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  1. We have 30 days to go, how bad could it get? We have an unhinged criminal sociopath Russian agent in charge of our national security. He knows no bounds in his disregard for our laws and constitution and is very aware that everything around him is crumbling down. He will look for any and all ways to avoid prosecution and responsibility up to and including acting in behalf of foreign nations willing to give him a "pass" and save himself from the punishment he deserves. Even with his complete narcissistic egomaniacal and self aggrandizing behavior, people seem to think he will do rational things in the future. Those who do are not recognizing who they are dealing with and are ignoring the past cult leaders and their decisions when between a rock and a hard place.
  2. YouTube must watch video on Trump's treasonous meeting in the White House Friday, Dec. 18, 2020. OLBERMANN VS. TRUMP #40: TRUMP'S COUP MEETING WAS TREASON. BIDEN MUST WARN HIM IT WILL BE PROSECUTED
  3. Mervyn, I am not a lawyer, a scholar or even an noted intellectual, but overall I am a pretty good judge of character. You ask about proof which is presentable in court. You then proceed to poison the well by assuming points NOT IN EVIDENCE AND HERESAY without actual proof, namely, that the Kennedy brothers are two faced XXXXX. I'll agree with you on one factual point. Between them, they had two faces. The rest must be proven, as you say, not by heresay, name calling and personal opinion (we all have those). As pointed out previously, you presume a lot of money and organization had to be involved. You seem to miss the point of all the converging energies, enemies and shared objectives among many groups at that time. The CIA (leadership-at least) knew JFK had threatened to smash it into a thousand pieces. The Cuban resistance forces were being fed information about JFK's rapport with Castro. The Mafia was under constant and increasing attack by RFK, the right wing extremists were seeing the increasing pressure to support Civil Rights for blacks in America. The military (Joint Chiefs of Staff) were aware of JFK's more pacifist role on the world stage (having used his extensive knowlege of history & war) including his personal WWII experiences. This also would include his "hands on" approach such as in the Bay of Pigs in over ruling overt use of the military. Then lastly (at least in this list), you have a corrupt Vice President who has ties in many ways to many of these groups and understands that if Kennedy lives, his life long goal of being President is OVER. He (Johnson) is under investigation by agencies controlled by RFK and sees the end coming quickly and painfully. Now, none of this on it's face is more than circumstantial evidence, but when placed side by side and documented in their scope a case can be built for a network of any number of these entities causing the fatal act. It does not require a "follow the money" type of investigation to find a large sum dedicated to the act, but rather a close examination of personnel and funds ALREADY AVAILABLE and whose usage was then allocated in ways not related to its original intent. This is done all the time within the military/CIA and any group which uses "black money" to achieve their goals without being directly tied to the act/acts which achieves their goal. Coming from the unwashen masses you alluded to, I am also a JFK cultist in your definition. I study the man, his times and his acts from any and all angles available to an average Joe. While evaluating everything it is my duty also to evaluate the various evidence by source, relationship to the subject and bias from that source. In so doing, I do not close my mind as you do, and proclaim that JFK/RFK were two faced XXXXX. There is far too much evidence to the contrary (in my opinion). I close by saying, we will just have to disagree, amicably or not. Unless you venture further thought worthy of reply, my opinion is stated and is as valid as yours. Now, after much ado about nothing, what is YOUR answer to the question you proffered? If any of us had the answer, we would have pursued it to the extent of our ability. Step up, otherwise you are just continuing the same merry-go-round you profess that the rest of us are doing.
  4. That would not solve all of his problems. The biggest threat (so far) is the state prosecution in NY which would be unaffected by the pardon.
  5. The Russians have hacked into computer systems at Commerce and Treasury according to reports by various news agencies. They happen all the time and we do it to other countries as well. Is this just another day in the worldwide cyber wars? Then again, is this possibly the kompromat on Trump coming to fruition as he pushes his "loyalist" into positions in every agency. These people may be loyalist to Trump, but they may have ties to Russians or be compromised also. Thirty eight days to go, if we're lucky. The national media is all reporting on the coming transfer of power, but Trump is still saying "We're going to win this". They haven't been paying attention. He says exactly what he means, he has from day ONE. Everyone is getting lulled to sleep by thinking this is all going to go the way it always does. 2021 may not signal the end of the nightmare of 2020.
  6. Just saw this on YouTube. I think everyone in the country should see it. I'm not sure if the link will work so I copied the title. Take a look. Olbermann Vs. Trump #37: "Seditious Abuse" - The Coup Attempt By The Corrupt Texas Attorney General.
  7. I agree with Sandy. With the way this year has gone, one needs any kind of relief valve at their disposal. This thread has been great for exactly that reason. I would thank the moderators for allowing such a free flowing and admittedly non compliant thread to continue a they have. Let's hope that we do not need it at some point in the future. Hopefully it can find a home at another place on one of the other forums even then.
  8. I seem to recall a fair amount of information on Brown & Root in Robert Caro's volumes concerning LBJ. It's been a while, so I cant remember how much or how deep it was delved into.
  9. Same problem here. Also started around mid day (Eastern time zone USA). I hope the JFK Lancer hackers haven't gotten through.
  10. Fifty seven years and nothing changes. Got any torn in half currency in you pockets? Agent provocateur? Do you go by your middle name on occasion? Plausible denial - FBI/CIA/FSB/SVR? Don't be a "Patsy".
  11. According to a local Atlanta TV station source, 18,008 military/overseas ballots have been accepted in Georgia. He stated that there were another 8,410 possibly "still available to be received" as of Nov. 6th (the deadline for acceptance). Assuming all these military/civilian employees filed changes of address as being temporarily away. but still residents of GA, now what you have is ALL votes certified with 6,107 citizen soldiers who chose not to return their ballots or they did not arrive on time and cannot be counted. That is not even considering that some of those that moved, were NOT soldiers, but were simply relocated temporarily due to their jobs and other reasons and were/are still permanent residents of GA. As you know (I'm sure), just because you move temporarily, it doesn't mean you give up your residency or right to vote.
  12. According to reporting from WSB-TV Atlanta, lawyers for Trump have filed a 104 page civil suit asking that Georgia throw out the results of the election (decertify) because of massive voter fraud, multiple violations of Georgia law and multiple Constitutional violations. It specifically names Gov. Kemp and SoS Raffensperger and several other elections officials. In the lawsuit, which was obtained by Channel 2 Action News on Friday, lawyers for President Donald Trump claim that there was widespread voter and ballot fraud, that voting machines were rigged to change votes from Trump to Biden and that workers at State Farm Arena were left alone with ballots after midnight on Election Day among several other claims. Even better, Trump is coming down on Dec. 5 to promote David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in their Senate run off elections. Should be quite the Republican family gathering.
  13. Probably just the next stalling action until he can think of another reason NOT to go peacefully.
  14. I'm with you on that, Steve. Until the Democrats stop finding reason not to push back to the full extent of their ability, they are getting no respect and making no headway. If I were them, I'd use every lawful way in my power to make this last 58 days of Trumpian rulership the most difficult possible even for his appointees/designees who are following his lead. The Democrats should understand by now that they are NOT going to get any credit for bipartisan efforts nor are they seen as any more "responsible" in governing by trying to follow the "norms".
  15. Trump and his henchmen are looking at the weakest link in every avenue they can go down. They figure if they can get a toehold ANYWHERE, they can use it to put their foot in the door and keep it from slamming shut.
  16. There are 65 days left and I would warn everyone that if they think Trump is walking away peacefully consider carefully that Neville Chamberlain thought he had achieved a peace with Germany. They were in the Sudetenland in less than 2 weeks. Just like he has all his life, Trump is just delaying until he comes up with his next con. This situation is not going to end well for any of us. Trump will not quit as long as he has the seemingly mindless zombies following him. They are and will be whipped up into a frenzy to defend their messiah and he will watch them either be destroyed or destroy this nation. Regardless of the outcome he will blame it on anyone but himself and still try to walk off into the sunset as the victor. I too, being a Georgian, hold out hope for the Senate seats, but it is dim. I interact with the populace enough to know that they are seriously deluded. I honestly cannot understand my neighbors any longer. When you put one Democrat against one Republican in an election the result is almost a slam dunk. With ALL eyes and money on the Senate seats, the Republicans will in most counties absolutely devour the Democrat by a 60-40 margin or higher. Both Republicans are airing their same old tired, "too liberal", "communist", "socialist" ads against their Democratic opponents. Neither have aired a single ad on a positive note about what they have or will accomplish if elected. They are depending on the extra help from outside of Georgia in surpressing the number of voters in Democratic strongholds (the few there are), and their outright control of many of the 159 counties. The only hope will be for a vigorous monitoring by the Jimmy Carter election group and a large turnout in all the metropolitan areas.
  17. Micah, I have only dabbled with photography and bought and sold vintage cameras, but I think the difference in plain terms is that a "press" film holder holds uncut (a roll) of film and the film is used by advancing from one section to another until you reach the end of the roll. A "duplex" holder holds a cut sheet of film which has a positioning cut so you know which way to insert it into the camera and you have to put film into the holder for each photo. This type is generally used for medium and large format pictures as opposed to 8mm, 16mm, or 35mm types.
  18. Kirk, if I were a betting man, I'd say probably more like 10%-20% are going to pay off legitimate campaign debts (it may be less). The rest is lining either Donald's, Jared's, Ivanka's, Eric's, Donald Jr.'s, etc pockets or those of some of his other minions who now see the end of the official gravy train.
  19. Paul, I had thoughts somewhat along the same line. I think he should give him a free trip anywhere in the world (but it has to be a one way ticket). On the back of the ticket it should give sage advice - "Pick any country, but be careful to pick one with a non extradition treaty! For what he has put the sane people of this country through for 4 years, he doesn't deserve any better deal and even this one would be last on my list. I would love to see him and some of his family & friends modeling orange jump suits.
  20. I hope I am just paranoid over the events of the last 4 years, but I am seeing ominous signs about the voting certification in my lovely home state of Georgia. It appears the Sherrif (Sec. of State Raffensperger) is leaving town right before the big showdown. His wife has contracted COVID-19 and he is "quarantining". I may be reading way too much into it, but machinations may be at work to upset the apple cart, so to speak. We shall see if it's as bad as it looks for those of us who still hope to live in an open and democratic society. We have 69 days and some few hours yet to go before we will know if our hopes will live on or be quashed by the fascists who "think" they are patriots.
  21. John, this post got my attention due to the conclusions you're drawing. You might want to review Officer Earle Brown's actual testimony (in full) rather than the selective quotes. I tried to use your post to figure out where he says he was by using Google Earth and Google Maps. It makes no sense and cannot be plotted. I then went to the John F. Kennedy Assassination Homepage and looked up his actual testimony (Vol VI-pages 232-236) and saw how his testimony was totally and purposely confused by Mr. Ball in another Warren Omission harangue. When you look at his full testimony it is still problematic, but a few things stand out. 1. He was NOT on the triple underpass, he was at least 100 yards away from it on the overpass at Stemmons Freeway and Stemmons Freeway Service Rd. Mr. Ball. Where were you? Mr. Brown. On this overpass here this TP Railroad overpass. Mr. Ball. The overpass that runs in an east and west direction? Mr. Brown. Right-yes, sir Mr. Ball. Mr. Brown, I have had a map made here which I would like to have you inspect here. The railroad overpass is shown---that runs in a north and south direction? Mr. Brown. Yes. Mr. BALL. And Stemmons Freeway overpass is shown---that runs north and south, doesn't it? Mr. Brown. Right. Mr. Ball. Were you on either one of those overpasses? Mr. Brown. Either one of those two there? Mr. Ball. Yes. Mr. Brown. No, sir. Mr. Ball. Where were you? Mr. Brown. On this overpass here this TP Railroad overpass. Mr. Ball. The overpass that runs in an east and west direction? Mr. Brown. Right-yes, sir. To further cement his position he says this when asked about the pigeons he saw fly up after the shots> Mr. Ball. Where was it you saw the pigeons rise? Mr. BROWN. They must have been down there feeding at that time because they just seemed to all take off. Mr. Ball. Where were they from where you were standing? Mr. BROWN. From where I was standing they would be about half way between---no, they would be up more toward that other overpass, what they call the triple underpass. Mr. Ball. The triple underpass? Mr. Brown. Yes. Mr. Ball. You were about 100 yards from the triple underpass? Mr. Brown. Approximately; yes. The only thing I will say about his measurements is that they are very underestimated. I used the measure tool on Google Maps/Earth and found that position to be around 200 yards from the TUP where Elm comes under. This position is however, VERY consistent with all his testimony if you read it. I would post a drawing or map, but can't seem to find one to work with yet. In the Warren Commission there is supposedly one published as "Brown Exhibit A", but I have not found it either. I would guess it shows him on the TUP instead of the farther away location over the Stemmons Freeway further west.
  22. I think the Trump fascists/(Republicans?) have corrupted and adopted one of the founding fathers quotations. Benjamin Franklin's, "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." I know that in today's environment, there won't be actual hangings (unless the fascists win - then I'm not sure). I truly do believe there MUST be some sort of price paid by these people or we have NO hope of continuing this Democratic-Republic experiment with all it's inherent failings. For this country to survive, we are going to nee someone with the wisdom of Solomon to step forward and mete out true justice. For once, I will interject my own (what most call religious beliefs) - I think GOD has already judged the US (both political side) and found us wanting. Whether we continue on or pass into obscurity is still to be determined. We will know in less than 70 days which path we're on. The next revolution, which the founding fathers anticipated if this system became repressive, may be on its way.
  23. Nothing to see here. The Washington Post just reported: White House official and former GOP political operative named as NSA general counsel Michael Ellis. We had all better hang on, there are over 2 months yet to survive and the "law and order" Republicans are seemingly determined to destroy all the foundations underlying the country as we know it. We are on the verge of Putinist America, starring Donald Trump.
  24. Well, down here in Georgia's idiotic TrumpWorld it appears there is no cure for the delusions these Republicans are suffering. The two US Senators who are facing runoffs have asked for the Secretary of State to resign. Even with the small (10,000 or so) margin that Biden is winning, the SoS says every report of voter fraud is/has been investigated and there is pretty much NO way enough votes would be affected to change the outcome. He also explained that the President got more votes than any Republican Presidential candidate ever and that Perdue got even more votes than the President and is STILL in a runoff. Georgia's two Senators are prime exemplars of Trump's enablers. When things don't go the way they want or expect, whine, cry foul, and make baseless claims. Worse than a couple of spoiled 5 year olds. I wasn't sure, but in the same article, it stated that Federal law allowed one to register to vote before a runoff election even if you didn't vote in the general election. I'm going to try and make sure every Democratic leaning person I know, knows this and registers. Maybe we can still elect two Democratic Senators in GA!
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