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  1. My name is Robert Macfarlane. I wish to post here to share my knowledge of the JFK assassination. I have a reservoir of knowledge of the assassination not known by the general public. I acquired this knowledge / information from my wife, who, many years earlier was working in Dallas with a commando team known as Alpha66. Alpha was the group tasked by the CIA to kill the President. SHe was also involved in several secret operations all at the direction of the CIA. The assignment to assassination Kennedy was just one of many assignments she was involveed in. She was a "contract" agent for the agency. Many of her assignments were carried out outside the United States. For the JFK assassination, she was brought in to be one of the 3 shootes in Dealey Plaza. She was the shooter positioned behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. Many years later, we met, fell in love and lived together in Soutern California for 12 years until her death. During the time we were together, she shared with me some of her assignments and missions. Everything she was involved in was of a covert nature. Especially the assassination of President Kennedy. I have shared on the internet the story of my late wife and her involvement in the asssassination of President Kennedy. I try to give information not found anywhere else. And I try to share what lead up to the assassination and who and when and where was the action planned and carr;ied out. I don't know all the answers and I don't profess to be any kind of a Know-it-all. All I know is what my wife told me, but I believe what she shared with me. We were together for 12 years until her death. It took the first 10 years to earn her trust. I tried not to reveal any of her secrets while she was alive. She was 10 years older than me, and I felt she would die before me. That would give me ample ti;me to tell her stories. I will try to stop by and share some of the JFK information when I feel like talking.
  2. I've always been a student of the Kennedy assassination. Many years ago I met a women who would eventully become my wife. She had been raised in Cuba, and as all Cuban youth, she had to perform her one year of required military duty. Afterward, she wanted to pursue a career in the intelligence field. Castro sent her to Russia to go through KGB spy school. After two years of training, she returned to the States where she was recruited by the CIA. She worked as a contract agent. One of her first assignments was the assassination of President Kennedy. As we all know, the CIA was instrumental in organizing and carrying out the death of the President. My wife played a significant role in the assassination. I occasionally share my knowledge of the event.
  3. I am a student of history. I am also a student of the Kennedy assassination. Many years ago, I met a women, fell in love and got married. She was originally from Cuba. When she completed her required military duty for Cuba, she had expressed a desire to further her military career and wanted to pursue the intelligence field. Her commander in Cuba was Fidel Castro. He sent her to Russia for specific intelligence training. She spent two years in KGB spy school. Her time there also included assassination training. When she had her training, she came back to the States and was recruited by the CIA. She worked for the CIA for the next twenty years. One of her first assignments was the assassination of President Kennedy. The CIA had organized and assembled the players who would be tasked with the killing. She played a significant role in the assassination. When we were married, she told me about her involvement, and how the mission was planned and carried out.
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