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  1. Sandy, I have enjoyed your post on looking at the BYP's with a stereo viewer. I would like to do this also. I was a photographer for 40 years, and a little of my work was stereo. I thought I would like to share a little information on stereo imaging. To achieve a stereo image, two images need to be taken with a slight difference in the camera position left and right. Most stereo cameras have two lenses that click at the same time, creating two images side by side. Most stereo cameras have the two lenses 2 1/2" apart from each other. You can also create stereo images with a camera with
  2. Location, Rosemount, MN Photographer: Assignments with Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, AP, UPI, CBS Sports. Interests: Photography, sailing, cooking, nature, Classic Films. 68 Years old. Hello, My name is Ted Hammond. I have been a photographer since 1966. At the University of Minnesota I was asked to help with JFK Assassination photography in 1968. I was given negatives and asked to print them, given prints and asked to make negatives and enlarge the prints, etc. I also helped a researcher with the Zapruder film as he gave talks at colleges on the assassination. I was given a copy
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