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  1. Ms. Beckett one of the kind souls on this site pointed me toward a place to find them. But thanks for responding.
  2. James based on my research, I believe Nixon went and purchased the freedom of five operatives, not OPLAN 34, but more clandestine. Research the OPLAN 34 ARVN soldiers, US leaders found out that the NVA were waiting for many of them when US leaders sent them in but US leaders kept sending them. It wasn't until one of the radio operators returned a message that was code for under duress that we confirmed the suspicions.
  3. I am looking to purchase the three CD's that Sterling and Peggy Seagraves' reference in the book, Gold Warriors
  4. I am writing a series of books on the behind the scenes of the Vietnam Conflict. Not about the war stories. While I have written them in fiction, they are history based. I drop fictional characters into the story to give the reader a chance to feel like they are there. My first Novel: Pawns: Magic Bullet, starts in the Spring of 1963 and goes through the assassination of President Kennedy. The second novel in the series Pawns:Kings In Check, deals with the early Johnson years, as you imply in your response the Gulf of Tonkin up until they start sending in the troops. This is the one that had
  5. Sorry, it has taken me so long to get back to this forum topic. While I have been writing three other books, I also wanted to check every available source to confirm or deny my initial inquiry. Since then I have only found one other documentation that follows the Hougan line. Who the five men where that Nixon, escorted by Kimmons, bought their freedom, I still don't know. I'll keep digging.
  6. I continue to research Nixon's trip. I believe Hougan's research is sound. Nixon was likely set up in the trip with Lansdale, who had many behind the scenes contacts throughout Indochina. It is also likely Lansdale is the one who provided him the access to the gold. While Lodge had his connections throughout the region as well, they were in completely different circles. Will will say, answering member David McLean, I have not heard about the anti-Castro Cuban but it is very likely so, as he was well connected to Lucien Conein who was Corsican Brotherhood and had deep ties to the mafia thus man
  7. I would like to acquire copies of CD's that Mr. Seagraves has mentioned in his book, Gold Warriors. Does anybody have copies?
  8. Don Kesterson

    Le Duan

    I am doing some research and wondered if any one has any information regarding the US, whether CIA or a branch of military intelligence attempted to kidnap or assassinate Le Duan.
  9. I am trying to research Nixon's world-wide trip in 1964 for a series of novels I am writing about the causes of the Vietnam Conflict. In my research into Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge's run for the Republican Presidential representative, I stumbled onto a website that talks about Nixon taking a side trip to negotiate with the Viet Cong to return five mercenaries who were captured in an OPLAN 34A raid into North Vietnam. It is purported that Nixon paid a VC Lieutenant with a box of gold. (I am guessing it came from Santa Romana, if true). Other purported evidence was a note left for Sgt. Hollis
  10. Don Kesterson resides in Chapin, South Carolina and, in addition to writing, he works as a consulting petroleum geology in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. (Always keeping my day job) He has written a 1000-page, three-part historical reference focusing on Southeast Asia; the manuscript is currently under review. Kesterson has written two of a three-novel series; The President’s Gold, and its prequel, Gold of the Spirits. Kesterson’s research was discovered through his novels, by producers of the television program Myth Hunters discovered Kesterson, hiring him to appear as an expert fe
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