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  1. Thanks for your patience and attention to the question I asked. Yes, that would be another option, but I am trying to stay with what H. Brennan said about the "red brick building" before he was corrected and take into account the "inmate story" from the 5th floor jail cells. Brennan's very specific wording/distances are to me, examples of a very good engineer who is applying his everyday attention to detail and exactitude to what he saw from that central location with the "panoramic view" as he described it. It also makes much more sense with the inmates looking almost straight across the street as opposed to an almost 45 degree angle across to the TSBD. They would have had an excellent view of this sniper. They would be ALMOST the only ones who would have noticed anything here because almost EVERYONE else would have been looking the opposite direction. Those on Elm Street beyond Houston would have been looking the correct direction, but at street level in order to see the parade, with virtually no reason to look up to that height. This, to me is what signifies COMPLETE professionally planned attack. The very quick alteration to Brennan's statement, his surveillance and constant escort of "federal agents" until he had relented to the official story speak to a team of individuals who already know what the story MUST be as it goes out. Brennan relented willingly and quickly because he was scared and he did not want to be the "only one" who saw something different. Who knows what he was either threatened with or possibly he was told that he needed to follow the official story for his own safety until any other shooters were caught and THEN he could speak up. His story (the altered one) was so quickly put into print/repeated, that there was never going to be a time when anyone would believe his first statement. Anyone would have thought he simply wanted his 15 minutes of fame. He cared deeply about the safety of his family and DID NOT want to be involved. We do know that by January (if I remember correctly) he had an "accident" in which his eyes were damaged and that probably was the end of his telling the truth again. * My own personal opinion, having known a few men of similar temperament and character, is that if the situation only involve HIS safety, he would have pressed on and told EXACTLY what he saw, but the family involvement flipped that scenario on it's head. There are many ways to be brave, but unlike in the movies, most men of his generation will weigh the cost of whatever decisions they make against the cost/peril to their family and ALWAYS choose that which protects their family. Even this choice was difficult for him, because of the ongoing interest/investigations of the assassination. He had to keep digging the hole deeper to avoid being brought back into the spotlight and endangering his family all over again. His bravery was in seeing his own character assassinated - which I think, he endured gladly that his family might be safe from threats. He was a very religious man, pretty much non-political and did not want to be the focus of a spotlight nor threats.
  2. Not sure if this is current but the website JFKFacts.org shows him as managing the "comments" section. Hope this will help at least a little.
  3. It might also be brought to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) attention that the Sabbath is NOT on Sunday, but Saturday (the seventh day) as still practiced by most Jewish and many Christian groups.
  4. I know, Kirk. I was just correcting it for those reading it later and quoting you in case your added more at a later time/date. You're right on the above quote as well. There are a few of us who would and have supported him in this and earlier (lost) elections, but I think his greatest selling point this time out was simply NOT being the subservient Republican candidate. Enough of a coalition of Democrats (big turnout among ethnic groups/activists) and a lower turnout among Republicans, some of whom were tired of the Trump drivel. The Incumbents acceptance of whatever Trump shoveled actually changed some lifelong Republicans to not necessarily vote "for" the Democrats, but to vote "against" more Trump minions. Had the incumbents shown a spine and the ability to think for themselves, we might've still had the Republican Senate majority. As a side note, there are still places (too many unfortunately) where signs are still up for "Trump/Pence 2020", "Trump 2024". There are even some with added signage "Thank God for" posted alongside or above them. I can only equate these people with those who were taught to worship Adolph "H." because only he could save the country. It would be funny if it were not so scary how much these people have bought in to every lie Trump has pushed. They are not going away and cannot be reasoned with.
  5. Yes, Chris that would be the correct side and according to Howard Brennan's testimony, the 2nd row of windows down from the top (6th floor-same as TSBD). The man he saw was in the eastern most window.
  6. Kirk, although I am not particularly fluent in "Wall Street banking" or financial fundamentals on a large scale, I agree with you on all but one point. It was Jon Ossoff and not "Ron". Keep up the good work though, I enjoy reading your posts.
  7. Joe and "W", I am in agreement also. I watch very little TV also, and when I do, many times I will DVR the program and watch it later while flipping past all the commercials (which by the way average out to more than 3 minutes per interruption). I am very thankful I can still afford a satellite TV service in order to do that. When I watch any TV it is usually news related so that I can watch in "real time", such as the electoral vote recording in the House of Representatives which then became the Capitol riot. At least there were no "commercial" breaks in coverage on CNN which I was watching along with C-Span. I'm not sure if Fox went ahead with their commercials and talking heads during this time or not as I only occasionally checked in with them.
  8. John, your red line is not on the Zapruder pedestal, the pedestal he stood on is at the other end or the pergola. From his perspective he would had the left side of his view intercepted by the tree foliage of the tree which is out near the sidewalk on the north side of Elm St., (which you can see in the Z frames you posted). The extreme left of Z's images would only include one (1) lane of travel and one parking lane on the south side of Elm St. east the intersection. That would be the last two lanes in a direction (S) away from the Dal-Tex Building and nearest the County Records Building (I believe).
  9. The President can't "fire" the Postmaster General, but the Board of Governors of the Postal Service CAN remove him. There are three vacancies on the board right now, so that is the obvious path to follow in order to get rid of him.
  10. I'm like the Miami Dolphins undefeated team. The champagne is on ice and just waiting! I don't drink alcohol however, so I'm going to offer it to some of the "Trump faithful" to deaden their pain if the shoe finally drops and an indictment turns to "guilty". I would feel so good I might actually try to jump for joy (hope I don't break anything). Might be better just to extend my flagpole a little taller and put a brighter light on it. Once Jan. 6th was over I did raise it from half staff and salute it (finally). There are many obstacles to go, but the daily oppressive feeling is lifting with every day we get past "that former guy". My hope is that the feeling continues lifting and the dark clouds disperse. Perhaps a new day will dawn and hope will arise anew.
  11. Chris, given your extremely well thought out and researched perspective on the Z film, limo speeds and the various angles for possible shots, would you comment on the possibility and angles of a shot from the Dal-Tex sixth floor on the eastern end? Do you think it would have been consistent with the origin point of any of the shots (other than the head shot at z313)? I think you made a comment on a post I made earlier in discussing Howard Brennan's first statement(s) before he began obfuscating and obliging his questioners with the answers they wanted to hear.
  12. Not only that, but you can consider it safe and secure with little regard that whatever you wrote or placed inside will arrive at its destination without having been read, scanned or in any way reproduced or transmitted to others. (Unless, of course, you are being monitored because a court has found reason that you or the recipient are participating in some illegal scheme. Even then, most of the time only the outside of the envelopes are copied to create timely records of the correspondence between the individuals/entities.
  13. More than interesting when you consider that she did not necessarily know that pictures would be made. it would seem to be directed to some "they" on the plane.
  14. What must be paid attention to is the underlying changes at the USPS. The biggest is a little known fact outside the post office. First class mail is the ONLY mail that is legally protected (Federal Law) from being opened except under a legal order issued and approved by the USPS Inspection Service (through the courts). Under the umbrella of First Class, this also includes Express Mail and Priority Mail services as well. This also includes tampering (delay, destruction, etc.) If First Class mail is infolded into other groups, this protection will be lost. This is a very important concept that has been at the root of the viability and purpose of the post office since its inception. Without it, there would be absolutely NO reason to use the USPS at all. In my 30 years with the USPS, I witnessed at least a dozen people lose their jobs and some go to jail for failing to protect the sanctity of the mail.
  15. For those of us who feel LBJ was possibly involved, possibly deeply up to and including the planning, he did this so the body could be taken. Am I 100% sure of this? No, but as you say, what other reason is there to demand that the dead Presidents wife be with him for a photo op.
  16. I just hope that already there are plans to show ALL the individual congressional (Senate & House) members hugging and kissing up to their insurrectionist "leader". I think some of the PAC's should start right now showing PSA's of the members who voted to acquit and their complete hypocricy of words and deed. Though, just like additional witnesses at the impeachment, it won't affect the current "cult members", maybe it could avert others joining. We are entering a dangerous time (similar to when Hitler emerged from prison and began part 2 of his ascendancy). If pressure is not continually applied, we may be in a far worse place in four years. It will take a decade or MORE to undo the damage Trump has done in less than four years. He found and mobilized the "rotting underbelly" of our republic and activated it just as Hitler did in the Weimar Republic. If the Republicans can thwart an economic recovery under Biden, we will soon be in an untenable place. These "great patriots" have the nation on its knees, because men with morality, courage, dedication and action are required to KEEP a republic strong and secure. There are however, only 17 such individuals within the nationally elected officials (OUT OF 261). That is barely over 6% of these "conservative constitutionalist GOP members".
  17. Former US President Donald Trump’s handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron was likened to a “primitive jungle scene” in an article by James Crump in "The Independent". I would have loved to see Trump assert his "alpha male" dominance during a handshake with either Arnold Swarzenegger or even former governor Jesse Ventura.
  18. "W", having been a postal employee for 30 years ending in 2017, I can only say, there are many things wrong with the USPS, not the least of which is the current Postmaster (and including many on the board of governors and executive leadership). I only hope as things coalesce and he gets the time, President Biden will restructure (aka FIRE/REPLACE) as many members as he has authority over. The USPS has been suffering under the tutelage of the mostly Republican leadership for some years now as they try to "run it like a business". In the strictest sense, the postal service was never meant to be a business, it says it right in the name US Postal SERVICE. It is and was not designed to make money, it is supposed to "BREAK EVEN" and provide universal service to all. In trying to run it as a business, emphasis is placed unevenly on profit driven mailers and the core business of providing service universally and at the same price for all is shunted to the wayside. It's one of those "socialist" ideas of Benjamin Franklin that many would like to do away with in order to make PROFIT. Pretty far afield, so I'll stop there, but this is something that definitely needs to be addressed even in our more digital age.
  19. Yeah, it's the same down here in GA. Most of these folks aren't the sharpest crayon in the box, but they can be creative. I just saw a Facebook post showing how to make a gun safe out of that old refrigerator you used to store beer in.😂
  20. Thanks Chris. A little too late now, I would guess, but wouldn't it be great if the accoustics experts could try their findings out on the position of this or the other 3 wheelers others mentioned. Of course they would have to change their scenario and placement of microphones so as to take into consideration shots being fired from places other than the 6th floor TSBD.
  21. Ron, speaking from a state of insanity (Georgia), like W. said, be careful out there. Everywhere I go I see Trump 2020 yard signs, posters and flags. I try to just roll my eyes shake my head and go on (because in my home state guns can be legally carried in your car). I would say these people are evidence of the lack of teaching history & citizenship in our schools, but many of them are my age or older, so I know better. No offense meant here, but they are like the crazy "rasslin" folks who get all worked up over "steel cage match". I used to watch wrestling on TV, but always found it funny and tried to figure out how they were pulling off the "stunt" punches, throw downs and "sleeper" holds. Unfortunately some (many) have went through the looking glass and look at it as real even though deep down they know it's not. Unfortunately I think many in the Trump world look at him and see someone expressing their deeply felt loss of hope and position and see what they think is a successful man who feels like they do. That, to me is why the follow him like little sheep. They think the system is rigged against him (like it is for them), but he prevailed, and if he can prevail, they can too! (If they don't let their great white hope get beat down.)
  22. I've heard/read this before about the 3 wheelers. Has anyone worked on the location of the 3 wheel motorcycles in or around Dealey Plaza? I know a number of them are seen in post assassination pictures and video.
  23. Boy, do his lawyers have their work cut out for them now! Trump will look at this as a way to get his message out without Twitter. They may have to handcuff him and stick a sock in his mouth. They may resign also, if he ignores them like he does most everyone who advises him. As Rudy says, he'll be stepping into a perjury trap, because he can hardly pronounce a single sentence without "fibbing".
  24. It's just my opinion, but I think a lot of people "went along" not to "get along" but to to stay alive. From what I've read the tension over revealing what was seen/heard that did not tie in to the "official version" in Dallas was palpable and onerus. The fear was powerful because no one seemed to know if it was coming from an unspecified group behind the assassination or from the actual officials in charge of the investigation (& if "they" were the people behind the assassination as well). People who gave dissenting views or offered different views of what happened, whether it be to newsmen, police, FBI, etc. soon found themselves badgered into changing their testimony, followed, threatened or killed in "coincidental accidents" or murders. No one in Dallas knew who to trust or which way to turn. In other coincidental happenings, some who left Dallas for safety also were attacked or killed or had accidents.
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