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  1. According to Mary Ferrell's database: LAST LAWRENCE FIRST JACK ALAN MID/AKA CARROLL ADDRESS 1964: 204 Ninth Ave., South Charleston, W. VA 'PHONE (304) 744-3168; RE 4-0857 SOURCES WC 26, pp. 452-453, 686-688, 704; CE 2970; CE 3080, CE 3089, CE 3093; CD 85, pp. 373-377; CD 205, pp. 211-213, 222-223; CD 329, pp. 61-78; CD 1546, p. 118; Forgive My Grief, Vol. 11, Jones, p. 124; The Third Decade, July 1991, pp. 1-17, "Jack Lawrence, Assassin or Fall Guy," by Sheldon Inkol; The Third Decade, September 1992, pp. 1-17, "Jack Lawrence Responds," by Sheldon Inkol. COMMENT DOB: 9/14/38; SS # 236-58-6645. Wife: Linda. Salesman at Downtown Lincoln Mercury, Dallas, TX at time LHO allegedly took demonstration ride. Lawrence allegedly left demonstrator car behind the picket fence at Dealey Plaza at 12:30 p.m., 11/22, when he was unable to drive through the Dealey Plaza area to the dealership. He was fired by Downtown Lincoln on 11/23/63. Lawrence came to Dallas in late October 1963 and stayed at YMCA on Ervay St. He came from West Virginia but claimed to have worked for a New Orleans car dealer on Carondolet. Checked out of Dallas YMCA (Room 811) on November 30, 1963 (Saturday), leaving address: 144 10th Ave., South Charleston, West Virginia (304) RI 4-0857. On 11/27/63, Lawrence told Gene Barnes of NBC that he was going to San Diego to get job similar to position he had held with NASA previously (CD 85, p. 376). I thought that last line about NASA was interesting. Didn't several former Reilly Coffee Company employees go to work for NASA? Steve Thomas Wasn't there an explosion and subsequent fire reported at the Dallas YMCA on 11/22 or 11/23 ? (destruction of Jack Lawrence evidence?)
  2. Was the dealership near a railroad crossing, where the limo would have to SLOW DOWN due to the raised level of road bc of the tracks? I just watched part of Jim Fetzer's The Real Deal regarding the TSBD and this was one of the secondary kill zones if Dealey Plaza got bypassed,,,
  3. ...the shooter could also be Larry Crafard, who was an expert sniper (not sure what arm of military) and he worked closely with Jack Ruby. He left town the day of the assassination and was known to be close friends/crime associates with James (Sutton) Files who many believe was the shooter behind the fence on the grassy knoll..
  4. i would like to discuss the motorcycle cop who lifts his bike up, then sees something in the sewer drain as he is looking directly at it...he then makes a motion as to approach the drain before the camera pans...I have heard theories of a shooter firing from that underground position....then I saw a segment from The Men Who Killed Kennedy, they found out that it leads out several hundred yards away, it only took them ten minutes to get out from Dealey Plaza I believe. Many researchers claim it was Jack Allen Lawrence who was the shooter as he was seen coming back from work at the car dealership (the same that leant the motorcade the cars). Please discuss....
  5. I grew up in Oceanport, NJ moved to California for college to study filmmaking and have been writing screenplays ever since. I have worked for Paramount, 20th Century Fox and other studios as well as Oscar winning producers. I have been interested in the JFK assassination for as long as I can remember, became haunted by it since Oliver Stone's brilliant 'JFK' and this last year began working on my own JFK assassination project told through Lee Harvey Oswald's framing as the patsy.
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