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  1. Good luck down there. We broke two 75 year-old records in our town in Montana in the past week, hitting -31 Sunday morning. It's supposed to get to 12 today, first time above zero since last Sunday.
  2. Mr. Doudna's remarks are compelling. However, I'm not buying the Ruth Pain innocence stuff. No evidence in her entire life of ever "living her religious convictions as a Friend" by helping out people who were down on their luck apart from the Oswalds, she placed Lee in the TSBD, and it seems a stretch that the Secret Service regularly warns people to keep their distance from harmless Quakers, as they did Marina Oswald. In addition, she was demonstrably untruthful to the people in Nicaragua she was surveilling via notes and photographs.
  3. Likely true but the previous president was the one who cut their taxes and appointed the queen torturess to head the CIA.
  4. I really think most Trump supporters are at heart wonderful, decent people who have just been radicalized by Facebook and the other media they consume.
  5. I know it's harsh, but revolution and insurrection are rough games and if you are going to play them you need to be prepared to do what is necessary and to accept the consequences. The only way to effectively deal with such situations is for the winning side to publicly try and execute every leader on the losing side and their financiers, seizing their assets and exiling or imprisoning their families. If you don't, they and their descendants will cause trouble in perpetuity. Lincoln's failed response to the end of the Civil War is the prime example of it. These were the people storming the Capitol Jan. 6.
  6. Trump missed a real opportunity to burnish his legacy and unite the country by pardoning Biden for stealing the election.
  7. Always suspected Moulitsas was some type of intelligence agent whose Daily Kos site was set up to try to limit what was acceptable leftwing discourse/policy to keep the Democratic party from drifting too far to the left. I became suspicious of when he came out hard against Dennis Kucinich, suggesting he be primaried, which seemed an odd position for a leftist. I believe I read years ago he was involved in Intel in the Army. He was a Republican before joining the military.
  8. This probably was a solid bet prior to the riot. Now, I doubt he trusts Pence enough to go through with it.
  9. Doesn't Prayerman lore suggest Baker never went up the front steps and instead ran parallel to them?
  10. There will be Trump Presidential Library. The National Archives and Records Administration is out of the brick and mortar presidential library business. Just as there will be no Obama Presidintial Library. I have no doubt Trump will grift the rubes for millions to build one — and it will be a big obnoxious flashy building with nothing in it except wax figures of the Trump and a giant gift shop. And people will go to it and buy the junk. But a real repository of presidential records for research it will not be. Do you think Trump has any desire to have professional archivists handling his records?
  11. The Onion: "We must protect the pure Aryan Bloodline," says child after 9 minutes of unsupervised Facebook access.
  12. She won’t let her Catholic faith get in the way of further oppressing the poor.
  13. Russ Baker says it's because Poppy was tired of waiting to become president.
  14. BS. He bears as much responsibility as anyone else if they are not released.
  15. Washington Post reporting 36 Dems have signed on to a letter to Sgt-At-Arms demanding investigation, several with military/security chops.
  16. Sarah Kendzior reported this morning that the Russians hacked our entire government in 2016 — White House, Pentagon, Congress, Intel agencies, RNC, DNC — everybody but Hillary Clinton, who was using a private server.
  17. While I don’t miss the President being free to foment violent White Wing Christianist insurrection on social media, still a little troubling that monopolistic companies can shut down speech with the flick of a switch.
  18. Joe Manchin never disappoints: Manchin says he will "absolutely not" support $2,000 stimulus checks as first priority https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/senate/533355-manchin-on-proposed-round-of-2k-checks-absolutely-not%3famp
  19. There needs to be Benghazi-style investigations of law enforcement activities yesterday. These people had been telegraphing their intentions, explicitly, on social media for the past month -- Proud Boys, QAnon, MAGA extremists. It was a planned fascist putsch and many of the law enforcement present were obviously in on it. How could they not have known it was coming? It's being reported now that Rudy Giuliani left a phone message on what he thought was Tubberville's senate phone at 7 p.m. Wednesday encouraging him and others to keep up the resistance to buy time until state legislators could get them more information. If there are not severe recriminations they will be back in two weeks.
  20. I can't get over the mob breaking windows, forcing themselves inside, and then observing and honoring the rope line through the rotunda.
  21. Facebook just closed the barn door after the cows left: They are banning Trump from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely. This is not an endorsement of the move. Just reporting.
  22. I don’t see any consequences for Trump, his minions in Congress nor even the cretins who desecrated the capitol today. We have a long, shameful history of allowing right wing traitors and seditionists to get away with it, whether they succeed or fail, and just walking away.
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