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  1. Jeanne married George de Mohrenschildt in June 1959. The following year, George's only son died of Cystic Fibrosis. George wrote in his autobiography: "I asked my wife Jeanne to give up her successful designing profession and join me on an expedition on foot by the trails of Mexico and all of Central America." After the couple used all their savings in the trip to Mexico and Central America they returned to Dallas. Middle age George and Jeanne DeMohrenschildt decide to take on this incredibly physically challenging adventure of "walking" from our southern border all the way down through Central America to Panama! And along the way of this real life machete hacking through the jungle Indiana Jones trek, they coincidentally just happened to make a side trip to some Mexican city airport to meet and greet some curious status arriving Russian diplomat? What a daredevil fun loving couple! Well friends and family...we're off to hike through the jungles of Central America. See you in 6 months! And I thought camping overnight in Big Sur, California in our 50's was a virility bragging big deal for my wife and me?
  2. It's actually laughable. For a guy who was supposedly an uncommunicative, offish, unfriendly recluse with no friends and seemingly unemployed half the time, Oswald really got around and knew and had at least some contact with way more persons than an average, high school education only 24 year old. Did Oswald actually have some personal contact with Gerry Patrick Hemming in Japan? Contact that wasn't just some fluke thing where they happened to be seated next to each other in a near bye nightclub or enlisted men's club on base? Or did Hemming make this encounter up? If not, then wouldn't this meet up be proof that Oswald was more than just a flight control operator at Atsugi?
  3. Who did a solid and adequately funded scientific polling of these so called experts to come up with a 98 to 2% result with 98% stating they didn't see anything suspicious with the building collapses, especially building 7? If thousands put their names to published papers on the conspiracy side ( which they actually did ) you mean to say 50X that number of other experts did the same with other non-conspiracy published papers All these 100,000 conspiracy refuting experts were shown films of the collapses and asked to submit their findings? That poll and it's proclaimed numbers seems as phony as Trump's election fraud claims. To me, the "fact" that 1,000 or 2,000 or even more valid experts in the relative fields were willing to put their names and their reputations out in the public realm and on the line to express their suspicions regards the building collapses ( again especially building 7 ) says alot. I'm one of the totally ignorant public in these areas of study, but my common sense says the collapse of building 7 seemed as perfectly footprint, all at once free falling as any controlled demolition videos I have seen since the story was first widely reported. Heck, it seems even more accomplished than many controlled ones in those videos. Not all of even the controlled demolitions fell as uniformly and footprint perfect as WTC building 7 ... imo.
  4. Lee did not accompany Marina and Ruth back to Irving. He was not there to help unload all of his and Marina's belongings off of and out of the station wagon and into the garage. Marina being pretty well along in her pregnancy may not have been able to do much with the heavier stuff. Ruth would have done more it seems. Maybe Michael Paine was asked to help do this and did so? Leading me to ask these questions: After the assassination the Paine residence searching police asked Marina if Lee owned a gun/rifle. Marina said yes. They were led to the garage. At some point Marina pointed to a blanket on the garage floor, correct? Did she do so knowing before 11,22, 1963 this blanket was one Lee had wrapped around the gun? If Marina did know the gun was in this particular blanket before that day, wouldn't she have seen the gun carrying blanket at some point in the loading of it into Ruth's car in NOLA ...or when it was unloaded into Ruth's garage? Or did she see the blanket later when she perhaps had to go through the unloaded items to get what she needed from the entire garage pile? If she did see the blanket/rifle in the garage pile ( sharp eyed Ruth and Michael would have too you would think ) and you would also think she would have been very self-conscious about it's presence. Marina didn't like the fact that Lee had a gun like this in the first place and would also know that Ruth and Michael being Quakers ( Ruth anyway ) would have been abhorred upon seeing this gun. Ruth never said she knew the gun was in the Oswald belongings before the police search, did she? If she did she would have made this discovery a big part of her often stated reasons for disliking Lee to the extreme. Or, was the gun ( and the blanket it was wrapped in ) stuffed deeply into a large military type duffle bag as Oswald owned and never removed from this until the empty blanket was found? Did Marina ever explain the moving provenance of Lee's rifle? As she, Ruth and Lee were loading up Ruth's car in NOLA did Marina know right then that Lee's rifle was in such a blanket and duffle bag? Did Marina ever tell the police this fact, and say she had never seen the rifle out of such a bag until she saw the blanket on the floor of the Paine garage the afternoon of 11,22,1963? Marina sounded like she knew the blanket the gun was wrapped in. When and how long before the garage search? Hard to believe that Lee and Marina would take such a risk of upsetting Quaker Ruth by leaving the rifle out and visible only inside a single and not large blanket and not further hidden in another bag or such. The Paine garage was a single car one. Not large at all. Michael had at least one large wood or metal fabricating machine in it and he and Ruth's belongs were in there too. Quite crowded looking in the first press pictures. Ruth and Michael must have had reasons to go into the garage many times after unloading Lee and Marina's belongings inside. Ruth and Michael Paine were also suspicious of Lee from the get go. I would think suspicion minded, eagle-eyed Ruth would have given anything out of the ordinary of Lee's belongings in the garage at least a sneak peak. Files? A lying around and rolled up blanket would be easily seen. And maybe moved to get to other items in the pile Marina may have needed throughout her stay before 11,22,1963. Did the police ask Marina where and when she last saw the blanket before it was pointed out on the garage floor? Or how long before 11,22,1963 did she know the gun was wrapped in the blanket in the first place? Seems Marina's clear knowledge of the blanket and it's rolled up use before 11,22,1963 is a more important aspect of the case than is often cited ... imo anyway.
  5. BOOKSHELF READ REVIEW PASSPORT TO ASSASSINATION BY OLEG MAXIMOVICH NECHIPORENKO ‧ RELEASE DATE: DEC. 1, 1993 Aretired KGB colonel tells of his career as a spy—and, particularly, of his meetings with Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 in Mexico City. Nechiporenko details his schooling in domestic and then foreign intelligence; his life as a spy in Mexico; and the expulsion, in the early 70's, of his espionage team from that country after officials ascertained that the Soviet embassy was a nest of secret agents. But the greatest interest here lies in Nechiporenko's discussion of Oswald. To lend credence to his ideas about Oswald's Russian ties, the author reveals the mind set of KGB and Western intelligence and counterintelligence agencies: To his surprise, he says, he found himself named in two American books— KGB (1974), by John Barron, and L.B.J. and the J.F.K. Conspiracy (1978), by Hugh MacDonald and Robin Moore—as Oswald's KGB ``manager'' in Mexico City. Nechiporenko contends that both books were drawn in part from information supplied by Western intelligence agencies, and his review of Oswald's life in Russia and later activities in Mexico City—drawn from Russian intelligence files as well as from the public record—makes clear that the KGB had no desire to tie in with an uneducated, neurotic young idealist. Oswald's surprise talks with Nechiporenko in the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City (where Oswald was applying for a visa to return to Russia) underscored that the American—paranoid about the FBI and fearful for his life—was highly unstable. Nechiporenko finds Oswald too undependable to have been a likely cog in a conspiracy—though his psychological portrait of him makes a fairly strong case for his being the lone gunman. Moreover, the author spends considerable space discounting the claim by KGB defector Yuri Nosenko that Oswald was working for the Russians. Frank talk that's of middling interest for spy-fans, of greater interest for assassination buffs. (Photographs) Here we go with the PsyOp term... "assassination buffs." A tip off regards the true agenda of the reviewer? Writer Nechiporenko says..."Oswald was too uneducated, neurotic, idealist, undependable, paranoid, and fearful for his life ... to be a cog in a conspiracy." Would not that exact psychological profile be the ideal one in finding, manipulating, using and setting up a hapless, take the blame patsy in an almost suicidal killing project? Think Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Mehmet Ali Acga and so many others as the actual triggermen in highest political level and importance assassinations. Psychologically together people would not allow themselves to be manipulated and used like that. This Nechiporenko fellow was a lifelong highest level spy trained to lie at every turn. A kind of Russian E. Howard Hunt? A fact of reality which ( like E. Howard Hunt ) really destroys his truth telling credibility for the rest of his life imo.
  6. The Russians always knew and appreciated the value of beautiful young Russian women in the spy game. Honey pots? A far cry from the U.S. promoted pictures of most Russian women looking like big boned, weather beaten oxen in dust covered Babushkas behind field plows. I do not think it was mere coincidence that Marina was placed in Oswald's social world and specifically the party dance that evening. A truly attractive young woman can make herself be seen and available to targeted men if this is intended. Marina was the hottest young thing in Minsk. A brilliant blue eyed beauty, even to our standards. I'm sure Oswald couldn't believe his hot and bothered luck when this doe eyed Cinderella just appeared in front of him at the communal dance. If Oswald had returned to the U.S. with a Russian wife who looked like one of those plow pushers in the standard U.S. photos of typical Russian women, nobody would have given them much thought or attention in regards to helping them and inviting them to parties and into their homes like they did with the pretty young thing Marina, imo. I first saw and watched Marina in her first televised interview on national TV. The "Marina, what do you do all day?" one. The "I don't want to believe, but facts tell me Lee killed Kennedy" one. I was achingly smitten. What a beauty! That young Lee Remick face! Those big and intelligent thought expressive yet scared eyes. I'm sure her natural innocent looking beauty for all to see helped generate a good portion of the huge donation fund that began pouring in right after that interview. If Marina truly was a Russian spy game honey pot, I have to give her handlers credit for finding such a beauty for this role.
  7. Trump should be prosecuted for refusing to order any assistance in quelling the January, 6th Capital building attack and siege. Instead watching it grow into a murderous mob action for two hours, apparently with glee.
  8. Of all the most well known JFK killing predictions the most detailed as exactly happened one was by wealthy, violent segregation activist Joseph Milteer just two to three weeks before Dallas, 11,22,1963. Milteer is on tape telling Miami police informant Will Somerset: "Oh, yes. It's in the workings." Answering Somerset's question of whether "they are really going to try to kill him ( JFK? ) Sommerset: "How they gonna do it?" Milteer: "from an office building with a high powered rifle." Milteer: They'll pick up a patsy a few hours later. How...HOW... AND WHY in the world was Milteer not immediately picked up and gruelingly interrogated once the Miami PD released this two week prior tape of him to the federal authorities describing the method and action of JFK's killing down to details beyond coincidence? Somerset even claimed Milteer called him right after JFK was killed ( same day or next?) bragging about his earlier JFK killing claim for it's veracity! Dallas was the super wealthy power center of the most rabid haters of JFK in America. The Murchison family of Dallas "celebrated" JFK's death according to 35 year long Virginia Murchison house keeper May Newman who was right there in the family gatherings. Newman: "Like the champagne and cavier flowed for a week" after JFK's death. Newman claimed the only person who was grieving for JFK and his widow...was her!
  9. For those who aren't inclined to click on links: John Martino's Confessions John Martino: electronics expert, mob associate, anti-Castro activist, author of I Was Castro's Prisoner, promoter of stories about Lee Harvey Oswald, and confessor to involvement in the JFK assassination. Flo, they're going to kill him. They're going to kill him when he gets to Texas. The wife of John Martino, after denying to the HSCA that her husband had foreknowledge of JFK's assassination, told author Anthony Summers about her husband's statement the morning of the murder and the series of phone calls he received that afternoon. John Martino, whose statements are the starting point for Larry Hancock's book Someone Would Have Talked, was deeply enmeshed in anti-Castro activities in the early 1960s. An electronics expert, particularly specializing in the gambling machines employed in Havana casinos run by organized crime. Martino was arrested in Havana in July 1959 and spent three years in prison there. On his return to Florida, he became associated with Frank Sturgis, Eddie Bayo, and other anti-Castro activists. Martino also mentioned the not-well-known CIA officer Dave Morales in his book, I Was Castro's Prisoner. In the spring and summer of 1963, Martino was heavily involved in the Bayo-Pawley raid (aka Operation TILT), an operation intended to smuggle out of Cuba two Russian officers who, it was said, wanted to defect and alert the world to the presence of Soviet missiles remaining in Cuba after the Missile Crisis. A team was landed but never returned. Martino and an associated named Nathaniel Weyl were active in the aftermath of JFK's assassination, spreading a variety stories intended to tie Lee Harvey Oswald to Fidel Castro. Martino's confession was not confined to his wife and son Eddie. In 1975 he told Newsday reporter John Cummings about his involvement in the JFK murder, serving as a courier, delivering money, etc. He told a similar story to his business partner Fred Claasen that same year, as recounted in Tony Summer's book Conspiracy: The anti-Castro people put Oswald together. Oswald didn't know who he was working for--he was just ignorant of who was really putting him together. Oswald was to meet his contact at the Texas Theatre. They were to meet Oswald in the theatre, and get him out of the country, then eliminate him. Oswald made a mistake...There was no way we could get to him. They had Ruby kill him.
  10. Yes Doug. Ever since I first heard this song on the radio decades ago, it is still truly an epically sad and moving piece. All 3 men, all with a sense of moral humanitarian equality guidance and purpose, brutally, bloodily, savagely brought down by bullets...all in their under 50 prime - JFK 46, RFK 43, MLK just 39. A removal of the only men in our society who were not only courageously willing to promote these values into our "official" societal policies ( contrary to the corrupted military, Industrial, intelligence and even organized crime power groups in control ) and that had gained the popular support of a majority of Americans. They had to go. And when they were taken out, so went a collective hope, trust, faith, inspiration and innocence with most of our society. With no one since ever coming close to these good and moral men's popular backing influence. No more saviors. And every savage shooting by a lone gunman with no connections to anyone else. As Gerald Posner stated "Case Closed."
  11. Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, authors of the new book I Alone Can Fix It, chronicling former President Trump’s tumultuous last year in office, joined Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, where they shared exclusive audio from an interview with Trump for the book. In the audio, which was chock full of rehashed falsehoods and conspiracies, Trump revealed that he and the January 6 insurrectionists at the Capitol shared a common goal. “I wanted — I mean, personally, what I wanted is what they wanted,” Trump said. “They showed up just to show support, because I happen to believe the election was rigged at a level like nothing has ever been rigged before.” Trump went on to once again lament the fact that former Vice President Mike Pence didn’t personally overturn the election the day of the insurrection, a power that a Vice President does not have under the Constitution. It seems obvious and easily provable that Donald Trump watched the violent mob January 6th insurrection live on TV from it's beginning and was also being kept well informed of it's happening and ever increasing intensity ( with much destruction, traumatic fear, injury and even death just as regular Americans could see for themselves on TV as well ) and yet "purposely" delayed using his power, authority and especially his constitutional duty "responsibility" to immediately stop it. Any rational person in this country knows Trump clearly and aggressively incited that mob to violently attack our most sacred institution Capital Building full of members of our congress and police. Including his own Vice President! The action of Trump in purposely delaying his means to quell and stop the extremely violent January 6th mob attack on our Capital building and everyone in it to save lives, property damage and serious emotional trauma to them, is the most outrageous high level crime he committed in his entire presidency imo. Trump not being charged with aiding and abetting these murder and mayhem causing attackers along with purposely abrogating his authority to stop their terrorist attack for personal political gain or any other reasons is just another of the most headshaking crazy "why nots" of our current times. If Trump not only watched what 10's of millions of Americans were watching on national TV in real time from the very beginning of the terrifying violent siege and for the next two hours after, and then purposely refused to take any action to stop it for that time until much damage and injury and even killing occurred ( and allegedly even ignored pleas to take quelling action sooner by his own family?) what would or should anyone call this action? If Trump were actually charged with crimes in his purposeful non-action to stop the Capital building attack and had to face a trial by jury, I would think the jurors would consider Trump's quoted public documented statement above saying "he wanted what the Jan 6th, Capital Building attackers wanted" as just about the most self incriminating piece of testimony that would force them to find him guilty of aiding and abetting. Especially in a civil trial involving claimants who filed personal liability lawsuits against him for his responsibility in the injuries and even deaths of the January 6th Capital Building attack and seige.
  12. North Beckley housekeeper Earline Roberts was described very derogatorily by her boss Mrs. Johnson as not a great worker ( she was old and tired ) and a "teller of tall tales." Johnson just ripped Earlene Roberts. So, here's the "tall tale" Earlene Robert's made up about her 1:pm November 22nd, encounter with a returning Lee Oswald. Full of embellishments like a gossiper would add? To the Warren Commission: BALL. And Friday was the day the President was shot? Had you seen him at any time that Friday before the officers came up and knocked on your door?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. Hadn't he been home?Mrs. ROBERTS. Oh, let's see--that was the day.Mr. BALL. That was on a Friday---Mrs. ROBERTS. Wait a minute, let me think of it.Mr. BALL. That's on a Friday.Mrs. ROBERTS. I had better back up a minute---he came home that Friday in an unusual hurry.Mr. BALL. And about what time was this?Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, it was after President Kennedy had been shot and I had a friend that said, "Roberts, President Kennedy has been shot," and I said, "Oh, no." She said, "Turn on your television," and I said "What are you trying to do, pull my leg?" And she said, "Well, go turn it on." I went and turned it on and I was trying to clear it up---I could hear them talking but I couldn't get the picture and he come in and I just looked up and I said, "Oh, you are in a hurry." He never said a thing, not nothing. He went on to his room and stayed about 3 or 4 minutes.Mr. BALL. As he came in, did you say anything else except, "You are in a hurry"?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. Did you say anything about the President being shot?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. You were working with the television?Mrs. ROBERTS. I was trying to clear it up to see what was happening and try to find out about President Kennedy.Mr. BALL. Why did you say to this man as he came in, "You are in a hurry,"why did you say that?Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, he just never has come in and he was walking unusually fast and he just hadn't been that way and I just looked up and I said, "Oh, you are in a hurry."Mr. BALL. You mean he was walking faster than he usually was?Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes.Mr. BALL. When he came in the door, what did he do?Mrs. ROBERTS. He just walked in---he didn't look around at me---he didn't say nothing and went on to his room.Mr. BALL. Did he run?Mrs. ROBERTS. He wasn't running, but he was walking pretty fast---he was all but running.Mr. BALL. Then, what happened after that?Mrs. ROBERTS. He went to his room and he was in his shirt sleeves but I couldn't tell you whether it was a long-sleeved shirt or what color it was or nothing, and he got a jacket and put it on---it was kind of a zipper jacket.Mr. BALL. Had you ever seen him wear that jacket before?Mrs. ROBERTS. I can't say I did---if I did, I don't remember it.Mr. BALL. When he came in he was in a shirt?Mrs. ROBERTS. He was in his shirt sleeves.Mr. BALL. What color was his shirt? Do you know?Mrs. ROBERTS. I don't remember. I didn't pay that much attention for I was interested in the television trying to get it fixed.Mr. BALL. Had you ever seen that shirt before or seen him wear it---the shirt, or do you know?Mrs. ROBERTS. I don't remember---I don't know.Mr. BALL. You say he put on a separate jacket?Mrs. ROBERTS. A jacket.Mr. BALL. I'll show you this jacket which is Commission Exhibit 162---have you ever seen this jacket before?Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, maybe I have, but I don't remember it. It seems like the one he put on was darker than that. Now, I won't be sure, because I really don't know, but is that a zipper jacket?Mr. BALL. Yes---it has a zipper down the front.Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, maybe it was.Mr. BALL. It was a zippered jacket, was it?Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes; it was a zipper jacket. How come me to remember it, he was zipping it up as he went out the door.Mr. BALL. He was zipping it up as he went out the door?Mrs. ROBERTS. Yes.Mr. BALL. Then, when you saw him, did you see any part of his belt?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. There is some suspicion that when he left there he might have had a pistol or a revolver in his belt; did you see anything like that?Mrs. ROBERTS. No; I sure didn't.Mr. BALL. Now, I show you Commission Exhibit No. 150--it is a shirt-have you seen that before?Mrs. ROBERTS. Well, maybe I have. Now, that looks kind of like the dark shirt that he had on.Mr. BALL. Now, when Oswald came in, he was in a shirt--does this shirt look anything like the shirt he had on?Mrs. ROBERTS. It was a dark shirt he had on-I think it was a dark one, but whether it was long sleeve or short sleeve or what--I don't know.Mr. BALL. Does the color of this shirt which I show you here, Commission Exhibit No. 150, look anything like the shirt he had on?Mrs. ROBERTS. I'm sorry, I just don't know.Mr. BALL.. You are not able to testify as to that--to tell us that?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. Can you tell me what time it was approximately that Oswald came in?Mrs. ROBERTS. Now, it must have been around 1 o'clock, or maybe a little after, because it was after President Kennedy had been shot-what time I wouldn't want to say becauseMr. BALL.. How long did he stay in the room ?Mr. ROBERTS. Oh, maybe not over 3 or 4 minutes-just long enough, I guess, to go in there and get a jacket and put it on and he went out zipping it.Mr. BALL. You recall he went out zipping it-was he running or walking?Mrs. ROBERTS. He was walking fast-he was making tracks pretty fast.Mr. BALL. Did he say anything to you as he went out ?Mrs. ROBERTS. No, sir.Mr. BALL. Did you say anything to him ?Mrs. ROBERTS. Probably wouldn't have gotten no answer.Mr. BALL. What is the only thing you said to him from the time he came in the house until he left?Mrs. ROBERTS. "You sure are in a hurry."Mr. BELIN. Is that all?Mrs. ROBERTS. That was all.Mr. BALL. That's all you said to him ?Mrs. ROBERTS. That's all I said to him.Mr. BALL. Did he say anything to you ?Mrs. ROBERTS. No.Mr. BALL. Nothing.Mrs. ROBERTS. He didn't say nothing-he wouldn't say nothing-period. He walked in kind of fast like, didn't look at her or say anything. Roberts says to Oswald "you sure are in a hurry." Oswald says nothing back. He goes in his room. 3 or 4 minutes later he leaves his room. As he does, he doesn't look at or say anything to Roberts and walks quickly out the door. Yup, a tall tale there. Full of embellishment. And Roberts said she couldn't remember almost every detail Ball was quizzing her about regards Oswald. She could have added all kind of gossipy details if she wanted to. But she was instead very sparse, totally non-embellishing in her answers as she honestly answered them. This is one reason I believe her police car parking and quick "Tit Tit" honking story just in front of her residence yard while Oswald was in his room. This thought just occurred to me: Earlene Roberts testified that Dallas police officers occasionally came to her residence. She would even talk to them as they sat in their patrol car. She even thought she knew the car number of one of the cars. They'd ask typical "anything unusual" questions. Made sense as she would see the comings and goings of the many residents of her rooming house. Typically transient people that stay in pretty low income places like hers. Now, the afternoon of 11,22,1963, when a marked Dallas Police car came up to and stopped in front of her residence yard and honked twice ( tit tit ), you might think that because of the Earth shaking, city stopping news of JFK's shooting Ms. Roberts might have been a little more motivated to go out and meet these two officers in their stopped car. To ask them about this JFK shooting event. If anybody would know more about the shooting it would be the police. However, if she had done so, it would have been several minutes of talking with them They would have had to stay parked there a least longer than a minute or two. And they pulled up before Oswald had left his room. Could you imagine Lee Oswald bustling out his room, and then out the front door of the main house and seeing this police car sitting right in front of him with Ms. Robert's talking to the officers through their open door window? Obviously, he would have turned and made a beeline back in. Easily could have happened. and it would have totally changed the time line for Oswald's alleged walk where he was confronted by Officer Tippit. Just a "what if" contemplation.
  13. Robert. These famous still photos of Jackie standing next to LBJ in her husband's blood covered dress while LBJ was being sworn in on Air Force 1 will be known and shown to millions for perhaps even centuries from now. They are perhaps the most powerful photos of that tragic day in their depiction of the deepest emotional trauma shock, horror, grief and pain on Jackie Kennedy's face almost beyond psychology and even common language term description words. The photos of Jackie here are truly, epically haunting. More than any others I can recall, they capture the brutal and bloody tragedy in it's deepest and fullest soul wrenching pain and personal loss essence. And what will also forever add to the emotional wrenching power of the photos is the mind boggling surreal juxtaposition of the main focus characters in them - Jackie, LBJ, Lady Bird ( and in the most truly perverse one the smirking smile Albert Thomas "ata boy Lyndon" one ) and knowing that just 2 hours previous, JFK was alive ,vibrant and happily waving to screaming fans just before his head was brutally blood spraying blown apart just inches from Jackie's eyes and in front of hundreds of close up eyewitnesses in broad daylight public. These LBJ swearing in on Air Force One pics of Jackie will be one of our nation's most famous ones forever. And even if LBJ lackey good-ole-boy Albert Thomas's wink was just a normal eye shutting caught in a fast pace shutter click, there is no misinterpreting that perversely out of place sick and cold blooded smile of his, right in the middle of what was one of the most sad and personal pain suffering times in our history. Where was Thomas's appropriate somber and respectful empathy for not just Jackie, who was mere feet from him, but also for JFK whom he supposedly was friendly with? Heck, Thomas gave Lyndon a look of congratulatory glee! Like LBJ just kicked the winning field goal in a Texas against Oklahoma conference title game! ATABOY LYNDON ... YOU DID IT BABY!
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