had no foreknowledge of what was going to happen. This someone would have had to have knowledge of at least two things: 1) the assassination attempt, whether real or staged failure and 2) that there would be no film (placement at the last minute of the press truck way behind the limo as opposed to it's regular position in front of the limo).
  12. I agree Benjamin. The "dark money" that now almost completely encompasses our politics has for the most part subverted any actual "right" or "left" positions of any of the members of any and all of our so called parties. Just as has been said about many criminal enterprises, all you have to do is to "follow the money" to find the nexus and origin of most lawmakers positions on just about any topic. As JFK was once quoted: "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." I don't think I invoked righteousness for one or the other party in all things, they each have their sins, as do we all. As for cynicism: "The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities... JFK
  13. A very succinct assessment very early on, by someone with the knowledge, experience and access to information. Amazing also in the fact that even to this day, the "right" continues to plot, all the while blaming just about everything on the "deep state" or "leftist" provocateurs.
  14. Joe, no huge deal here because I know what you are commenting on is the amount of missing brain material missing in your post. I think the doctors at Parkland all spoke of a massive blow out area in the mid (rear of ear) or lower (occipital area) with possible cerebellum exposed/oozing out. It is when JFK reaches Bethesda that the wound moves upward and forward in various testimonies.
  15. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the Kennedys would want the records blocked. Every time I see that reasoning used, I think of all the times either John or Robert Kennedy are supposedly behind nefarious deeds which have the imprint of the CIA. Instances such as the wiretapping of MLK, the assassination plots against Castro (all the while using back channel access in order to pull him away from the USSR), the supposed abandonment of the Cuban brigades at the Bay of Pigs, etc. I know the Kennedys at various times probably would want to keep things about JFK's health (autopsy) out of public access, but now with virtually all of 2 generations dead, I don't see any reason they would put a thumb on the scale. I am in no way an expert on the Kennedy's, but I think many of the things attributed to them as far as concealment of assassination records have been executed by people supposedly acting on behalf of the Kennedys, but who actually had other reasons of their own for the withholding.
  16. John, I don't have time to go back over her entire testimony right now, but you can read it here: https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/hill_j.htm She specifically says, if I remember correctly: it (the limo) was left of the center lane, not all the way over to the lane she was next to, but definitely not within the center lane marker lines. as depicted in most if not all photos. This also jibes with some other witnesses that said the limo moved leftward (and slowed) as the driver was looking back.
  17. Further corroboration of Jean Hill's testimony in pictures (without Arlen Specter's obfuscation). Notice the lady in red at the top of the stairs above/beyond the "Babushka" lady.
  18. Chris, either I'm not perceptive enough or the image you posted is not in z212 on my downloaded Costella set of individual z frames. I do however have a question about what I do see in z212 on the Costella set on my computer. I have a pointer and text to identify the location where I'm seeing the VP limo (prior to the turn on Elm) pasted into the back seat of the Queen Mary (between SS agents). I would also note that the insertion cuts the windshield off on the right (viewing left). I don't want to hijack the thread away from your destination as traveling along your planned itenerary has taught me much. Carry on!
  19. I agree with you. I finally took the time to watch/study it as it ran multiple times. It's surreal the way the limo seems to float in front of the background and recede off and away from the camera person's position (northward) and forward along Elm St. (westward). It almost looks like the old "stop motion" animation used for "Gumby" and a few other non cartoon animated short movies. It is very difficult to pinpoint what has been done, but it certainly looks like some alteration took place.
  20. It's been a long time since I posted this, but I was searching to see if anyone familiar with the limo knew specifically what the knobs on the upper middle portion of the dash controlled (as circled below). My reason for this (at the time) were twofold. One, I don't know what they control and I am innately curious/skeptical and want to know more about anything I am studying. Two, I believe at the time some of the subjects being discussed were, the open microphone in the motorcade, the possible involvement of SS agents in the shooting scenario, particularly the driver, since he appeared to do just about everything wrong according to security protocols. Probably just a complete coincidence, but the timing of his "tinkering" with a knob on the dash only a second(s) before the shooting began by most researchers estimate just got my attention. Does anyone on the forum who has seen or researched the limo know for sure what these knobs controlled? BTW, the second close up of a dash is NOT, as most have probably realized the Presidential Lincoln.
  21. John, you need to carefully examine the photos in front of you and realign your perspective. Through a camera lens, the perspective is changed immensely when moved only slightly. This and the depth of field in the photo can really mess with your mind if you don't correctly correlate two or more pictures and the distance/location from which they were taken. I believe the correct correlation is shown below with the circles of the same color reflecting the same trees.
  22. John, after this many years and all the photos we have all studied, you need to keep facts indexed in your mind. The first picture is the "Vice Presidential" car. It was labeled early on by someone as the Presidential limo, but quickly corrected. The lower is indeed the Presidential limo (I believe in the White House garage). It is not exactly as it was in Dallas because some cleaning/searching had already been done.
  23. I'm not certain, but I think you have the side of the head with the blow out incorrect. Most if not all of the people near enough to get a look at JFK after the assassination pointed out that the defect (blow out) in his head was in the lower right rear extending from around the top of the ear to the lower portion of the skull, with a few moving it upwards into the mid occipital area and extending into the parietal area. More than one said the cerebellum could be seen. This is extremely low in the skull. I think there are multiple posts on this site as well as ones made on JFK Lancer and others that show various witnesses using their right hand, placing it at various levels behind the right ear. I do not recall any showing the left side other than a possible entry wound in the left front of JFK's head at the hair line (top of the forehead).
  24. Chris, this is off topic other than for the highlighted quote. While it is only my opinion, I disagree with your perception that the January 6th attack was sensationalized to the extent you do. I think the country was far closer to a coup than some do. Trump was still fully in control of all the levers of government. Only his failing to find the next weakest link in the chain kept him from succeeding in his quest. Had the election not been certified when it was scheduled, there is absolutely no way to know what he might have tried next. Even now, while out of power, he still has so called Republicans (Trumpians), who still would assert his title to the Presidency. These people are Senators, Congressional representatives, state, local office holders and a 30% grassroots following who believe ANYTHING he says. It might not be up there with Pearl Harbor, but you have to remember, the greatest power on earth was defeated by a small group of "rabble rousers" some 245 years ago. Our system is so out of kilter right now with the gerrymandered election districts, we are still not out of the woods for rule by the minority who have the "elected" power to overcome the majority.
  25. In the posted figure 11-19, JFK is shown seated in the middle of the seat over the drive shaft hump and John and Nellie Connally's seats are shown as too far outboard (towards the exterior). I understand this drawing may not be supposed to be completely accurate, but the alignment is crucial to the other angles. JFK is (in my estimate) at least 1-1 1/2 foot too far to the middle of the car and both the Connallys are at least 1 foot too close to the side of the car, even though they would no longer be sitting up in the positions shown but lying across the seats with both their heads behind and lower than the top of the front seat (leftward). JFK's head had indeed gone far to the left but he had not moved his lower body from his original position which was touching or virtually touching the interior panels on the right side of the car. Jacqueline had actually started to move to her right and had moved her entire body somewhat at an angle towards the center of the car in an effort to assist/see what was wrong with JFK.
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