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  1. I'm with you, Kirk. We all know Biden/Harris will be conciliatory and ask for closure around our shared values. We won't have to watch/listen to someone running for re-election starting Jan. 21, 2021. We won't have to watch as the most powerful person in the world (purportedly) demeans and vilifies those who attempt to follow the law and the norms of government service without paying homage to the "King". I truly do hope that for the sake of the future, Biden and the Democrats do seek to use the legal system to extract some measure of justice against those who have abused the systems of government they were charged with directing. If no punishment is sought or brought about, these people and others of the same ilk will be back at it and with even more fervor almost immediately. It will be a fine line since in our system, the losing party is generally not prosecuted. In normal times this would only mean they be removed from power and influence, but under Trump, things went WAY BEYOND the norm all the way up to actual criminal activity which needs to be addressed.
  2. I think Georgia will need a BIG turnout of Democrats and a lack of enthusiasm from Republicans in order to win both Senate seats, but it's possible. Ossoff is a very competent candidate and Warnock is like a breath of fresh air (at least in the ads he has put out). He seems very personable, persuasive and has positive (and specific ideas). Let's hope for the best and maybe for the 1st time in 20 years GA will have elected Democrat or TWO in a statewide election with the added benefit of flipping the Senate. That would truly be a positive start to 2021, although the majority (in GA) would feel that the sky was falling.
  3. Thank you Kathy, for the sentiment you expressed. I don't know how it is in your state, but I'm here in Georgia and in a totally deluded Republican county where Doug Collins and many others like him are thought of as "fine upstanding individuals". We have at least experienced a great awakening on the Presidential election, but I fear it is only because of how far into the looney bin Trump was/is. When the Senatorial runoffs occur, the Democrats will be swamped by the 60% or more mindless "party liners" who back anyone with an (R) next to their name regardless of morals, intellect or ability. I do think we have an outside chance with Rev. Warnock to defeat Loeffler. I'm afraid the die has been cast with John Ossoff. David Perdue ONLY profited from his position, can't pronounce his fellow Senator Kamala Harris' name and doesn't care about people who get COVID-19 or lose their medical insurance, which is no big deal to a good many of my fellow citizens.
  4. Don't forget, it ain't over til the fat lady sings. The actual votes are cast in December. That's a lot of time for a corrupt regime to find and corrupt 1 or more delegates (aka unfaithful delegate). Trump has his life at stake, I don't think he will stop at anything. After all, if he gets into the office again, he can subvert the law to make sure there is no investigation or punishment for any criminal act for those willing to give their soul to him. I only pray I am wrong. If I am not, we have seen the end of the "great experiment" and no longer have even the appearance of a democratic republic.
  5. On a slightly related note, down here in Georgia there was a scheduled debate between our Senator David Perdue and a Democratic challenger, David Ossoff. At the last minute, Perdue has cancelled trying to use the debate to get his ideas across and swaying citizens from voting for the "Socialist" Democrat. He is instead appearing with "Dear Leader" to again mispronounce Kamala Harris' name to the adoring fans whose vote he already has, and who don't care that he has lined his pockets the same as most Trump lackeys.
  6. On a hopeful note, I did just see that Trump has cancelled his appearance at a post election victory party. I only hope he doesn't use his free time to plot more abuse of power.
  7. Steve, I share the sentiment. I feel that when Trump loses, he will attempt to destroy anything and everything/everyone that has any possibility of holding him accountable. This includes the entire government, any and all people he feels didn't bow down sufficiently. This is why, I hope, there will be no "deals" made to not prosecute him upon departure (willingly or not). If he is allowed to escape accountability, we as a whole will pay the price, and it will be steep. It is only my opinion, but with the corruption he has accomplished thus far, he already deserves to be branded as a traitor and charged with treason. If he is allowed to perpetrate further damage on our system by the circle of political enablers, there will be no succession of government - only revolution. In closing: “The execution of the laws is more important than the making of them.” Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Abbé Arnoux, July 19, 1789
  8. I haven't studied the audio/dictabelt information before. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the information presented, but to me it would seem the speeds and location of the "open mike" would indicate that it was one of the outrider motorcycles or a vehicle near them as opposed to the one being proposed. The speed decrease certainly (to me at least) seem to indicate those associated with the turn onto Elm and the continuing slower speed down Elm. There are at least seven possibilities for the "open mike" in my mind. There are four motorcycles, the Presidential limo, the SS backup car and the VP limo (as it has been stated by some, that LBJ was listening to some sort of radio). This actually could be construed as eight since there may have been a radio in the front of the VP vehicle as well.
  9. I just saw on CNN, Melania is skipping the Trump rally on Tuesday. I wonder if she's next on the "trashing" list for the Pres. I'm pretty sure he will make no comment on it as she says it has to do with her continuing recovery from COVID (plus he's scared of her)!
  10. Well said and at least from my perspective, very true. Those who do not ask questions and expect rational truthful answers are easily deluded.
  11. Steve, I guess some people around Trump still understand that declassification of "all" the material and not just that that can be slanted towards "evil democrats" and other Trump haters might bring up some pretty bad things for him.
  12. Trump's exit strategy is already being worked out. Today he announced that Sudan is being taken off the "terrorist sponsor" list. They have no extradition treaty with the US. He is probably angling for a large enclosed estate there where he can be "alone" if he loses. Maybe some quick banking deposits as well.
  13. If Trump loses and can't pervert the law and its underlying systems any more than he already has, I think he is already weighing his options for escape. The obvious way would be to redirect as much money as he can to another country where he can't be easily extradited. The second might be to resign, making Pence President for a few days in order to get a complete pardon. Either way he is cementing the US's position as a 3rd world country. Between his and his appointed henchmen's abuses already carried out and his total devastation of the economy which will become apparent with the next administration, we truly will be a bankrupt 3rd world country by any standards. Who will we rely on for help, all our allies he has viciously attacked and belittled? Maybe our enemies, Trump's friends, Russia and China will "help" us like they do the rest of the world's poor countries.
  14. Ron, I think I used the same word in a previous post and was surprised to see it expressed as "xxxxx". I'm assuming the word started with a "T" and ended with an "L" instead of "P". I also thought the definition fit.
  15. Ron, not that it is earth shattering, but Zu Roma is kind of like a toast. It means, "To Rome".
  16. Joseph, not absolutely sure this is what you asked about, but I found this link: http://www.jfkconversations.com/
  17. Mark S., I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but set the video to full screen and reduce the playback speed to 1/2 and you'll see that it is his watchband.
  18. There really are a few people who exactly fit the quotation: "Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel". Real eyes realize real lies.
  19. It is possible that he is telling the truth for once. I doubt he ever paid the $750.
  20. Great to hear you're getting back to normal after the afib. Your early job sounds like one I would have loved. I'm pretty satisfied with most jobs as long as I can learn something new pretty consistently, which it sounds like you did. I enjoy working along side people with a lot of knowledge on just about any subject because I can learn while I work. I would have loved the old apprentice system (not the Trump style). I got into gardening at a late age, but I'm not very good at it. I keep trying to learn and grow in the field (pun intended), but my retention is not what it used to be. I keep having to relearn and refer to notes to remember when to prune, when and how to fertilize, etc.. Good to hear the COVID test wasn't as bad as reported. I've heard the same thing here in GA, but haven't had to take one, thank goodness.
  21. Thank you Joe. If I had not lucked into that USPS job, most of my family worked menial labor jobs and (even though possessing mental acuity) never had much education, etc.. I worked in a textile mill until they were all exported, then worked at local small businesses with low pay and no benefits. I know and understand working hard and that feeling of accomplishment when you finish the day and look back on the results. The old fashioned "work ethic" that made America is so lacking and looked down upon by so many who never had to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and do actual manual labor. I still admire those who "work" for a living and make something with their skilled hands. It is a shame that they are mostly not paid for their contribution to us all.
  22. What I find most troubling is that after nearly four years a Christian evangelical, or Christian of any other description can support a man who embodies everything antithetical to their stated beliefs. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt for forgiving and supporting him after breaking every one of the ten commandments (if you break one, you break them all). This makes us ALL sinners but we are redeemable by repenting (turning about from our evil ways). Trump cannot even say I'm sorry, must less change his perverted ways. Sorry for the religious diatribe, but it is simply inconceivable to me that anyone with a firm moral compass could support this. Off my soapbox. Going to sit around and try to figure out what I can do to make a difference before/after the trouble starts in November.
  23. David, it sounds trite, but I understand your situation pretty well and agree about insurance/healthcare. I was a supporter of Bernie Sanders (and anyone else) that truly wanted to reform our healthcare/insurance industry for that very reason. I don't care what it's labeled, if a country cannot take care of its citizens who toil at the mundane and mostly low paying jobs that make it run, there is a problem that sooner or later will boil over. My family would be in exactly your situation had I not lucked into a US Postal Svc. job many years ago. We have been blessed with pretty good health up until now and no accidents that required hospitalization. Even with this, we are struggling to hang on to our bottom of the barrel "middle class" status. It always feels that we are swimming against the current and the current is getting stronger while we get older and weaker. My best to you. I wish I could offer more.
  24. Perfect quotation for this situation Steve. Few can/could match the wisdom and oration of Lincoln and none since JFK have have matched his understanding and deep reverence for this country and its underlying foundations.
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