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  1. McAdams put a lot of time, energy and expense ( travel, publishing and time and effort have a quantitative dollar value ) engaging with the JFK Assassination research community ( the huge majority conspiracy believers ) in an adversarial way. I never really got his point for expending all that time, effort and expense into such a futile and antagonizing agenda. He knew he wasn't going to change any conspiracy believer's minds. That he wasn't going to educate them regards their loony reality. So, if that proposition is true, what was his agenda? Keeping history accurate and untai
  2. Perhaps true TP ... to a point. But this isn't John McAdam's obituary memorial site. It's a forum of high passion and at times hotly debated JFK assassination issues and opinions. With many true believers on the conspiracy side. And McAdams aggressively charged the issues ( and these true believers ) with unbridled energy and at times antagonistic incitement. Nobody on here is going to go outside of the forum to criticize JM at his time of passing. I think everyone here, even those who have railed against McAdams doesn't also keep in mind the man has passed into the r
  3. Trump has always been enthusiastically willing to take money from anyone, no matter how corrupt. Gotta deal with organized crime to get his hotels and casino's built? Hey, no problem. Trump actually said on a Dave Letterman TV show appearance "let me tell you...some of those people ( organized crime) happen to be very nice people." !!! If journalist butchering Saudis are willing to help him and Jared out financially ( remember the Saudie threat of blockading Quatar which resulted in a Quatar funded Canadian 666 5th Avenue boondoggle bailout? Trump regards the Saudi pr
  4. Yes, agree. It seemed almost everyone in Dealey Plaza and employees of the TXSBD were so emotionally upset at what happened with the shooting and fearing the worst regards JFK himself that they were sick with worry and grief. Plus having armed police running to and fro must have just added to the fear, anxiety and angst. All in all a real appetite killer imo. It would be hard to imagine any of the eye witnesses in Dealey Plaza going off for a lunch break just minutes after the worst in a lifetime traumatic scene they were just thrust into seconds and minutes earlier. S
  5. After seeing Ruth Paine's actual testimony regards her discovering the letter draft Lee Oswald had typed on her typewriter and left next to it after going to bed the evening he wrote it and what RP did with the draft upon discovering it and reading it Sunday morning, I felt it is importantly revealing in posting her actual testimony here with my previous post. I needed to correct my original comments regarding the incident.
  6. Is this debate one we can be linked to? If so, can you provide this?
  7. DZ. Please excuse my naivety. What is the title of Sylvia Meagher's book? Which couple are you referring to?
  8. When someone you dislike passes away, my learned general response is to wait awhile before letting it ( criticism ) all hang out. If even just a few days. There are exceptions of course. Those who we know or suspect have demeaned or purposely caused pain ( emotional and physical ) injury and even death to others no matter the numbers. Where does McAdams rate on that scale? In my mind and heart, the man did shamelessly demean others as a matter of habit. He seriously harmed Ms. Abbate. But more than anything imo, he demeaned the truth, justice and memory importance of
  9. That answer by Ruth P. ( when asked if she had ever met or been in contact with anyone in the CIA ) "not that I am aware of" piques one's curiosity in the same vein as Oswald's "I am just a patsy" one. To what degree of importance is debatable of course. At first thought it seems a suspiciously ambiguous answer. Especially knowing about her sister's employment background. And who knows about her father, mother, husband Michael and his father? Her answer could be innocently perceived. I could see myself saying something like her answer if I had been asked if I have ever met some
  10. Interesting tidbits shared by Ruth Paine in the second link video of her speaking to a group on 9/13/2013. Again, remarkably detailed about interactions with Lee and Marina "50 years" previous. Yet, when asked previously ( the Gerry Spence questioning and other times ) she could not remember even the most basic details regards her visit with her sister ( where her sister lived, what she did for a living, whether they discussed Lee and Marina which I feel she did ) just months previous to her very detailed shared story of going to get Marina and her baby June in NO in October 1963?
  11. If I saw someone staring at me in a public place with a face like that...I'd run!
  12. For those who defend Ruth Paine, even they must admit that in the area of her answers to questions relating to her sister, she is clearly evasive. Feigning ignorance about even the most basic questions. Ruth was very sharp in all her testimonies. Recalling every incident ( major and minor ) involving Marina and Lee with extraordinary detail. She even recalls emotional reactions of Marina and Lee and herself during these scenes. Ruth remembered details of the apartment Lee and Marina lived in when she arrived to bring Marina back to her home in Irving. She stayed two nights there, co
  13. Vince, you mention in your video that Gerald Blaine should prepare himself better with information facts before presenting false claims as he did on national television speaking to interviewer Brian Lamb via the "Q & A" C-Span program. One that stuck out so starkly it was embarrassing to see and hear was Blaine's condescending rebuke of you Vince for your self-proclaimed expertise. And Blaine went off about how many like you had created myths about the shooting of JFK and how the limo slowed down or even stopped just before and during the head shot. Blaine cockily claimed the lim
  14. Mr. NORMAN. Yes.Mr. BALL. With which arm?Mr. NORMAN. I believe it was his right arm, and I can't remember what the exact time was but I know I heard a shot, and then after I heard the shot, well, it seems as though the President, you know, slumped or something, and then another shot and I believe Jarman or someone told me, he said, "I believe someone is shooting at the President," and I think I made a statement "It is someone shooting at the President, and I believe it came from up above us."Well, I couldn't see at all during the time but I know I heard a third shot fired, and I could also hea
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