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  1. Completely unrelated, but I did the course tour online for the Gibson Island Club. They may have fallen on some hard times. Mutation in the grass around the greens and what looks to be a mole-cricket problem(if they have those in Maryland, if not, then rabbits or some other form of cricket eating the grass leaving dried out looking spots that will continue to deteriorate). As well, a really stupid layout on hole #7. Now, when you charge the amount of dues to be a member at an exclusive club like that, you expect the course to always be in pristine condition; especially if it is a nine hole track. Average going rate(ordinary country club, not super exclusive) for an 18 hole track in Naples, Florida is 12,000 a year for dues. Of that, about half goes into the maintenance budget. 350 times 6000= 2.1 million for a maintenance budget. This does not include money from cart fees, guest fees, etc that a certain percentage would undoubtedly be allocated to course maintenance. Mole cricket prevention, and we are talking about the best kind, is about 50,000 per year. Grass mutation, to reverse, lay new sod, and hell with that budget put in safeguards and barriers, would be a hundred thousand, give or take. So, one of three things is happening...1. Poor management: GM, Head Pro, Superintendent are not doing their jobs. 2. Graft: Happens more than you think, and is pretty easy to get a "user friendly" budget past your board of directors. 3. People not paying their dues and money running dry. If it is the third, then those rich folk might be feeling a sting in their pockets the past couple of years. Ok, random rant over.
  2. I'm here in Naples now. Second week of December and we are hunkered down in 82 degrees and a little breeze. Best spot on the map if you ask me...
  3. Wasn’t LBJ going to be in some hot water over testimony being given the same day, or close to, 11/22? Was it Billy Estes or someone like that? If so, there’s some mighty fine leverage to get him to play along. You either become president or convicted criminal. Would explain why he was so angered about his buddy riding in the car with JFK while not necessarily being behind the whole thing. Of course I could be completely mistaken. I’m eating a sandwich in one hand, typing in the other on my phone, and watching a beautiful 85 degree day on my lunch break. Not really in the books at the moment...
  4. Sorry to hear that. Not fun. They did tests on me for Meniere's because I get vertigo every so often and have always been susceptible to ear infections. I got lucky and had great insurance when I fell ill. Saved me 7.5 million dollars from all the bills; that's just what I was keeping track of. 1 million in chest x-rays alone. 150,000 for a helicopter ride I didn't even get to enjoy from Naples to Tampa.
  5. ...and to veer off for a second. I caught a virus on an airplane five years ago and ended up in a coma for two months. Fentanyl while I was out, dilaudid every three hours once I woke up(for two months, with a shot of ativan the next hour), and then finally oxycontin by the handful for almost a year after that. I weighed 85lbs when I got out of the hospital several months later. I am over six feet tall and not a small frame either. Couldn't gain an ounce. Went back to California with my folks for physical rehab and locked myself in the Safari Inn in Burbank for a week not allowing anyone to see me as I cold turkey cured the opiate nonsense. Switched to cookies and herbal oils for bedsores and joint pains and wouldn't you know it, within a week I had gained weight. Within a year I was competing again in professional golf tournaments. If you can't tell I have a certain bias against opiates and what they have done to our society and my generation.
  6. I find the time frame quite interesting. In the 90's, when the Reagan War on Drugs fad was fading a bit, pharma and opiates start being introduced to the mainstream media in advertising. In a few years heroin and crack are no longer in the limelight, but here comes oxy. I graduated high school in 2001. Out of all the drugs you could find where I am from(Southwest Florida, lots of them), I never once heard of anyone using/selling/possessing heroin. Our class of 375 did lose over 24 students to overdoses of Oxycontin by the time we were 20. Fast forward a few years, now pill mills are in the limelight, Oxycontin is frowned upon, news about how bad the epidemic is start being churned out, and here comes heroin again. How hard would it be to track the people behind opiates? Who controls it? Who brings it in? Who monitors what is done with it? There just seems to be a cycle and now that Oxycontin is not as popular, heroin has made another resurgence. As well, you look at the 60's and heroin, and you see a lot of it was being produced in Southeast Asia. Then in the early 2000's I find out that Afghanistan was/still is a huge producer of poppy. Not saying there is a connection there, but it is awfully coincidental. If we track who is running the show for the big pharma companies, will we see a lot of the same ole' names from the past 100 years?
  7. One more thing, that’s why I worry about what happened. I did think about things, while not wanting to believe our own officials, agents, citizens or whatever would stoop so low as to commit treason. They were behind overthrows in Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Vietnam, and tried to in Cuba, and that’s just off the top of my head as I literally watch paint dry(most inefficient two days of my life). They did kill, or had killed leaders of nations. That is not make believe. That happened. Why am I willing to shrug my shoulders and accept what those same people say is truth when I know all too well killers kill, and they know it’s bad, so why just blindly believe? I do agree there is a sea of minutiae but I believe the truth is somewhere in there.
  8. So, you don’t believe that anyone impersonated him via phone call or any other means in Mexico City? That is one of the areas that really started to make me think something wasn’t right. All of the other stories of their being a similar person going around making noise, I could concede as being a mistake, people hoping they got close to infamy, or people just wanting a moment in the light, but the reading of what went on in Mexico City has always been where I just can’t write it off. Either way, I fear I am out of line and don’t want to hijack anything by my curiosity.
  9. Just a question, not really all the relevant I guess, but do the folks that take this theory with a grain of salt not believe that Oswald was impersonated in the months leading to the assassination? I’m not all that convinced with H&L, but since at least one person seemed to have been impersonating him on multiple occasions, I’m not willing to throw it out either. As well, the government did some rather shady things, probably still does, including but not limited to: drugging unsuspecting citizens(here and abroad)to see outcome, overthrow sovereign nations, lie to their employers, and get cozy with organized crime, so how far out on a limb would the average person be going if they thought these government agencies were capable of the H&L project? I personally don’t think very far. I’ve just been wondering though, for the people that do think that Oswald acted alone, why is it so easy to accept that the government and its agencies have been telling the truth and engaging in honesty when they have been caught time and again not doing so? Maybe I’m just jaded, who knows, but it is easier and more logical for me to believe that two Oswalds were running around than it is to believe that one dude hopped around the globe with masterful precision as a teen and then bounced around Texas and Louisiana in a summer with the air of hopelessness only to pull off one of the greatest feats in shooting. Immediately after that he realizes he forgot his pistol and gets on the wrong bus in a panic, but only after acting cool as a cucumber to a cop seconds after shooting Kennedy. Then he panics again leaving his home, kills a cop, and finally settles on the cinema.
  10. I worked a summer in Jackson Hole a while back...the rough was...well, rough. Venture off the short grass, Mark it double, dude. Best lesson you could learn is to wipe out all thought once you’re over the ball. If you’ve birdied one hole in your life, you know how to do it. Thinking of the mechanics while playing will doom you. Ive moved on, to the world of public tracks, away from the stuffiness of elitist golf clubs. Have not had so much fun playing since I was a little kid. Scores are reflecting that as well. Haven’t played this well in ages.
  11. I worked as a golf professional in SW Florida for many years, just got out of the business less than a year ago, and nothing has changed...at all. In the twelve years I was at this last golf club, there were a total of five non-white people I ever saw there as a guest(24,000 rounds per year , times 12 years, and only 5 total= 1 out of ever 57,600 golfers). Obviously no members. I blend in fairly well, I like to think, into most social scenarios, and the things I have heard from people of prominence is downright shocking. The relaxed and free way the remarks are made were what really got me...both racist and sexist. I may have been and still am in Florida, but 90% of these folks are from Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Indianapolis, New York, and many other big cities, and are only there for short periods of time. It ain't just Florida, its everywhere and its an elitist thing every bit as much as it is the Florida cracker crawling around in the Everglades thing. I could understand in the corrections department where racism could start growing disproportionately because of the high percentage of non-white inmates. Doesn't make it any better, but there is some reason behind it that could at least make sense in the why and how department, but these are people that are completely separated and detached from ever having to deal with anyone that is non-white with the exception of bussers and food-runners you find at the clubhouse. There is absolutely no reasoning behind that hatred. I guess, the more things change the more they stay the same?
  12. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Carter-5585 Robert E. Lee Oswald's Great Great grandmother was also Theodore Roosevelt's Great Great Grandmother, apparently.
  13. That little blurb right there is the reason for so many hours of my life being consumed by this. When Oswald kind of slumps after the reporter tells him he has been charged, he knew he was done.
  14. I've always wondered why he didn't bring the revolver with him to the TSBD. He supposedly brought a rifle, but no easily concealable handgun? So, he's heading back to go get his gat and carry it around cause that's what guys like him do...why would he have his cab driver go past his place? That was brought up in another thread. It was apparently assuming he was on the lookout for police. Why? No cop would be quietly lurking/waiting to pounce on him and take him in. There would have been a show of force if they had any idea he had killed the POTUS. Look at what they did at the theater, every cop ever seemed to converge on him. He had also walked right on through police while leaving the TSBD, so in the minutes in between, they figured this all out and he didn't see a single squad car drive past him with sirens going? Even in a panic, that is highly illogical for someone who had the sense to drive past the house first. "Nobody seems to be there, grab the gun. Now let's go see a movie." Seems logical... As well, for someone who bounced around Europe with ease and precision, he had a hard time getting home from work. So yeah, Oswald who defected to Russia, probably would have been able to get away with it...for a while. Oswald bungling his way home from work and then grabbing a gun to go see a movie, probably not so much. So many contradictions with him it is unreal. We are supposed to believe he took a sneaky sneaky trip to Mexico City, but we are also supposed to believe he showed up to the workplace with a rifle the day he shot the president.
  15. ...not that I think your point is accurate at all. It just comes off as someone trying to force their point of view upon everyone else. I mean, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re not very knowledgeable about real life. What do you do for a living? Are you a bit of a control freak? Maybe you should try yoga, or visit Colorado and eat a gummy bear
  16. Who in the world are you to ever say that sort of thing about someone you don’t know? As well, quit saying things like “everybody” and “always”, it makes your point lose its pointiness.
  17. The most fun I’ve had reading anything in a while. Thank you.
  18. Although, if there was one, just one, tiny piece of evidence that was tampered with, planted, witness forced to say anything, a person in position to mislead the investigation, or anything else inside the broad spectrum of “shady practices “, then I am going have to disagree with your statement. If someone lies to me, I grow skeptical. If someone lies to me and then later in time I’ve caught them lying some more, I start to doubt everything. A slippery slope, not the sudden cliff the religious hardliners take
  19. The bullet 399 killed it for me. Simply not possible, to me, that a bullet that travels through two people could stay in that shape. *edited part* I also believe that in 200 years, Allen Dulles will be considered one of the most vile individuals to ever walk this earth. I may be wrong, and maybe he was a heck of a guy, but everything in me screams "Worse than Hitler" when reading about him. If he was involved with the WC, I lose all faith. But that is purely personal belief, and because I am just a mere golf ball whacker guy, I allow myself to carry those beliefs as facts:)
  20. Sometimes the most reasonable and most logical conclusion is intentionally placed. Didn't Lansdale have fake battles in Asia to convince villages that a war was raging in full swing? Did the CIA convince Guatemala City that an army was at their doorstep? Did the station chief in the Congo get poison to put in toothpaste to kill Lumumba? Were there not some crazy plots to assassinate/humiliate Castro? ...and on and on and on ...but, when it comes to the assassination, everything is cut and dry. No misleading, no manipulation, none of it. When one looks at that point in history, how often was that the case? Can we agree McCarthyism wasn’t completely black and white? Was Vietnam the noble effort it was sold as? Was the government pairing up with organized crime figures to kill a world leader? But wow, Nelly! If people don’t swallow the Warren Commission whole, and if they question the story they’ve been told’s veracity, they become crazy conspiracy theorists. If anything, that makes me more skeptical. What sold it to me, and made me a crazy conspiracy junkie was the look on Oswald’s face at the midnight presser, when the reporter tells him he has been charged. That’s the look of “oh f” not of “well, I’m caught”
  21. So, crazy Lee brought a rifle to work not knowing if he'd be alone long enough or be able to get a clean shot off at JFK? He practiced a couple times at a shooting range with stationary targets from a flat line of fire and amazingly was able to pull off some insanely good shooting on a moving target from six stories up with several people all around and managed to only kill his target? (Under that kind of pressure, ole Lee should have been better than Pistol Pete at shooting) Then crazy Lee scrambles around all willy nilly via foot and bus only to kill a cop and bring a ripped dollar bill to a theater? It is just a matter of coincidence that Dulles, Johnson, oil barons, cia folks holding a grudge, and the list goes on and on all had a lot to lose if Kennedy saw another term and a hell of a lot to gain with his death? Nope, early 20's Lee went and blindly solved everyone's problems by himself. The people that don't believe this to be true you claim to have issues with sanity. Friend, look in a mirror. Honestly, I'm sure this late in the game you've thumped your chest so many times claiming how right you are that there's no going back, and you must be a very proud person to hold such strong beliefs but you're the guy that stands on the street corner shouting the end is near and you don't even know it.
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