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  1. Sir David, this is bad news on top of bad news for me - a Bond film addict. Every new Bond film I would race to the theater at the earliest time showing ( afternoon ) which would usually mean I had a better chance at getting my perfect viewing seat location versus later "prime time" showings. I would get in the theater as early as possible to also garner an open seat next to mine and drape my coat over the back to give it the appearance of being taken. This covertly obtained open seat became my placement space for my enormous snack stash: A huge size drum of popcorn and oth
  2. If much a higher advanced race of beings sent a probe through space, wouldn't it make stealth sense to have it look like a piece of rock versus a Klingon ship? And if it is an intelligent race deep space probe or ship wouldn't it also have to be designed to withstand enormous temperature, radiation and other stresses by being made with materials that could handle such? Hence an outer shell of rock hard material?
  3. Never gave it much thought, but now that it's been mentioned, Michael Paine does have enough physical look similarities that from a distance I could see someone mistaking the two. Head and face shape. Open forehead, thin receding chin. Receding hair line, same color hair, shorter hair cut and skin tone. Same small frame body and thinness. Same non-smiling overly serious look and eye contact avoiding. Looks more like an older Oswald brother than Robert Oswald.
  4. Typical terrible twos tantrum throwing Trump just can't help himself. Out the door on his last day in office he's dropping his drawers and mooning the American people with a final "Kiss My A$$" abuse of presidential perp pardon power performance. A disgustingly blatant cynical and amoral middle finger thrusting TAKE THAT act of pissed off pay back for him being denied his delusional demands and way. What a disturbed mind double whammy of legacy ruining conflict and chaos creating carnage the "fired" and disgrunted Trump leaves the American people in his last two weeks in office.
  5. Antagonism in the defense of libertarian debate is no vice. Or is it?
  6. Think about this. Let's say Navy Corpsman medical tech Paul O'Conner just made up this story about Commander Humes complaining about cigar smoke while he ( Humes) is involved in the most important, emotionally intense, shocking and stressful event and assignment of his life. And O'Conner saying Humes told him to find the smoker and ask him to put this out. Which O'Conner says he did. Then, as if that JFK autopsy recollection isn't off-the-wall odd enough, O'Conner then "doubles down" risking his credibility further by adding on an even more bizarre anecdotal account of Gene
  7. From the very first night I watched the live news broadcasts of Oswald being paraded around through that chaotic crush of pushing, shoving and shouting reporters with trip risking cables and blinding flash bulbs inside the DPD building the night of 11,22,1963 until today... I still can't believe how "anyone", or any police agency could be so crazily incognizant of the completely illogical,unprofessional, Oswald security risking and even probably illegal Oswald's " respresentation rights" denying action of allowing their building to be over-run by that cattle stampede mob of press reporter
  8. Why lawmakers tested positive for COVID-19 after Capitol riot, despite vaccinations Full protection against the virus doesn't happen right after getting the shot. Despite receiving one or two doses of a coronavirus vaccine, multiple members of Congress have tested positive for COVID-19 since the riot at the U.S. Capitol. While currently available vaccines are highly effective against symptomatic illness, it takes about two weeks after the second dose to offer that high degree of protection, accordi
  9. I've seen this interview of Michael Paine 2 or 3 times in the past and just viewed it again. Some thoughts and observations on Paine. He does sound educated to a good vocabulary degree. He seems very uncomfortably cautious in speaking. Halting often for seconds at a time. He also avoids eye to eye contact much more than the average person. He comes across as dour, overly serious and perhaps even secretive as the man he is passing evaluative judgement on...Lee Harvey Oswald. Nothing close to a relaxed at ease facial expression or smile. No life of the party this Mi
  10. That chunk of JFK's skull that blew out above his right ear also shows you how thick skull bone really is. That piece is 1/4th an inch thick.
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